How to sell Ripple (XRP) in 2022, selling Ripple for rubles, dollars and other currencies


The Ripple cryptocurrency has risen sharply in value in recent months, due to the increased interest of investors and traders. A positive role in this was played by the news about the beginning of testing of the technology for conducting interbank payments on the Ripple blockchain by Asian banks. On January 11, 2018, another well-known financial company that provides an international money transfer service, Moneygram, announced about cooperation with Ripple. They believe that the use of technology and the XRP cryptocurrency will allow transfers to be made quickly and cheaply to any country in the world.

The market capitalization of coins in circulation (about 47 billion XRP) as of December 20, 2021 is $ 39 billion with an average exchange rate of $ 0.82.

If you decide to sell Ripple and cash out in fiat money (traditional) money, then you can do this in the following ways:

  • Selling XRP and exchanging it on the cryptocurrency exchange. The most suitable option, since the rates will be better than in exchangers. Which exchange to choose – the final decision is yours. The Exmo crypto exchange is popular, where you can sell cryptocurrency for rubles, dollars, euros, hryvnia and withdraw in available ways: advcash, payeer, perfect money, okpay, Yandex money; after verification – by bank transfer, to a Visa or Mastercard, neteller and other methods.
  • Exchange XRP cryptocurrency in exchangers: Prostocash, 60cek, Ramon-cash, Platov, Xchange, Baksman, Kassa. Many popular destinations and payment systems are available. The advantage is fast exchange in just a couple of minutes.

These are the main ways how to sell Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP) in 2022.

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How to sell Ripple (XRP) on the exchange

The most profitable way to sell XRP is to exchange them on a cryptocurrency exchange. We look at which platforms work with the coin, which withdrawal methods and other conditions. Some exchanges can only work with cryptocurrencies (Binance), for example, you can exchange Ripple for Bitcoin and withdraw it to another wallet. There are exchanges that work with fiat money and you can sell Ripple for rubles, dollars or other currencies. One of them is Exmo, which I will dwell on in more detail.

The Exmo exchange provides an opportunity to purchase 12 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and others) and 1 token (KICK). Official website: Among the languages ​​there are Russian and Ukrainian. The cryptocurrency exchange has been operating since 2013, registered in the UK, the number of clients at the end of 2017 exceeded 1 million people. Currency pairs available with Ripple: XRP / USD, XRP / BTC, XRP / RUB.

To transfer the Ripple cryptocurrency to the exchange, you need to go to “Wallet” – “XRP” – “Top up”, copy the address and Destination tag.

Next, you need to exchange XRP for the desired currency (USD, EUR, RUB or UAH). This can be done through the “Exchange” at the market rate.

For example, exchanging Ripple for USD (dollar):

Or through the “Bidding” – select a currency pair and create a limit order, indicating the desired price for which you want to sell Ripple:

For example, a limit order to sell 100 XRP, cost $ 2.25. At the moment, the rate is $ 2.1916 and when it becomes $ 2.25, the Ripple sale order will be executed:

After the exchange, go to the Exmo website in the “Wallet”, select the account, the currency of which and withdraw fiat money from the exchange:

For example, money can be withdrawn from a USD (US dollar) account in the following ways: advcash (after verification).

Carefully read the withdrawal conditions, familiarize yourself with the limits and commission:

How to sell XRP in the exchanger

You can also sell Ripple through some online exchangers. The exchange rate will not be very profitable, but if you need to quickly withdraw the XRP cryptocurrency, then this method may be suitable.

First of all, we choose a reliable exchanger: Prostocash, 60cek, Ramon-cash, Platov, Baksman, Kassa, Xchange. On their sites, you can buy, sell electronic money, cryptocurrency. There are many exchange directions and payment systems: Yandex Money, Qiwi, Sberbank Online, Advcash, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash and others.

For example, the 60cek exchanger works around the clock in automatic or manual mode, depending on the direction of the exchange. The average speed of processing an application is 10 minutes, but this period may increase if you use cryptocurrency. You will receive detailed instructions directly during the application. After registration, you will receive a discount on the exchange, depending on the amount of the exchange.

For example, we sell Ripple (XRP) for rubles to Sberbank: we indicate the direction in the form (I give and receive)

We enter the necessary data: if we display it on the card, then its number and full name of the owner. Then follow the instructions and transfer XRP to the address you receive. After confirming the receipt of the cryptocurrency, the exchanger will transfer the amount to the details specified in the application.

You can track the progress of the operation on monitoring or

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