STEX Exchange (STEX): a complete overview of the official site Registration, trading, deposit and withdrawal, advantages and disadvantages of a crypto exchange


STEX (Russian STEX, abbreviated from Stocks Exchange, this is the old name of the site) is a licensed trading platform focused on buying and selling cryptocurrency. The site provides good trading volumes, speed and liquidity, thanks to the use of several high-frequency trading algorithms. According to the information on the official website, the platform was launched by the Estonian private company Etna Development OÜ, therefore, it is subject to the laws of Estonia and the European Union. Fiat money deposit and withdrawal methods are supported (USD, RUB, EUR, JPY).

Update: the STEX exchange, at the request of the regulator, introduces mandatory verification for all clients. Check out the list of crypto exchanges without verification.

Official site:

For security, STEX users’ funds are stored in both hot and cold wallets. The exchange is currently used by more than 300,000 users who note the time-tested stability of the site, low trading commissions (from 0.05%), as well as the presence of a full set of necessary licenses and a friendly interface.

The list of digital assets on STEX is huge – over 400 trading pairs with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, etc.

Please note: has no relation to another site with a similar name STEX Exchange (domain, but now there is a redirect to These are two different cryptocurrency exchanges.

STEX cryptocurrency exchange review

Former nameStocks Exchange
Year of foundation2017
LocationTallinn, Estonia
Registration number14477355
License numberFRK000120;FVR000142
Parent companyEtna Development OÜ
Russian language supportyes (you cannot switch on the main page, it turns on automatically after registration). The total number of available languages is 11
Number of clients300 000+
Rating83rd in the ranking of crypto exchanges according to Coinmarketcap and 28th according to Coingecko (real volumes)
Overestimation of trading volumesNo
Working with fiat moneyyes, for verified accounts
Fiat money accountsUSD, EUR, RUB, JPY
Payment systemsAdvcash, Payeer, Epay, Perfect Money, Sepa
Minimum amount10 USD, 10 EUR, 10 JPY, 100 RUB
Commissions (fiat money)from 2% to 5%
Cryptocurrency deposit commission0%
Cryptocurrency withdrawal commissiondepends on the chosen coin
Verificationoptional, needed for extended use of the STEX exchange and to improve security
Safetytwo-factor authentication (2FA), SMS authorization, session history, IP whitelist (you can only log into your account from the specified IP)
Trading commission0,05%-0,2%
Minimum purchase / sale amount0.00000001
Number of cryptocurrencies287
Number of currency pairs406
Internal tokenSTEX
Liquid cryptocurrency pairsLTC/BTC; ETH/BTC; LTC/USDT
Margin tradingNo
Professional chartsYes
Orderslimit (normal); stop limit
Mobile appavailable for Android and iOS
Trading terminal (WEB)advanced and simplified mode
APIthere is

Advantages and disadvantages of a crypto exchange


✅ Convenient and well-designed trading platform with an intuitive interface.

✅ Availability of a license.

✅ Russian-language version of the site.

✅ Mobile app of STEX exchange

✅ High liquidity, a large selection of trading pairs.

✅ Favorable conditions, low commission fees.

✅ Good level of security.

✅ Effective technical support.

✅ Fiat money support.

✅ A large number of cryptocurrencies for trading.

✅ Several verification methods.

✅ Charts from TradingView.

IEO platform.

✅ Free listing of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

✅ The absence of negative reviews on the STEX exchange (at the time of writing the review).


❌ Working with fiat currencies is available after account confirmation.

❌ No margin trading.

Registration on the official website

To create an account, click Sign Up on the main page of Read the terms of use of the site, confirm your agreement with them.

Enter your e-mail, come up with a complex password. Enter the referral code if you came by invitation from an existing user. Please confirm with a tick that you are 18 years of age or older. Also, if you wish, you can subscribe to the newsletter about the project news.

Solve the captcha and click “Submit”. After that, a letter will be sent to your e-mail, following the link from which you need to confirm your account. You will be taken directly to the trading platform, where you can start buying or selling cryptocurrency.

Personal Area

To get into the STEX Personal Cabinet, click on your account name in the upper right corner and select the “Profile” menu item. The left column contains a list of LC sections:

✅ Balance. Shows your account status for each specific coin. From here, the withdrawal and replenishment of funds is carried out.

✅ Referral program. By clicking the “Referral program” button, we get our own referral link and code, which can be distributed everywhere. The exchange pays 25% of the commission of trading operations performed by referrals.

✅ Deposit history, withdrawal history. Recent deposits and withdrawals.

✅ Open applications. Your current open orders on the trading floor.

✅ History of applications. Previously created and already closed orders.

✅ Account settings. You can change your password, enable SMS authorization, allow login or API3 from specific IP addresses. It also includes two-factor authentication via Google or Microsoft Authenticators.

