Perfect Money: registering a wallet on the official website, entering your personal account, depositing and withdrawing Money


Perfect Money is a payment system that allows you to conduct money transactions on the Internet with maximum confidentiality, without disclosing personal information. Registration on the Perfect Money website is simple and takes a few minutes, after which a wallet in 4 currencies will become available: US dollar, euro, gold, Bitcoin. The company has been operating for over 10 years and has earned the trust of users. In addition, it charges 4% per annum on the balance on the account (similar to a deposit in a bank).

The official website of Perfect Money is  

With the Perfect Money wallet, you can anonymously accept and send payments, receive money for the provision of services, pay wherever PM is accepted, exchange for other payment systems in exchangers.

Payment system namePerfect Money (in Russian Перфект Мани)
ServicesMoney transfers; payment for goods; storage of fiat, Bitcoin cryptocurrency, gold; payments on the Internet; accepting payments; obtaining loans
Russian languagethere is
Year of foundation2007
Management CompanyStartupResearch&Investments LLC
Country of registrationHong Kong
Registration addressesUnit 1213, 12/F, Wing On Plaza, 62 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Account currenciesUSD, EUR, BTC, GOLD
Account opening fee$0
Annual account maintenance$0
Account recovery$100
VerificationNot required
Account typePersonal; Business.
Replenishment methodsExchangers, bank transfer, Bitcoin, e-Voucher, credit exchange
Withdrawal methodsOnline exchangers, bank transfer, e-Voucher, Bitcoin, credit exchange
Commissions for entryBank transfer: 0%; Bitcoin: 0%.
Withdrawal feesWire Transfer: 2.85%; Bitcoin: 0.5%.
Internal transferVerified account: 0.5%. Unverified account: 1.99%
ExchangeMarket rate
Minimum withdrawal amount Bitcoin0,001 BTC
Prepaid cardNot
Similar payment systemsAdvcashPayeer, Capitalist, Neteller, Skrill

How to deposit and withdraw money from Perfect Money

To withdraw or deposit money to your Perfect Money account, you can use another AdvCash payment system. The official website is You can transfer money to Advakesh from the Perfect Money wallet and withdraw it in a convenient way to a Visa, MasterCard card of any bank in the world or in cash; transfer to cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum); pay for the phone (Russian operators); exchange for electronic payment systems (Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Payeer, etc.). And vice versa, you can replenish your AdvCash account and transfer money to PerfectMoney by selecting the “Transfer of funds” section of the site. A similar service: Payeer payment system.

You can buy, exchange, withdraw Perfect Money (PM) profitably using online exchangers. The list of reliable and proven services for exchanging electronic money Perfect Money that we personally use: Prostocash, Kassa, Nicechange, Magnetic Exchange, Xchange, 24paybank, Ramon Cash, Platov, Baksman, 60cek and others.

You need to choose the direction (indicate the currency that is given and received (Perfect Money USD or EUR), the amount and enter the necessary information. For example, buy Perfect Money for Sberbank rubles:

If you have any questions or to increase the reserve, you must contact the online support of the exchanger.

Registration in Perfect Money

As it was written above, Perfect Money site is Available in 23 languages, including Russian and Ukrainian.

To register with Perfect Money, you need to go to the site.

After that, a form for filling out will appear:

Here enter:

✅  account name (any);

✅  last name, first name, patronymic (if verification is needed in the future, it is better to write real data);

✅  address data ;

✅  email;

✅  account type (personal or business);

✅  password.

It is imperative to read the “Agreement with the User” and the terms of use of Perfect Money, with which you must agree to complete the registration procedure. It is necessary to know your rights and responsibilities.

After registration, an email will be sent with the ID code, which must be entered in the “Login” field when entering the Perfect Money website.

Citizens from all countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, can register. Exception: US residents. Maintenance of Perfect Money account is free.

Account cancellation is possible at any time after notification of the administration. The recovery fee is $ 100.

Every month, 4% per annum is charged on the balance of funds, so you can use Perfect Money as a company to invest your savings.

Site review Perfect Money

As you can see from the picture below, half of the visits to the Perfect Money website ( are in Russia – 51%, Ukraine – 10%, the rest – in other countries. It can be concluded that in the regional context, the payment system is popular in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Legal information. The idea to create Perfect Money company arose in 2006 under the leadership of Andrew Draper (CEO) and Erich Hans (CTO). After selecting and analyzing the legal aspects of the legislation of various countries, they settled on registration in Panama.

For your information: Panama is a country with offshore jurisdiction and low taxation. Registration costs little money – from 1 thousand dollars. Of the features: no authorized capital is required; the company is not required to file any reports (if it operates outside Panama); there are no conditions and requirements for accounting; 3 employees, 3 directors, 1 auctioneer are required; a ban on banking and insurance activities.

After searching on the Internet, I managed to find some information about Perfect Money on the registrar website:

As you can see, the company was registered in 2008. License No. 1267339-1-596918-2008-105548, issued by the Financial Supervision Commission of Panama. Full legal name: Perfect Money Finance Corp. Can carry out the following activities:

✅  Purchase, sale of goods (factoring).

