Yandex.Money bank card: how to order, receive, activate and use


The Yandex Money card came from the payment service of the same name, which I ordered a month ago. And in this regard, I decided to highlight in more detail some of the issues of ordering and withdrawing money from the wallet to her.

Previously, all cards were issued under a partnership agreement by Tinkoff Bank. But after the Yandex Money service received the status of an official partner of the MasterCard payment system, they began to issue part of them on their own. Thus, since December 2015. it became possible to order a chip-based premium bank card Yandex Money World MasterCard, which is suitable for withdrawing money anywhere in the world.

You need to order a Yandex Money card in your personal account, having previously replenished your account in an amount of at least 199 rubles, which will be charged for service from you, made and sent by mail in 5 days. A delivery tracking item will appear in your personal account, which shows where it is at the moment. You can get it by a client from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

It went to Belarus by mail for about a month. Valid for 3 years, only one can be ordered for each invoice.

Yandex Money Card is personalized, tied to a personal wallet and you do not need to transfer funds from the account to it. Thus, by replenishing the account, we replenish the card itself.

You can withdraw money from a Yandex card at any ATM with the logos of the international payment system MasterCard anywhere in the world. The currency of the card is the Russian ruble, and when making transactions in foreign currency, the exchange commission will be deducted, which is equal to the rate indicated on the MasterCard website and an additional 2%.

You can pay in any shops, hotels, gas stations and other places equipped with a payment terminal, in the same way as a regular bank Visa or Mastercard. Suitable for payment in online stores. Please note that if you have an “anonymous” status, then you can pay only in stores in Russia, but at the same time withdraw cash from any ATM. To remove this restriction, you need to go through identification. By default, the secure payments service is activated – 3 d Secure.

How to get and order a Yandex.Money card

The Yandex.Money card can be ordered on the official website: Go to the site and click Release. Next, we fill out the form, we indicate the address in the Latin alphabet, the surname and first name, as in the passport, in English letters.

You can track the parcel through the website. If you haven’t come, you should contact the support service.

After receiving it, you need to activate it and get a pin code, which is done on the site. Remember the pin, but rather write it down, since it is not restored and the card needs to be re-ordered.

Commission on Yandex.Money cards: when making payments – no commission, when withdrawing through ATMs – 3% of the total amount and an additional 15 rubles.

Payment limits depend on the identification status: from 15 thousand Russian rubles for one operation – for anonymous accounts, up to 250 thousand – for identified clients.

Limits for cash withdrawals from ATMs: for anonymous users – 5 thousand Russian rubles, for identified users – 250 per operation.

How do you use a bank card from Yandex?

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