How to get cryptocurrency for free, what 6 ways exist with examples


The benefits and relevance of cryptocurrency as an investment, trading, payment asset is no longer in doubt. Nevertheless, many are still afraid to invest in it because of the uncertain future and high volatility. However, it is possible to get some digital coins absolutely free of charge. This will help you get to know the crypto world better and not risk anything. The editorial staff will tell you how to get cryptocurrency for free in simple and affordable ways for everyone.

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Why is cryptocurrency relevant now 

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a major and global economic crisis, very similar to the global financial crisis seen in 2008 and (presumably) leading to the creation of Bitcoin. In recent months, investors are increasingly turning to cryptocurrency to keep their capital safe from inflation.

American lawyer, lobbyist and politician Tom Emmer said: “When we get out of the crisis, Bitcoin is not going anywhere and cryptocurrencies will continue to become more and more important.”

Cryptocurrencies have indeed proven to be resilient. The interest of investors, both private and institutional, in digital currencies has increased dramatically lately. Many early investors who previously perceived digital coins as a tool for making quick profits on the hype topic have now moved into the category of serious long-term holders.

While it is difficult to say which digital currencies will grow in the next year, it can be said that in general, cryptocurrency is firmly entrenched in the financial market. Its main technology – blockchain – has already spread far beyond the industry, more and more new applications are being developed on it. And given the fact that the government is gradually making progress in regulating this area in different countries of the world, there is reason to believe that the growth of the industry will continue.

Ways to get free cryptocurrency

Let’s consider the main methods by which everyone can get cryptocurrency for free. Of course, for the most part, the amount of earnings will be small, but even such an amount will help replenish your investment portfolio with the expectation of an increase in the rate.

1. Cranes

A cryptocurrency faucet is a site that, in exchange for performing small tasks, gives the user a certain amount of free cryptocurrency. At the same time, the faucet itself makes money on advertising, which is a lot on such sites, and usually you cannot turn it off.

Tasks most often include captcha input, viewing ads, filling out a survey, etc. The better the crane, the more it pays for each task and the less action it takes for it, but in general, all cranes provide approximately the same income (up to 200 satoshi per hour). Usually there is a minimum wage for the withdrawal of earned satoshi, and it can be high. Therefore, you should choose only proven taps, so that it does not turn out that you have been saving up the minimum wage for a long time, and you could not withdraw the funds.

The process of completing tasks can be tedious, but even small grains of bitcoin are worth it, as in the future their value can increase hundreds and thousands of times.

Examples of working cranes:

In addition, you can register on the Crex24 exchange – it provides a platform for receiving free cryptocurrency, working on the principle of a faucet. A nice feature is that there are no ads on the site. The faucets are designed to attract new users and potential customers of the exchange. You can receive different types of tokens, both well-known and not so much.

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2. Games

Blockchain games come in many different types. Some do not provide for earnings, others work on the principle of cranes and pay small amounts for completing various tasks; there are also gambling games and entire casinos where cryptocurrencies are used to deposit and receive payments.

CropBytes game

Examples of blockchain games with the ability to make money:

  • CryptoPop. You can earn Ethereum and Popcoin from the built-in faucet by playing balls. Available on Android.
  • Blockchain Game. Also a game for Android, where you need to “build a blockchain” by collecting blocks. The longer the chain is, the higher the earnings.
  • CropBytes. Cryptocurrency game for Android or iOS. Integrates with Tron wallet. It is a role-playing simulator where you can be a farmer, merchant, etc.

3. Airdrops and bounties

Airdrops and bounty programs are marketing strategies that help new crypto projects quickly attract new users, which is important for a successful launch and rapid expansion.

As part of bounty programs, the project offers anyone who wants to reward in cryptocurrency tokens for completing certain tasks, for example:

✅ activity on forums;

✅ activity on social networks;

✅ testing code and finding bugs;

✅ translation of the site or documentation into other languages ​​and many others.

Thus, the community takes an active part in the initial development of the project and receives a financial incentive for this; yes, at first the tokens are worth little, but if the project can be developed, then their value is likely to increase. Participants in bounty programs play a key role in spreading information about the launched project, and their information is aimed precisely at the right audience.

Airdrops have a lot in common with bounties, but rely more on word of mouth. To receive tokens in an airdrop, a user usually needs to subscribe to a newsletter, share a post on social networks, or somehow help spread information. During the airdrop process, a predetermined and specially allocated number of tokens are distributed. Another method is to simply drop tokens into random wallets. Having seen the receipt, the user will be interested and check what kind of project he was gifted with. Although this method has been proven to produce positive results, companies have to rely too much on luck here.

There are sites that can help you track information about current marketing programs in order to receive free cryptocurrency:

4. Mining without investment

One of the ways to earn cryptocurrency without investment is to start mining on your home computer, if it has enough power (in particular, a good video card and / or processor).

getting free cryptocurrency using mining on a PC

You can start mining in just a few clicks by downloading the right software (for example, MinerGate and NiceHash are well suited for this purpose). Energy consumption will not be as noticeable as if you create a full-fledged mining farm, and most importantly, no initial costs. However, you will have to come to terms with not very high income and increased equipment wear. You can calculate the profitability of mining using calculators.

A home PC can mine coins that are specifically designed to be ASIC resistant. For example, the most popular option is Monero (XMR). Also noteworthy are Dogecoin, Vertcoin.

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5. Partnership programs

You can get cryptocurrency for free if you have your own platform for distributing referral links (website, promoted page in social networks, etc.). Many crypto exchanges, exchangers and wallets reward users as much as possible for inviting new members. By posting links and attracting referrals, you can earn passive income for their activity on these services.

getting free cryptocurrency on the Bybit exchange affiliate program

Examples of affiliate programs offered by cryptocurrency exchanges:

Binance. 20% from referral commissions. (40% if the account has more than 500 BNB).

LocalBitcoins. 20% from referral commissions. A referral is considered as such only for 12 months, then it is detached.

BitMex. 10-20% of referral commissions, depending on the total number of referrals.

Currency. There is a referral and affiliate program. In the first case, it is valid for six months, with a 50% rate. In the second case, 50% for a period of two years, but only legal entities can participate.

Bybit. Pays $ 10 for each referral who has deposited at least 0.2 BTC into the account (you can use the bonus only for trading). Also pays up to 30% commission on transaction fees.

6. Freelance for cryptocurrency

This method is a routine work in accordance with your knowledge and skills, only payment for which is carried out in cryptocurrency. Accordingly, earnings can be anything, from low to very high, based on your value as a specialist and the customer’s willingness to pay a certain amount. Examples of freelance exchanges focused on this type of cooperation:

freelance for earnings without investments with payment in cryptocurrency


The concept of cryptocurrencies has long gone beyond a technological experiment. Today, everyone who is more or less interested in investing and finance has heard about cryptocurrencies or has dealt with them. There are reasons why the most prestigious companies and foundations invest in crypto today. If you want to join a promising industry, but are not yet ready to invest in high-risk assets, then free ways to get cryptocurrency may be exactly what you need.

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