WebMoney wallet: registration, login, how to replenish WebMoney and withdraw money WM from the account


Webmoney is a payment system that appeared 23 years ago (in 1998) and has become one of the most popular payment methods on the Internet. Today, the WebMoney wallet has about 31 million registered accounts with an annual turnover of money transactions of 17 billion US dollars.

The service is international and can be used by residents from different countries, including Russia and Ukraine.

Continuation article: WebMoney in Belarus, how to open an account, deposit and withdraw money.

The main features are:

  • Transferring money between Webmoney wallets, with or without a protection code, with a commission of 0.8%,
  • Payment for a variety of services – from paying for a mobile phone to buying goods in online stores,
  • Exchange of title units of one currency into others within the same account, for example, transfer WMR to WMZ at the average exchange rate of exchanger.ru,
  • Unlimited number of created wallets,
  • A wide range of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds, including plastic cards, banks, money transfers, other payment systems,
  •  Exchange WebMoney to Yandex Money, PayPal, for cash using the exchanger,
  • The ability to link your bank card Visa, Mastercard or bank account to WM,
  • Earn money by issuing passports to other users and receiving interest for this,
  • Receive loans or issue loans at interest,
  • Manage wallets using the web interface on the site or download a special application to your computer or mobile phone,
  • Collect funds to start a business, for donations and other purposes,
  • With the help of arbitration, to return money in case of non-fulfillment of the terms of the transaction or their provision is of poor quality,

For business:

  • Accept payments on the site by installing a special widget or button on it,
  • Make automatic payments to wallets or mobile phone numbers,
  • Conduct transactions with the help of a trustee.

This is not a complete list of all the system’s capabilities, which can be found by going to the site.

The main competitors in the CIS market are the Yandex Money payment system and the Qiwi service.

The owners and country of registration of the company are not known and are not indicated on the website, except for the mention of the Lithuanian management company. All major technical departments and support are located in Russia, the main certification center is located in Moscow.

WebMoney website – www.webmoney.ru. In addition to Russian, I have Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese and English.

Calculation units are title units denominated in different currency units – WMZ, WMR, WMB, WME, WMU and others, which are equivalent, respectively, to the US dollar, Russian ruble, Belarusian ruble, euro and Ukrainian hryvnia. From the legal point of view, they cannot be called electronic money, but are financial assets. There is a guarantor behind the title sign of the wallet currency, for example, in Belarus, it is Technobank OJSC, in Ukraine – the Guarantor Agency LLC company, in Russia the VMR LLC acts as the guarantor.

In the fall of last year, VM began to officially issue electronic money in the EU countries, using the corresponding license of the British regulator FCA for their release. Thus, all user accounts in WME acquired the right to be called electronic money and are regulated by European laws, with the possibility of compensation payments in cases of bankruptcy.

In case of disputable situations between clients, the service provides an opportunity to use Arbitration. After submitting a free application, the owner of the WMID is warned or the wallet is blocked, depending on the type of claim. It is considered within a week and a decision is made that cannot be appealed.

Registration Webmoney

Registration in WebMoney takes place in several stages. It is not difficult to understand them, you need to follow the instructions of the system and after four steps you will be the user of the system with an initial certificate. Before using the system, read the service agreement.

First step. Enter your mobile phone number. Indicate only that belongs to you personally, as an SMS will come with a code, without which you cannot complete the registration. In the future, it will receive access passwords when entering your personal account and confirmation of various monetary transactions.

Second step. Here we enter personal data:

  • Your date of birth,
  • The country where you live
  • E-mail address,
  • You are asking a security question.

If you want to receive newsletters and announcements of new promotions, then leave the checkboxes.

Step three. As I said before, the phone will receive a four-digit code. Enter it in the appropriate field of the form.

Fourth step. The mobile number is the login to enter the VM website. It remains to come up with a password – I advise you to use online generators that will give it out of any complexity, but you will need to write it down or save it in a safe place. We enter the captcha and that’s it, we registered in the WebMoney service and many of its functions are already available to us, even with the lowest certificate. At the same time, the limits are not very large, but you can always provide the necessary documents and get a formal one and higher.

