StormGain exchange: an overview of the trading platform, reviews, instructions for trading cryptocurrency


StormGain is a cryptocurrency exchange for spot and futures trading. Supports work with fiat money (credit and debit cards of any banks). The editorial staff of has prepared for you a detailed overview of the possibilities of this site.

Official site:

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Features of the StormGain exchange:

✅ Futures contracts with up to 150x leverage.

✅ Cumulative discount on trading commission as trading volume increases.

✅ Integrated tools to improve trading efficiency – different types of orders, customizable signals.

✅ The ability to receive 10% per annum, keeping at least 100 USDT on the wallet balance.

✅ Up to 15% deposit bonus for the loyalty program.

✅ You can get started as quickly as possible, as you only need email to create an account.

✅ There is a mobile application for Android and iOS.

✅ There is a demo account.

✅ 24-hour support service.

✅ Support for different interface languages, including Russian.

StormGain is the official partner of Newcastle United Football Club.

Video review of the trading platform:

General information

Russian languageYes
Year of foundation2019
Country of registrationSeychelles
CompanyStormGain Limited
Registration addressSuite 15, 1st Floor Oliaji Trade Centre, Francis Rachel Street, P.O Box 1004, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles
Registration number211202
A type Centralized
ProductsSpot exchange; futures exchange; crypto wallet
Trade typesSpot, futures
DemoOpen demo account
Exchange tokenNo
Trading commissionDynamic, market dependent. For BTCUSDT: 0.08% to 0.15%
No deposit bonus25 USDT with promo code “PROMO25”.
Deposit commissionNo
Withdrawal commission0.1% + blockchain commission
Working with fiat moneyYes
Profit accountingUSDT
VerificationNeed not
Safety2FA, SMS confirmation, e-mail address verification
Base currenciesBTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, DSH, USDT
Number of contracts23
Margin tradingYes
Maximum leverage150x, for the BTCUSDT contract; 50x – for everyone else
Minimum leverage5x, for all contracts
Spot commissions (exchange)from 0.08% to 0.25%
Minimum spot exchange amount0.00001 BTC; 0.0001 ETH; 0.001 LTC
Futures trading feesfrom 0.15% to 0.25%
Deposit fees0%
Minimum deposit amount0.005 BTC; 0.200 ETH; 160.0 XRP; 0.550 LTC; 0.160 BCH; 50 USDT
Withdrawal fees0.1%
Minimum withdrawal amount0.00 for all cryptocurrencies; 20 USDT for Tether OMNI
Mobile appYes, +2484671957
Social networks;;

Registering and setting up a profile

To create an account on the StormGain crypto exchange, click “Login” in the upper right corner of the website.

Or click ” Register “.

  1. Enter the required data – e-mail, a password of 5 characters or more, a phone number, if you have a promotional code.
  2. Click “Register”.
  3. You do not need to confirm your registration email. You will receive a notification about opening an account on the StormGain exchange.

You can start trading, but first, let’s check the opportunities that open to a registered user.

Clicking on the username at the top right of the screen opens the following menu:

✅ Demo account (enable or disable).

✅ Notifications. You can enable push notifications from StormGain in your browser.

✅ Safety. You can enable SMS confirmation or two-factor authentication through the Google Authenticator app.

✅ Video lessons. A number of training videos on working with the exchange.

✅ Give feedback. Opens a feedback form, where you need to select the reason for the appeal and describe the problem, if necessary, attach a file.

✅ Profile settings. In this window, you can confirm the e-mail address, edit the phone number, change the password, provide personal data (name, surname, date of birth, address, passport or driver’s license number).

Below this menu are the options for managing the account – withdrawal, replenishment, exchange. It also indicates which account is being used at the moment, normal or demo.


To deposit funds to the account of the StormGain cryptocurrency exchange, click the green “Deposit” button, or a similar button just below the required cryptocurrency.

The following window will open:

By default, deposits are made in Omni USDT. But if you clicked “Replenish” for a certain currency, then the operations will be performed in it.

Copy the blockchain address and transfer funds to it, strictly in the selected currency. You can click the Show as QR button to display a QR code for quick payment from a mobile crypto wallet. Pay attention to the limits indicated in this window – sending an amount less than the minimum will lead to a loss of money.

