How to Get and Earn Binance Coin (BNB): An Overview of the Main Ways to Get Binance Coin Cryptocurrency


Binance Coin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and this is not surprising given that it is owned by the Binance exchange – the market leader in spot and futures trading. This is a sought-after asset that grows and falls along with the rest of the crypto market and is highly dependent on the development of its home trading platform. In addition, with the help of BNB, users can save on commissions and participate in exchange events, airdrops and token sales.

Today, will review how to get and earn Binance Coin (BNB) in 2021.

What are the ways you can buy BNB

The easiest and fastest way to get Binance Coin is to buy it. Consider the ways in which you can do this:

  • Cryptoexchanges. The asset is traded on the centralized Binance exchange as well as the decentralized Binance DEX. In addition, it is supported by other trading platforms: FTX, BitForex, HitBTC, P2PB2B, WhiteBit, Coinsbit, etc. The largest trading volume, according to independent monitoring data, is observed on Binance in the BNB / USDT pair. You can trade on Binance without using fiat without verifying your account. If you want to buy BNB from a card, AdvCash or Payeer (or withdraw more than 2 BTC per day in any currency), you will have to go through the KYC check. Otherwise, it is this native platform that is most comfortable for working with the coin in question. BNB is an important part of the exchange ecosystem, the asset operates on the Binance Chain blockchain.
  • Exchangers. You can buy Binance Coin from a card without any checks through exchangers – they can be easily found through monitoring services, for example, the BestChange service or on our website page. Examples of exchangers supporting this cryptocurrency: Baksman, Bitality, Enter-Change, Kursov24, Coinpaymaster, AbcObmen, Exchangekey, Xchange. To purchase, it is enough to enter a minimum of data: email, card or wallet details from which payment will be made, wallet address for crediting, as well as the MEMO tag, without which Binance will not be able to verify assets and they will be lost.
  • AdvCash. This payment system makes it possible to link a Binance account to an account, and then buy assets using funds from the EPS wallet, and credit the purchased assets to an exchange account. The process is carried out through the section “Purchase of cryptocurrencies” and occurs instantly. When placing a deal, the current market rate is used, which is updated every 60 seconds. This is a convenient way to get Binance Coin on favorable terms.
  • p2p platforms. The built-in Binance P2P platform allows verified users to purchase a coin for fiat funds, and the choice of payment methods is quite large: these are all kinds of banks and payment systems. To use the platform, use the filters to find a suitable offer created by another user, click “Buy BNB” and follow the further instructions – you will need to transfer fiat funds to an external wallet or user card that will be provided, and the purchased assets will be credited to the exchange account in BNB.
  • Wallets. Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet, Freewallet and many others that support Binance Coin make it possible to purchase the cryptocurrency of interest using connected payment services such as Simplex. This is convenient because it only takes 10-15 minutes and the coins will be credited directly to the wallet, however fees can be high (for example, 5% in Atomic Wallet). The main types of bank cards are supported – VISA, Mastercard.
  • Telegram bots. Most of the popular cryptocurrency exchangers also offer the ability to perform transactions using a bot in the Telegram messenger. Of those exchanges that support BNB, the following bots are provided: @Bot_Baksman_bot, @bot_abcobmen_bot, etc. This information is indicated on the official sites of exchangers, and you should follow the links from there. The process of managing the bot itself is not difficult, it is enough to choose from the proposed items those that suit you. In some cases, you need to create an account, but not always.

Regarding the Binance exchange and some others, it is worth noting that the purchase can be carried out in different ways – either through a trading terminal by exchanging any supported fiat or cryptocurrency for BNB, or through an instant exchange service, which implies a quick purchase of an asset from a bank card. This operation is possible only for verified users.


BNB staking is available on the Binance exchange in the BNB Vault Adding assets to the staking pool allows you to receive both BNB income and additional DeFi tokens from the Binance Launchpool. Thus, by investing in BNB Vault, the user takes part in several projects at once. Profit and interest income starts to be calculated from the moment the money is credited to the pool, the first reward is credited the next day to the spot wallet of the Binance exchange. Its dimensions depend on the rules of the specific product.

You can buy back assets at any time, no sanctions are provided for this. From the moment the funds are withdrawn, the reward ceases to be accrued.


Binance Exchange regularly hosts trading contests and activities, and many of them involve BNB rewards. For example, the distribution of prizes for the Binance Pool referral program has recently ended, where you could win from 5 to 50 BNB if you invite new users who provide the pool with a hash rate.

And by Christmas, the exchange was giving away $ 1,500 in BNB between participants in some of the festive activities.

Keep track of new Binance contests on the official blog, social networks or on our website. Some of them have quite loyal conditions of participation and are suitable for a wide range of users.

Where to store Binance Coin

It is important to store the purchased or earned assets in a reliable cryptocurrency wallet, where the funds will be safe. Examples of wallets best suited for Binance Coin:

  • Exodus
  • Guarda
  • Trust Wallet (wallet with official Binance support)
  • Coinomi
  • Atomic wallet
  • Jaxx
  • Hardware wallets Safepal, Ledger – ideal for storing data offline from the Internet
  • MathWallet and many others.

All of the listed wallets provide the user to store private keys himself, which is considered the best option for maximum security, since there is no need to trust anyone with this confidential information. Since the BNB asset is in great demand, a large number of services work with it today.


As the popularity of Binance grows, so does the value of BNB. The coin brings real benefits to Binance users in the form of savings on trading fees. The Binance ecosystem today is very wide, it includes many mechanisms, tools and sections, and almost everywhere the work is tied to the main asset – Binance Coin. Therefore, the growth of the exchange rate and capitalization of this currency is fully justified. With each new application, new increases in value can be expected.

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