Yobit exchange: review of the official website, reviews, registration, deposit and withdrawal of money


Yobit is an exchange on the online platform of which cryptocurrencies are bought, sold and exchanged. In Russian, the crypto exchange is called Ebit, Yubit or Yobit. Its peculiarity is a huge number of presented virtual coins: from the most famous ones to those that appeared literally today. Yobit can also be used as an online wallet, and recently the exchange has provided an opportunity to invest and receive a fixed daily income within the “InvestBox” program. The editors of the Btcnewsweb.com website have prepared a detailed review of this crypto exchange.

The official website of the exchange is yobit.net or “mirror” – yobitex.net. All of them are available from Russia or other countries.

You can also use a faster “mirror” on another domain – yobit.io. There is a notification of this on the exchange’s twitter.

On Ebit, you can buy almost any cryptocurrency (from the most popular to unknown to anyone): Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCC), Dash, Namecoin, Peercoin, Tron, Nem, Waves and many others. More than 945 currency pairs are represented (“Market” section).

We recommend alternative crypto-exchanges with a Russian-language interface:

✅  Binance.

✅  Currency.com

✅  LocalBitcoins.

✅  EXMO.

✅  BitMEX. Trade with leverage up to 1: 100, buy and sell trades.

The Yobit exchange works with fiat (USD and RUR accounts), payment systems are available: Qiwi, AdvCash (USD deposit and withdrawal without commission), Payeer, Capitalist, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money, WebMoney and Visa / Mastercard. To withdraw from the account, you must confirm the operation by clicking on the link in the letter that will come to your email account. Many do not do this, and then questions arise.

On the Yobit exchange, it is possible to buy new coins – tokens during the ICO (initial coin offering). Companies, startups post their business proposals to investors. If you choose the right ICO and purchase tokens at the very beginning, you can earn decent money.

The Yobit.net site is multifunctional, there are even games (“Dice”) for gamblers. Having won them, you can get a double stake, otherwise you can lose everything.

Yobit is also a cryptocurrency faucet (section “FreeCoins“), where you can get coins for free without any problems.

There is a chat for communication in 5 languages.

Registration and entrance to the Yobit exchange

Registration in Yobit does not differ from the similar procedure on other exchanges. You need to go to the official website yobit.net or yobit.io and fill out the form.

In the form, enter your login, email, password, solve the captcha, agree with the “Terms of Service” and click “Register”. After that, a letter from the Yubit exchange will be sent to your e-mail to confirm the creation of an account. Open it and follow the link. Better to use strong passwords and strong mailboxes. We recommend KeePass for storing passwords and generating passwords, and create email on Gmail (a mail service from Google).

To enter the Ybit site, you need to click on the main page of the site “Login”, specify your username, password (you may need an authentication code, which will be sent in a letter to your e-mail). After that, you can start working on the exchange.

Crypto exchange Yobit is also a wallet that is created automatically for each cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use “cold storage” – special client programs on a computer, and use exchanges only for short-term exchange operations.

Setting up the Ebit profile

In the profile settings on the Yobit website in the “Settings” item for security, you can enable two-factor authorization, set up notifications and mailing to an e-mail, and also change the password for logging into a web resource.

To send money to another user of the exchange, you can create a Yobit code. Item “Fees” – information about commissions for the input and output of electronic payment systems. “Faq” – answers to some questions about the work of the Ebit exchange. “Bonus” – you can get additional cash bonuses that will participate in trading. “Api” – to automate the interaction of the exchange and third-party services. “Affiliate program” – participation in the affiliate program.

We recommend that you go to “Settings” and be sure to enable two-factor authentication to protect your account from hacking. In this case, you need to download the Google Authenticator application for Android or IOs to your mobile phone, launch it and scan the barcode or enter the secret code manually. Six-digit numbers will appear, they must be entered in the “Authentication code (2fa)” line and click “Enable”. You need to keep the private key in a safe place, it will be needed if the phone is lost or the application is uninstalled.

Working with the Yobit exchange

All elements for working with the Yobit exchange are located in the top menu:

  • “Trade” – a page that displays a graph of the selected cryptocurrency, all active buy and sell orders, the history of completed transactions by users of the Ebit exchange. Buy or sell cryptocurrency on this page.
  • The “Market” tab – all cryptocurrency pairs that the exchange works with. The maximum (High) and minimum (Low) rates for the last 24 hours and the difference in the value of coins in% in comparison with the previous day are indicated.
  • “InvestBox” is a service for investing on the Yobit platform with a fixed income and for promoting new coins by developers. Each coin has its own percentage rate of return. This is a service for those who not only want to buy cryptocurrency and profit from the growth of the exchange rate, but earn every day. The money for the payment is taken from a special fund. For investing BTC, ETH, Doge, LTC, Dash, Waves there is a requirement – to play the “Dice” game 5 times a day.

For example, if you invest in bitcoin, the daily income will be 0.2%; the minimum amount is 0.01 BTC; the maximum is 10 BTC. Some new coins have very high payout rates (20%, 50%, etc.).

  • “Balance” – deposit and withdrawal of money on the exchange. Press “+” to replenish the wallet or “-” to transfer.
  • “TOP” – Users with TOP daily swap volume will get 2,000-20 USDT (20 prizes). Every day in random time!
  • “VMining” – buying a virtual miner. Get income in tokens every day. When buying a miner, 90-85% of btc funds goes to buy support for the Minex2 in Minex2/BTC trade pair. With every purchase of a miner, the Minex2/BTC support price is equal current BUY price +1 sat (btc). 10% of the cost of the miner goes to the buyback of the Yo token (in the Yo/BTC pair). Get 5% from all Miner Purchases of your referrals in BTC.
  • “FreeCoins” – getting free coins. It is enough to click “Receive” opposite the name of the coins, so they are credited to the wallet.
  • “Coinsinfo” – detailed information about each coin.

How to deposit and withdraw money from Yobit

Deposit or withdrawal from Yobit is carried out from the “Balances” tab.

Each wallet has its own methods of depositing money. For example:

  • For a wallet in rubles (RUR) – input through payment systems QIWI, Payeer, AdvCash.

Withdrawal from the Ebit exchange is carried out in the same ways as input. As you can see, there is no possibility to replenish from a Visa, MasterCard, as well as from other popular electronic wallets: Yandex.Money, Qiwi, AdvCash.

In order to transfer the available money to the Yobit exchange, it is more profitable to use online exchangers.

For example, the ProstoCash service: just select the exchange currencies (from the Sberbank card to the Payeer wallet) and carry out the operation.

How to buy cryptocurrency on the Ebit exchange

After replenishing your account, in order to buy bitcoins, ethereum and other coins, you need to go to the “Market” tab and select a cryptocurrency pair. For convenience, we advise you to use the search. For example, enter btc usd, the result will be a BTC / USD pair. Click on it.

You will automatically be redirected to the “Trade” page. Above is a graph of the BTC / USD rate. You can set the time period for changing the scale of the graph. The maximum and minimum rates for 24 hours are shown.

In the application form for buying and selling cryptocurrency, indicate the quantity and price (in the “Total + -com” line, the total cost including commission will be displayed), click “Buy” or “Sell”.

After the operation, the cryptocurrency will appear on the Ybit wallet account, from which it can be transferred to another wallet.

Conclusion and recall

Yobit is an exchange where almost any coin is available for purchase or sale. The Ybit site is multifunctional, with a variety of services (free coins, IPO, InvestBox). But some of them are not really needed, for example, games. The number of payment systems is small, there are no cards. It is advisable to use the exchange for short-term transactions and the subsequent transfer of coins or fiat currencies to other wallets.

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