Neteller payment system: reviews, login to your personal account, replenishment and withdrawal of money from the account, Neteller card

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Neteller is a payment system that provides services for depositing and withdrawing funds on the Internet.

Today Neteller is one of the most popular payment systems with which you can make money transactions. The company serves clients from more than 200 countries, including Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

The official website of Neteller –, is available in 17 languages, including Russian.

The Neteller payment service is provided by Paysafe Holdings UK Limited, which was founded in 1996 and registered in England (registration number: 4478861). She is an authorized agent of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and has an E-money license for issuing and conducting electronic money transactions (FRN number: 900015).

You can buy, exchange, withdraw Neteller through exchangers (the account must be verified):

✅  Magneticexchange. Buying and selling Neteller is possible for rubles Sberbank, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, AdvСash, Payeer, EXMO, MoneyPolo, Perfect Money, cryptocurrencies, etc.

✅  Paybis. An exchanger that performs the exchange of electronic currency Neteller (buy / sell). Conversion directions: Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, Payeer, PayPal, Advanced Cash, WebMoney, EUR bank transfer.

Registration on the official Neteller website

Signing up with Neteller is easy and takes little time. For this you need:

  • Go to the official website
  • Specify email.
  • Come up with a strong password.
  • Select the account currency (USD, EUR, etc.). Indicate the one that will be performed most often.
  • Enter your personal data. Name, surname (as in the passport) and address write in Latin. Also include a valid date of birth, gender, zip code, and phone number.
  • Review the terms of service and agree with them.

After registration, the client opens a Neteller account for free and one free virtual card becomes available for making payments on the Internet. Attention: opening a wallet is free of charge, but during the year you need to carry out at least one operation: replenish the account, withdraw, transfer or pay from it for something. In the opposite case, the administrative fee will be withheld – $ 40, but if there is no money on the account in Neteller, then it will not go into a minus. You should also approve the account (go through verification), since without it there are very low limits and many restrictions.

You need to remember the six-digit security code secure id neteller, which must be entered when making transactions.

Neteller also offers the possibility of ordering and using its own plastic cards Net + Prepaid MasterCard or Net + virtual card (only for a client of the Eurozone), as well as making money transfers via email address.

What is the Neteller alternative for today? Payment systems: AdvCash (one of the popular payment systems on the Internet) and Epayments, which has input and output methods available to all and has the opportunity to order Epayments MasterCard cards to any country, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.

Reviews of other payment systems: Qiwi, ePayments, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money, Skrill, AdvCash, Payeer.

How to deposit and withdraw money from your Neteller account

There are many ways to replenish the Neteller wallet for clients from different countries of the world, so everyone can find one that is convenient for him personally.

Ways to top up Neteller:

  1. From a bank card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro).
  2. Bank transaction.
  3. From your Skrill wallet. Commission – 3%.
  4. Qiwi, Yandex Money. Commission – 8%.
  5. Bitcoin. Commission – 1%. (How to buy bitcoin).
  6. Exchangers: Magneticexchange, Paybis.

It is best to replenish the Neteller wallet in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia directly with a bank plastic card Visa, MasterCard or Maesto. Commission – 1.9%. The card must be connected to the 3-d Secure service to perform secure transactions on the Internet.

All possible methods of depositing money, which are provided by the Neteller payment system, can be seen in your personal account in the “Account replenishment” section:

Withdrawing money from a Neteller account can be done as follows:

  • Bank transfer.
  • By paying on a website that accepts Neteller (Merchant Sites).
  • Withdrawal to a Net + Card (SEPA zone and Russia).
  • Transfer from Neteller to Skrill.
  • For withdrawal or input, you can use online exchangers (Magneticexchange). With their help, it is easy to exchange Neteller for other popular electronic money – Qiwi, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money, Bitcoin and others. More on this below.

