Mining on the phone. Features, nuances, pros and cons of cryptocurrency mining on smartphones, tablets


The consistently high popularity of cryptocurrency naturally potentiates the progressive development of various options for its production. Naturally, the complexity of the process and the technical capabilities for mining significantly limit users who want to get crypto coins in this way.

First of all, this is due to the high cost of elements for desktops or working sections of mining farms involved in generating new blocks in the cryptocurrency blockchain. Because of this, the interest of virtual currency miners begins to spread to methods of obtaining crypto coins using all kinds of mobile devices. Mobile mining on phones, due to the widespread prevalence of such devices, is gaining good popularity. Yes, the computing potential of these devices is extremely limited and it is impossible to get substantial sums in this way, but this technique has very attractive qualities.

Nowadays, it is not necessary to have super-powerful PCs consisting of modern, expensive video cards and processors, or to organize modules from special ASIC devices. It is not difficult to start making money on cryptocurrency by mining digital money using a smartphone. Let us consider in detail this option for mining virtual currency, analyzing its nuances, features, negative and negative qualities.

Mobile mining principles

If the desire to mine cryptocurrency on mobile phones is great, then you need to understand a number of specific points.

Before you start mining bitcoins, ethereums or other altcoins, you should first make sure that the venture you are planning is profitable. Income must attract with its tangibility, otherwise the whole complex of efforts, associated time costs and depreciation costs will turn the idea into a meaningless activity. In addition, regular overloading of some elements of the device will require frequent purchase of new components for the smartphone or will contribute to its irreparable breakdown.

The fact of the low probability of creating an effective crypto farm from several smartphones is also important. The formation of a truly serious, full-fledged complex of mobile devices is practically unrealistic – the investment will not pay off. Simply put, it makes no sense to expect prospects and solid profitability from such a mining option.

The mining of coins on a smartphone is very attractive for its accessibility and relative simplicity. Mobile phones are now widespread, and the total time of their useful workload is minimal – a maximum of 1.5-3 hours per day. This allows you to use the periods of “downtime” of the device (or several devices) in the process of mining cryptocoins.

The ever-growing range of specific applications that make it possible to receive Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are facilitating the spread of mobile mining on smartphones. These programs are being improved by developers so that miners get digital money into their crypto wallets faster, more conveniently and more efficiently.

Apps for mining on the phone:

✅ Free application for MinerGate Mobile Miner (available for download on Android in GooglePlay). Many popular coins can be mined (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Bytecoin, etc.).

✅ Mobile mining application ARM Mining Bitcoin (installation on Android phones from Google Play). There is a paid ($ 0.99) and a free version. Paid does not show ads. Bitcoin and other altcoins are available for mining.

Important! Mining virtual currency using a mobile phone (smartphone, tablet) is a new type of earnings that appeared at the peak of the wave of popularity of cryptocurrency. You need to carefully and carefully engage in this activity, since it is easy to lose an expensive mobile device due to ultra-high loads!

Benefits of mobile smartphone mining

Honestly stating all aspects, it is easy to identify an extremely small number of positive properties of mining on the phone. This is due to the specific features of this option for making money on cryptocurrencies.

The obvious advantages of mining on smartphones:

✅ Ease of use when the mobile device is not used for its intended purpose.

✅ Mobile mining applications are simple and small in volume.

✅ There is no huge investment to mine digital coins.

✅ There is no need to purchase powerful video cards, special units or super-efficient processors. Smartphones common today are quite suitable for a minimum income on cryptocurrencies.

Disadvantages of mining on mobile phones

Of course, mining on any mobile phones, regardless of their price category and “internal” configuration, is characterized by a lot of disadvantages. The following features should be ranked as especially negative points here:

✅ Minimum profitability due to the physical impossibility of upgrading a mobile phone and initially low computing power.

✅ The packaging of mobile devices does not allow for fast block generation.

✅ The gradually complicating process of mining due to the increase in those wishing to receive crypto coins.

