The best telegram bots for buying and selling bitcoin and cryptocurrencies


Telegram bots for bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange help to buy or sell digital coins directly from the messenger without switching to other applications. It is convenient, anonymous and saves time, which is why this exchange option is very popular. Today, the editors reviewed several noteworthy crypto-currency telegram bots.

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Definition and principle of work of bots in telegrams

A telegram bot is an account that is controlled not by a living person, but by software. The bots appeared with one of the Telegram messenger updates, and users immediately appreciated their potential. Thousands of different robots are working today – game, training, search. Many of them integrate with external services and protocols.

Telegram bots for exchanging cryptocurrencies serve as p2p services, combining requests from sellers and buyers and at the same time acting as a guarantor of the transaction. The bot itself does not take part in the exchange, it plays the role of an intermediary. Another option is an exchange service bot that works similar to an ordinary exchanger.

Key functions of telegram exchanger:

  • control over the fulfillment by counterparties of their obligations;
  • transfer of cryptocurrency between wallets;
  • assistance in choosing the most suitable offers;
  • display of statistical data, profitable rates, etc.;
  • some bots also provide the ability to create a wallet and store your assets there for exchange – this is not a bad option given Telegram’s privacy policy and encryption.

A Telegram bot for exchanging bitcoin is often associated with a p2p exchange or exchanger, and therefore takes information about available transactions and payment methods from there. The support service, where you can contact in a disputable situation, is also built into the bot.

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The best exchange bots for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Consider a number of well-proven exchange robots.

Telegram bots of p2p exchanges

1. Telegram bot Bitzlato


Bitzlato p2p platform doesn’t just have a telegram bot. It itself emerged from a popular bot called BTC Banker. This is one of the most functional and popular robots that has been successfully operating since 2016. And in 2018, it was decided to focus on product development and connecting new services, but the bot continues to function.

Telegram bot BTC Banker by Bitzlato

In addition to Bitcoin, there are separate services for other currencies. Full list:

2. Telegram bot Chatex

❌Chatex has been closed since November 2021


Telegram bot Chatex

This bot works with several cryptocurrencies and payment methods. Requires registration, which essentially consists in creating a login. If you wish, you can bind your mail or phone, this will increase security. In addition to exchange, it provides crypto wallet functionality through which you can send and receive cryptocurrency.

3. Telegram bot Cryptolocator


Telegram bot p2p-exchange Cryptolocator

The p2p platform Cryptolocator allows you to perform all operations for selecting suitable offers, responding to applications and directly exchanging them through a Telegram bot. Working with it is somewhat different from bots owned by exchangers. The first step is to link your messenger account with your account on the exchange. This is done quickly and easily, just click “Connect Telegram bot” on the website and follow the instructions. The whole process takes a minute, after which you have full access to all the functionality.

4. Bitpapa telegram bot


Bitpapa telegram bot p2p platform

The Bitpapa platform also provides users with a convenient opportunity to use a telegram bot to exchange bitcoin. Only this cryptocurrency is supported. You do not need to link your account to the bot. It is enough to launch it and immediately proceed to payment, as with exchangers. The bot sends a link to track the transaction in the bitcoin browser.

Telegram bots exchangers

5. Telegram bot 60cek

@ Bot_60cek_bot

Telegram bot exchanger 60 cek

The 60cek service, and therefore its bot, supports many payment systems and Russian banks, and also makes it possible to buy various popular cryptocurrencies, not just bitcoin. The bot works quickly, has all the necessary functions, and allows you to make an exchange in a matter of minutes. The transaction can be carried out completely anonymously, only payment details are required. The robot was launched in April 2019.

6. Telegram bot Prostocash


Telegram bot exchanger Prostocash

In terms of functionality, it is similar to the previous one, but it was launched much earlier – in 2017. The bot supports 11 cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchange codes, all ruble banks and cards, some Ukrainian, as well as several popular payment systems. The Prostocash exchanger has a positive reputation in the specialized market and an impressive period of work.

7. Nicechange telegram bot


Nicechange telegram bot exchanger

Supports various payment systems (Payeer, QIWI, PerfectMoney, Yandex.Money, Advanced Cash), bank cards, as well as a number of popular cryptocurrencies for exchange. The bot can display information about market capitalization and the volume of active cryptocurrencies. Among other things, Nicechange is one of the few exchangers that have a bot guide on their website, which is useful for newbies.

8. Telegram bot Abcobmen


Telegram bot exchanger Abcobmen

Abcobmen offers a wide range of payment destinations and loyalty limits. It has a fairly high exchange rate, which is confirmed by positive reviews. The exchange can be completely done quickly and without registration using only Telegram.

How to buy cryptocurrency using the exchanger’s Telegram bot

The algorithm for interacting with the telegram bot is standard, although the names of the functions may differ slightly:

  1. In the search bar of the messenger, find the desired bot or follow the link from the official website of the exchanger. Be careful, scammers often disguise themselves under similar names. For the first time, to be correct, you need to copy the username from the official site and nothing else.
  2. Click “Run”.
  3. Select the “Exchange currency” item in the menu.
  4. Select the currency to be given.
  5. Select the received currency.
  6. Choose the option “Send X currencies” or “Receive X currencies”, whichever is more convenient for you.
  7. Enter the amount given / received, taking into account the minimum and maximum limits.
  8. Enter the details of the account from which the shipment will be made.
  9. Enter the details of the receipt account.
  10. The system will issue the account number to which you need to transfer funds in the specified amount.
  11. Do this and click the “I paid” button.
  12. Wait for the system to verify the payment and send a return payment to the wallet you specified.

It is convenient to control the bot using visual menu buttons. You can also enter commands manually, for example, help – / help, change language – / lang, information about reserves – / reserves.

Other Telegram bots

9. CryptoBot


Telegram bot CryptoBot

The bot is not so much for trading as for informational purposes. It also generates cryptocurrency wallets. When you enter the sending and receiving currency, it issues a link to the appropriate section of the BestChange website. Other functions: viewing the current rate of BTC and ETH, setting notifications when a certain currency rate is reached, setting the exchange from which the rate is taken. The function “Graph” is not clear – when you click on it, it displays an old screenshot of the course graph for August 2019. But judging by old reviews, the function used to work properly.

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Advantages and disadvantages of exchanging via Telegram


✅ Minimal investment of time and effort – everything is done in one messenger.

✅ The functionality is similar to exchangers and p2p-exchanges.

✅ Simple and intuitive controls.

✅ As a rule, registration is not required, the exchange is completely anonymous.

✅ Many services provide wallet functionality.


❌ There are many fraudulent Telegram bots, including those that disguise themselves as popular services.


Telegram bots for exchanging bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are a popular way to manage assets. First of all – because of the convenience and speed of transactions. Another reason is the anonymity of interaction with services. At the same time, Telegram is considered one of the most secure and confidential messengers, so those traders for whom this aspect is important pay special attention to bots. You should choose a service carefully, as there are many people who want to just steal your money.

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