Workzilla: overview of the official site Registration, entry, nuances and features of work for the customer and the contractor, reviews of earnings on the exchange


Workzilla – exchange for beginners and experienced freelancers. Here you can find a contractor for any type of work on the network (and not only), from design to copywriting. Accordingly, anyone can offer their services and earn money. The editors have prepared a detailed review of the Workzilla freelance exchange and the procedure for working on it.

Official site:

Also, for the convenience of working with the exchange, a mobile application has been created.

Examples of tasks that can be ordered on Vorkzilla: write a script for a holiday, make a presentation, create an entire turnkey website, deliver flowers to a girl in another city, call suppliers of goods. By creating a task, the customer sets his price, and the performers who are satisfied with it respond.

Features of the Workzilla exchange

For customers:

✅  Quality assurance. Only after the customer confirms that the task has been completed in accordance with his requirements, the payment will be transferred to the contractor.

✅  Neural network. The best performer is selected using artificial intelligence.

✅  Return. If the job doesn’t suit you, you can always get your money back.

✅  Any tasks. A wide range of possible tasks, which allows you to delegate almost any work to professionals.

For performers:

✅  Arbitration. If there is a conflict with the customer, then you can always resolve the dispute with the help of specialists from the Workzilla support team.

✅  Guaranteed payment. When the task goes to work, the money on the customer’s balance is frozen. They are guaranteed to go to the contractor when the customer confirms that the task has been completed.

✅  Automation. Many functions to improve the usability and communication with clients.

✅  Neural networks operate according to unbiased algorithms, so even a beginner has a chance to get an order.

Workzilla Official Site

The website is presented in two forms – for the customer and for the contractor. You can switch between modes by clicking the button.

The main page describes the main nuances of how the work of the Work-Zilla exchange works, what tasks can be ordered / performed.

Also here you can find statistics and top users.

Registration for Work-Zilla

Registration of an account on the Workzilla website is carried out by clicking the corresponding button.

Enter your registration information or create an account using a social network (Facebook, Google).

You will then be asked who you are registering as. Select the option you want (for example, customer).

After that, we immediately get into the personal account of the freelance exchange Workzilla.


To log in to your Workzilla account, click “Login” at the top of the site, enter your email and cod of confirmation. Authorization can be done through a profile on social networks or using a mobile application.

Personal Area

The Workzilla personal account page looks like this.

The top menu of the customer profile contains the following sections:

✅  Tasks. All tasks created and in progress, as well as the history of tasks already completed.

✅  Vacancies. Here you can find full-time jobs by reviewing the jobs posted on workzilla or by subscribing to the weekly newsletter.

✅  Partner. Information about the affiliate program and ways to attract new users to the site. You can also see the statistics of invited people and take advertising materials to your website or forum.

✅  Messages. All chat rooms ever created with other Workzilla users.

By hovering over your avatar next to the balance and selecting “Profile”, we get to the account settings. Here you can edit your first name, last name, city, country and date of birth.

Link and unlink social networks.

Change Password.

Add wallets for withdrawing funds (available only after confirming the phone number).

And delete the profile.

At the bottom of the Work-zilla site there is a menu with basic information sections about the project. Here, both customers and contractors can find a lot of useful information, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Instructions for the customer

To create a task on Vorkzilla, you need to click the “New” button in your profile. Then select the category to which it belongs, and fill in the fields “Title”, “Detailed description” (if necessary, you can attach a file), “Time” and “Price”.

When everything is ready, click the “Place” button. After that, the page will display information about candidates who have expressed a desire to cope with the task. You can view the card of each artist – his rating, reviews, ratings from other clients. You can write to the PM candidate to discuss the details.

If you don’t like any of the performers, you can reject them. In their place will come new ones from those that have accumulated in the queue. If you haven’t picked anyone up, or just changed your mind about giving the task, you can delete it. The money will be returned to the account.

You can also create custom orders. To do this, go to the performer’s card and click “Create personal assignment”.

If the work is done poorly, but the contractor refuses to finalize it, then you can contact the abrité, and also put a negative rating or write a review.

Instructions for the performer

To access work on the Workzilla site, you need to complete a few mandatory steps:

  1. Get tested. It includes diverse questions for attentiveness, literacy and the ability to work with information.
  1. Pay for a subscription. It costs 490 rubles (for three months). Within an hour after creating an account, you can purchase it at a discount, for 390 rubles.
  1. Read the rules of the Work-zilla service. Each section is given a certain number of seconds to read, which cannot be skipped. In addition, a test of knowledge of the rules will be offered after that, so it is better to really familiarize yourself with them.
  1. Link a mobile phone number to increase the level of account security. The binding is carried out in an interesting way – instead of sending a confirmation code via SMS, Vorkzilla will call you (you do not need to pick up the phone) and ask you to enter the last four digits of the outgoing number.
  1. Complete your profile.
  2. Upload an avatar.
  3. Agree with the rules of work.

