Yandex.Money – registration, card, replenishment, transfer and withdrawal of funds from the Yandex Money wallet


Yandex is not only a well-known search engine, but also many other services, including Yandex.Money. Here there is an opportunity to create an electronic wallet in rubles, place an order for the issue of a plastic Yandex World MasterCard, which is delivered not only across Russia, but also to other countries (Belarus, Ukraine, etc.). A free virtual card is provided for purchases in online stores, and you can also link any bank plastic Visa or MasterCard directly to your account.

Since 2020, the Yandex.Money payment system has changed its name to Yumani (yoomoney).

Yandex Money is a multifunctional payment system that allows you to pay for various services, goods both on the Internet and offline, make money transfers, deposit and cash out funds.

Official website:

The official website has all methods of depositing or withdrawing money from an account, as well as a list of services and goods for online payment. For your information: Yandex wallets are of three types: anonymous, nominal, identified. Each has its own limits and restrictions. Anonymous is assigned immediately after registration, a personalized one is provided after filling out an online questionnaire (only for Russians), and an identified one – after providing passport data. You can do it at the Yandex offices indicated on the website, by mail, through Euroset and Svyaznoy, through the Contact money transfer system, or with the help of agents. The most convenient and fastest way of identification is using the Sberbank Online service, by the way, this method is also available for Belarus (Sberbank-BPS).

You can replenish, withdraw or exchange Yandex.Money profitably through online exchangers. Through them, it is easy to exchange for popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Dash, etc .; withdraw or replenish an account from bank cards: Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff and other Russian banks; use electronic wallets Qiwi, Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Capitalist and other methods.

Verified and reliable Yandex exchangers: ProstoCash; 60cek; Xchange; Kassa; X-Pay; Baksman.

In the exchanger, you will need to indicate the direction (columns “Give” and “Receive”), for example, the exchange of poison for Russian rubles of Sberbank and the amount. In the details of the exchange, you will need to indicate the number of the card or wallet to receive money:

Replenishment of a Yandex account from a Visa / MasterCard RUB card:

Using the monitoring of the Kurs-expert or exchangers, you can find other exchange services and profitably buy or withdraw Yandex.Money from your wallet to other electronic payment systems, bank cards and cryptocurrencies (WebMoney, Qiwi, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) etc.).

If you need to go directly to the deposit, withdrawal of funds, then we advise you to familiarize yourself with how to replenish a wallet from a Visa and MasterCard bank card.

The official website of Yandex.Money is It is available in Russian and English. All available payment transactions can be made using the web interface.

The payment service is very popular among residents not only of Russia, but also of the CIS countries (Belarus, Ukraine and others). There are currently over 25 million registered e-wallets.

We also advise you to familiarize yourself with reviews of competing payment systems: Qiwi, ePayments, Neteller, Perfect Money.

The company has groups in social networks, where you can quickly find out about all the promotions, services, ask a question and get a competent answer.

YAD mobile applications are available for download on Android, WindowsPhone platforms, through which it is possible to pay for services and goods even without registration at any time, anywhere, in the shortest possible time.

This is how the application for Iphone looks like:

Mobile application for android:

And using the “Transfers” application (for iPhone and Android), you can transfer funds from one Visa or MasterCard to any other issued in the Russian Federation. The transfer fee will be 1.9%. To do this, it is enough to indicate the details of your bank card and the recipient, the transfer amount:

Legal information. Company name: LLC NPO Yandex.Money, supervision over the activities is carried out by the Main Directorate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the Central Federal District of Moscow. Since 2012, he has been licensed by the Bank of Russia No. 3510-K and has the right to carry out money transfer operations without opening bank accounts, including electronic money. Banking license:

In the authorized capital, 75% (minus 1 ruble) of shares are owned by Sberbank, the remaining 25% (plus 1 ruble) – by Yandex.

Before using the services, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all other legal agreements and information.

Without registration and identification, you can make payments for services, if you have a bank card, transfer money from it to another plastic of any Russian bank. But all other functions and capabilities appear after registration and opening of the Yandex.Money wallet.

How to register and enter your Yandex.Money personal account

To enter your personal account, you need to go to the Yandex.Money website and register by clicking on “Create a wallet”:

Further indicate:

  • login;
  • password;
  • mobile phone to which the payment password will be sent;
  • personal email.

Yandex.Money wallet registration is free. Currency – Russian ruble.