Deposit or withdrawal of Neteller through the exchanger

Among all the options for withdrawing funds from Neteller that are available in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, the best is a bank transfer or payment on another site. You can order and withdraw to a card from Neteller – Net + Prepaid MasterCard – only for clients from Russia. No withdrawal to bank cards or other payment systems. As you can see, there are very few options left. But you can try to use exchangers that work in the direction of exchanging from a Neteller account to other payment systems, but there are not very many such services.

Withdrawal from Neteller through Magneticexchange exchangers. You need to select the currency that they give (Neteller) and receive, and the direction (Sberbank, EXMO exchange, AdvCash, Payeer, Yandex.Money, Perfect Money, Okpay, Moneypolo or other payment systems). The commission depends on the direction and amount, for example, when exchanging Neteller for AdvCash USD, it is 5-6%. The exchange operation is carried out automatically within 5 minutes, but the conditions apply – you need to confirm your identity, account, and Neteller must be verified. All this is due to the fact that Neteller is a “white” payment system operating within the strict legal framework of the regulator.

Transferring Neteller to Skrill e-wallet

As mentioned above, there is no possibility of withdrawing money from the Neteller wallet to bank plastic cards Visa or MasterCard. But if there is a wallet in the Skrill payment system, then you can replenish it through Neteller with a commission of 3%, and then withdraw money from it to the linked bank card. If you don’t have an account with Skrill yet, you can register on, link your card to your account and select “Deposit” – “Neteller” when making a deposit. It is important to take into account the limits: without verification, the maximum amount is $ 621; if the amounts are large, then it is worth going through identity confirmation.

Bonus program from Neteller

We recommend using the bonus program from Neteller – Vipdeposits. Benefits:

  • The ability to make free transfers between accounts.
  • Free MasterCard (can be ordered for Russian customers).
  • Instant receipt of the Vip Silver status after registration and verification.
  • Fast verification.
  • Additional account in another currency.
  • Internal transfers without commission with an increased limit (up to $ 100 thousand) and other benefits – in more detail about the Vipdeposits tariff.

The bonus program is available to new customers for free. If the user is already registered with Neteller, then you just need to fill out the form at the bottom of the page, select “Already had an account”, specify the account ID and email address.

Neteller Net + Prepaid MasterCard

The Neteller Net + Card is the fastest and cheapest way to withdraw funds from your account. The system has the ability to order a plastic card that is automatically linked to the account. Only customers registered in the system can order it. Due to the tightening of requirements, the Neteller payment system does not provide an opportunity to order a card for customers living outside the SEPA zone, except for Russia.

Updated. Please note that Net + cards have ceased to be serviced in Belarus and Ukraine since November 25, 2016. Therefore, to withdraw money, it is better to use cards of other payment systems: MasterCard from ePayments, MasterCard from AdvCash, Payeer.

Advantages: there are no annual service fees, as well as for not using the card. Low cost of issuing and shipping the card (13 USD). It is possible to withdraw funds in more than 100 countries of the world. Using the Net + card, you can cash out money at ATMs, as well as use it to pay for various types of services (where payment is made using plastic cards).

Net + Prepaid MasterCard is suitable for residents of Russia, where funds can be withdrawn through ATMs that issue currency in dollars or euros. It should be borne in mind that banks (owners of ATMs) set a withdrawal limit for one transaction, in most cases no more than $ 200-300 can be withdrawn.

Money can also be withdrawn through ATMs in countries where this restriction does not exist, for example in the Eurozone, but keeping in mind the established limits. From April 17, 2016, the new commission charged for cash withdrawals is 1.75% of the transaction amount per transaction. When withdrawing money through ATMs in a currency that differs from the account currency in Neteller, it is converted (exchanged). For example, on the territory of Ukraine, you can withdraw money from the Neteller Net + Card currency card only in UAH.

The card can be used to pay by bank transfer, for example, in shops and other places where cash registers are installed and MasterCard is accepted. In the case when the currency of payment for a service or product differs from the currency of the account, it is converted (exchanged), and no commission is taken.

