How to withdraw Ripple from an exchange, wallet: Instructions and an overview of how to withdraw Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP)


Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP), after a sharp rise amid positive news about the introduction of transaction transfer technology by Asian banks, came in second in terms of market capitalization – $ 105 billion, displacing Ethereum in third place and behind Bitcoin. If the value of Ripple continues to grow, it has every chance of becoming the first cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization. In the article, the editors will consider how to withdraw Ripple (XRP) from the exchange to another wallet, using the EXMO trading platform and Gatehub wallet as an example.

You can buy, exchange Ripple on cryptocurrency exchanges. For example, EXMO, Binance, Currency, Bybit, CEX IO, Crex24, Livecoin, BTC-alpha and others or in cryptocurrency exchangers. Leveraged trading is available on the Bitmex exchange.

Attention: Gatehub is not an official wallet for XRP, it is a regular cryptocurrency exchange. Many people mistakenly think otherwise, but the Ripple company made a statement on the site that it does not keep in touch with them and has nothing to do with this service. Another big drawback is the activation of the wallet, which will require 20 XRP, which will be a non-redundant balance and not available for withdrawal. If earlier it was a penny, then after the growth of the exchange rate – a significant amount ($ 45-55). Therefore, it makes no sense to transfer a coin there from exchanges and lose money. You should not use Gatehub as a wallet and trading platform, any other exchange, for example, Exmo, can handle this much better. But, for some reason, many are interested in this issue, so I will describe this process, but I do not recommend transferring a Ripple coin to Gatehub for storage or trading.

Ripple cryptocurrency has significant advantages over Bitcoin, which are as follows: very fast transactions – about 3 seconds (for Bitcoin – the confirmation time can take up to 1 hour, depending on the network load); the commission is very low – $ 0.0004; the number of transactions per second is 1500 and this number can be increased several times (for bitcoin, on average, it is 16). You can clearly see this in the picture:

In continuation: how to buy Ripple (XRP)

How to withdraw Ripple from the exchange to the Gatehub wallet

If you used the Exmo or any other exchange to buy Ripple, then you have two options for action – you can trade cryptocurrency and earn money by changing its course; or just invest and wait for its value to rise. At the same time, you can store cryptocurrency on the wallet of the exchange or withdraw it to any other.

Instructions on how to withdraw Ripple from the Exmo exchange on with a real example:

  • You need to go to the “Wallet” section, select “XRP” and click opposite “Withdraw”:
  • Then, indicate the amount of the transferred cryptocurrency (minimum 25 XRP; maximum 100,000 XRP) and indicate the address of the wallet to which you are withdrawing Ripple. Destination tag – when displaying on Gatehub, specify any whole numbers, since this tag is not used there. If you transfer to other wallets, you may be provided with it. For example, if you transfer to another exchange, then the Destination tag in most cases is needed and given when replenishing.
  • When you fill in the required lines, make sure the information is entered correctly and only then click “Withdraw”. Confirm the withdrawal from the exchange by entering the code received in the SMS and clicking on the link in the letter that you will receive on your e-mail:
  • Within a few minutes, the balance of the account on Gatehub will be replenished and you will receive an email about this by e-mail:
  • Going to “Wallet” – “Transaction” you will see the details of the transaction:

How to withdraw XRP from the Gatehub wallet

To withdraw Ripple from the Gatehub wallet and transfer it to the exchange for trading; exchange for other cryptocurrencies or withdrawal to fiat currencies (rubles, dollars, euros, etc.), you should:

Go to the “Wallet” section and click “Send Payment”:

  • In the form that appears, select the transfer method (BTC, Bank, ETH, QAU, Dash, ETC, REP, GOLD). “Instant” is a withdrawal of the Ripple cryptocurrency, while specifying the recipient’s address and the amount.
  • If you need a Destination tag, specify it as well (the line will appear when you enter the address).

A real example of how to withdraw XRP cryptocurrency from Gatehub to the Exmo exchange.

On the website, in the “Wallet” section, opposite to “XRP”, click “Replenish” – you will see the Ripple address for replenishing your account balance on the exchange and the Destination tag:

The commission is 0%, the minimum amount is 10 XRP. Copy this information from the cryptocurrency exchange and fill out the transfer form on the gatehub website, then click “Next step”:

You will need to confirm the transfer, double-check the XRP address, tag and if everything is correct, click “Confirm”. Ripple network fee (Fee) per transaction and confirmation: 0.000015 XRP.

Going to “Wallet” – “Transaction” you will see that the transfer to the Exmo exchange has been made:

If you click on this line, you will see detailed information and a link to monitoring (show transaction on Ripple charts):

Follow the link to see that the withdrawal was made and the transaction was confirmed on the network:

The time for crediting the transfer from the Exmo exchange is almost instant:

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Withdrawing Ripple (XRP) to real money (rubles, dollars and other currencies)

The most convenient way to withdraw Ripple in rubles, dollars and other fiat currencies is to use cryptocurrency exchanges. I’ll show you using Exmo as an example, on which there are several output options:

  • The first is to create an Ex-code and cash it out in online exchangers. To do this, change Ripple to dollars, euros, rubles and other currencies:

Go to “Wallet” and select “Ex-code” – “Withdraw”, create a code in the selected currency for the required amount:

Then, we go to a reliable exchanger, for example, Xchange and change to a payment system:

  • The second way to withdraw XRP from the exchange in real money is to exchange it for fiat currencies and use the methods offered on the exchange itself. For example, USD can be withdrawn from the account to the following payment systems: Advcash, Payeer, Money Polo, Perfect Money, Okpay; after verification for – Visa and Mastercasrd, Neteller, CryptoCapital cards or use a bank transfer.
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