Spectrocoin – the most detailed review of a secure online exchanger and multicurrency crypto wallet


With the growing relevance, demand and popularity of cryptocurrencies, a stormy stage has begun in the formation of various services necessary for earning digital money, converting it, as well as for short-term or long-term storage. Gradually, projects focused on one type of service are losing the interest of crypto coin holders due to the inconvenience of a constant transition between cryptocurrency wallets, exchangers and exchanges where virtual currencies are traded. Spectrocoin belongs to the universal platforms.

Official site – spectrocoin.com

This project cannot be called young, since it has existed for more than 5 years, but its recent expansion of functionality and reorientation of the direction has actively contributed to a stable influx of clients. Today Spectrocoin offers its clients three service options: storage of crypto coins, fast currency conversion and trading like on a crypto exchange. The last option is being actively developed and tested. It will soon become fully available to crypto traders.

Let’s consider in detail such an interesting, modern and multifunctional project. Let’s analyze all the most important nuances related to the Spectrocoin platform.

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Briefly about the Spectrocoin project

To the community interested in digital currencies, Spectoroin was previously known as a highly focused online exchanger and crypto storage. All transactions were carried out exclusively with the participation of Bitcoin.

A couple of years later, the Spectrocoin developers actively began to improve the platform and expand the most promising functions demanded by the crypto community. The set of tools was improved, innovative technologies were introduced, and the optimal connection between fiat currencies and electronic money was gradually created. Other top cryptocurrencies and promising altcoins were added.

Now the Spectrocoin crypto wallet is an original, rapidly developing, universal platform for manipulating cryptographic coins. All the necessary functions are qualitatively combined in one place.

Features of Spectrocoin

The multidisciplinary Spectrocoin service has many distinctive qualities. Let’s consider the most important features.

  1. There are a lot of financial assets for carrying out all kinds of transactions: five types of electronic coins and 24 fiat currencies, plus the precious metal gold. More than 20 options for depositing and withdrawing funds.
  2. Tools for almost every business. The main emphasis here is on the implementation of payment with cryptocurrencies for services, bills, payments, goods, etc. A special, well-protected program installed through the API or e-commerce plugins is used for this.
  3. The Spectrocoin prepaid card is an analogue of classic bank cards such as VISA, UnionCard or MasterCard. It is accepted virtually all over the world.

Explanation! After registration in the personal account and acceptance of the application, the physical card (plastic) is delivered within 25-29 days. The virtual payment instrument will be activated in 12-18 hours!

  1. Unusual, but necessary functions, for example, the transaction of fiat funds to a crypto wallet account with automatic conversion to bitcoins.
  2. Direct payment for some services directly from Spectrocoin Wallet – international purchases, mobile communications, etc.
  3. A functional application designed for mobile devices. You can easily transfer, convert funds, and a little later make money on the bitcoin exchange.
  4. Issuance of a voucher intended for depositing a certain amount on demand.
  5. Very high quality, detailed educational materials and instructions. It’s easy to understand the functionality and quickly learn all the features of the service.

Spectrocoin advantages

Project managers and developers strive to increase the number of clients, so they make the right decisions, qualitatively developing the Spectrocoin blockchain wallet. Users working with cryptocoins prefer it because of its important features and positive qualities.

The pluses of the universal platform Spectrocoin, in addition to peculiar characteristics, include:

✅  Qualitatively Russified interface. Even beginners will be able to quickly get used to this service.

✅  There are no state-territorial restrictions. The site is available to everyone.

✅  Possibility of ordering a bitcoin card. It allows you to withdraw funds from ATMs, pay for services or various goods.

✅  Convenient mobile applications for all modern devices (tablets, iphone, etc.).

✅  Excellent reliability of the crypto wallet.

✅  Instant execution of conversions and transactions.

✅  Earnings from partnerships. A remuneration of 10% or more from operations on the service performed by attracted companies or individual users.

✅  Small commissions of interest on transactions or exchange operations.


Since the site is constantly developing and improving, all significant disadvantages are immediately eliminated by specialists. Today, users identify only 3 relatively insignificant negative qualities inherent in Spectrocoin:

✅  There are many negative impressions on the Web about this cryptocurrency wallet. These are probably old reviews that users left during the active restructuring of the service. There are no serious problems here today.

✅  Only 5 cryptocurrencies. Yes, the virtual money that the platform supports is not enough, but all these cryptographic currencies are the most famous, popular and in demand.

✅  Someone is disappointed by the orientation of the online crypto wallet to bitcoin. Also a strange negative, given the absolute leadership of bitcoin, which “rules” the entire world of digital money.

Registration on the Spectrocoin website

A very clear, fast procedure for registering a virtual storage. There are only seven elementary steps to register on the Spectrocoin website:

  • Go to the main page of the service (spectrocoin.com/ru).
  • Click on the “Login” button.
  • Activation of the line “Registration”.
  • Filling in the fields in the registration form (twice password and email).
  • Captcha solution.
  • Clicking the “Register” button.
  • Follow the control link provided in a special letter.

There is a second registration option. It’s even simpler. It is possible to quickly issue a multifunctional wallet through a Google account or Facebook social network.

