How to transfer cryptocurrency to fiat money and to a bank card, the nuances of transferring from a wallet to the address of another wallet

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Operations with cryptocurrencies differ significantly from operations with conventional fiat money. Here you need to take into account a number of subtleties, understand what addresses are, what fees can be and what they depend on. Therefore, if you have any difficulties with how to transfer cryptocurrency, including to fiat money, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the instructions provided by the editorial staff of

Methods for withdrawing cryptocurrency to fiat money

There are many different ways to transfer cryptocurrency into real money – to a card, electronic wallets, a mobile phone account, directly into cash. All of them differ significantly from each other in different parameters, so the choice should be approached with all care.

  • Crypto exchanges (e.g. Binance, EXMO,, Exchanges are trading platforms where users can exchange supported assets and earn money from it. The exchanges are distinguished by a wide trading functionality, which includes many professional tools so that you can instantly buy or sell at the right time. But also modern crypto-exchanges allow working with fiat money, this helps them to expand the circle of potential customers. Thus, you can exchange your cryptocurrency for rubles and withdraw it in a convenient way.

So, the main ways to transfer cryptocurrency to rubles or other fiat money:

Transferring Ethereum to rubles via the Binance cryptocurrency exchange
  • Exchangers. If you are interested in a way to quickly and easily transfer without unnecessary registrations, verifications, then the exchanger may be a suitable option. A list of all honestly working services is on the BestChange website, where you can filter them based on your personal needs, in particular, by the supported payment direction. Exchangers support a very wide range of payment methods, but there are usually not many cryptocurrencies in them, only the most popular coins. The exchange is carried out within 15-30 minutes, it also depends on the speed of transaction confirmation in the blockchain. exchanger for transferring cryptocurrency to fiat money
  • p2p exchanges (e.g. Cryptolocator, Binance P2P, Monabey, LocalCryptos, Bitpapa, Bitzlato). Such platforms, although less liquid than conventional exchanges, are also very popular. The reason for their clear advantage is the absence of intermediaries as such. People transfer fiat money funds to each other directly, without the participation of the platform, and the cryptocurrency is temporarily (during the period of the transaction) blocked on a special smart contract without the access of either party. When the fiat money is transferred, and the seller has confirmed this, the block is removed from the cryptocurrency, and the coins are transferred to the buyer. The exchange’s role is to provide functionality for the listed operations, as well as to resolve disputes.
Selling cryptocurrency using the Cryptolocator website
  • Payment systems. (e.g. Payeer, Capitalist, AdvCash). Electronic payment systems are services for transferring digital and fiat currencies, as well as for paying for goods or services using them. EPS such as Payeer and Capitalist support several types of accounts, including cryptocurrencies, and direct fast exchange between these accounts. In AdvCash, you can transfer cryptocurrency into rubles in another way – through the appropriate section, by transferring the crypt to the specified address, after which it will be converted into rubles and credited to the ADV account.
BTC to USD transfer via Payeer EPS
  • Wallets (e.g. Matbea, Trustee Wallet, Blockchain Wallet). A number of cryptocurrency wallets work with withdrawal to the card through a connected payment provider, for example, Simplex or similar. In this case, the user is only required to go to the “Sell” section, and then specify the amount and other required parameters. Withdrawals are usually carried out quickly, within five minutes, if there are no delays on the side of the bank itself.
Transfer of cryptocurrency to rubles via Matbea wallet
  • Telegram bots (for example, @BZ_CHANGE_BOT, @BTC_CHANGE_BOT, @BitpapaExpressBot). For the convenience of users, as well as expanding the audience, many exchangers and p2p-platforms launch their own bots in the Telegram messenger – the functionality allows even a non-professional to do this without difficulty. The user needs to add the bot to his list of contacts, and then simply press the buttons in the chat window that correspond to his needs – select the given and received currency, etc.
  • Cryptomats. These devices look like ordinary ATMs, but they are used to buy or sell cryptocurrencies for cash. There are not too many cryptomats around the world, a few can be found using a map, for example,

These are the main and most secure, proven ways to transfer cryptocurrency to fiat money. You should not take risks and look for a counterparty on any forums or in social networks, without guarantees. Even if they offer a very profitable course. The pursuit of profit can turn into a loss of money as a result of fraud.

