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The table above shows online cryptocurrency rates (1900+) in real time. The following parameters are available for analysis: actual value, price change in 24 hours, market capitalization, daily trading volume, the number of crypto coins in circulation and a visual graph of exchange rates for the last 7 days. We advise you to bookmark this page so that you always know the current quotes and important information about the coins.

The cryptocurrency rate changes in real time, instantly. The default prices are in US dollars. The base fiat currency can be changed to another, for example, Russian ruble RUB or Euro EUR. In the columns, the list can be sorted by the required parameter and the search for cryptocurrencies by name is implemented. There are 50 crypto coins on the page, to view others, you must select “Next”. When you click on the name, an online cryptocurrency chart for all time, a chart for the last year, information about the trading volume, the ability to buy / sell an asset, a calculator will appear on the screen.

The reason for the change in the cryptocurrency rate is fluctuations in the ratio of supply and demand in accordance with all the laws of the economy. There is a direct relationship between the value of an asset and its demand in the market. Of course, with digital currencies, many indirect factors affect the exchange rate.

The editorial staff of will consider how the course of popular cryptocurrencies has changed over the course of their existence.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency rate

The first recorded Bitcoin rate was as follows: $ 1 for 1,309.03 BTC (in 2009). Since then, the coin’s value has increased many times, peaking in December 2017 (almost $ 20,000).

Of course, there have been downsides, such as the cryptocurrency crisis at the end of 2018. But gradually everything returned to growth, because cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular financial instruments every day.

Ethereum cryptocurrency rate

The starting price in September 2014 was $ 2.85 per coin. The strongest growth has been seen since February 2017. By June, the Ethereum rate reached its first all-time high – $ 389, by January 2018 – up to $ 1400.

Since the rates of all cryptocurrencies are significantly dependent on BTC, Ethereum also fell significantly. But this does not mean that it has no prospects – many consider it even a better solution than Bitcoin.

Ripple cryptocurrency rate

The peak in popularity of the cryptocurrency was expected at the beginning of 2018, when the cost of one coin reached $ 3.31. Now the dynamics of the Ripple rate shows a bullish trend, but spikes in prices are periodically noticed.

The opinion about the currency is twofold – despite the fact that it is a really effective banking instrument, users do not trust that a significant part of the funds is in the hands of the project developers. Nevertheless, the demand for cryptocurrency will not fall in the near future.

Litecoin cryptocurrency rate

Bitcoin hardfork, which resulted in the formation of Litecoin, took place in October 2011. But at that time there is no declared rate, the information starts only from 2013 – 3-10 cents per coin.

November 2013 became a breakthrough, the price level rose almost 100 times in two weeks. Another rise was at the turn of 2017 and 2018, while in the summer of 2018, the Litecoin cryptocurrency rate fell sharply.

Binance Coin Cryptocurrency Price

BNB is considered one of the most successful cryptocurrency tokens. Binance managed to turn its functional token into a successful financial asset. At one point, the coin’s capitalization reached 176 million USD. Binance Coin price today is $ 23,291.

Stellar Lumen cryptocurrency price

Fork and one of the main competitors of Ripple originally had a cost of only $ 0.06 per unit. After that, the price rose and fell more than once, and underwent correction. It is worth noting that there are few news feeds around the cryptocurrency, which does not give prerequisites for either growth or decline. As of April 26, 2019, the Stellar Lumen rate is $ 0.0979.

What determines the rate of cryptocurrencies

The main reasons on which the ratio of supply and demand for a particular digital currency depends:

✅ The influence of large players buying or selling a large amount of cryptocurrency at once.

✅ Cross-sectional influence of courses. The most striking example is the Bitcoin exchange rate always pulls the cost of most altcoins.

✅ Economic and political factors related to the prohibition or, on the contrary, the approval of cryptocurrencies in the countries of the world.

✅ News background related to the crypto market in general or a specific coin.

Due to the variety and instability of factors, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. This at the same time causes difficulties for investing / trading and makes it possible to make significant money on a jump in the rate.

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