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SmartmixerBitcoin mixer (mixer, tumbler) for mixing, or cleaning, cryptocurrency. Bitcoin addresses, despite their seeming anonymity, are very easy to track if desired, analyze the transactions associated with them, and even calculate the identity of the owner in this way. To avoid this, you can cover up the tracks with a mixer. By sending a certain amount through it, the user receives the same amount minus the commission, but made up of a completely foreign cryptocurrency. Thus, it becomes impossible to track transactions.

Official site: invites you to read an overview of the service, which supports not only Bitcoin, but also Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Ethereum mixing capability will be added in the near future.

The site has the ability to switch to Russian, but the translation is machine-made and rather poor.

Launch year2019
Russian languageyes
RegistrationNot needed
Letter of guaranteeyes
CryptocurrenciesBitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash
Commissionfrom 1% to 5% + network commission
Minimum amount0,001 BTC
Number of confirmations3
Number of addresses to receiveup to 8
Delayfrom 0 to 72 hours
Storing logsno
Mobile appNo
Supportonline form on the site, representative on the forums
Social networksTelegram:
Verified by the editorial staff of Btcnewsweb.comYes

Other mixers: Bitmix, Bitcoinmix

Key Features

Smartmixer helps to eliminate all traces of using your coins and maintain complete anonymity. The cryptocurrency is mixed using platform pools, which guarantees a high quality mixing and completely eliminates the possibility of getting your funds back.

It is very easy to work with the mixer:

  1. The user enters the address, sets some settings and sends the cryptocurrency.
  2. The mixer mixes it using its own algorithms.
  3. Blank coins arrive at the address or addresses specified by the user.

The bottom line is that the mixer uses a pool of coins taken from different sources. He deposits the funds received from the client into the pool, mixes them with the existing ones, then sends the net funds to the specified address. At the same time, by sending 5 BTC, you can get 10 times at 0.5 BTC from different sources. The more sources there are, the higher the complexity of tracking the transaction. There are three cryptocurrency pools in Smartmixer. The user chooses which pool to send coins to.

How the pools differ from each other:

✅  Standard Pool. It uses a peer-to-peer system (P2P), that is, the user’s coins will be mixed with the funds of other clients of the service.

✅  Smart Pool. Also uses a peer-to-peer system, but also includes funds from SmartMixer reserves and from investors.

✅  Stealth Pool. Uses only SmartMixer funds and investors, no custom ones.

For even more security and privacy, it is recommended to use the Bitcoin mixer through the Tor browser. It is noteworthy that registration on the service is not required, that is, you do not need to leave absolutely any personal data. including email.

Sections of the site

The website has the following subsections:

  1. Home page with a short list of features and benefits of the service, as well as examples of use cases.
  1. Why Mixing. A more detailed overview of the work of the project. How mixing works and why you might need it. Familiarity with basic concepts, types of pools, etc.
  1. Referral. Information about the referral program. It has three levels. For referrals of the first level, the referrer receives 55% of the commissions paid by them, for referrals of the second and third levels 10%, as well as 5% for all users whom your referrals invite to Smartmixer. To get your referral link, you need to enter your Bitcoin address.
  2. Fees. Information about commissions. On the first mixing operation, the platform assigns a unique SmartCode to the client. If you use it with each subsequent mixing, then, firstly, you will never receive coins that you yourself previously sent to the pool, and secondly, there will be a regular user discount. Information on fees is presented in the table.
  1. FAQ. A section that includes answers to frequently asked questions. Here you can find a lot of useful information about working with the service. It is recommended to read before performing the operation so that there are fewer difficulties and questions.
  1. Blog. A project blog, mainly containing materials related to online privacy. Updated approximately once a week.

In addition, the main page has a link to the Telegram channel and a feedback form.

Step-by-step instruction

An example of a bitcoin mixing operation via Smartmixer. To get started, click on the main page Mix Now or Mix my cryptos.

Select the cryptocurrency you want to mix. In our case, it will be Bitcoin.

On the next screen, specify all the required parameters:

✅  Smart Code (if you have previously used the service and saved this code). With its help, you can get a discount on the commission and guarantee the absence of your own coins in the final amount.

✅  Address of the recipient. You can add up to 10 different addresses if you want the maximum level of anonymity. The amount will be automatically divided between them into equal parts and will come with an interval of 3 hours.

✅  The slider indicates the commission according to which the selected pool is determined. The higher the commission, the higher the level of anonymity.

✅  The next slider selects the duration of the delay. The longer it is, the higher the safety. Smartmixer allows you to set a delay from 0 minutes to 72 hours.

At the end there is an indicator of “mixing strength” – it automatically takes into account the parameters you have selected and displays the level of safety. If you hover over the question mark next to the name, you can see what exactly is missing to increase the privacy of the operation.

Click Continue.

At the third stage, confirm that you are aware of the following nuances:

✅  the incoming transfer address remains valid only for 24 hours, further payments on it are not accepted;

✅  you need to download a letter of guarantee before transferring coins;

✅  you should read the rules of the service.

Check the boxes and click Mix my Cryptos.

The fourth stage is the most important, you need to be careful.

  1. Download the letter of guarantee from the link Download the Letter of
  2. Save Smartmixer Code for future reference.
  3. Transfer funds to the specified address. You can copy it by clicking the button at the end of the line, or you can use the QR code to transfer from a mobile wallet.

We send money – at least 0.001 BTC.

When the system sees the payment, a confirmation counter will appear. It takes three confirmations from miners for the transaction to go through. But after that, the funds will not come immediately, but after the delay you selected in the second step of creating the order.

At the bottom of this same page (it has a permalink that can be shared with other people for viewing), there is a section to track the status of the operation.

When all confirmations are received, a timer will appear on the page with a report of the delay, if it is not zero. At the end of the timer, the funds will go to the destination wallet.

You can track the status of the mixing operation on the order page, which is available within 24 hours, or by viewing transactions using blockchain browsers. For example, on

Commissions and limits

Commissions on Smartmixer represent fees to miners. They are individual for each currency:

✅  Bitcoin – 0.00023225 BTC

✅  Litecoin – 0.035 LTC

✅  Bitcoin Cash – 0.00523225 BCH

As for the commission to the service, the user chooses it independently. The minimum size is 1%. The higher the commission, the safer the operation will be.

The minimum transaction limit is 0.001 BTC, the maximum depends on the current reserves of the service and is indicated before mixing; for example, in our case, the maximum amount was 3861.47 BTC.

Advantages and disadvantages


✅  Simple user-friendly interface where each step is explained and described in detail. A beginner can do it too.

✅  Manually adjusting fees and delays.

✅  A fairly generous referral program.

✅  Support for multiple currencies.

✅  Availability of a letter of guarantee for each operation. It confirms the honest work of the service.

✅  Tor Browser support.

✅  Logs are erased 24 hours after the transaction.


❌  Bad translation into Russian.

❌  The likelihood of receiving money that was previously involved in illegal transactions.


If you are looking for a simple and efficient cryptocurrency mixing resource with flexible customization options, then Smartmixer may be for you. It requires a minimum number of actions from the user – no registration is needed, it is enough to fill out a simple form, focusing on the service tips and send the required amount to the specified address. We have personally checked and made sure that the mixers fulfill their obligations.

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