✅ Data verification. The process of checking an account on the STEX exchange allows you to reduce trading commissions, interact with fiat currencies when replenishing your balance, and also restore 2FA in case of its loss. There are three ways to verify an account: through the STEX support service (in this case, the trading commission will be 0.15%), through Smart-ID (also 0.15%) or through the Cryptonomica service (the same 0.1% that are promised on the main page ).

✅ Reports. History and analysis of trading operations.


STEX takes the security of user accounts very seriously. Each client is invited to set up two-factor authentication (2FA), SMS authorization, IP wilelist immediately after registration. 2FA is an additional layer of security. Every time you want to log in, trade on the exchange or withdraw funds, a code will be generated in the Google Authenticator app.

There is no information that the STEX cryptocurrency exchange has ever been hacked. The greatest difficulty for hackers is that their cloud cluster is physically located in several countries of the world at once. All systems are encrypted, access to them is impossible without special permission from employees. The safety of assets stored in user accounts is ensured by the use of cold wallets without access to the Internet.

Deposit and withdrawal

To top up the STEX balance, go to the “Balance” section of your personal account and click the “Deposit” button next to the currency you are interested in. After that, you need to click on the “Deposit address”.

The address will be displayed. You need to send to it a strictly selected cryptocurrency; sending any other will result in loss of funds. The minimum deposit amount is indicated here, it is different for each coin.

The STEX exchange supports fiat currencies. You can make a deposit to an account in USD (US dollar), RUB (Russian ruble), EUR (euro), JPY (Japanese yen).

To withdraw money from the exchange, in the same section, click “Withdraw”, specify the desired receiving address and amount (or check the box “withdraw all”). The minimum amount depends on the cryptocurrency: Bitcoin – 0.00125000 BTC; Ethereum – 0.01500000 ETH; Tether – 30 USDT, etc. You can also withdraw funds from the STEX exchange through fiat money.

To confirm the withdrawal of the deposit, a two-factor authentication code or email is used. The term for cryptocurrency crediting depends on the blockchain network and the required number of confirmations. On average, the process takes up to 1 hour.

How to trade on the STEX exchange

To go to the trading terminal, click “Trade” at the top of the STEX cryptocurrency exchange website.

In the lower right corner of the trading terminal, markets (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, Defi, USDC, Custom) are displayed, divided into tabs. You can sort currencies by quotes or alphabet, and use the “search” field to quickly find the coin you are looking for. After choosing the appropriate pair, you are taken to the page where you can buy or sell this cryptocurrency.

To sell or buy selected coins, you need to select the order mode (regular or stop limit), indicate their value and quantity. You can set the price yourself or select it from the trading history, order book. You can also set the amount manually, or click on the amount in the wallet. The minimum amount for buying and selling is 0.00000001 in any cryptocurrency.

Note. A “regular order” is a usual limit order. “Stop-Limit” is a limit order, but in the order we also specify the stop price at which the order itself is activated. For example, if the price of the BTC / USD quote drops to $ 8650, then an order to buy at $ 8600 will be activated.

To complete the creation of the order, click “Buy” or “Sell”. After placing the order, the system will look for the opposite side offering the same or lower price. If your price is lower than the price offered by other traders, then the order is automatically moved to the list of open ones and will remain there until a suitable counter order is created. After that, the operation will be automatically completed.

All open orders of the selected trading pair are located at the bottom of the “trade history” page or in the profile – in the “open orders” section. If you wish, you can always cancel the order or create a new one.

STEX does not support margin trading or working with futures.

There is no market execution of the order, but you can click on orders in the order book and redeem them.


On the STEX trading floor, there is no distinction between fees from makers and takers. Fixed fee:

  1. 0.2% of each transaction after registration
  2. 0.1% after verification via STEX or PrivatBank
  3. 0.05% after account verification through Cryptonomica.

This is below the market average of 0.25%.

Withdrawal fees depend on the chosen cryptocurrency or fiat money payment system. So, when withdrawing Bitcoin, 0.001 BTC is charged; Tether – 0.002 BTC; Ethereum – 0.003 ETH, etc.

Technical support

If you have a problem that is not described in the FAQ section, you can contact a support agent. The answer usually takes several hours. To speed up the solution process, it is advisable to immediately indicate all the data about the problem that may be needed: cryptocurrency, wallet address, TxID, order number, etc.

STEX has a Twitter account, but mostly not for support, but for project news. In any case, you can go there too. Phone support is not available.

Feedback on the work of the support team is good. Most users say that their issue was resolved efficiently, although not very quickly.


STEX has many advantages and can definitely bring something new to the field of cryptocurrency trading, solve some painful problems. The number of registered users is impressive. This is largely due to the fact that many currencies are supported on the platform – even a rare altcoin can be found here, which is not found elsewhere.

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