✅  Purchase, wholesale of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) on the Internet.

✅  Acceptance of payments to third parties on the Internet.

It is known that the head office is located in Zurich.

According to Panamanian law, customer accounts can only be blocked by a Panamanian court order. Perfect Money himself is loyal and does not block accounts without good reason, which makes her the most confidential and secure in this regard. There is no need to fear that the data will become known to a third party. For this reason, along with law-abiding clients, Perfect Money’s services are used to launder money obtained illegally.

In 2013, there was a merger with Startup Research & Investments, registered in Belize (Belize), which acts as a management company, and PerfectMoney Finance Corp. – operating room.

Login to the personal account of Perfect Mani

You can enter your personal account by entering the ID, the number of which was sent to your e-mail, and the password:

Registration in Perfect Money is simple and takes a minimum of time. If everything is done correctly, then after completing the transition through the “Account” item on the main page, an account will open:

From it you can perform all the operations available in the system:

✅  deposit and withdrawal of funds,

✅  internal transfer,

✅  exchange,

✅  changing profile information,

✅  passing verifications,

✅  changing security settings,

✅  viewing the history of operations and more.

The system offers three statuses to registered users:

✅  Normal Provided immediately after registration, gives the right to use all services without restrictions.

✅  Premium It is provided after 1 year after opening an account or in case of large operational (cash) turnovers. We advise you to register now if you plan to use the Perfect Money payment system constantly, as this affects the commissions when making a transaction. This status is assigned to users with funds in the account of more than 50 thousand dollars and registered for more than three months.

✅  Partner (Partner). It is unrealistic to get this status for ordinary users if they are not going to build a business relationship with the company. It is received mainly by partner exchangers.

In addition to status, the system assigns a Trust Score, which depends on many factors:

✅  the amount and number of accounts when performing transactions;

✅  reviews and complaints from other users;

✅  account age.

This indicator will change depending on the activity when using the system. Immediately after registration, the Trust Score is zero.

Registration of Perfect Money wallet

To register with Perfect Money, you need to go to the website and fill out the form. Perfect Money account can be opened in the following currencies:

  1. United States dollar (USD). The Perfect Money wallet is designated – U12345678. The maximum number of wallets is 3.
  2. Euro (EUR). Designation – E12345678. They can be opened 3.
  3. Gold (Gold) – G12345678. Maximum – 2 accounts.
  4. Bitcoin (BTC) – B12345678.

Each wallet is assigned a number consisting of the first letter of the currency code and 8 digits. After registration, 3 accounts are automatically created (in dollars, euros and gold), but you can always add additional ones:

Internal money transfer Perfect

In Perfect Money, an internal transfer between user accounts is possible, which is convenient if you need to pay for a service or transfer money to someone who is registered there.

You can create a recipient list. The minimum transfer amount is 0.01 USD or EUR. If the payment is from a Gold account, then 10 dollars in equivalent.

Commission for Premium account and verified users – 0.5%; for unverified people – 1.99%. The amount of the transfer with commission can be viewed by clicking “Preview”.

Internal exchange Perfect Money

You can exchange the currency of one account to another, for example, transfer from a dollar wallet to a euro wallet. At the same time, you can earn on the difference in rates by selling at a higher price and buying at a lower price. You can go to the exchange from your Perfect Money personal account by clicking “Exchange” at the top:

A corresponding form with internal rates will appear. Who supplies them (bank, financial institution) is unknown. Only the direction and amount are required.

The minimum transfer amount is 1 dollar or euro.

The company invites you to familiarize yourself with the situation on the financial market in English in the “Analytics” menu.

Depositing money to Perfect Money

There are few ways to replenish Perfect Money directly:

✅  exchangers,

✅  bank transfer,

✅  cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

But exchangers save the day, with the help of which you can exchange almost any payment system for electronic money Perfect Money (PM).

For example, the fast, simple and reliable exchanger Prostocash. The website of the exchanger is With its help, you can replenish your Perfect Money account from the cards of Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Qiwi, Yandex.Money and many other directions.

You must select the exchange currencies, amounts and enter the data:

The operation takes 5-10 minutes, after which the Perfect Money account will be replenished.

All existing methods of depositing funds presented on the site:

We will describe each method presented on the website of the payment system.

✅  Deposit to Perfect Money wallet by international bank transfer. The minimum deposit amount is $ 300 (euros, etc.). If the amount is less, then you need to resort to exchange partners.

The system commission is 0%, but banks can charge their fees for the operation. Money arrives on the 3-5th day. You must go through the account verification procedure, create a deposit order by filling out the form, a sample of which is presented below, according to the instructions on the website. After that, transfer money to the specified details, which will appear after filling out the form, indicating the internal order number in the note:

✅  Replenishment using e-Voucher. This is a code with which you can top up any account in the system. It can be sent for the provision of services or payment for goods.

You can create it yourself and transfer Perfect Money to any user who needs to pay off:

  • Replenishment through exchange offices. The most important way to add money to a wallet in Perfect Money. By going to the page, you can see all the partner exchangers. With their help, it is easy to exchange any payment system for PM, to enter funds from plastic bank cards Visa or MasterCard, etc. They charge a commission for the transactions performed.

