Livecoin code – how to buy, exchange and where to create a livecoin exchange voucher


Livecoin code (voucher) is the internal currency of the crypto exchange. Used to deposit or withdraw funds from the exchange wallet. Each code is created with a specific denomination in fiat money or cryptocurrency. It is profitable to use them, since the commission from the Livecoin exchange for the issue and redemption is 0%.

You can receive or exchange Livecoin code in the following ways:

✅ Using online exchangers. This is the main way to exchange codes. List of verified exchangers: Prostocash, Ychange, Baksman, Xchange, 60cek.

✅ Payment system Capitalist. Almost the only payment system that works with Livecoin. Yobit codes are also available.

✅ Exchange with other people. You need to find a person on the forums who needs a Livecoin code and sell it for the desired currency.

How to buy Livecoin code

Consider two ways to buy a Livecoin code (voucher): through exchangers and Capitalist. In the end, we will conclude where it is better and more profitable to buy with minimal commissions.

First option. Consider exchangers: Prostocash, Ychange, Baksman, Xchange, 60cek. They can buy or sell Livecoin codes denominated in USD (US dollars), RUB (Russian rubles), EUR (Euro), BTC (Bitcoin). The most popular payment systems, banks, cryptocurrencies are available: Yandex Money, Qiwi, Sberbank, Advanced Cash, Payeer, cards of Russian banks, etc.

In all exchangers, the principle of drawing up an application is similar. The difference can be in the minimum amount: Sberbank – from 1000 to 5000 rubles; Advcash – from 10 to 500 USD, etc. Ychange and Prostocash have the lowest exchange threshold.

Step-by-step instructions on how to buy a Livecoin code:

  • Go to the exchanger’s website and register. After registration, we receive an initial discount, which will increase as the amount of successful exchanges grows.
  • We draw up a request for an exchange. In the left part of the form, select the payment system that we give, in the right – we get. Below we indicate the amount. In the example: we buy Livecoin RUR codes for Sberbank rubles.
  • We look at the reserves. This is the maximum amount available at the time of exchange. If you need more, contact the online chat of the exchanger’s support service.
  • The next step is to enter information depending on which payment system you are using. When buying from a Visa or Mastercard bank card, you will need to indicate its number (16-18 digits on the front side), full name. owner (as on the card itself). Enter your coupon or use the following one: 08IvjmjAOU (if it doesn’t work, write in the comments). Click “Start sharing”.
  • Please note: there is an online chat on the website of any bitcoin exchanger. Ask any questions about sharing it.
  • A warning will appear that it is impossible to write words related to the exchange, cryptocurrencies, application number in the comments to the payment.
  • Following the instructions, transfer money to the specified details. The time for the transaction is 30 minutes, after which the application is canceled automatically. In the example, you need to go to Sberbank-online and make a transfer using the details. At the end of the payment, click “I paid”. The application can be canceled before the transfer is made.
  • After receiving the money, the exchanger will generate a Livecoin code. You will receive it to the e-mail indicated in the application or in your personal account in the “Applications” section.
  • We created a real application in the Ychanger exchanger, since the minimum exchange amount is lower there. Direction: Advcash USD to Livecoin USD. The commission is 1%, and direct entry of Advcash through the exchange website is 1.5%. As you can see, in some cases it is more profitable to use exchangers. After 5 minutes, the status of the application changed to “Completed”, and a letter with a code was received by email. It can also be viewed in the “My applications” section (click on the drop-down list and select “Detailed information”). successful execution of the application
  • The Livecoin code looks like this:

How to redeem a Livecoin exchange code

After receiving the code, go to the Livecoin exchange website in the “Balance” section. Paste the code into the line of the “Redeem Voucher” form and click “Redeem”.

A notification will appear stating that the voucher has been activated and the balance has been replenished. There is no commission. As you can see, you can replenish your personal exchange account very quickly and profitably using Livecoin codes. voucher activation

How to create and exchange a Livecoin voucher (code)

The Livecoin code can be used not only for depositing money into the balance of the trading platform, but also for withdrawing and further exchange for other currencies. Commission costs are 0%.

To create a Livecoin code, follow the instructions:

  • Go to the “Balances” section.
  • Select fiat money (USD, EUR, RUB) or cryptocurrency and click “Withdraw”.
  • Indicate the amount, currency. If the voucher is given to a specific person – the recipient’s login or hash. Pay special attention to security – no one should see the process of its creation.overview how to release code livecoin
  • Keep in mind that exchangers usually accept Livecoin codes denominated in dollars, rubles, euros, bitcoins. You should think about this moment in advance. If you issued a voucher in a less popular cryptocurrency, then it is worth redeeming it back, exchanging it for fiat money and creating anew. Another option: ask the exchanger’s support service if they will be able to accept the code in a currency that is not presented on their website.

We use exchangers for exchange. They provide translation to the following systems:

✅ Bank cards Visa / Mastercard.

✅ Banks Sberbank, Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank, VTB24, Rosselkhozbank, Russian Standard and others.

✅ Electronic payment systems Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Capitalist, Advcash, Payeer, Perfect Money.

✅ Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Zcash, Dogecoin, etc.

The detailed process of working with exchange services is described above. The only difference is that on the left side of the application we indicate the direction of the exchange – Livecoin, and on the right – the payment system that is required.

For example: we give Livcoin USD, we receive a Qiwi voucher.

How to purchase or withdraw livecoin codes through Capitalist

Capitalist provides an opportunity to exchange Livecoin code for the following payment systems:

✅ Webmoney (commission – 2.5%).

✅ Yandex.Money (2%).

✅ Qiwi (2%).

✅ Bank cards of the Russian Federation (2.5%), Ukraine (3%), international (2.5% + 4 USD / EUR).

✅ To a mobile operator number (1.8%): MTC, Beeline, Megafon, Tele2.

Instructions on how to withdraw Livecoin code:

  • Register at
  • Go to the section “Account funding”, select “Using check”.
  • Enter the Livecoin code in the “Details” line. Accepted in US dollars or rubles. Commission – 1.5%. Account replenishment
  • After crediting funds, go to the “Transfers” section and select a payment system for withdrawal: transfer to payment systems

Instructions on how to purchase a code:

  • Fund your Capitalist account in a convenient way: by bank transfer, bitcoin, through exchangers.
  • In the “Transfers” section, select the “Cryptocurrency Exchanges” – “ Codes” section:
  • Specify the account for debiting, the amount (with the calculation of the commission), click “Next”. Minimum amount – $ 1. Voucher creation
  • Go through payment verification.
  • Receive the Livecoin code to your registration email.


Livecoin code is the most convenient way to deposit or withdraw funds from the exchange. The creation or redemption process is very simple and is detailed in our review. Use codes, as it is sometimes more profitable than direct deposit or withdrawal through the site.

You can buy or exchange them in different ways, but the main one is using exchangers or Capitalist. They offer a wide range of payment systems.

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