MinerGate (Minergate). An overview of the official minergate.com website and functionality. Pool and miner for cryptocurrency mining


MinerGate is a pool that supports mining of 11 cryptocurrencies, equipped with its own software. It has been operating since 2014 and is considered one of the most reputable projects in its field – today it is used simultaneously by over 500,000 miners. The company plans to add new PoW coins, new mining algorithms (PoS, PoC), develop console and graphical versions of the software.

The program from MinerGate is equipped with a “smart mining” option that allows you to automatically mine the most profitable coin at the moment, based on the position of the crypto market and the computing power available to the user. The software determines the performance of the equipment with high accuracy.

MinerGate applications exist for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android. There is a graphical interface, but advanced users can also use the console one.

General information

Russian languagePartially
Year of foundation2014
Kind of activitymining pool, mining software
CEOClaude Lecomte
Supported algorithmsEthash, Equihash, CryptoNight, etc.
Pool commissionfrom 0 to 1.5% depending on the coin and mining method
Profitability calculatorhttps://minergate.com/calculator/cryptonote
Supported platformsWindows, MacOS, Linux, Android
Social networkhttps://www.facebook.com/MinerGate, 

Features of the site

MinerGate is a turnkey mining solution that anyone can download and run with a minimum of effort. Its main plus is ease of use, the ability to run from any computer or laptop, although the greatest efficiency is, of course, observed when using dedicated hardware. A particularly clear advantage is the ability to simultaneously use both a video card and a processor to mine different cryptocurrencies.

The process can be controlled using a mobile application. It makes it possible to find out the balance, receive push notifications about the mining process, etc. MinerGate does not allow mining from mobile devices.

There is a referral program with daily rewards. To protect your account, you can connect two-factor authentication (2FA).

MinerGate Token (MG) is a token to support the project’s ecosystem, distributed as support to users who contribute to its development. Powered by the EOS blockchain.

MinerGate Token

Registering and setting up a profile

registration on the MinerGate website

To create an account on the MInerGate website, click the “Register” button in the upper right corner.

creating an account on the MinerGate website

Enter your email, come up with a password, confirm your agreement with the rules of the service and solve the captcha.

After logging into your account, go to the “Profile” section of your personal account to make the initial settings.

Here you can:

✅ Confirm email (click on the red text Email is not verified and follow the link from the sent letter).

✅ Come up with an alias.

✅ Indicate year of birth and gender.

✅ Find out your User ID (can be used instead of email when mining on MinerGate pools).

✅ Add an additional email address.

✅ Change Password.

✅ Activate confirmation email about withdrawing funds.

✅ Enable two-factor authentication (for logging into your account, withdrawing funds, changing your password).

✅ Track your last activity.

✅ Copy a widget for your site.

Site and its sections


MinerGate account overview

Dashboard is the MinerGate dashboard that contains information about the balance and all mining processes. Includes the following blocks:

Account status. Information about the current total balance in the transfer in BTC or the selected fiat currency (USD, EUR). Information about how many coins are currently being mined on all your connected devices, where the software is installed and you are authorized in it. The sum of all mined coins on the account. A field for entering a promotional code, if you have one.

List of currencies. Each of the blocks dedicated to a particular currency contains its name, icon, current balance available for withdrawal, unconfirmed balance. The background can be green or red, depending on whether this currency is currently being mined. Using the gray “up” and “down” buttons, the list can be sorted as you like. The Withdraw button allows you to withdraw funds. Also, each cryptocurrency has your personal hash rate, pool hash rate and general global hash rate. On the right side, there is a list of leaders in mining this coin on MinerGate.

Transaction History

The transaction history helps the client navigate their financial transactions. Incoming and outgoing transactions are displayed here. In the drop-down list, you can select a specific cryptocurrency or “All currencies”. The second drop-down list is needed to select the type of transaction (transfers, withdrawals, transfers to FreeWallet).

The table displays basic information about each action: transaction creation date, transaction type, outgoing and incoming invoices, amount, status (completed, declined, pending).

A little about FreeWallet. It is a multi-currency wallet that works with MinerGate and supports all popular digital coins. Provides a secure API and the ability to seamlessly integrate services. By using this wallet in conjunction with MinerGate, you can avoid withdrawal fees. The withdrawal limit is minimal.

The Freewallet account must be registered to the same email as the pool account. If the user does not have it yet, then at the time of withdrawal, you can enter any available email, and the account will be created automatically. An email, which is linked to MinerGate, will receive a letter with instructions for accessing the funds.

Pool stats

MinerGate Pool

The page https://minergate.com/pool-stats/eth provides statistics of all pools available on the service, namely, about all blocks mined during the mining process. This page can help if you are mining with the PPLNS reward distribution method and you are interested in the issue of reward delays.

For each cryptocurrency, information such as the pool hash rate, reward method, world hash rate, block height, block mining time, block hash and their status is presented.

MinerGate supports two reward distribution methods: PPLNS and PPS.

PPLNS – pay-per-last-N-shares, where N is a specific number. Determines the reward for completed shares based somewhat on the luck factor. At the same time, the range of the size of payments is quite large (the spread is up to 60%), but in the long term this method is more profitable by about 5%.

PPS – Pay Per Share. This is a more stable and predictable method as it gives a standard payout rate for each completed ball. There is no luck factor here, but profitability is about 5% lower when considering long-term periods of a month or more.

Service monitor

Minergate servise

This section provides information about the current functionality of the service and existing problems. The following indicators can be found about each cryptocurrency:

✅ mining activity;

✅ balance confirmation activity;

✅ the possibility of translation;

✅ the possibility of withdrawal;

✅ distribution of awards according to the PPLNS method.