If there is mail on, then a Yandex account is created without filling out the registration form. If it is not there, then you need to create a mailbox so that after that you do not need to enter a password every time.

For wallets that are inactive for more than two years, a fee of 270 rubles ($ 4) per month is debited. You can close your account by contacting support.

The Yandex wallet account number consists of 15 digits:

Yandex.Money personal account

To enter your personal account, you need to use the login and password specified during registration. General form:

The setting is in the drop-down menu that appears if you click on the account balance at the top or in the left menu:

By going there, you can change and add services and information:

  • change the password (the login cannot be changed);
  • link a bank plastic card to a Yandex.Money wallet;
  • view the data of the virtual card;
  • enable notification of all transactions with the account (by SMS, the fee will be 20 rubles, by email notification is free);
  • issue a plastic Yandex card;
  • bind a mobile phone (for recovering a payment password, SMS-informing about services);
  • set up a reminder of the required payments;
  • use other services and services.

Yandex.Money identification

The identification status increases the limits on withdrawals and deposits, and also affects the ability to use other services. Depending on the verification status, Yandex.Money wallets are:

  • not personified;
  • not personified nominal;
  • personified.

The status can be viewed by going to “Settings” or by clicking at the top, where the balance is displayed.

The “Anonymous” status is assigned immediately after registration, without any identification. The wallet is characterized by a low limit on payments, only 15 thousand Russian rubles. It is possible to pay for goods and services only in Russian stores; you cannot receive and accept transfers from other users. We strongly advise you to provide additional information to change the status.

Nominal status. You will need to provide your last name, first name, patronymic, passport details and phone number. After that, you can withdraw money anywhere in the world, make and accept transfers, and the limits on transactions will increase – up to 60 thousand Russian rubles. But of the minuses, it should be noted the impossibility of transferring funds to bank accounts and linking Yandex.Money Wallet to the WebMoney wallet.

To open a personalized wallet, you must specify the following data directly on the website (only for residents of the Russian Federation):

The “Identified” status allows making transactions up to 250 thousand Russian rubles (6 million per month), keeping 500 thousand rubles on the account. It is possible to make money transfers, receive transfers from other wallets, collect donations and transfer funds to bank cards and accounts, as well as to the linked WebMoney wallet. What is important, there is protection against hacking of the wallet by fraudsters with the possibility of a refund within 24 hours.

To obtain the “Identified” status, you need to fill out an application and send a copy of your passport. You can pass it:

  • through the offices of the company (Moscow, St. Petersburg and in other cities);
  • by making a payment in CONTACT systems or in any Euroset store (this is a paid method);
  • by sending by registered mail an application and copies of two pages of the passport, certified by a notary:

Identification term:

  • The fastest way is through the CONTACT system and Euroset stores: a couple of minutes.
  • When visiting the Yandex.Money office.
  • By mail (the longest way): up to 7 days and more time for shipment.

Plastic card Yandex.Money MasterCard

The plastic card is tied to the wallet. It can be replenished in the same ways as the Yandex account. With its help, you can pay for offline and online services, withdraw cash from ATMs of any country in the world where MasterCard is accepted, transfer funds to another card. Users with the “Anonymous” status can only make purchases in Russian online stores. For Gold MasterCard cards, the issuing bank is Tinkoff. At the moment, more than 400 thousand plastic cards and more than 10 million virtual ones have been issued. At any time, you can close the card and issue a new one, follow the history of payments and connect information about completed payments. Yandex.Money MasterCard can be ordered by residents not only of Russia, but also of Ukraine and Belarus.

Since 2013, it has been issued using MasterCard PayPass technology, which means a one-touch payment (without signature and pin code) for an amount less than 1,000 rubles, but only where terminals with the PayPass logo are used. The card is protected by 3D-Secure technology; when making payments, the code is sent to the mobile phone.

The Yandex.Money payment service has been assigned the Principal Member MasterCard status, which allows it to issue its own cards. And since December 2015, the service began to issue World MasterCard plastic cards, the issuer of which is itself. Servicing of cards issued by Tinkoff Bank will be carried out until the end of their validity.

How to order a Yandex.Money card

This can be done in the settings by selecting the “Physical, from” item.

The card is produced and delivered free of charge, you only need to pay for the service for three years. When the card expires, it must be ordered again. The service price is, one might say, symbolic:

  • for residents of Russia – 99 rubles, a little more than $ 1;
  • for residents of other countries – 399 rubles, which corresponds to $ 5.

