WebMoney wallet in Belarus – how to replenish and withdraw WebMoney (not) officially


From the article you will learn about WebMoney in Belarus, how to register and create a WebMoney wallet, how to deposit and withdraw money from an account. Various options are described on how you can withdraw WebMoney to a MasterCard bank card, exchange in exchangers and other official and unofficial methods. The questions were raised how to get a WebMoney passport in Belarus and legally use a wallet in Belarusian rubles WMB.

Registration of a WebMoney wallet in Belarus is no different from neighboring countries, except for one important condition. Let us remind you that the WebMoney website is www.webmoney.ru.

You can buy, exchange, withdraw WM through online exchangers.

  • In connection with the issuance of a presidential decree in 2015, the use of WebMoney wallets in Belarus, the equivalent of which is the Belarusian ruble – the title unit of WMB, is allowed only with a passport not lower than the initial one. If the client does not agree to receive it, that is, to confirm his identity, then there will be a refusal to service the account by the Guarantor, which is Technobank in Belarus. This condition applies only to WMB wallets in Belarusian rubles. You can freely create and use WebMoney wallets in other currencies – WMR (Russian ruble), WMZ (US dollars) and others.

The adoption of the new conditions also influenced the cost of the certificate, which at the time of this writing is 20 rubles for the initial and 30 Belarusian rubles for the personal passport required by legal entities. You can get a certificate from official registrars, which are OJSC “Technobank” (formal), and from agents (you can also get a personal one from them).

To obtain a passport, a personal meeting is required and the following conditions are required – show the passport and its photocopy, pay for the service, fill out an application, indicate the WMID number. For more information on how to get a WebMoney passport in Belarus, visit the Guarantor website.

There are about 3 million users from Belarus who opened the WebMoney WMB wallet. But those who received an initial passport and can legally use it are several times less. If, for example, 10 rubles are left there, then there is no point in paying another 20 for identification in order to withdraw the rest from there. In this case, of course, amendments to the law are needed to allow transactions with small amounts and for unverified clients.

After the adoption of the decree, all funds in the wallets are frozen until the identification of the person is completed and the passport is received. If you do not plan to go through it, then in no case should you replenish your WebMoney account in Belarusian rubles WMB. They will not be able to use them, and after a few years the money will be recognized as ownerless and will be transferred to the state according to the law.

But, as mentioned above, these requirements do not apply to all other currencies of the WebMoney wallet. You can continue to use wallets, the title units of which are the US dollar – WMZ, the Russian ruble – WMR and others, but they cannot be officially withdrawn in Belarus. But this does not prevent them from paying for purchases in online stores, transferring to other users for the provision of services and withdrawing using bank plastic cards.

How to withdraw WebMoney in Belarus and top up (WMZ, WMR)

In order to anonymously withdraw WebMoney in Belarus, as well as replenish a wallet, the title unit of which is the US dollar (WMZ), euro (WME), you need to order MasterCard or Visa plastic cards from foreign payment systems. Then it will be possible to withdraw cash from WebMoney at an ATM or pay for any goods and services in stores. What is important is the complete confidentiality of information about the account holder. Personal data will not become known to third parties.

For these purposes, a MasterCard bank card from the ePayments payment system, which we use personally, is suitable. You can order the card in two currencies: US dollars or euros. You can withdraw money from it in any currency ATMs in the world, including in Belarus, Russia, the EU.

You can withdraw not only dollars or euros, but also rubles, in this case there will be a conversion (dollar – Belarusian ruble) at the internal rate of Mastercard (2.6% of the transaction amount). You can withdraw 200-500 dollars in one transaction (operation) – this is a limitation of the banks that own ATMs. The daily limit on the card for withdrawal is $ 3000. Commission for one withdrawal – 2.6 $. That is, if you withdraw any amount in dollars, the commission will be $ 2.6 per operation. If you withdraw in Belarusian rubles – a commission of $ 2.6 and another exchange fee of 2.6%.

Note that you can pay with a card without commission in shops, gas stations, and so on, where there are payment terminals. If the services are in rubles, then the exchange fee is 2.6%.

The ePayments card is tied to the wallet and replenished from your personal account directly from WebMoney, the commission is only 1% (but not less than $ 5).

To transfer, you need to link the card to your personal WebMoney wallet. The procedure is simple, it took us a couple of days.

You need to order the card on the website epayments.com. The cost of ordering the EPM Mastercard is 5.95 USD. Delivery is free to any country, the term is about a month.

Using the ePayments card, you can also top up WebMoney, more precisely, a WMZ wallet. To do this, you need to replenish the ePayments account itself (bank cards and transfers are available), then transfer the money to the card, and from it to WebMoney.

You can also cash out and withdraw WebMoney in Belarus by using a card from AdvCash or ordering a card from WebMoney on their official website.

Another method of replenishing and withdrawing WebMoney in Belarus is exchangers. It is enough to choose the desired direction and exchange, for example, WMZ for ADVCASH, then use the ordered card to cash out the money at an ATM.

As you can see, there are many unofficial methods and different schemes, their main advantage is confidentiality and anonymity.

You can also use a transfer with a protection code. For example, there is WMZ on the wallet that needs to be cashed, or vice versa, there is cash, but Webmoney is urgently required. You can find a person who needs WebMoney, make an appointment, make a transfer to his wallet with a code to protect against fraud and, having received money from him, report the protection code. I myself used this method when it was necessary to purchase WebMoney. You can find a partner for exchange on specialized forums or in groups on VKontakte, but it is important to be extremely careful not to change large amounts at one time and not to disclose the protection code before receiving money, to check the recipient’s WMID, if he is registered recently, then this is very suspicious. This method of replenishment or withdrawal from the WebMoney wallet is the most profitable in terms of commission, since about 1% is usually asked for an exchange.

You can also top up a WMZ, WME, WMR purse in Belarus using a bank transfer or a Visa or MasterCard. The limits depend on the passport. All methods can be viewed by going to the wallet on the official WebMoney website: webmoney.ru.

How to withdraw WebMoney in Belarus and replenish the WMB wallet

Let’s move on to the official methods of how to withdraw and replenish WebMoney WMB in Belarus, but only for those who have initial certificates. For up-to-date information, see the website of the official guarantor of WMB wallets: on the website wmtransfer.by

Replenishment of WMB:

  • At the box office of Technobank. The entire list is available on the wmtransfer website.
  • In post offices.
  • At ATMs, info kiosks, bank cash desks.
  • By purchasing a prepaid card with a face value of 5 rubles.
  • Bank transaction.
  • Visa and Mastercard on the ePay website.

You can officially withdraw WebMoney in Belarus:

  • To a bank account.
  • On a bank card in rubles.
  • On WebMoney cards by going to the order page.
  • Pay for services – mobile communications, internet, utilities, games and much more.

That’s all, if something is missing, add it in the comments. How do you replenish and withdraw WebMoney in Belarus?

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