I forgot to mention – a message will be sent to the e-mail box with a link that we follow, thereby confirming the specified e-mail.

Each client is assigned a twelve-digit user ID or WMID. The WM identifier number can be found by the wallet number.

Login to the WebMoney wallet is carried out through the website www.webmoney.ru, indicating:

  • Login,
  • Password,
  • By entering captcha.

An access code will be sent to the mobile phone, which we enter in the new line that appears. You can also enter Webmoney through your profile on social networks or through the Keeper application.

Login via Webmoney Keeper Classic, which can be downloaded here.

WebMoney Wallet

To receive and transfer funds, you need to open a wallet. Webmoney provides it in seven title units. Electronic money can only be called funds on the wallet in euros WME, since in the fall a British license from the financial regulator FCA was obtained to issue them, which implies their insurance and compensation. For the rest of the accounts, there are no such guarantees yet.

The WebMoney wallet number consists of a Latin letter and 12 digits. For example, R123456789012. The picture shows an example of where and how you can find a room in Keeper Standard and Classic.

The number of created wallets is not limited in number.

You can carry out operations with it through:

  • Keeper Standart, works through the web interface on the site itself. The entrance is carried out with the input of a username and password. To get into it, follow the link mini.webmoney.ru. The functionality is limited, it is used to pay for goods, services, replenishment and transfer of money,
  • Web Pro. A more advanced version of the above-mentioned standard Keeper, the entrance is the same as in the first case. It cannot be used in conjunction with the program – WM WinPro (Classic), about which below,
  • Keeper WinPro Classic is a special program for more convenient use of the service. Download Keeper Classic

I advise everyone, as it has full functionality and capabilities,

  • The Mobile application is for a mobile phone, the same limited features as in the Standard, but you can always be online with it.

You can connect control by going to the settings and choosing the desired method.

Or on the WMID management page:

When opening a wallet through Keeper Standart, you need to select the account currency and agree to the proposed conditions.

Creating a wallet in Keeper WinPro, which can be downloaded from the link above.

Webmoney passports

WebMoney passport is a confirmation of your data, provided personal information during registration. We can say that it is like a passport, but only on the Internet. The passport contains the last name, first name, patronymic, passport data and other information necessary to identify the account. Thus, you can influence the limits by increasing them, as well as other restrictions.

All this is necessary for the security of making payments, preventing fraudulent schemes and increasing trust in you from the Vebmani service. You can view it on the WebMoney website by entering the identifier or wallet number.

We receive the alias certificate simultaneously with the completion of registration. Suitable for small amount transactions. The trust on the part of the payment service is very minimal. According to statistics, the majority, about 60%, have only it.

In order to get an increase in transaction limits and add other functions, for example, to link an ePayments card to an account, you need a formal passport. To receive it, we upload a scanned copy or photo of your passport through the website. After checking them, which lasts for several days, you will receive a notification on your phone and an e-mail about its passage. Receiving is completely free.

If you are a business owner and work is connected with the constant receipt and exchange of money through WebMoney, then you need an initial passport with passport data verification. Paying through the Personalizer: you can get a certificate in Belarus for 200,000 thousand Belarusian rubles. rubles in JSC Technobank. A complete list can be seen on the website.

Personal passport is issued to Registrars on a paid basis. After receiving it, you will see the maximum list of services and opportunities to make money in the affiliate program.

The affiliate program implies the issuance of certificates to other users in person. For the provision of this service, you receive a commission on their full cost:

  • for issuing an initial one – 50% of the amount
  • for a personal one – 75%.

For all questions that have arisen with obtaining a passport, write to support.wmtransfer.com.

Limits depending on the level of identification:

Top up WebMoney

The company provides a wide range of opportunities to deposit money to the Webmoney wallet. The table shows all available methods of depositing funds with commissions and the timing of their receipt to the account for each title currency. You will find more detailed information on your region on the site by going to the money deposit page using the link, and I will go through some of the main ones.