Transfer of cryptocurrency to a bank card

Crypto can be transferred to bank cards issued by VISA, Mastercard or MIR payment systems in almost all of the listed ways, that is, through exchangers, cryptocurrency exchanges, payment systems, wallets, p2p platforms, Telegram bots. Some ATMs also work with cards in addition to cash.

It is necessary to touch upon the topic of the legality of receipts to your card from the listed services. In Russia and most other countries of the world, except for some countries in Asia and Africa, transactions with cryptocurrencies in themselves are not illegal. However, it is important to follow the tax laws of your country and, if necessary, pay taxes on profits in order to avoid questions from the tax authorities.

How to transfer cryptocurrency from wallet to wallet

Transferring cryptocurrency between wallets is not a very difficult operation, but you need to take into account a couple of nuances. First, let’s figure out the basic concepts that are useful for making a transaction.


A cryptocurrency address is an alphanumeric code that functions as details, that is, it must be transferred to the person or service from whom you expect the transfer. The first address is generated at the time of the wallet creation, and then after each new incoming transaction a new one is generated (but the old ones also remain valid). This only applies to HD wallets and is done to enhance privacy.

Examples of addresses:

✅ Bitcoin – 1HuCoA44g8yJFLwn9sNK58bmSKuEGbQDy8

✅ Ethereum – 0x8E60b055656Beb228dd78b843358517BE4e100a1

✅ Polkadot – 14Kazg6SFiUCH7FNhvBhvr4WNfAXVtKKKhtBQ1pvXzF1dQhv

✅ Cardano – 01e8fd95f243f08b4ae6f79e7962e661f8460b9e11965530cd0c133725e8fd95f243f08b4ae6f79e7962e661f8460b9e11965530cd0c133725

✅ Binance Coin – 0x6BBad7Cf34b5fA511d8e963dbba288B1960E75D6

In a cryptocurrency wallet, the address can always be found in the Receive or Receive section, copied in one click, or use it using a QR code.

To anonymize transactions, special bitcoin mixers are used – these services break payments into many small ones and mix them up, so no one can match a specific address with your personality if they want to.


Unlike traditional financial institutions, the commissions on the blockchain go not to any centralized company or founder, but to miners or stakers, that is, people who maintain the network. Miners and stakers confirm the validity of transactions, form blocks from them and add them to the blockchain. For this, they receive a reward from the network, as well as commissions from all transactions included in the block.

From this brief educational program, it follows that it is beneficial for miners when the transaction fee is high, and they will process such a payment in priority.

Some wallets allow you to adjust the size of the commission, others automatically prioritize so that the payment goes through as quickly as possible. You should not set a low commission, then the transaction may hang in the queue for a long time.

Translation process

Transferring cryptocurrency from a wallet to another address includes several basic steps:

  1. Go to the section of the wallet called Send or Send.
  2. Insert the address of the recipient wallet.
  3. Enter the amount of the sent currency.
  4. Set up a commission if the wallet allows it.
  5. Carefully check the entered data and confirm the operation.

Using a mobile wallet, you can also send cryptocurrency by scanning a QR code.

Transfer of cryptocurrency through the Atomic Wallet

Taxation of cryptocurrencies

In different countries, the government has different attitudes towards cryptocurrencies and their regulation. So, in the Republic of Belarus until 2023, this area is not taxed. As for the Russian Federation, in mid-February 2021, the State Duma Tax Committee approved a draft law on taxation of cryptocurrencies, which includes the following main provisions:

  • Cryptocurrency is property. Income from it is subject to personal income tax (PIT) or income tax.
  • There is no VAT (value added tax).
  • The tax authorities have the right to demand statements of transactions on the accounts of individuals in case of suspicion of violation of tax legislation.
  • You need to declare a turnover of over 600,000 rubles.
  • Fines for breaking the law – 10% of the unpaid amount. +50,000 rubles for individuals and companies that have not confirmed their right to use cryptocurrency.

The document has already been approved by the State Duma in the first reading. Corresponding amendments, if adopted, will be made to the basic law “On digital financial assets“, in effect from the beginning of 2021.


If you want to join the cryptoindustry, then the question of how you can transfer cryptocurrency in different ways is one of the most relevant for you. We examined those methods that have proven themselves in the best way and are actively used by people from around the world. Over time, the intricacies of the translation process will become clearer for you, and the process itself will cause less and less difficulties. Pay maximum attention to choosing the most profitable and secure services for yourself.

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