How to check the balance of a bitcoin wallet and find out a bitcoin address through blockchain browsers

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One of the first questions that a beginner who is just starting to use cryptocurrency will have is how to find out (check) the balance of a Bitcoin address. It is very simple, does not require any specialized knowledge at all, it is enough to use the services intended for this purpose. The editorial staff of will tell you about all the methods and nuances of checking the balance of BTC addresses.

How to check your Bitcoin wallet balance

The peculiarity of storing BTC is that not the coins themselves are stored, but a combination of private keys and transaction history. The balance is formed based on the calculation of incoming and outgoing transactions using a simple formula: the amount of incoming minus the amount of outgoing = balance. For example, if during the entire existence of your wallet you received 5 BTC, and spent 2 BTC, then the system calculates a balance of 5 – 2 = 3 BTC.

What is a Bitcoin address and what is it like

A bitcoin address is a combination of letters and numbers that acts as details, that is, it is to it that the counterparty transfers funds to you. An unlimited number of addresses can be linked to one wallet (if we are talking about HD-type wallets, to which most services belong today). As a rule, after receiving each next incoming transaction, the wallet generates a new address.

Existing Bitcoin address formats:

  • Standard Legacy address (starts with the number “1”), for example: 1BUrDeWstWetqBFn7Au8m4JFg2xJaKVN4
  • Improved P2SH address (starts with the number “3”), for example: 3H28N5WuREZ99CNmhWcRcrnykWrMqkhFyWN
  • An even more advanced Bech32 (starts with the letters “bc”), also called a SegWit address or P2WPKH. For example: bc1uf5tdn87k7uz7r2kl5zrfww362ch3746lq5vse7

How to check the balance in a bitcoin wallet

The easiest way to find out the balance of your Bitcoin address is to go to your wallet. It is important to use the exact login details and keys that relate to the address you typically use to receive funds.

You will definitely find the balance of the wallet right away – usually it is indicated in large numbers on the main page. If the wallet is multicurrency, then you may need to select the cryptocurrency of interest in order to view the balance for it.

For example, in the Jaxx wallet on the right you can see the value of all your savings in dollars, and on the left – balances for specific cryptocurrencies:

check balance of bitcoin address via JAXX cryptocurrency wallet

If you use an exchange or an electronic payment system to store BTC, you will also need to log in and view the balance for the required cryptocurrency.

How to find out your or someone else’s BTC address

You can view your current address in the “Receive“, “Receive” or “Request” section of your wallet. There, if necessary, you can generate a new one.

He must give you the address for transfer to another person on his own. If you are going to transfer to the service, for example, when using an exchange or exchanger, then they also provide addresses for the deposit.

You may need to find out the BTC-address of a large service. As a rule, exchanges and other world-class companies do not hide this information. There is a WalletExprorer service that provides information about all top wallets and transactions on them. For example, the history of transactions for the wallets of the Huobi exchange:

How to find out the balance of your or someone else’s BTC address through the blockchain

The blockchain of Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies employs powerful cryptographic techniques that encrypt the identity of the user. The use of wallets does not require registration or providing personal data. Therefore, it is very difficult (although not impossible) to associate a public address with a specific person or company.

At the same time, the blockchain is transparent – that is, transactions and savings associated with each address are freely open for viewing by anyone through specialized services called blockchain browsers.

Consider the services through which you can quickly, legally and absolutely free of charge check the balance of any Bitcoin address: Browser

Go to

In the search box at the top, paste the address where you want to find out the balance and press Enter.

How to find out the balance of your own or someone else’s BTC address through the browser

You will probably see a selection like this:

Choosing a blockchain to check the balance of an address in the bitcoin network

The fact is that at some point the Bitcoin network branched out and the Bitcoin Cash blockchain originated from it. The specified address is in both networks. But we are interested in Bitcoin, so we choose this option.

The page that opens contains:

bitcoin address balance information
  • QR code for quick transfer of BTC to this address;
  • Information about the format of the address;
  • The total number of transactions associated with it;
  • The total amount of received cryptocurrency.
  • The total amount of sent cryptocurrency.
  • Final balance.
  • Below is a list of all transactions associated with the address.

The example presented is the first Bitcoin address in history that is believed to belong to Satoshi Nakamoto. As we can see, nothing was ever sent from it, but 68 BTC was received during its existence.


The browser is located at There is no Russian-language interface.

check the balance of the Bitcoin wallet address through the browser

Paste in the address and click Search. For example, we will use an address that is under the control of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

As in the previous case, you will need to choose a network, choose Bitcoin.

choosing the desired blockchain: Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash

The address page provides information on the total number of coins sent and received, the current balance, the format of the address itself, and all recent transactions. For example, 109,232 BTC were credited to this address and exactly the same amount was sent, all this took 17 transactions.

complete information about the balance of the desired bitcoin wallet address

aWebAnalysis – checking several bitcoin addresses at once

On the page there is an opportunity to check several addresses of interest to you at once. This is very easy to do.

Go to the specified page and paste in the field all the addresses you are looking for so that each of them is located on a new line (maximum 50 pieces).

mass check of the balance of bitcoin addresses through aWebAnalysis

Then check the box “I’m not a robot” and click the button “Check the address Bitcoin Balance and details”.

After a couple of seconds, you will see the information of interest:

information about each BTC address

For each address, here you can see the number of transactions, the total amount received, the final balance in BTC and in USD. In addition, the summary information for all addresses will be shown below. This is convenient if you know several addresses of a person or company at once and want to quickly find out how much money they have at their disposal.


Checking the balance of a particular bitcoin address is one of the simplest and most affordable operations in the blockchain. Any user can cope with this task. It should be borne in mind that transactions on your wallet can also be easily viewed by anyone. The blockchain is pseudo-anonymous, that is, it does not collect personal data of users, however, if desired, the observer can associate certain transactions with a specific person. To avoid this, firstly, do not neglect the possibility of changing addresses, use a new one every time, and secondly, if anonymity is especially important, consider using mixing services (bitcoin mixers).

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