An example of exchangers through which to exchange electronic payment systems for Perfect Money: Prostocash;

There is an exchange and subsequent input to Perfect Money:

✅  With Yandex.Money,

✅  Kiwi (Qiwi),

✅  Paypal,

✅  AdvCash,

✅  Sberbank,

✅  Alfa Bank,

✅  Privat24,

✅  bank cards Visa or MasterCard in rubles, hryvnias, dollars, euros,

✅  Skrill wallet;

✅  WebMoney.

Withdrawing Perfect Money from the wallet

We recommend using the AdvCash payment system to withdraw money from your Perfect Money account:

By registering in it and transferring money from the Perfect Money account, they can then be withdrawn by any available means: transfer PM money to your bank card or order a card from AdvCash on the website (cost only $ 5) and cash out at any ATM anonymously; withdraw to cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash) or exchange for another electronic currency. Transfer from Perfect Money to AdvCash is carried out directly without commission and without the help of exchangers.

Also, in order to withdraw Perfect Money, we recommend using reliable exchangers. With their help, you can withdraw Perfect Money in rubles, on a Visa and MasterCard, in other electronic currencies. For example, withdrawing PM to a Sberbank card in Russian rubles:

On the official site itself, there are few ways to withdraw money from Perfect Money, namely:

✅  Bank transaction,

✅  with an e-Voucher,

✅  to electronic money and other payment systems using partner exchangers,

✅  exchange for Bitcoin,

✅  through the credit exchange.

There is no direct withdrawal to bank cards Visa, MasterCard, but you can use the transfer to the AdvCash payment system:, which was mentioned above.

✅  Withdrawal by bank transfer (SWIFT). The service is available only to verified users. You must fill in the details of a bank account opened in your own name. The site contains detailed instructions for filling out this form. Commission – 1.5%, plus bank commission. Money is credited on the 3-5th day. There is no limit on the maximum amount.

✅  Transfer to an e-Voucher voucher and payment for the services and goods provided.

✅  With the help of a credit exchange, lending funds or borrowing them from another user.

✅  Exchange Perfect Money to Bitcoin. Withdrawal fee – 2.5%. The minimum exchange amount is 0.01 BTC.

To do this, you need to create an application by selecting a wallet, bitcoin address and amount:

  • Withdrawing Perfect Money through exchangers. Allows you to exchange and transfer funds to other payment systems such as Qiwi, ePayments, Neteller, Yandex Money or to bank cards.

You can withdraw Perfect Money through exchangers:

  • on Yandex.Money,
  • Qiwi,
  • WebMoney,
  • Sberbank,
  • VTB 24,
  • Alfa Bank,
  • Russian Standard Bank,
  • Privat 24,
  • Payeer,
  • Okpay,
  • Bitcoin,
  • bank plastic cards Visa or MasterCard.

Perfect Money does not issue its own plastic cards, so you can use the AdvCash card to withdraw and withdraw money earned on the Internet at any ATM in the world. We use it ourselves, in more detail about the AdvCash card.

The history of all operations in Perfect Money can be seen in the corresponding menu:

There is a filter by the period of operations, the choice of actions performed, the ability to download the transaction history.

PM personal account settings

After entering the site, you need to set up your Perfect Money personal account. You can do the following:

✅  profile change,

✅  selection of security parameters,

✅  setting up notifications,

✅  setting up information for public access,

✅  creation of subaccounts,

✅  account verification and much more.

The security setting includes:

  1. Client authentication when entering the site from a different IP, while a pin code is sent to the email.
  2. SMS authorization at the entrance. The service is paid.
  3. A code card, upon activation of which you will need to enter a code to confirm payments.
  4. API. Interface for automatic payment acceptance.

Setting up notifications in the Perfect Money system. It is possible to enable SMS notifications (for a fee) or change the mailbox and select the operations for which notifications will be received:

You can create no more than three subaccounts to provide access to other persons, while selecting the restriction for each wallet:


Perfect Money account verification consists of three stages:

  1. name identification, while downloading a scanned or photographed copy of an identity document (passport, driver’s license) is required;
  2. proof of address, includes sending a copy of the utility bill with the name and place of residence;
  3. verification of the phone for comparison with the one specified during registration.


You can contact Perfect Money support by creating a ticket and filling out the appropriate form:

Pros and cons, reviews of Perfect Money

Benefits of Perfect Money:

✅  the main advantage is the anonymity and confidentiality of customer data, inaccessibility of information for third parties;

✅  a large number of partner exchangers through which you can easily replenish Perfect Money or withdraw funds;

✅  multilingual site;

✅  accrual of 4% per annum on the balance of funds;

✅  there is no mandatory verification.

Disadvantages of Perfect Money:

❌  a small number of direct ways to deposit and withdraw money, the best option is to use exchange offices;

❌  the inability to directly transfer funds to the Perfect Money wallet from plastic bank cards Visa or MasterCard;

❌  commission of partner exchange offices;

❌  do not have their own plastic cards.

Leave your feedback on working with the Perfect Money payment system in the comments.

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