To buy cryptocurrency for fiat money and then transfer to StormGain, you can use: crypto exchanges, p2p exchanges, fiat cryptocurrency exchanges.

Limits and commissions for replenishment

Cryptocurrency or stablecoinCommission on entryMinimum deposit
Tether Omni0%50 USDT
Bitcoin0%0,005 BTC
Ethereum0%0,2 ETH
Litecoin0%0,55 ETH
Bitcoin Cash0%0,16 BCH
Ripple0%160 XRP

From a bank card

Click the button at the top of the screen “Buy Crypto Credit Card”.

Choose which cryptocurrency you want to be credited to the balance of the StormGain exchange. Select a payment method Credit or Debet Card. Select the currency (euros, dollars) and enter the amount (at least 50 EUR or 50 USD).

Payment is made through the Simplex service. It is enough to follow his instructions.

Demo account

A demo account at StormGain is activated by clicking the corresponding switch in the profile menu.

By switching to a demo account, you get 50,000 virtual USDT and you can fully use the functionality of the trading terminal – buy, sell and exchange currencies.

Trading operations

StormGain provides a choice of trading platform: spot (“Exchange” or “Instant exchange” tab) or futures (“Trading with a multiplier”).

Trading with a multiplier

Let’s talk about trading on the StormGain cryptocurrency exchange with margin leverage, i.e. with a multiplier. In general, the functionality is the same as on other sites. The trading process looks like this:

  1. Select the trading pair on the left for the deal.
  1. Analyze the chart and assume whether the rate will rise or fall in the near future. It is more convenient to work with the chart in full screen mode.
  2. At the initial stage, it is better to trade with the trend – in the direction in which the price is moving. The trend is very easily identified from the chart.
  3. Having determined the trend, open a deal (the “Open deal” button in the upper right above the chart).
  4. Select the type, transaction amount and leverage (multiplier). It is better for a beginner not to take risks with high rates.
  5. Press one of the “Down” or “Up” buttons to open a trade.
  1. The results are tracked in the Open Trades section just below the chart. When you need to fix the result, the deal is closed. Profit or loss will be instantly recorded on the balance sheet.
  2. For example, a trade (“Growth”) was opened with a total volume of 500 USDT and 5x leverage with a trade amount of 100 USDT. P&L – unrealized profit or loss on a trade, i.e. current result is + 1.47USDT.


StormGain has the concept of a multiplier, which means the same as leverage, and theoretically allows you to increase your profit from trades. It’s easy to work with him. For example, you open a trade for $ 50 and specify a 10x multiplier.

This means that not 50, but 500 dollars will participate in the transaction, of which 50 are yours and 450 are in credit. Accordingly, if the BTC price increases by 10%, the profit will be calculated based on the $ 500 rate and will be $ 50. The larger the multiplier, the higher the profit. With a 50x multiplier, it will already be $ 250.

But the risks also increase, so you need to use such a tool as deliberately as possible, based on the circumstances. It is better to use for a transaction amounts that are 2-5% of the total deposit. For example, if the deposit is $ 100, then the transaction amount will be from $ 2 to $ 5. By using leverage, the total amount of the trade will increase. But, for beginners, 5-10x is a normal multiplier and you don’t need to increase it.

Application of Stop Loss and Take Profit

Stop Loss and Take Profit orders are needed to minimize risks in cryptocurrency trading and in order not to continuously monitor the rate chart. They are restrictions that are automatically triggered when a certain course is reached.

Stop Loss and Take Profit are set independently by the trader. In the first case, this is an acceptable level of the rate, so that the losses are not too large, even with a losing trade. In the second case, the limit is placed on a profitable trade.

To use these orders on StormGain, you need to expand the “Limit profit and loss” item when creating a trade. You can set only one parameter or both at once. It is also allowed to set these indicators for already open deals (you need to click on the deal).

To correctly determine what values to set, you need to study the chart and find the maximum and minimum price of an asset for a certain period of time.

Instant exchange

The StormGain website also offers an instant cryptocurrency exchange at the best rate.

Withdraw funds

To withdraw money from your StormGain account, you need to select the currency of interest and click “Withdraw”.

In the window, enter the address of the wallet where the crypt should be credited, and the amount. There are no limits on the amount of withdrawal.