If any function is unavailable, the age of the beginning of the problem is indicated.


Minergate calculator

The MinerGate calculator allows you to preliminary estimate the possible profit from mining different currencies. The income is displayed based on the results of a statistical calculation under strictly specified conditions (pool commission, percentage of bad shares, network complexity, block reward, etc.).

The calculator page has tabs for four types of mining algorithms: Ethereum / Ethereum Classic, Cryptonote / CryptoNight, Scrypt, Equihash. In the field just below the tabs, you must enter the hashrate indicators of the equipment that you have or that you plan to install. After that, the table will display the results – profit per hour, day, week. You can customize the display of profit in BTC or fiat currencies (dollar and euro).

Blockchain Explorers

Minergate Blockchain Explorer

Own block explorer from MinerGate. It makes it possible to check the status of a certain transaction and find out detailed information about it. To do this, you need to select a cryptocurrency and insert it into the transaction hash (TXID) field.

Information about the payment includes the currently relevant blockchain indicators: block height, complexity, network hashrate, number of coins issued. Due to the specifics of the algorithms, some of the information may not be displayed for some coins.

On the page you can also find a list of all the latest blocks in the blockchain, all unconfirmed transactions, commissions, amounts, transaction sizes in bytes, etc.


There is a black vertical Chat button on the right side of the page. Clicking on it opens a chat available in 16 languages, including Russian. The chat is available only for registered users.

If you want to open it in a separate tab, use the special button in the upper right corner of the window, next to the button to minimize the chat.

How to start mining on MinerGate

We offer instructions for using the software and the MinerGate pool. We will consider the version for Windows.

After creating an account, go to the Downloads page and click on the Download and Start Mining button. It is better to disable the antivirus before doing this, since all miner programs are recognized by them as threats.

Minergate miner

Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions of the installation wizard. After successful installation, you will need to enter the email address associated with your account.

And click Start Mining. Immediately after that, smart mining will begin – the system will automatically determine which coin is currently the most profitable to mine and which of the connected equipment to use for this.

Minergate fast miner

If the choice of smart mining does not suit you, you can always go to the second tab and set up the process manually.

Minergate Fast Miner setup

It is convenient to track the statistics of your results right on the site, where you can also choose the type of reward, withdraw funds, etc.

mining process MinerGate

If necessary, you can enable, disable and configure the proxy – in the Options menu, the Proxy Settings item. The remaining Support tab leads to the support page.

As you can see, the process of starting mining is extremely simple – that’s why MinerGate is considered a suitable option for beginners for a reason.

Withdraw funds

You can withdraw the mined money at any time if the minimum number of coins on the account has been reached. It is individual for each cryptocurrency, for example, for Monero – 0.005 XMR.

✅ In your MinerGate account, go to the list of currencies and click Withdraw next to the one you need.

✅ Fill in the You send field.

✅ Select the Freewallet wallet icon and press the Enter e-mail button.

✅ Fill in the fields provided. The email address will need to be entered twice – the one that was used when registering at MinerGate and the one that is linked to the Freewallet account.

✅ Enter the verification code.

If all actions are performed correctly, the payment will be immediately initiated. A letter will be sent to the mail with more detailed information about receiving money.

If you cannot withdraw any cryptocurrency, go to the Service monitor page and check if this function is currently active. If not, then you will not be able to withdraw funds until the opportunity is available. If so, the problem may be the temporary blocking of your account. Check the technical support for its reasons and timing.

Advantages and disadvantages


✅ Intuitive interface.

✅ You can mine from any computer or laptop, using the processor and video card at the same time.

✅ There is a smart mining function that automatically determines the most profitable coin to mine.

✅ Sufficient selection of coins, new ones are added regularly.

✅ Commission-free withdrawal on FreeWallet.

✅ Detailed help and responsive technical support.

✅ Chat to communicate with other users.

✅ Mobile app.


❌ There is no way to withdraw to wallets other than FreeWallet.

❌ Almost nothing is known about the team and the location of the company.

❌ Although there is a Russian-language interface, not everything has been translated.

❌ Doesn’t work without VPN in some countries.

Questions and answers

How to start working with MinerGate?

It is enough to register and download the software in order to connect your equipment to the capacities of the remaining 500,000 pool members in a few clicks and start mining.

How to withdraw earned funds?

It is proposed to use the FreeWallet wallet linked to the account, it is fast, no commission and with a minimum withdrawal limit.

How much is the pool commission?

The commission depends on the chosen currency and the method of distribution of remuneration:

CurrencyPPS commissionPPLNS commission
Bitcoin Gold1%
Ethereum Classic1%
Monero Classic1,50%1%
Aeon Coin1%

Questions and answers

What cryptocurrencies can be mined at MinerGate?

To date, the pool supports coins ZEC, BTG, ETH, ETC, BCN, XMR, XMC, XDN, AEON, GRIN, etc. Profit is calculated and withdrawn in bitcoins.

How to use the smart mining option?

It is automatically set by default when you start the MinerGate software. The program analyzes the equipment and the current position of the crypto market, and then selects the most profitable coins, taking into account these parameters. This is a guaranteed way to get the most out of your mining profit.

Are there any hardware restrictions?

You can mine both on dedicated hardware (mining farms, full-fledged installations) and on a standard computer / laptop. But not on mobile devices.

How do I protect my account?

There is a free version, but its functionality is very limited – only one exchange is supported, there are no filters and indicators, as well as many other features. The paid plan will cost $ 17 per month. It is more profitable to buy at once for several months.

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