Spectrocoin verification

As soon as the registration procedure is fully completed, the personal account of the Spectrocoin cryptocurrency wallet will become available. To remove some limits on exchange operations, transactions and other functions, you need to verify your identity. Also this process is quite typical. It is necessary to send scans of passport pages and a selfie (photo) with a document in hand.

Everything is simple and fast.

Initial account settings

Immediately after registration, it is undesirable to use the Spectrocoin service. You need to enter some data and perform the initial configuration of authorization.

Step-by-step scheme of actions:

  • At the top right (silhouette of a man), open the drop-down menu and click on “Verification”, and then on the “Account settings” button.
  • Fill in the fields: last name, first name, profile type, country, mobile phone number and data for the security question.
  • Click “Update Profile”.
  • The system will send a secret code to your email. It is entered into a special field of the opened window.

Setting up your Spectrocoin account and two-factor authentication (2FA authorization) is now complete.

Funding an account with Spectrocoin

You can deposit different funds to different accounts of the crypto wallet:

✅  Cryptocurrencies. It provides internal wallets for the main digital coins: bankera (banker, BNK), bitcoin (bitcoin, BTC), NEM (nem, XEM), dash (dash, DASH), ethereum (ethereum, ETH).

In addition, the replenishment is allowed to carry out another 37 types of virtual money, which will be automatically converted into the main cryptocurrency specified during the registration of the application. Here you can credit monero (ticker XMR, monero), omisego (OMG), aragon (aragon, ANT), ethereum classic (ETC exchange mark, classic ethereum), dogecoin (dojikoin, DOGE), komodo (komodo, KMD), etc.

✅  Fiat money funds. There are accounts for the euro (EUR) and dollar (USD) provided in Spectrocoin.

✅  Precious metals. So far, only gold (XAU).

You can also use a special voucher issued in Spectrocoin.

Attention! The importance of verification should be considered. If the identity is not verified, then the 2nd and 3rd options will be unavailable!

Earlier, it was noted a wide range of ways to deposit fiat currency – transfer-SEPA, currency cards and electronic money from payment systems.

To deposit funds, you need to perform manipulations:

  • In your account, click on the “Deposit funds” button.
  • Choose a transaction method and specify a specific currency.

Then there are three possible ways:

  • Rewrite the address of the cryptocurrency wallet and use it when making a transfer from an external, some other crypto storage or address.
  • Enter data for the transfer of fiat currency. In addition, for the euro or dollar, you will need to indicate the type of cryptocurrency into which the funds will be automatically converted. It is recommended to use a bitcoin wallet.
  • Indicate the voucher number and register a special code.

All that remains is to confirm the operation.

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Storing cryptocoins in the Spectrocoin wallet

 After registration manipulations and settings, you can transfer virtual money to the accounts. Fiat funds are automatically converted into the cryptocurrency specified at the time of the transaction, if verification is not performed.

So, the following options for online wallets are available:

✅  BTC – for bitcoins;

✅  DASH – dash coins;

✅  ETH – for Ethereum;

✅  BNK – banker’s account;

✅  XEM – storage of crypto coins NEM.

Also, registered clients who have verified their identity are provided with wallets for gold, euros and dollars.

Keeping the capital available is easy. Each wallet currency has a separate account (which is also an address) to which funds are transferred. From here, funds are debited when paying for something or during transactions to other cryptocurrency wallets.

Important! When an application is made to replenish the account, you must carefully copy the addresses of the wallets, otherwise the currency will be irretrievably lost!

Exchange operations on the Spectrocoin website

Conversions are performed in the “Exchange” tab, the button of which is located in the upper horizontal menu.

There are two modes of operation here – buy or sell. In fact, these two financial transactions are completed by the exchange of assets. You should select a currency, indicate the action (“Buy” or “Sell”) and fill in the following fields in a special block:

  • Fiat money or virtual currency account number. Possibly the address of the XAU storage.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Mark the wallet to which the funds received as a result of the exchange are credited.
  • Click on the button to confirm the action.

Nuance! Before purchasing any currency, it is necessary to open an account for it in order to receive an address. If transactions are carried out using bank cards, then they must be “linked” to the account in your personal account. This is done in your account settings!

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Withdraw funds

Spectrocoin service allows you to withdraw fiat and crypto money from your wallet. Registration of an application is carried out at the following address: “Account” section → “Withdraw money” tab.

To withdraw bitcoins or altcoins, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Click on the “Withdraw BTC” button.
  • Specify an account with coins or bitcoin satoshi. Perhaps another desired digital currency.
  • Enter the commission percentage yourself. The higher it is, the sooner the order will be executed.
  • Enter the recipient’s address (what is the Bitcoin address).
  • Write down the amount of the transaction.
  • If required, add a small accompanying message.
  • Press the “Withdraw” button.

It’s even easier with fiat currencies:

  • Select a withdrawal method (payment system, card or SEPA).
  • Note the withdrawal account.
  • Enter the transfer amount.
  • Designate a recipient account.
  • Click on the line “Withdraw”.


Spectrocoin service is multifunctional and promising. It allows users today to convert, store, purchase or purchase cryptocurrency. Additional services for private clients and an opportunity for business optimization are available.

It is not difficult to work with the service. All users remain satisfied – experienced crypto traders, people who often use virtual currencies for purchases, and beginners who comprehend the world of digital money. Many experts predict a great future for Spectrocoin if the dynamics of the project’s development continues.

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