To issue a personalized card, you must:

  1. Region.
  2. Home address, postal code.
  3. Indicate the recipient’s name, surname, patronymic, name that will be on the card.
  4. Read the details of the offer.

Activating a Yandex.Money card and obtaining a pin code

After receiving the card by mail, you need to activate it, indicating its number and expiration date, and receive a pin code that will come after activation to the mobile phone number linked to the Yandex.Money account. We advise you not to lose or forget your PIN code, otherwise you need to order a new card. At the third incorrect attempt to enter the PIN code, it is blocked, to unblock it, you need to contact the support service.

Instant Yandex.Money card

We remind you that a ready-made card (not a personal one) can be obtained at Yandex.Money offices, as well as at some Sberbank branches. It is accepted in stores and on the Internet. The subscription fee is 20 rubles per month. Issuer – Yandex.Money. Activation – by the link, which will be in the envelope with the card. You can link the card to an existing wallet or to a new one.

Card replenishment

Since the card is tied to a Yandex.Money account, by replenishing it with money in any of the above ways, you can use it from the card. Let’s note some:

  • Replenishment by card number in rubles using an ATM and terminal, if they are connected to the MoneySend system.
  • By bank transfer to the card, using the details, if the cards start with the numbers 5189:

Limits and commissions for Yandex card

The limits for payments with a card, like a wallet, depend on the identification status:

  • Anonymous status – 15 thousand rubles per one operation, no more than 40 thousand per month.
  • Nominal status – 60 thousand rubles for one operation, 200 thousand per month.
  • “Identified” status – 100 thousand rubles for one operation, 6 million per month.

Details about the limits for cash withdrawals from ATMs, for payments in the picture:

The commission for card transactions is:

  • for the following actions: cash withdrawal, transfer of cards to a friend using the MasterCard MoneySend system, replenishment of an account in LiqPay, 3% of the amount + 15 rubles;
  • for payments (for example, in stores) – there is no commission.

Owners of ATMs (banks) that are not card issuers can set their own limits on cash withdrawals and fees.

When withdrawing funds other than the Russian ruble, it is converted at the MasterCard rate and then at Tinkoff Bank. When using Yandex.Money World MasterCard, the conversion will take place at the MasterCard + 2% rate.

Payment for services and goods in foreign stores is possible for the status above “Anonymous”.

Yandex.Money virtual card

The virtual card provides an opportunity to pay for services and purchases on the Internet even where Yandex.Money is not accepted. It is tied to the Yandex.Money wallet and is issued free of charge for a period of one year. After the release, the expiration date and the CVC code will be sent to the phone number. In the future, the data can be viewed in the “Settings” menu by entering the code sent by SMS. Restart is possible in case of data seizure by intruders. You can open the virtual card in the “Settings” section by clicking “Release”. You need to pay with it in the same way as with a regular card, using a 12-digit number, CVC code and expiration date. If you need to specify personal data, then you must write them in transliteration. Operation limits are the same as for Yandex.Money Gold MasterCard.

How to top up Yandex.Money

You can deposit money to your Yandex.Money wallet account by clicking on the “Top up” link at the top of your personal account, where the balance is displayed:

There are several ways to replenish a wallet in the system: from a bank card, bank transfer, cash, from other services, prepaid cards. Let’s analyze each of them:

  • Replenishment of Yandex wallet in cash.
  • Through cash desks: in telecom stores, digital technology stores, Internet cafes and other retail outlets, indicating the account number.
  • Through payment terminals located in shops, shopping centers, metro. To top up, you only need the Yandex.Money wallet number or the phone number specified during registration. Replenishment points can be viewed on the website and select the closest one, where you can set up a commission filter (0%, 3%, 5%):
  • At bank branches by bank transfer. Money can be sent by international transfer to the details of a Russian bank. You need to find the nearest bank branch on the Yandex website.

You need to get the details for replenishment by selecting the country and currency:

Next, fill out the payment order, which you then print out and go with it to the bank branch:

  • By postal orders.

You can top up at the Russian Post offices by filling out the form. Commission – 2%, money comes on the 2nd or 3rd day. The maximum amount limit is 15 thousand rubles.

  • Replenishment of the Yandex.Money wallet using a bank plastic card.

Replenishment is possible from a Visa or MasterCard bank card issued by banks in Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.

