How to withdraw Webmoney to a card, transfer and cash out Webmoney


Hello everyone! If you have money on Webmoney, then the question arises how to use it. You can pay for any services and goods or cash out in real banknotes – dollars, euros, Russian rubles, and so on. How to withdraw WebMoney money to a card, how to link your bank plastic Visa or Mastercard to a wallet and transfer funds to them from an account will be discussed in this article.

You can cash out, exchange WM money through the Bestchange exchange service:

I have already discussed in detail the topic of registering a WebMoney wallet and how to use keepers to manage it. And also, some questions of the operation of this payment system in Belarus.

Today, there are three centers to link the card to the WebMoney wallet and I will write about each in more detail.

Withdraw WebMoney to cards of banks in Russia

To link Russian ruble VISA, MasterCard or Maestro cards or electronic payment systems to a WMR wallet, you need to go to

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With it, you can link and withdraw WebMoney to your Yandex Money account, EasyPay, QIWI wallet, as well as accounts in:

  1. HandyBank,
  2. Alfa-Click Internet Banking,
  3. Binding cards VISA, MasterCard, Maestro,
  4. NCC / Union card;
  5. Account at Promsvyazbank,
  6. Account with the Conservative Commercial Bank.

Your passport must be at least formal with verification of personal information by uploading a passport with colored pages with photos and registration. The check lasts several days and information about the completion will be sent to the post office or to the keeper.

Each system and bank sets its own requirements, restrictions, commissions.

For example, in order to withdraw WebMoney to the card of Russian banks (see figure).

  • Choosing a WMR wallet,
  • We set a write-off limit per day,
  • We indicate the necessary data – number, validity period, three-digit code on the back.

The 3-D Secure service must be activated. For confirmation, the bank will withhold a random amount from 1 to 10 rubles. After completing the procedure, you will have the opportunity to transfer WebMoney money to the card and replenish your wallet.

The limits depend on the certificate:

Transfer WebMoney to Visa and Mastercard of any banks

To link a debit Visa or Mastercard to a wallet in euros or dollars or order the issue of PaySpark EUR or USD, China UnionPay, Payoneer USD MasterCard, you need to use the website

It becomes possible to transfer WebMoney money to a Visa or Mastercard bank card, as well as to top up from it.

I myself linked a card from ePayments to WM last year and it took about a week, since I had a formal passport and I needed to confirm my identity by uploading passport pages. By the way, you can use it to cash out Webmoney in Belarus and Ukraine.

Here are some general rules to keep in mind:

The card currency may differ from the transferred one. The money is credited on the second – banking days.

The system allows you to link any Visa or Mastercard to withdraw WMZ (dollars) or WME (euros). The certificate must be no lower than the formal one, scanned or photographed pages of the passport preliminary to the Certification Center (where there is a photo, with the registration of the place of residence, if it is not there, then a receipt for payment for utilities in your name with the address).

You can link a card issued only in your name to your wallet. You will not be able to use the Maestro payment system, you cannot transfer Webmoney to virtual cards.

As I said, it must be personalized, otherwise it will be necessary to confirm with documents from the bank that it is open in your name with wet seals.

Upload to the Center for Verification of Attestation a photo of the front side of the card, numbers from 7 to 12 can be blurred.

After fulfilling the above requirements, go to the service itself and click on Attach card, filling out the necessary forms and paying for the service.

Tariffs for withdrawing Webmoney to cards are as follows:

You can also order the issue of cards of the following payment systems: PaySpark, China UnionPay, Payoneer and replenish or withdraw Webmoney from them in any country – Belarus, Ukraine, and so on.

They are issued in euros or dollars, depending on your WM account and you can withdraw cash at any ATM in the world with the MasterCard or Visa logo.

All prerequisites and restrictions can be found at

Withdraw WebMoney to WM-Card

With the help of the third service, you can order a prepaid card from the Network Settlement House NGO and a virtual Visa from the Russian Standard Bank.

Go to the website and read the conditions, if everything suits you, click Order, where you will be offered several types to choose from:

Each has its own requirements, commissions and limits for withdrawal and replenishment. You can place an order both on the website and by visiting the office. After receiving it, you must undergo mandatory personal identification by visiting the offices of the NCO “Network Settlement Chamber”, after which it will be possible to work with them and order new ones, already with delivery by mail, if it is more convenient for you.

With their help, you can pay for purchases on the Internet, withdraw WebMoney money to cards and replenish your wallet, withdraw cash from ATMs, pay in regular stores and other places.

Commissions and limits:

What cards do you use to withdraw Webmoney money and cash out from your wallet?

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