  • Put money on webmoney from a Visa or MasterCard bank card. Daily limit of $ 500 or $ 10,000 per month. To do this, we type the required amount, keeping in mind the commission, then enter the data of the bank plastic card in the form that appears – number, date of validity, security code.

You can replenish the WebMoney wallet in Belarus through the ERIP System or, for example, on the e-pay service.

  • By bank transfer on the guarantor’s websites. For example, the details for replenishment in Belarus through Technobank OJSC, you just need to enter the wallet number, amount, surname, name and patronymic and go to the nearest bank branch and pay
  • Top up VM via Yandex Money account, Wallet Qiwi or Easy Pay. You first need to link them to your wallet.
  • Replenishment through payment terminals. For example, you can replenish WMZ through terminals in the following countries: Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Turkey. Money comes instantly, the commission is different for all countries.
  • Transfer of money via Internet banking – VTB24, Promsvyazbank, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank.
  • Transfer from a mobile phone – only for residents of Russia and Ukraine. Available mobile operators – Megafon, Beeline, MTS, Tele2.
  • Cash deposit through the Svyaznoy network of solons or Euroset terminals.
  • Through a bank branch. Arriving at the bank’s cash desk and replenishing the wallet with cash.
  • Top up WM by money transfer within Russia through the Contact system, Unistream, Mail.
  • By purchasing and activating prepaid cards that are issued in different denominations of value. They can be purchased both in Russia and Belarus.
  • Go to the nearest ATM and top up Webmoney.

Transfer Webmoney

You can transfer from webmoney to webmoney to another user using various wallet management applications. For the safety of transfers, they should be protected by protection, which can be by code or by time. In this case, by sending money to another person, they are blocked by the system. After receiving the goods or funds, you give the code to the seller and only after that the transaction is considered completed.

If time protection is established during the transfer, the recipient will receive the money when this time ends. But if the goods have not been received, then open a claim in Arbitration.

The following restrictions apply:

  • After 8 incorrect attempts to enter the code, the transfer is returned back to the sender,
  • The method of sending with a code also expires, after which it will become inaccessible for input,

Consider transferring money from WebMoney using Keeper Classic. We go to the menu, select Transfer Webmoney and in the window that appears, enter the recipient’s wallet number, the payment amount, if necessary, write a comment. Next, select the type of translation –

  • Normal – choose if you are confident in security and trust the recipient,
  • Through the Escrow service,
  • Patronage is the recommended way. By choosing this item, you will protect yourself as much as possible from possible fraud.

Indicate the type you need, the duration of the protection and remember the code. In the next window, we look at information about the recipient’s WMID, his business level and the presence of other claims.

Almost the same actions should be done using the standard Keeper, in which we work on the site. We select the item Transfer funds and indicate to whom and indicate the type of protection.

Transfer fee – 0.8%, but not less than 0.01 title unit. It cannot be more than the established limits – for wallet Z it is 50 WM, respectively, for B – 100,000, R – 1500, U – 250.

There is no commission if the transfer is carried out within the same WMID, as well as for holders of an initial passport.

If you need to exchange funds from one of your wallets to another – that is, for example, transfer WMX to WMR or WMB, then this can be easily done using Keeper Classic by selecting the desired wallets and specifying the amounts. Here you can also see the average rate, which is set on the exchange exchange.

Withdraw Webmoney

There are a lot of opportunities for how to withdraw WebMoney. A complete list and commissions for each type of wallet can be viewed on the overview page of all methods of withdrawing money from an account.

Or using the standard Keeper on the website:

  • We go to the site, enter your credentials,
  • Choose the desired wallet,
  • Click Withdraw funds – all ways,
  • We choose the most suitable from the list,
  • A new window will display instructions on how to proceed.
  • Withdraw money to your Visa or MasterCard bank card by attaching it to a WMZ or WME purse, for more details follow the link.
  • Or order a VM card with which you can withdraw cash at any ATM.
  • On a Webmani virtual card, which can only be created by a client from Russia with a certificate of at least formal. You can use it to pay in online stores.
  • Pay for services – phone, internet, games, television, utilities, social networks, taxis, loans, and more.

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