We recommend ordering an ePayments card. With its help, you can withdraw and cash out the earned money from the Internet at fairly low commissions anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted.

The card has a high degree of protection when making online payments and guarantees the confidentiality of the client’s personal data.

When ordering, you can select the desired currency: British pound sterling, US dollar, euro, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, Danish krone, Canadian dollar, Swedish krona.

Several cards can be ordered in different currencies. After ordering, it will be sent within 21 days. Delivery time by mail depends on the country of delivery, the usual time is 1-2 months. In this case, the account must contain an amount equivalent to $ 13, which will be withheld in the form of a commission for delivery and manufacturing.

After receiving it, you need to activate and get a pin code. Information about this can be obtained in a letter or in your personal account. The card is valid for 3 years.

Commissions when using Net + PrepaidMasterCard:

  • no commissions – when paying online, through cash registers;
  • $ 13 – payment for ordering a card and delivery of Net + Card;
  • 6 dollars – for withdrawing funds from ATMs for one transaction;
  • $ 13 – for replacing the card if it is lost or damaged;
  • 3.39% – when converting currencies, when paying online, when withdrawing funds through an ATM in a currency other than the card’s currency, or when transferring funds from a Netteler account to a Net + Prepaid MasterCard, when the transfer currencies are also different.

Withdrawal limits:

Virtual Card Neteller Net + virtual card

For purchases in online stores, you can use a virtual Neteller Net + virtual card (only for Eurozone customers).

It is opened in 8 currencies. The first card can be opened free of charge and used immediately after registration.

Subsequent cards are charged $ 3. Most importantly, you do not have to pay annual fees and charges for the card if you do not use it. Net + virtual card has a high degree of reliability and confidentiality when making payments on the Internet. A limit can be set on the card, upon reaching which it will become invalid. You can pay with a virtual card in online stores where MasterCard is accepted.

How to transfer from Neteller to another account

Neteller provides the ability to send funds to an email address. The recipient may be registered with Neteller or may not have an account yet. You can, knowing only your email, send money from your account to another person. The recipient of the transaction message needs to register within 30 days and receive the funds. If he already had an account, then the funds will be credited instantly.

To transfer to another account, you need to go to the “Money Transfer” section, and you will need to enter a secure identifier (Secure ID) or a code generated by the Google Authenticator application (if two-factor verification is used to log into your Neteller account); indicate the e-mail box, amount and currency.

Commission from Netteler – 1.45%. Attention: without verification it is possible to make only one transfer for a limited amount.

Neteller Advantages and Disadvantages: Review

Benefits of the Neteller payment system:

  • Good financial regulation of the company and supervision by the British regulator FCA.
  • High level of security.
  • Possibility to order a plastic card Net + Prepaid MasterCard and virtual Neteller Net + virtual card (only SEPA zone and Russia).
  • Works with clients from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and other countries.
  • There is no commission for online payments with a Neteller + card in shops, hotels, etc.
  • There are many ways to replenish: there is an opportunity to replenish the account from a plastic card; by bank transfer without commissions; from the Yandex and Qiwi wallet; cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
  • The widespread use of the payment system – many financial companies (forex brokers, binary options, poker and others) use Neteller to make a deposit.
  • Low cost of issuing a card in comparison with other payment systems.

Disadvantages of the Neteller payment system:

  • There are very few withdrawal methods. When using the Magneticexchange exchanger, the number of ways how you can withdraw Neteller and cash out increases.
  • There is no possibility of withdrawal to a plastic card.
  • Money transfers within Neteller are carried out with a commission of 1.45%.
  • Inactive account administration fee.
  • Inability to open a wallet in several currencies at the same time.
  • Net + Prepaid MasterCard is not available for ordering to Belarus, Ukraine (we believe that this is the biggest drawback for today).
  • The ability to use the basic functions of the payment system, increase the limits and other benefits after passing the account verification.

Leave your feedback about Neteller and additions about the operation of the payment system, the nuances of depositing and withdrawing money from an account in the comments to the article.

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