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WINk is a decentralized gaming platform powered by the TRON blockchain. On July 24, 2019, WIN Token IEO took place on Binance Launchpad. The editorial staff of prepared an overview of the token and reviewed the basic principles of its functioning.

On 08/01/2019, trading in the WIN token was opened on the Binance exchange ( in the pairs WIN / USDT, WIN / BNB, WIN / TRX, WIN / USDC.

Name Price Market Cap Supply Change % (7D) Performance
$88,081,732.80 993701859243.49 WIN

WINk aims to organize a platform for games and user communication that has all the advantages of a blockchain project. Previously, the site was known as TRONbet and was the first decentralized application on the Tron network. Since its launch, the popularity has grown significantly, both in terms of the volume of transactions on the network and the number of active users. Today it is the largest collection of blockchain games, including:

✅  slot machines;

✅  dice;

✅  poker, etc.

IEO Wink on Binance Launchpad

The total number of regular players exceeds 16 thousand.

Features of the WINk platform

Vink contains a set of resources and tools that are useful for developers and make it easier to create new games. In addition, transaction costs can be reduced through unique scalability designs.

It was the TRON blockchain that was chosen because of its focus on creating a truly decentralized Internet. It lives up to expectations at least by being included in the list of the largest blockchains in the world. Its scalability and bandwidth allows WINk to create the most user-friendly environment.

Course and schedule

Details of the sale and characteristics of the token

Token nameWINk
BlockchainTRON + Binance Chain (after IEO)
TypeTRC20 token (+ BEP2)
Total emission999 000 000 000 WIN
Maximum Possible Collection on Binance Launchpad6,000,000 dollars
How many tokens will be sold on IEO?49 950 000 000 WIN
Purchase cost0,0001201 $
Official site of the
White Paper
Former nameTRONbet

The sale will take place only in Binance Coin BNB (the exact price in BNB is announced at the start of trading, depending on the current exchange rate against the dollar). The WIN token will be launched on the Binance Chain blockchain and will function simultaneously as a TRC20 and BEP2 token.

According to the new IEO rules, in order to participate in the lottery, customers need to keep BNB tokens on their account for a week.

Win token emission plan:

Token distribution:

Key features of the WINk platform

The WINk platform offers users the ability to communicate, play and place bets across multiple blockchain ecosystems. The project supports several strong incentive mechanisms at once, such as behavioral mining, innovative economic architecture, etc. thanks to this, it becomes easy for developers to create decentralized applications, for users to develop a high-quality gaming experience. Also, new users are attracted to actively participate in the ecosystem.

The official rebranding from TRONbet to WINk was carried out as part of strategic investments and in anticipation of stable growth. A separate platform name is more suitable for expanding its sphere of influence among community members and better reflects the team’s commitment to the cause.

Main aspects and characteristics:

✅  The world leader in decentralized applications in terms of the aggregate estimate of the number of users and the volume of transactions carried out.

✅  Advanced functions for communication and transactions between users.

✅  A wide range of developer tools and APIs, allowing anyone to easily implement their own projects or create games from scratch.

✅  A unique token ecosystem and reward distribution mechanism called WinDrop.

✅  Strategic and investment cooperation with TRON.

✅  The ability to interact with stablecoins and fiat.

✅  Gaming licenses from Costa Rica and Curacao.

✅  In the near future, it is planned to add new functions – a content analysis mechanism, an updated management model, an ecosystem fund.


To store cryptocurrency WINk, personal computer users can install a wallet extension for the Google Chrome browser or any other supported one. Developers recommend cryptocurrency wallets:

✅  GuildWallet

✅  TronLink

✅  Scatter

The latter is not an extension, but an application downloaded to your computer.

Those who prefer to use mobile devices to work with cryptocurrency can download one of the supported wallet applications. Then you will need to create a new account or import the old one using a private key. Wallet options:

  • TronWallet
  • GuildChat
  • MATH wallet

The developers warn that they are not responsible for the incorrect or unsafe operation of software from third-party developers.

After the IEO and listing, the WIN token will become available for transactions on the Binance exchange.

WINk Platform Use Cases

For developers

The project provides a set of tools with the help of which developers can focus on the release of DApps, while the site’s functionality takes over all the third-party worries. For the services of the platform, developers pay a certain share of the income from operations in their applications. A well-thought-out economy and new incentives make it possible to attract as many participants as possible.

For the community

The gaming community will benefit from being able to join the WINk platform, which is on its way to becoming the world’s leading blockchain gaming platform. The more users take part in the games, the more tokens are issued. Participants can show interest in specific applications on the platform and mine tokens tied to certain DApps.

For holders of WIN tokens

The work of the project is based precisely on the owners of the cryptocurrency. Each new application that connects to it shares a part of the profit in the form of WIN tokens using the RainDrop system. The amount of the reward received by the participant depends on how much Rain Power he has. This mechanism is designed to increase the level of activity and at the same time increase the value of the token.

What is RainDrop

It is a mechanism for distributing rewards between users of the WINk platform. RainDrop runs daily and rewards system members with TRX tokens. More similar information on how RainDrop works will be provided by the developers later. But it is believed that this mechanism will help to form an active community with a high level of involvement in the development of the project, the establishment of partnerships, management processes, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages


✅  A lot of opportunity for developers of their own game projects.

✅  Users have the opportunity to earn money simply by holding tokens on their account and playing games.

✅  There are many useful features in the development plans.

✅  The proven and powerful TRON blockchain.

✅  IEO on Binance, which increases the level of trust in the project and speeds up the listing.


❌  At the moment, a limited number of games and features.

❌  A confusing interface to understand.

❌  As with all online gambling, the chance of winning well is low.


The fairness of games on the platform is ensured by the operation of smart contracts on the TRON blockchain. This guarantees the fairness of the win, and even if the initial value (SEED) is changed, a new random value encrypted by the SHA-256 hash will be generated during the game.

There is no doubt about the fairness of the WINk site, especially since it has been successfully operating for a long time, long before the rebranding. As for the investment potential of the WIN cryptocurrency, it all depends on the development strategy that the developers will adhere to.

WINk project roadmap (auto translation):

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