Moon Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash: Moon faucets for free cryptocurrency earnings. Overview, operating instructions, examples


Moon faucets are sites for collecting free cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (Bitcoin, BTC), Dogecoin (Dogecoin, Doge), Litecoin (Litecoin, LTC), Dash (Dash, DASH), Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin Cash, BCH). The services generate a certain amount of coins, which can be requested after registration with an interval of 5 minutes. The process of receiving will consist of solving the captcha, after which the reward is credited to the balance. For withdrawal, the CoinPot micropayment wallet is used. Through it, the earned cryptocurrency can be withdrawn to any address and then exchanged for fiat money.

You can’t make a lot on one tap. To raise revenues, you need to use them as much as possible. Our website contains a list of the best bitcoin faucets, which is updated periodically.

Official sites of projects:

  1. Moon Bitcoin:
  2. Moon Dogecoin:
  3. Moon Dash:
  4. Moon Litecoin:
  5. Moon Bitcoin Cash:

Attention: On January 31, 2021, all Moon taps were closed. Choose other cranes for making money.

Moon Bitcoin

Consider the first faucet from the “lunar” series – Moon Bitcoin. You can get Satoshi on it every 5 minutes.

Operating instructions:

  1. Register on the official website. Specify the email that is linked to the CoinPot wallet. If registration is not successful, then this must be done. Follow the link “CoinPot” and create a new account. Then go back to the tap and indicate the email you used.
  1. Press “Claim now”, demanding a portion of coins from the tap. The example shows that at the moment 19 satoshi will be credited.
  1. Complete captcha.
  1. Unlike other cryptocurrency faucets, there are no more checks on Moon Bitcoin. With all the bonuses, and there are 50% of them, 29 satoshi will be transferred to the CoinPot balance.
  1. The timer will reset to zero and a new countdown will begin.
  1. To find out when the next charge will be and its size, you need to find the section “How much can I claim?” and follow the link “Click here”.

A table with the current remuneration rates will open:

Bonuses are provided on the Moon Bitcoin faucet:

  1. Daily. Every day the amount of additional reward increases by 1% and after 100 days of daily use it will be 100% of the amount of Satoshi earned for the previous day. For example, if you accrued 500 Satoshi on the tap yesterday, the daily bonus for the next day will be 500 Satoshi. But you can’t skip days, so you need to use the moon crane constantly.
  2. Referral reward.
  3. Mining. Bonus for providing the computing power of your computer for mining cryptocurrencies. In this case, the incentive will be up to 100% for each application to the Moon Bitcoin faucet.
  4. For the use of additional offers for earnings (offers) – 5% to the application for viewing each.
  5. Secret bonus.

Withdrawing cryptocurrency from Moon faucets

The process of withdrawing cryptocurrency on all Moon taps is similar: payments are made through the CoinPot wallet. You do not need to create an account on this service. The minimum amount for direct withdrawal to a Bitcoin wallet is 0.0001 BTC (no commission). Application processing time – 2 days.

To go to the wallet, you need to click on the balance in the top menu of the site and select “Go to CoinPot”:

General view of the CoinPot crypto wallet:

To transfer cryptocurrency to your wallet address, you need to select the “Withdraw” item:

Find “Bitcoin Core Wallet” in the list of available withdrawal methods:

In this case, it is necessary to indicate:

  1. Bitcoin address. If it is not already there, then you need to register or install a cryptocurrency wallet. For example, Exodus, Jaxx, Coinomi, Blockchain, etc. If you use the address obtained on the exchange or payment system as an address, then you must definitely look at the minimum deposit amount processed by such online services.
  2. The amount of withdrawn cryptocurrency. Press “Maximum”, and the entire available amount will be displayed for withdrawal.
  3. Enter the password on the Moon tap.
  4. Complete captcha.
  5. Request withdrawal.
  6. You can exchange cryptocurrency for rubles, dollars, hryvnia, etc. using exchangers or cryptocurrency exchanges with fiat.

Moon dogecoin

Consider the Moon Dogecoin collection crane: Moon Dogecoin. There are practically no differences from Moon Bitcoin.

Operating instructions:

  1. First, you need to create an account on CoinPot, and then indicate the email used there.
  1. Request a portion of the free dogcoin cryptocurrency.
  1. Pass the captcha test.
  1. The total amount of coins depends on the size of the bonuses. In the example, 0.42 Dogecoin was received, including bonuses, 0.46 DOGE will be transferred to the CoinPot account.
  1. You can see the current rates on the tap. As of 04/17/2019, they are very low:

The faucet has the same bonuses as on Moon Bitcoin, for there is no reward for mining and using offers.

  1. To withdraw the received cryptocurrency, you need to go to the CoinPot wallet:
  1. Select “Dogecoin” cryptocurrency and withdrawal method:
  1. When withdrawing directly to the Dogecoin wallet, you need to specify the address, quantity, password from the entrance and go through the captcha. Click “Withdraw”. The minimum amount is 50 DOGE, no commission is charged. Payment on application must arrive within 48 business hours.

Moon Litecoin

The Moon Litecoin faucet is made on a similar engine as all the others. The principle of operation is as follows:

  1. To get started, you need to enter your email or Litecoin cryptocurrency address linked to the CoinSpot microtransaction collector. Then go through the captcha, after which the account on the Moon Litecoin faucet will be created. Start collecting coins, you need to request them every 5 minutes.
  1. Claim cryptocurrency by clicking the “Claim now” button. For example, we have generated 1461 Litoshi (1 Litoshi = 0.00000001 LTC).
  1. The balance will be replenished with the specified number of coins + an additional reward will be credited: a secret and referral bonus. The daily bonus is given when working on the crane without interruption.
  1. To transfer the earned coins to your Litecoin wallet, you need to go to CoinPot, select “Coin” – “Litecoin” – “Withdraw Litecoin”. The minimum amount is LTC 0.002 or Litoshi 200,000.
  1. The earned coins can be exchanged in cryptocurrency exchangers or on the exchange.

Moon dash

MoonDash Faucet allows you to earn Dash cryptocurrency without investing money.


  1. Go to the official website and click “Sing in”.
  1. Fill out the registration form. Specify “CoinPot email address”, solve the captcha.
  1. Tap “Claim now” to apply for free crypto coins. In our case, 0.00000779 Dash is available.
  1. Get verified and get virtual money.
  1. As soon as the minimum amount of 0.0002 Dash is collected, the coins are available for withdrawal to a controlled address.

Recommendations for working with the Moon Faucet

Important nuances. To work on any Moon faucet, multi-accounts are prohibited, that is, the creation of multiple accounts. You cannot use services that change the IP: VPN, proxy. Don’t run bots to collect coins automatically. We do not recommend blocking the display of ads, because faucets earn money on this and share part of the amount with visitors in the form of free satoshi or other crypto coins.

There is no need to try to cheat the faucet, such actions can lead to account blocking.


Moon faucets are a good opportunity to learn about the world of cryptocurrencies and even earn some bitcoins, lightcoins, dash, dogcoins for free. Only time will be wasted. There were good earnings on Moon cranes in 2017, when the cryptocurrency market was growing and advertisers were allocating large advertising budgets.

The realities of 2022 are such that you won’t make much money: very low rates. The situation should change with the resumption of activity in the market.

Additionally, it is worth using other faucets to earn cryptocurrency without investment:

  1. Free Bitcoin.
  2. Bonus Bitcoin.
  3. AdBTC.
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