How to earn bitcoins for a beginner from scratch. Recommendations for beginners in simple words for earning bitcoins with and without investments


The whole Internet is buzzing about cryptocurrency now. News sites are full of headlines: “The courier made a fortune, remembering the several hundred bitcoins earned five years ago,” “Billionaire N from the United States doubled his capital by selling cryptocurrency profitably.” Well, how can you not get interested in ways to earn bitcoins? And what about beginners who do not understand anything at all in the world of digital money and investments associated with the purchase of cryptocurrency?

The article describes in simple words the most appropriate ways to get coins, both with and without investments. Options for earning Bitcoin on faucets, cloud mining, trading on exchanges and classic mining are being considered.

We make money on bitcoin faucets without investments

Novice users in the field of the crypto world, as practice shows, do not have a lot of capital that can play the role of an investment that will bring profit in the future. That is why Bitcoin earning without investments from scratch is popular among them. For this, the so-called bitcoin faucets have been developed – services that, with a certain frequency, pay an N number of crypto coins for performing the simplest tasks. Intrigued? First, let’s find out what kind of resources are they that provide literally free issuance of electronic money.

  • BonusBitcoin – allows you to receive from 3 to 5000 Satoshi every hour. Withdraws the earned bitcoins to the CoinPot micro wallet. From there, you can transfer to a Bitcoin address, FaucetHub (there are also other ways). The minimum threshold for withdrawing funds is from 0.0001 BTC. The crane pays for viewing the site and entering captcha.
  • Satoshihero. A versatile resource that pays for participating in offerwalls, performing simple tasks and viewing ads. Here you can earn up to 100,000 Satoshi bitcoins every hour.
  • Freebitcoin has been a faucet for over 11 years, and its interface draws users in with its similarity to roulette. The more you wind up, the more you get. The most common winning amount is 0.00000058 BTC.

Let’s stop. There is still a darkness of such resources, it is not difficult to find them on the Internet. You are one hundred percent interested in the question: why are these “crumbs” paid by taps, generally called “way of earning“? After all, according to estimates, the monthly income will barely exceed 600 rubles!

The first trick: you need to register on several taps at the same time. You can also use two or three smartphones (if any) or work from a computer. Each site of this kind will make payments at a different time from another resource. So it will turn out to successfully collect all your savings.

The second trick: using rotators. These are resources that allow you to combine all those faucets that are used in one link and automatically collect satoshi from them. We can offer a proven resource:

  • is a micro wallet that contains a list of the most relevant faucets at the moment. Its only drawback is the lack of a Russian version in the interface. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20,000 Satoshi.

Trick three: change your IP address. The Russian market for digital currency is still very meager, so one has to draw from European, Asian and American “boilers” where “real money” is brewed. You need to use the Tor browser or download a program like HideMan to set yourself an American IP, and then start earning bitcoins on faucets. Income will increase approximately 3-7 times.

How to earn bitcoins for a beginner in cloud mining

Once upon a time, cloud mining was an analogue of HYIPs, and the latter, as you know, were a well-coordinated development of scammers. But now we have the opportunity to use proven resources, which, if they take away the investment, will return it with interest. Why is this earning technique suitable for novice crypto users, even though it is risky?

First, you need to use trusted sites.

  • IQ Mining has been working for the good of society for almost 2 years and does not fail. Offers contracts for 2 and 5 years as well as perpetual. There are convenient ways to replenish the balance and withdraw the earned cryptocurrency.
  • Hashflare is a pool that has remained relevant after the many ups and downs of bitcoin. Gives over 200% per annum.
  • Genesis Mining is a highly secure resource. Thanks to its super protection, it is trusted by both experienced miners and beginners.
  • Nuvoo Mining – The pools of this server are located in Montreal, where electricity costs are minimal. And this is directly proportional to the size of payments.

Second: you can invest small amounts, for example $ 100.

Third: it is better to closely follow the forecasts of experts and subscribe to analytical chats. This will allow you to monitor all the cryptocurrency fluctuations up or down. When the bitcoin rate starts to rise, you can exaggerate your initial investment hundreds of times.

We earn by trading on crypto-exchanges

Those who have previously traded in Forex or on similar exchanges and are familiar with such concepts as currency speculation, binary options, etc., can safely skip this section. They will easily master the same technology, only not in fiat, but in digital currency.

But it is not recommended for beginners to register on such resources, since the chance of burnout is very high. In order to have time to buy bitcoins on time, and at the lowest price, and then sell at the extremely high, you will not just have to be aware of all current events. You will need a feeling or a predisposition to do this kind of activity.

An important condition for successful trading is experience. You can buy it using cloud mining, cryptocurrency faucets, and also by studying the relevant literature. But you always have to be on the alert, react to the slightest hesitation and analyze the entire situation.

The best crypto exchanges to trade:

  1. BitMEX.
  1. Localbitcoins.
  1. EXMO.
  1. Binance.

Mining earnings with investments

More recently, mining bitcoins was more than relevant. It was possible to become the owner of the coveted crypto-coin in a couple of weeks by running your video card to work at full capacity.

This “feature” quickly became public, so it is easy to guess that due to such excitement it has lost its relevance.

Today, home PCs do not mine bitcoins, as they are outpaced in an unequal battle by the most powerful farms consisting of ASIC equipment. They cost from 1 to 3 thousand dollars, and pay off for a long time. Having bought it, the miner will only spend money, and when he will receive the invested money back, it is not known.

Do not forget that you will still need to pay for the light that ASIC will wind up. Having tried “the old fashioned way” to get bitcoin on your computer, you can simply burn it, and in a matter of months.


Do you still think that earning bitcoin from scratch is beyond the power of a beginner? No, this is not so, you just need to put in effort and ingenuity. It is important not to be led to the mountains of gold, to be vigilant, remember that you always need to start small. It is possible to pick up the jackpots by already moving up the “career ladder” of the digital world. If you just start “spinning” in the bitcoin environment, that is, reading chats, studying news and analytics, then luck itself will ask for a visit.

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