Satoshi Hero: overview of the cryptocurrency faucet, entrance to the site and registration, instructions and reviews


Satoshi Hero is a cryptocurrency bitcoin faucet where you can earn for solving captcha from 1 to 100,000 Satoshi 3 times every 10 minutes. 100,000 Satoshi is the main prize, according to the administration, users win it several times a day. In addition, on the site you can play games or earn money on an affiliate program.

Satoshi Hero official site:

Attention. A similar faucet Satoshimonster works (it has a common balance with Satoshi Hero and, thus, you can quickly accumulate the minimum amount for withdrawal).

Cryptocurrency is withdrawn from the site once a day, at 12:00 UTC. You can create a request for a minimum amount of 30,000 satoshi. All commissions for transferring to a bitcoin address are borne by the site. Satoshi Hiro’s faucet only works with bitcoin, however, there are plans to add Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum (no exact timeframe).

The disadvantages include the fact that an account that has not been logged into for 30 days is blocked, and all funds are debited from it. Before that, two alerts will be sent to the user by email (3 days in advance and one day in advance).

Registration on the Satoshi Hero website

To create an account for Satoshi Hiro, you need to click the “Register” button on the main page of the site.

It is forbidden to create multiple accounts, use VPN, proxies, bots and scripts to automate the work with the site. For violation of the rules, the account will be blocked. On the issue of blocking, you can write to

Enter your email and confirm that this is not a robot. Click “Register”.

Come up with a complex password. You can uncheck the “Subscribe to news” checkbox if you wish.

Confirm your email address by following the link from the email.

The account has been created, you can proceed to earnings. If you have any questions about how to make money on Satoshi Hero, you need to click the “Help” button in the left menu.

Personal Area

An authorized user sees the following sections on

Start the game. This is the home page from which you can go directly to solving captcha and earning bitcoins.

Bitcoin games. A new section providing an opportunity to play various gambling games – slots, lotteries. The resulting winnings are credited to the Satoshi Hero account. You can invest money in games.

Offerwalls. Here are sponsored sites where you can complete certain tasks for money. For example, download the game, register, fund the account on the target site, etc. The rewards can be different – from 2,000 to 3,000,000 Satoshi. Executing offers from a mobile device brings more profit.

Earn more. Here are links to partners – casinos, games, cloud mining services.

Withdrawal of funds and payment history.

Settings. Here you can change your password and unsubscribe or subscribe to the mailing list.

Referrals. Information about the referral program. Here you can copy your affiliate link and download banners for websites / forums in order to distribute them and attract as many interested people as possible. Up to 50% of their income will go to the account.

Cashbox. Green button at the top of the screen. Here you can fund your account in order to use this money in games.

And now let’s move on to the very process of earning cryptocurrency.

Satoshi Hero crane

You need to click in the “Start Game” section of the Satoshi Hero website the button “Get Bitcoins!”.

In the window that opens, solve the captcha. Tick.

And solve the problem with pictures.

This message indicates that the captcha was confirmed successfully.

Click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the screen. The main page of Satoshi Hero now has information about the number of Satoshi won.

You can click “Try Again” to repeat the procedure. Three attempts are given every 10 minutes. When the attempts are over, a counter will appear until the next ones appear.

If the message “You have an unconfirmed claim” appears on the page, then there are two possible reasons:

✅ the button “Get bitcoin!” was accidentally pressed, but the captcha on the opened page was not resolved;

✅ the captcha was resolved, but we pressed “Continue” too quickly without waiting for the “Claim confirmed” message.

You just need to click on the “Open captcha” button and slowly perform all the necessary actions so that the money is credited to the balance.

If you are wondering why the Satoshi Hero website is giving away free bitcoins and what is the benefit to it, then it is not difficult to understand that it is advertising. The site, like any other cryptocurrency faucet, has a lot of banners, and the advertiser pays for each of them. Compared to this, the Satoshi handed out to users is only a small part. The user cannot disable viewing of banners – when AdBlock or another blocker is enabled, access to the site is denied.

Bitcoin Games

You can choose any game from this section and follow its rules to win. For example, “4 Clover Lottery”.

The game page will open containing:

  • deposit button;
  • statistics of all games;
  • statistics of personal games;
  • regulations;
  • balance information;
  • playing field;
  • field for bets;
  • game start button.

The default rate is 5 satoshi. Let’s try to play. You need to click “Play” and start opening red squares. The maximum goal is to open four clovers.

Winnings can be withdrawn at any time. In case of loss (when the bomb hit), the bet is lost.

The rest of the games on Satoshi Hiro are also mostly lotteries for luck. With the proper degree of luck, you can significantly increase your capital, but no one gives guarantees.

Withdraw funds

Funds from Satoshi Hero are withdrawn from the corresponding section of the site.

You need to enter the bitcoin address of your wallet and the desired withdrawal amount (or click “Total amount”). Then click the “Withdraw” button. The withdrawn amount must be greater than or equal to 30,000 satoshi. The withdrawal request will appear in the list on the same page just below. Then it remains to wait for the withdrawal, it is carried out every day at 12:00 UTC.

What do the payment statuses mean:

Pending. Means that in order to complete the application, you must confirm the email by going to the mail and clicking on the confirmation link. If there is no letter, you need to check the “Spam” folder.

New. The status is set after confirming the link from the email. Such an application will be processed in the next 12 hours

Manual. If an application has been assigned this status, it means that for some reason it cannot be processed automatically. Requires manual moderation by Satoshi Hero staff, which may take several days.

Completed. The status of a successfully processed application, the money for which went to the specified bitcoin address.

Declined. The manual request was rejected. If the reason is unknown, contact

The processed application for Satoshi Hero does not mean that the money will come to the bitcoin wallet in the same second – it depends on the load of the Bitcoin network. On average, the admission time can take 15 minutes.

Affiliate program

It is profitable to attract referrals to Satoshi Hiro’s website, since the income from them goes through several channels at once:

✅ 25% of the referral’s income from each solved captcha;

✅ 25% from each executed offer;

✅ 0.1% from every bet made during games.

Affiliate rewards are paid without commissions and are credited to the referrer’s account. The referral link and promotional materials can be found on the “Referrals” page after logging into the system.

Advantages and disadvantages


✅ Convenient interface.

✅ A wide range of ways to make money – a crane, dozens of games, offerwalls, an affiliate program.

✅ Opportunity to win 100,000 Satoshi at a time.

✅ Russian language support.

✅ Lots of positive reviews.


❌ All money earned will be withdrawn from an account that is inactive for 30 days.

❌ There are user complaints about blocking – someone is blocked by IP for an unknown reason, someone by login (when entering, the site says that the password is incorrect).

❌ Withdrawal requests are often translated into a manual.

❌ High minimum wage for withdrawal, which needs to be collected for a long time.


There are conflicting user reviews on Satoshi Hero. There are much more positive ones, but negative ones also make you think, especially since the administration is not particularly trying to refute them.

To try to work with Satoshi Hiro’s bitcoin faucet or not, everyone decides on their own, assessing the risks.

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