✅ The high cost of effective mining programs for Android and other mobile operating systems.

✅ An incredibly high risk of mobile devices being damaged by malware, which is present in 30-40% of distributed software today.

✅ Rapid consumption of battery power, as well as general overheating of the device due to functional overload.

✅ Frequent “freezes” of smartphone OS, requiring a reboot.

✅ Decrease in the service life of the device.

✅ Blocking useful functions, for example, on a smartphone when the mining program is running, it is impossible to make calls or receive / send messages, etc. dr.

Attention! Experienced specialists who have been mining virtual currency for a long time and professionally, unanimously claim that mining through mobile devices is unprofitable. This is justified, therefore, serious earnings cannot be expected in this option of mining cryptocoins!

Distinctive features of crypto mining on a smartphone

From classic mining, where the computing power of a PC or special ASIC devices are used, mining through mobile devices differs in a number of specific features.

  1. Initially, it is supposed to earn small amounts on the formation of new blocks of cryptocurrency blockchain chains. This fact is completely logical, since any mobile device does not now have a powerful video card or processor. Accordingly, the production process cannot be profitable and efficient.
  2. Of all the operating systems of iPhones, tablets and other mobile devices, the capabilities of Android devices are more promising. Other options allow you to receive a little bitcoin coins only through games and the simplest bitcoin faucets. In addition, many specialized applications have been developed for the Android OS that optimally use the resources of smartphones.
  3. It is impossible to perceive the method of mining with the help of mobile devices as a serious source of income. Yes, it is wonderful as entertainment or familiarization with the general nuances of mining cryptocoins, however, due to the minimum profitability, it will not be able to recoup the entire set of costs.

Actual example! Now the receipt of even the virtual currency Bytecoin through the latest applications and a powerful smartphone is unlikely to exceed 15-20 cents for 7-8 hours of continuous mining. The reward for mining top cryptocurrencies is much less!

Technical moments of mining on smartphones, tablets

Developers, taking into account the current demand, create good applications that allow you to really maximize the mining process on tablets or smartphones. There are programs using which you can mine a significant amount of cryptocurrency on modern, powerful devices. Such devices need constant or often regular use of chargers, otherwise a quick discharge of the battery and the suspension of the generation of new cryptoblocks is inevitable. This is an important nuance that causes the inconvenience of cryptomining on smartphones.

Another technical feature lies in the tangible cost of implementing the idea. You will definitely need to fork out for such components:

  • The model of the device is characterized by high performance.
  • Payment for mobile Internet.
  • Providing regular battery charging or providing constant power supply. Here, portable units are likely to be required to repeatedly restore the battery to working condition.
  • Frequent repairs of a tablet or smartphone due to the extremely rapid wear and tear of overloaded elements.

Among other things, an indispensable addition to any mining is the latest antivirus programs that have an effective ability to recognize and efficiently destroy Trojans, spyware, ransomware and miners. The risk of “picking up” malicious software with the installed application for crypto mining is extremely high now.


Those who want to make a relatively modest profit, despite the significant risk, can start mining bitcoins, satoshi, ethers or other altcoins. This will make it possible to earn cryptocurrency without purchasing special equipment and minimizing the risks of financial losses. It is recommended to use first services that distribute digital coins (faucets), as well as young blockchain projects that provide their own tokens within the airdrop and bounty of cryptocurrencies.

Every day, a lot of altcoins appear on the cryptocurrency market and, despite the existing difficulties, an excellent, promising option can be found. It is not difficult to use such crypto-coins for the formation of digital capital. The accumulated amount, for example, can be profitably used in trading on crypto-exchanges or for investing. Mobile mining with phones, smartphones and tablets is a great start for interested newbies, but nothing more.

Output. It is unprofitable to mine cryptocurrency on mobile phones, and the risk of losing your device is high. This is a good option to comprehend the technology for those who are just starting to comprehend the basics of mining.

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