Qiwi wallet in Belarus: registration, how to replenish and withdraw money


Consider registering a Qiwi wallet in Belarus, as well as ways to replenish and withdraw money from it. Note that immediately after creating an account for Belarusian numbers starting with +375, all the main functions of the payment system are available: replenishment, transfer to another wallet, withdrawal and payment for services. Identification for increasing the limits is available at Qiwi offices only in the Russian Federation, as well as ordering a personal card. To pay in online stores, you can issue a free virtual card that is linked to your account.

You can deposit or withdraw money to your Qiwi account using online exchangers: ProstoCash, Royal Cash, 60cek, Nicechance, Xchange, Magnetic Exchange, Baksman, Platov and others. Through them you can buy, withdraw, exchange Qiwi for WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Visa / MasterCard, Sberbank, Tinkoff, Alfa Bank, cryptocurrency and many other payment systems and banks.

The Kiwi service appeared in Belarus in 2012. It positions itself more as a network of payment terminals for paying for services and focuses on their ubiquitous appearance. For 2018, there are more than 1000 of them in large and small cities of the Republic of Belarus. Through them, you can pay for the phone, the Internet, utilities, goods in online stores and many other services.

The arrival of Qiwi in Belarus did not mark the transition to a full-fledged functionality and service that it provides to clients from Russia. In 2017, the opportunities expanded, but in order to pass identification and receive a card from Kiwi, you still need to go to the Russian Federation.

The local website qiwi.by does not have a wallet registration form. They promise to make it possible to register and replenish Qiwi wallets in Belarus on it, we just have to wait.

You can register on the official international website qiwi.com, where in the appropriate field you need to select a mobile operator represented in Belarus.

Instructions for registering in Qiwi:

✅  You need to go to the qiwi.com website and click “Create Wallet”.

✅  Select a country, enter a mobile phone number, go through the captcha.

✅  Enter code from SMS.

✅  Come up with a password to enter.

✅  Registration is now complete. Immediately after that, you can go to the personal account of the payment system. In the future, to enter the Qiwi wallet, you need to use the number and password.

Initially, the wallet is assigned the “Minimum” status. This means that you can hold an amount of 15,000 rubles and make transactions for 40,000 Russian rubles. For Belarusian wallets, the functionality has been expanded: you can replenish, transfer and withdraw funds. To increase the limits, you need to raise the wallet verification status to “Basic”.

Verification in a standard way is available only to Russians. For Belarusians, the status above “Minimum” can be obtained by passing full-time identification at the specified addresses in Russia. You need to provide a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus and pay for the service on the spot. After that, the status “Professional” is granted: you can make transactions up to 200 thousand rubles a month, have an account balance of 60 thousand, make unlimited payments, pay for online purchases in foreign stores, etc.

Addition. Qiwi Wallet cards are delivered only within Russia.

Top up and withdraw Qiwi in Belarus

You cannot replenish the Qiwi wallet in Belarus with cash using terminals. According to the company, in the near future it will be possible to register the wallet and replenish it officially in Belarus, like other possibilities, but no one knows the exact timing.

Therefore, it is worth using the qiwi.com website, since registration for Belarusians is open there.

One of the most popular ways to enter is from a bank card. It is available for residents of the Republic of Belarus after linking it to Qiwi Wallet. There is no commission for an amount of more than 2000 rubles, for less than – 1%. You can replenish the Qiwi wallet in Belarus with a Visa / MasterCard issued by Belarusian banks. You need to indicate the card number, the code on the back, the date of validity, the amount (no more than 50 thousand rubles) and currency. After registration, the currency of the account is rubles, but you can open new accounts in dollars, euros, tenge. Upon replenishment, conversion from Belarusian rubles to Russian rubles will take place.

When transferring, you will need to enter the 3D-Secure code, which must be connected to the card to protect online purchases. Money is credited instantly. The method works, verified on the Belarusbank Visa card.

It was not possible to put money from foreign and Yandex cards. In any of the above cases, the system generates an error.

Another way to put money on Qiwi in Belarus is online exchangers. There are more possible directions of exchange in them. Here is a list of the most reliable ones:

✅  Exchanger ProstoCash.

✅  60cek.

✅  Platov.

✅  Xchange.

✅  Kassa.

They work with many payment systems: Yandex.Money, Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum), etc., which are easier to replenish. For example, money can be deposited on Yandex.Money and AdvCash from any bank card. It is enough to choose the desired direction and exchange for Qiwi, carefully filling in all the data. There is a support chat on the exchanger sites, so you can solve any questions.

When exchanging, indicate in detail the number of the wallet from which the money is transferred, and the Qiwi number.

You can use monitors of exchange offices, for example, Bestchange. They track and summarize information on courses, reserves. Using these services, you can exchange popular payment systems – WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, etc. to Qiwi.

  • It is impossible to replenish Qiwi wallet in cash through terminals in Belarus, according to the official website. Earlier, terminals in Lesnoy Gorodok and in two points in Minsk were mistakenly marked on the map. There is also an official statement from Qiwi about the impossibility of replenishment in this way. The Republic of Belarus, like Ukraine, is bypassed by the payment system, this can be seen on the map.
  • You can put money on Qiwi by transferring from another wallet, for example, for the provision of services. If there is a friend who has money, he can transfer it.

Conclusion: to replenish Qiwi in 2018, bank cards, online exchangers or transfers from another account are used.

How to withdraw Qiwi in Belarus

To view all the methods of receiving money from a Qiwi account, you need to go to the “Withdraw money”, “Transfers” or “Payments” section. The limit for unidentified wallets is 5,000 rubles per month.

Available options for RB:

✅  Withdraw from the Qiwi wallet in Belarus to MasterCard or Visa bank cards.

✅  Through a money transfer system. Withdrawals are available: Contact, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, transfer to Qiwi-wallet, UnionPay MoneyExpress, Wallet One.

✅  Through online exchangers. For example, there are Qiwi funds, they can be exchanged for other payment systems (Yandex.Money, AdvCash, Payer, Perfect Money, bank cards, cryptocurrencies), etc.

In the ProstoCash exchanger, you can withdraw Qiwi directly to the Belarusian Visa / MasterCard.

✅  Transfer money to another wallet or issue a QIWI voucher.

✅  Pay for services, goods. Many online stores and services accept Qiwi money.

A Qiwi Visa bank card is also available for ordering, but the delivery address must be Russian. As noted above, since 2017 identification has been available for Belarusians, only a passport is needed. For more information, see your Qiwi wallet account settings.


Hopefully, over time, all restrictions will be lifted, and the service will begin to stake not only on the development of a network of terminals in Belarus, but also on providing full access to the wallet and operations with it, expanding the methods of replenishment and withdrawal. There will be an opportunity to replenish / withdraw Qiwi using terminals, cards will be delivered and identification in the Republic of Belarus will be carried out.

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