After that, you can select tasks and start responding to them. Use filters to select only the categories you want.

There is only one way to get a good rating – to take on tasks for which you are sure that you can complete them. And also not to disrupt the deadlines set by the customer.

Deposit and withdrawal of money

To top up your balance (from any type of account), click on the amount next to your avatar. By default, the “Withdraw” tab will open for the contractor, and the “Replenish” tab for the customer. But you can switch using the buttons at the top.

You can fund your Workzilla account from the following payment systems:

✅  bank card;

✅  WebMoney;

✅  Yandex money;

✅  QIWI;

✅  PayPal.

Withdraw – only in two ways: to WebMoney or Yandex.Money. The exchange does not work with cryptocurrencies. Funds are withdrawn for 72 hours, with Workzilla charging a 5% commission. There are certain withdrawal limits. So, a beginner will be able to withdraw no more than 300 rubles per day, and the most advanced performers – 5000.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Workzilla freelance exchange has the following pros and cons.


✅ Nice interface.

✅ Good activity and a wide variety of different tasks.

✅ It is very important that the average prices are an order of magnitude higher than on many other freelance exchanges. With luck, the performer can recoup the cost of their subscription for one order.

✅ Smart selection of performers.

✅ Responsive technical support and a large amount of information about the project. There are also video instructions.

✅ Open statistics. The main page contains not just some abstract examples, but real assignments, prices and performers.

✅ Many mistakes and shortcomings that took place 3-4 years ago have now been corrected. For example, there is no such thing that a customer can choose an executor an hour before the deadline, and then complain to arbitration that he did not manage to complete the task (even at night). Now everyone is given 24 hours to respond.


❌  Paid subscription for the performer. On the other hand, it weeds out unscrupulous workers. Buying a subscription indicates that the person is serious.

❌  Until the subscription is paid, you cannot even view the assignments. Rather, you can see the headings and amounts, but you can’t look at the detailed TOR.

❌  As elsewhere, it will be difficult until you get a rating.

❌  There are many inadequate assignments. For example, place 120 ads in two hours, and the payment is 300 rubles.

❌  Large commissions. In addition to 5% upon withdrawal, the system takes 10% off each order before crediting to the balance. The losses are tangible.


Finding your niche on Work-Zilla is very important. The more tasks will be completed in this niche, the easier it will be to approve new ones. For example, if you are a copywriter, then over time you will have a lot of pluses in the area of ​​texts, and you will receive new orders for texts without difficulty. However, it will be almost impossible to get an order for a design, if you suddenly wanted to – the oxygen will be cut off by those who have completed many design assignments.

The most difficult thing is to join the system in order to achieve a stable income. At first, you will come across a lot of penny tasks, it is not necessary to respond to them in order to gain a rating. As practice shows, inadequacy in the choice of the price or in the preparation of technical specifications is automatically combined with inadequacy in communication. Chances are great not to work well with such a customer.

Well, when the process has already been established, the rating has been developed, then it is quite possible to make good money on Workzilla. Over time, any good performer acquires regular customers – with a stable flow of individual orders, there will be no need to go to the tape and look for something.

A few more nuances worth taking into account:

✅ The most profitable orders appear in the feed after 21:00 Moscow time.

✅ There are much fewer tasks on weekends than on weekdays.

✅ All messages in the system are read by the administration. You cannot transfer personal contacts under any circumstances.

✅ As elsewhere, there are many resellers who take jobs for themselves at a high cost somewhere on other sites, and then re-order here for a penny.

✅ Customers here like to repeatedly supplement the task with requests and clarifications. It is better to immediately ask for a detailed TK.


There are many reviews about Workzilla on popular platforms such as Otzovik and IRecommend. These reviews, on the one hand, are very contradictory – there are one-star ratings, there are five stars. On the other hand, when you start reading them, you see that they are writing in general the same thing. It’s just that different people perceive things in their own way. Someone treats cheap orders calmly, as an inevitable evil, while someone reacts very emotionally.

Here are some quotes from different reviews:

“I have been with Vorkzilla for a little less than six months. During this time I was able to rise well in the rating, find regular customers and lose them, received good reviews, and earned 41,015 rubles. “

“I sat all evening, almost 6 hours, and completed the third part of the assignment. Then I decided that I didn’t want to spend the whole day for a hundred rubles. Politely asked the customer to pay for the work done. To which he … refused! He also started to be rude! “

“There are a lot of tasks on the site, for every taste. But they have one thing in common – wildly low wages. If you are a beginner, then nothing worthwhile shines for you … only tasks with a payment of 100-150 rubles, with a lot of complex requirements and very limited time. “

“If you really want to, you can fly into space! In the sense that you can fit into the whirlwind of Workzilla and start making money with it, but you need to understand that this requires a lot of free time. “

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