You need to indicate the card number, expiration date, CVC code. Commission – 0 Russian rubles. Operation limits: 15 thousand rubles per one operation, 100 thousand rubles per day and 200 thousand per month. When replenishing an account in a currency that differs from the Russian ruble, it is converted into rubles at the rate of the issuing bank:

  • In all ATMs of Sberbank, replenishment of the poison is possible from a card of any bank of the Russian Federation. Commission – 0%. A list of the nearest ATMs can be found on the Yandex.Money website.
  • Using Internet banking using the service details.
  • With the help of the service “Communication with the bank”: for an account in Alfa-Klica and a card of the bank “Otkritie”.

You just need to connect this service, which is free.

  • Connection of the “Connection with the bank” service for the “Otkritie” bank card:
  1. Connecting to the Bank Connection service for an account in Alfa-Click:

Account replenishment by transfer from a bank account in any bank in the world.

You need to follow the link “Top up” – “Bank Transfer”:

Get the details by copying them into a payment order in the Internet banking system or through a bank branch. The term is from 2 to 5 days.

Transfer limits:

Yandex does not charge a commission, but the money can be withdrawn by the bank that provides the service.

Replenishment of Yandex account from other services.

  • Replenishment from the balance of a mobile phone (only Russian numbers Beeline, Megafon, MTS, Tele2). You need to select “Top up” – “From a mobile phone”. Then indicate the number and amount. The commission depends on the mobile operator:
  • Replenishment of Yandex.Money by transfer from the Webmoney wallet.

Commission for replenishment – 4.5%. Limits: 15 thousand rubles per one operation, 300 thousand per month. In this case, the WebMoney wallet must be linked to the account.

You can link any plastic card to your account and use the services without replenishing your Yandex wallet:

  • Replenishment through the Qiwi wallet. On the website, using your Visa QIWI Wallet, you need to enter Yandex in the search, then indicate the wallet number and the transfer amount. Operation commission – 3%. Transfer limit – 15 thousand rubles. The term of enrollment is instant.
  • Replenishment by means of microloans.

When registering with microfinance organizations (Moneyman, Platiza and others), you can get there a small loan or a loan for Yandex.Money. The term of enrollment is instant.

  • Replenishment of the Yandex.Money wallet through exchange services. There are 4 exchange services in total: Idram, ProChange.Ru,, WebMoney Direct Exchange, where you can exchange electronic money for Yandex.

Limits for depositing funds depending on identification:

How to withdraw, withdraw, cash out Yandex.Money

Here you can find out about the methods of withdrawing funds from your Yandex.Money account. Everyone will find a suitable way for themselves. You can go to all withdrawal options by clicking “Withdraw”:

It is possible to set up filters (by selecting the items: “My region”, “Instantly”, “Without identification”):

  • Spend on payment for services and goods or withdraw through an ATM using a Yandex.Money plastic card.
  • Withdrawal by transfer to a bank card (a few minutes):
  1. Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro issued in any country except Afghanistan, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Colombia, USA.
  2. American Express, Diners Club International, issued by Russian Standard Bank.

Withdrawal fee – 3% of the amount (additional 15 rubles). The minimum transfer amount is 500 rubles.

Limits for transfer to a plastic card:

  • for one operation: 15 thousand rubles for owners of personalized wallets;
  • 75 thousand rubles for identified users;
  • payment amount per day – 15 thousand rubles;
  • payment amount per month – 600 thousand rubles.

Transfer to cards not issued in the Russian Federation is allowed no more than 5 times a day. The owner of the purse with the status above “Anonymous” will be able to make the transfer.

You need to enter the card number, transfer amount, recipient email:

  • Transfer to a card: service “Communication with the bank” (withdrawal of funds – instantly).

The service can be activated for Alfa-Click or the OTKRITIE card, with the help of which funds are transferred to the bank. Transfer fee – 3%. More details about the “Connection with the bank” service can be found on the Yandex.Money website.

Send to bank account:

Transfer is possible to a bank account both in Russia and in 234 countries of the world, but only for identified users. Yandex.Money commission – 3% of the transaction amount + 15 rubles. Term of crediting: in Russia – up to 3 days, in other countries – from 5 to 7.

How to send to a bank account? A transfer to a bank account in Russia is possible to a ruble bank account owned by an individual. The transfer can only be made by users with a registered and identified wallet.

To a bank account in other countries.

  • Get cash.

Money can be received at Western Union branches (withdrawal instantly, Yandex.Money commission – 0%), at CONTACT system points (money withdrawal 1-2 days, Yandex.Money commission – 3%, Contact system commission – 1.5% for Russia and 2% for other countries), through the cash desk of the RIB RNCO (withdrawal of money in 1-2 days, system commission – 3% of the payment amount + 15 rubles), Idram (instantly) or from a Yandex.Money plastic card (instantly).

