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Virtual assets and cryptocurrencies have been attracting genuine investor interest for a long time. Thousands of people every day invest their money in new promising IT projects in the hope of making money from fluctuations in the exchange rate. Someone wins, someone is left with nothing. Where is it worth investing your savings, and what is better to be careful with? More on this in our review.

Bitbon digital asset – this is how the developers call the key component of the Bitbon System platform. In the description of Bitbon it is said that this is not just a speculative instrument (unsupported coin), it can be said to be an analogue of real money, backed by economic indicators. Bitbon is fully secured with a certain part of property rights. With the help of it, you can transfer property rights to assets, evaluate, record and control assets.

Bitbon is also the main circulating asset in the contributing process.

Contributing is a new type of investment in the Bitbon System. Its novelty lies in the fact that investors invest their Bitbons in various business projects that are tested for asset security and the viability of a business idea. Please note that projects that really have every chance of taking off are allowed to participate in contributing. And they are checked not only by ordinary people, but by specialists in the financial and legal sphere who work in Bitup agencies (organizations that have passed the audit and received a license in the Bitbon System). At the same time, the funds received in the process of contributing are allocated in stages for the implementation of a business idea. Each stage is again checked by the Bitup Agency, and if everything goes according to plan, then the agreed amount of Bitbons is again transferred to the initiator of the project for its further implementation.

This concept has long been necessary for society, because today’s crowdfunding fees or crowdsales often do not end in anything other than just collecting money. Therefore, investors need guarantees and an understanding that their money works and multiplies.

What feedbacks about Bitbon’s cryptovalue already exist and what to expect in the near future?

Of course, representatives of various areas of the IT community are skeptical, but the Bitbon System developers do not pay special attention to bad reviews, but continue to implement their plans. Already today you can not only buy Bitbons, but also transfer it to other users, participate in mining and receive a reward for this.

All transactions are open and available for viewing in the “Audit and Statistics” section of the website www.bitbon.space/ru. You can also download the One Space application in the Play Market and App Store, with the next update, the application functionality will allow you to manage your assets directly from your smartphone.

Among the developers’ immediate plans:

  • Bitbon listing on third-party trading platforms (exchanges);
  • launch of contributing and other services;
  • managing your assets from the One Space app;
  • licensing Bitup-agencies.

All this and much more, about which the developer informs the community in the news, will be implemented in the near future, so it is quite interesting not only to watch the development, but also to participate, because the entry point is very important.

At the time of writing this review, the price for 1 Bitbon is $18. How much it will cost next year is anyone’s guess, but clearly not lower than today’s price, because the developer company at the initial stage of the presale laid a special formula in the price increase. You can see it in the Bitbon System Roadmap. The scheme is quite simple: at each price increase level, the number of users who have bought Bitbons increases exponentially. Simply put, those who bought at $ 3 are much less than those who bought at 18. Since Bitbon can only be bought from its owners, it is worth considering whether they would want to sell at a price lower than they bought? A slight correction will occur, and then just expect a rapid growth.

So for those who have not yet acquired a Bitbon digital asset, there is still such an opportunity – to become a member of the Bitbon System and the economy of the future.

Official website: https://www.bitbon.space

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