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Hello everyone! In the last article, I described in detail the questions “how to open a WebMoney wallet” and “how to withdraw WM money in Belarus”. Today we will consider another one – how to manage them and what applications exist for this.

You can buy or withdraw WebMoney money through the service: bestchange.com.

After registering, we need to create wallets in the desired currency and perform transactions with them. For these purposes, Webmoney Keeper is used, which means “Storage”.

Depending on the functionality and interface, there are applications:

In this case, you can use several Keeper at the same time, you can see it in the compatibility table.

As you can see, simultaneous work of WinPro with WebPro is excluded.

To connect wallet management methods, you need to go to the page


Immediately after registration, the simplest form is available – Webmoney Keeper Standard, which is a web interface on the WebMoney website, following the link mini.webmoney.ru. For MacOS – download link.

Also available to work from a mobile phone in browsers. To enter, you need to enter your username and password, after which you will receive an SMS to your phone to confirm the current session. It is convenient for quickly entering the wallet and making transactions. This is how WebMoney Standard Keeper looks like.


  • You can transfer funds to another person,
  • Find out the account balance,
  • Pay for services, purchases,
  • Create a wallet (one for each WM title unit),
  • Replenish it and withdraw funds and other functions.

For security, you can set a limit on operations.

Webmoney Keeper Classic WinPro is a professional software for working with wallets. You need to download the latest version of the website. Provides more complete functionality for the client and payment for all available services.

After installation, you need to go through a simple registration process. During which you will be asked to enter the verification code that you received when registering with WebMoney by e-mail and which expires in 10 days. Next, come up with a strong password.

For the next login, you need to enter your WMID-identifier and password. As I wrote above, Keeper has a complete list of all the possibilities. The screenshot shows the main view of the application and the menu bar where you can create wallets, exchange, transfer, replenish and withdraw Webmoney, pay for services, configure security settings and much more. I recommend making a backup copy of wallets with an access code in the Tools section, and keeping them out of the reach of others.

Webmoney Keeper WebPro (Light) – as well as WinPro, offers a professional set of functions, but in the format of a web interface. You can download it here. To work, you need to have a browser and Internet access. We log in by entering a username and password or using a personal digital certificate.

WebMoney Keeper Mobile – for managing wallets from your phone. Mobile and very handy tool. It has all the necessary functions and is very similar to a small copy of Keeper Standard. You can download it at the top of the page where I gave links for android and iPhone.

What applications do you use?

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