How to replenish the EXMO exchange or withdraw cryptocurrency and fiat money from an account


EXMO cryptocurrency exchange is popular in the CIS countries. It supports a lot of top cryptocurrencies, as well as a number of fiat assets, including rubles, dollars and hryvnia. Provides the ability to spot trading with the creation of limit, market and stop orders. The site offers its users a referral program and a cashback program, as well as a quick exchange function between cryptocurrency and fiat.

The editorial staff of considered various ways to deposit and withdraw assets of different types from EXMO.

What you need to do before replenishment

Since EXMO is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange registered in the UK, its operation strictly complies with the UK and, in general, the legislation established in the European Union. 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD), all users who transact in cryptocurrency are required to complete their identity verification after registration. Without this, money cannot be transferred to the balance.

Types of verification on EXMO:

Identity verification

This is the only required check, the rest are optional and are only needed to use some payment methods. Identity verification opens up opportunities for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency, using EXMO GiftCard, replenishment through AdvCash or Payeer, trading, etc.

It is necessary to provide proof of identity. The following documents are suitable: ordinary passport, foreign passport, driver’s license, ID-card.

Verification of the address

This check use an extended range of payment systems, for example, bank transfers via SEPA or WireTransfer (SWIFT). You can confirm the address with the help of such documents: bank statement, invoice for housing and communal services, tax documentation, papers from the court, registration certificate (not older than three months).

Card verification

To withdraw money to a bank card, a participant only needs to go through identity verification, and card verification also allows depositing funds from cards. During the verification process, the user confirms that the card really belongs to him. You will need to send a photo of the card. It must be named, and the name must match the username. The first six digits of the number and the last four should be clearly visible in the picture.

Verification of a bank or corporate account

To do this, you will need to personally write to

How to top up balance on EXMO

Cryptocurrency replenishment

Go to the “Wallet” section (blue button at the top of the site). Find the cryptocurrency you are interested in in the list and click “Replenish”.

EXMO cryptocurrency balance replenishment

The exchange will generate an address to which funds must be transferred from an external wallet. The minimum deposit amount is individual for each currency, for example, for bitcoin it is 0.001 BTC. The exact figure is indicated directly on the replenishment page. If you transfer the amount less, it will neither be returned nor credited to the balance. The average time for crediting a cryptocurrency is up to 1 hour.

Fiat money replenishment

In the same way, go to the “Wallet” section and click “Replenish” next to the desired fiat currency.

Replenishment of EXMO wallet with fiat currencies

Rubles can be entered using a VISA / Mastercard bank card, QIWI and AdvCash electronic systems. The conditions are as follows:

Options for entering rubles on the EXMO exchange
  • For cards – the minimum deposit is 3100 RUB, the maximum deposit is 48,000 RUB, the commission is 2.99%.
  • For QIWI – the minimum deposit is 3001 RUB, the maximum deposit is 60,000 RUB, the commission is 2.49%.
  • For AdvCash – minimum deposit 5 RUB, maximum deposit 500,000 RUB, commission 3.99%.

Replenishment takes from 1 to 60 minutes. The card must be verified, otherwise the funds will be debited, but not credited, and returned back minus commission fees. In addition, in order to combat fraud, when depositing rubles from the card, a 48-hour hold is set for withdrawing funds.

How to withdraw money from EXMO

Cryptocurrency withdrawal

The cryptocurrency is withdrawn from the exchange using analytical solutions provider CipherTrace, which verifies every transaction. The minimum and maximum replenishment amount, as well as commissions, are individual for each coin. For example, the conditions for bitcoin:

  • Minimum withdrawal amount 0.001 BTC
  • Maximum withdrawal amount 350 BTC
  • Commission 0.0005 BTC
Withdrawing cryptocurrency from the exchange

To withdraw cryptocurrency, insert the enrollment address in the appropriate field, indicate the amount. The commission will be calculated automatically and you will see the total amount receivable. Then click “Withdraw”. The speed of the operation depends on the blockchain load.

Fiat withdrawal

Fiat is withdrawn in the same ways as it is replenished. Conditions:

  • Cards – minimum 3500 RUB, maximum 100,000 RUB, commission 3.99% + 60 RUB. No more than 500,000 rubles per card per day. The speed of crediting is from 30 minutes to 3 banking days.
  • AdvCash – minimum RUB 30, maximum RUB 500,000, no commission. When withdrawing, the email address to which the AdvCash wallet is registered is indicated.
  • QIWI – minimum RUB 1100, maximum RUB 100,000, commission 3.49%. The wallet must be identified.
Ways to withdraw rubles from the RUB wallet on the EXMO exchange

Deposit and withdrawal with EXMO Gift Card

EXMO Gift Card is a tool for transferring assets within the exchange instantly and without commission. Gift cards themselves have become a way of transferring monetary assets outside the exchange space. Each is a 57 character alphanumeric code.

The main ways to use EXMO Gift Card:

  • Replenishment of your account using purchased cryptocurrency or fiat.
  • Transfer of funds to another user as payment or gift.
  • Withdrawing funds using exchangers in those fiat currencies that are not supported by the exchange.
  • Using other payment directions not supported by the exchange.
Deposit and withdrawal with EXMO Gift Card

To create an EXMO card, go to the cryptocurrency withdrawal section (for fiat currencies, codes can only be accepted, not created).

Enter the withdrawal amount. The recipient’s login needs to be specified only if you do not want anyone other than a certain user to be able to receive the assets. The resulting code can be passed on at will. Once activated, it will no longer be active.

To activate your EXMO Gift Card, go to the “Replenish” section, select the appropriate deposit method. You just need to insert the received code and click the “Download Gift Card” button. Funds will be credited to the balance instantly.

Other methods of deposit / withdrawal

Several ways of depositing or withdrawing from the EXMO exchange via third-party services:

In other words, any services that can make transfers to the address of a cryptocurrency wallet, or provide such an address for accepting a transfer, are suitable for depositing or withdrawing from the EXMO crypto exchange.


In this article, you learned how you can deposit or withdraw funds from EXMO. The exchange offers a fairly wide selection of convenient deposit methods, as well as a convenient Gift Card tool for transferring within the exchange without commissions. Detailed information about commissions and limits on input / output, set on the exchange, can be found on its official website, if you go to the “Commissions” page or “Limits” https: //

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