Withdrawal limits and commissions

Cryptocurrency or stablecoinWithdrawal commissionMinimum withdrawal amount
Tether Omni0.1%20 USDT
Bitcoin0.1%0 BTC
Ethereum0.1%0 ETH
Litecoin0.1%0 ETH
Bitcoin Cash0.1%0 BCH
Ripple0.1%0 XRP

Earnings on the deposit

Starting October 28, 2019, StormGain users with more than 100 USDT on their account receive interest on the deposit. The method is a risk-free investment with a profit of 10% per annum.

What to do to make a profit:

✅ Download the StormGain mobile app for iOS or Android, or register on the website.

✅ Apply for participation in the program.

✅ Top up your account with at least 100 USDT.

✅ Receive regular interest income.

Interest will be charged every day, calculated from the amount of cryptocurrency that is on the balance sheet or in the form of transactions. The profit comes in the form of USDT.

Commissions and limits

Commissions when exchanging on the StormGain exchange:

✅ BCHBTC – commission 0.25%, minimum amount 0.00000001 BCH.

✅ BCHUSDT – commission 0.08%, minimum amount 0.0001 BCH.

✅ ETHBTC – commission 0.25%, minimum amount 0.000000001 ET

✅ LTCBTC – commission 0.25%, minimum amount 0.00001 LTC.

✅ BTCUSDT – commission 0.08%, minimum amount 0.00001 BTC.

✅ ETHUSDT – commission 0.08%, minimum amount 0.0001 ETH.

✅ LTCUSDT – commission 0.08%, minimum amount 0.001 BCH.

✅ XRPUSDT – commission 0.08%, minimum amount 0.1 XRP.

Cryptocurrency trading fees:

✅ Swap commission (BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, LTCUSDT, XRPUSDT, BCHUSDT) – buy -0.04%, sell 0.004%. Average trading commission: 0.15%.

✅ Swap commission (ETHBTC, LTCBTC, BCHBTC, DSHBTC) – buy -0.04%, sell 0.04%. Average trading commission: 0.25%.

The minimum multiplier is 5x, the maximum multiplier is 150x (for BTCUSDT), for other 50x.

Withdrawal fee 0.1% + blockchain fees. There is no deposit fee. There are no withdrawal limits. Deposit limits:

✅ from 0.005 BTC;

✅ from 0.160 BCH;

✅ from 0.2 ETH;

✅ from 0.55 LTC;

✅ from 160 XRP.

StormGain exchange loyalty program

There are five levels of loyalty program on the StormGain crypto exchange. They are assigned automatically upon reaching a certain balance on the account.

List of statuses, conditions for obtaining them and provided privileges:

  1. Standard. Balance less than 499 USDT. Excluding trading volume. There is no discount on trading commissions. Exchange commission starts from 0.08%. No deposit bonus.
  2. Gold. Balance over 499 USDT. Trading volume from 150,000 USDT. 5% discount on trading commissions. Exchange commission starts from 0.08%. Bonus for replenishment of the account 5%.
  3. Platinum. Balance over 1499 USDT. Trading volume from 750,000 USDT. 10% discount on trading commissions. Exchange commission 0.07%. Bonus for replenishment of the account 10% of the amount.
  4. Diamond. Balance over 4999 USDT. The volume of trades is from 2,250,000 USDT. 15% discount on trading commissions. Exchange commission 0.07%. Bonus for replenishment of the account 15% of the amount.
  5. VIP. Balance over 49,999 USDT. The volume of trades is from 7,500,000 USDT. Everything else is calculated on individual terms.

Advantages and disadvantages


✅ Fast registration. Lack of verification.

✅ Spot and futures trading.

✅ Low commissions for deposits and withdrawals.

✅ Multilevel loyalty program.

✅ Interest investment opportunities.

✅ Leverage up to 150x.

✅ Account replenishment from a bank card.

✅ There is a demo account for training.

✅ Support for the Russian language, although the translation is partial.

✅ No replenishment with Russian rubles.


❌ Few online reviews.

❌ There are no specifications for futures contracts.

❌ Little background information. Teaching is only in video format in English.

❌ High minimum limit for replenishment of the deposit.


StormGain is a young but promising project. A cryptocurrency exchange with good functionality, the ability to replenish an account from a card and many other features. Of interest is the function of obtaining passive income from money stored on the balance sheet.

The exchange has influential partners and publications in reputable online publications, as well as all the necessary licenses to operate.

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