  • Transfer to another electronic payment service:
  1. To the WebMoney wallet linked to your Yandex account. Commission – 4.5% of the amount.
  2. Using exchanged points

Yandex.Money money transfers

Using a Yandex.Money wallet or a Visa or MasterCard card, money can be transferred to the wallet of another user registered in the Yandex.Many service, as well as make a money transfer through the Western Union service, transfer from a card to a Visa or MasterCard card of any bank in the Russian Federation. A user with the “Anonymous” status cannot make transfers.

Transferring funds to another wallet can be done in the personal menu at the bottom:

Also, a transfer from card to card, through Western Union, to an individual’s account in a Russian bank, to another Yandex.Money account can be made through the “Transfer” item on the left side of your personal account:

  • Transfer from the YAD account to any other wallet in the system. In this case, you need to indicate its number, if necessary, write a message and a protection code to protect the payment. The transfer fee is 0.5%.
  • Transfer from a plastic card Visa or MasterCard issued in Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine to any YAD wallet. You need to indicate the card number, expiration date, CVC code, enter the wallet number where you want to make the transfer, not forgetting to protect it with the projection code. Transfer fee – 49 Russian rubles ($ 7):
  • Transfer from Yandex.Money wallet to phone, e-mail. Commission – 0.5%.

Money transfer limits:

  • It is also possible to use a Western Union money transfer to another person who is not a customer of the Yandex.Many service:
  • Transfer of money from any card to another (only for cards issued in the Russian Federation). Commission – 1.95%, but not less than 40 Russian rubles:

Payment for services using Yandex.Money

The payment service provides ample opportunities to pay for various services and goods. They can be paid for on partner websites and even where poison is not accepted using a virtual card, which is created free of charge. Any payment must be confirmed with a payment password to avoid fraud.

Indeed, going to the list of goods and services, you can see that it is very extensive:

Service “City Payments” for paying for housing and communal services:

Popular payments and services:

Here are just some of the services that can be paid for using the YAD service:

  • Payment by details (receipts) indicating the recipient’s INN:
  • Payment for utility services.
  • Payment for the phone with the indication of the number and amount:
  • Payment for the Internet, 170 providers in total.
  • Payment of loans, 39 services in total, Home Credit, VTB 24, Sberbank, Tinkoff Bank, Russian Standard, Rosbank, Renaissance Credit, MTS Bank, OTKRITIE Bank, payment for the services of Forex companies InstaForex, RoboForex and others :
  • Payment for goods, 31 services in total, including AliExpress (“Aliexpress”), Biglion, Dinodirect,,,, and others:
  • Payment for programs such as anti-viruses Dr.Web, ESET, NOD32, Kaspersky Internet Security, office programs Microsoft Office 365, operating system Microsoft Windows 8.1.
  • Television, 27 operators in total, including NTV +, Raduga TV, Cosmos-TV, Tricolor TV.
  • Pay for games, including Grand Theft Auto V, Batman: Arkham Knight, and fund your World of Tanks account.
  • Payment in online services (39 pieces), such as Avito, REG.RU, RU-CENTER, R01 Registrar, Yandex Services (Yandex.Direct), as well as others on partner sites:
  • Payment for entertainment and communication, 24 services in total: LiveJournal, Skype, Xbox Live, VKontakte, Mamba,, Photostrana, Liters, VK and others:

Charity, 60 organizations in total, including: WWF Russia, the Pomogi.Org charitable Internet foundation, the Life Line charitable foundation, Burning Bush, Gift of Life, the World Social Development Fund, Mercy:

  • Payment of traffic fines with indication of the driver’s license number and registration certificate:
  • Services of transport companies, 19 services in total, among them: S7 Airlines, Rossiya Airlines, Aeroflot, Railway Tickets, Transaero, Western High-Speed Diameter,,, Visa-uae. ru,, “Aeroexpress”.
  • Pay and check tax debts by specifying TIN:

To find the necessary payments, you can use the search form, indicating the TIN or the name of the company:

Yandex support service

All other questions of interest can be asked to the support service.

If you need help urgently, you can call 8 800 250-66-99.

Leave your feedback on the work, as well as all the nuances of depositing, transferring and withdrawing money in the Yandex.Money payment system in the comments.

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