How to cash out Bitcoin in 2022: legal and safe ways to cash out Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency


The editorial staff of offers detailed instructions on how to legally and safely cash out bitcoin in 2022. This can be done in different ways, consider the most comfortable of them: cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto-exchangers, wallets, electronic payment systems, peer-to-peer platforms, Telegram bots, as well as Bitcoin ATMs, also called cryptomats. We will also touch on the topic of how legal it is to carry out such operations in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine.

How to safely cash out Bitcoin in 2022

Let’s go directly to the methods of withdrawing bitcoin into fiat money.

1. Exchangers

Examples: 60cek, Prostocash, 365cash, Magnetic Exchange, ExchangeKey, Delets Online

Legal cashing out bitcoin through the ExchangeKey exchanger

You can find other exchangers yourself using the BestChange service or on the page. It is not difficult to use the exchanger, this operation is quite accessible even for a beginner:

  1. Select the given currency – Bitcoin.
  2. Choose a method of receiving payment – for example, a Visa / Mastercard in the currency you need.
  3. Indicate the details to which the payment should be received, as well as your email address if you are not registered.
  4. Enter the amount for the system to calculate the final result.
  5. Transfer bitcoins to the address provided by the exchanger, click the “I paid” button. You usually need to transfer strictly the amount that you indicated initially. But some exchangers have the function of automatically recalculating the amount, that is, you can send more or less (but not less than the minimum limit), and you will receive the corresponding amount at the output at the rate.
  6. Wait for the transaction to process. This usually takes 15-20 minutes. Then the exchanger sends you a fiat payment to the specified card.

2. Exchanges

Examples: Binance,, Payeer Exchange, EXMO,, Free2ex, Huobi

How to cash out bitcoin cryptocurrency through the EXMO exchange

Modern crypto exchanges are very functional and give users a wide range of options and payment directions. The listed sites require identity verification to work with fiat money, but there are options for exchanges without it (for example, BTC-alpha, Crex24, Yobit).

  1. Register and deposit bitcoin in the required amount. If necessary, go through the verification procedure.
  2. Exchange bitcoin for rubles or another fiat currency that suits you. This can be done through the instant exchange service, if there is one on the exchange, or through a trading terminal, depending on the functionality of a particular site.
  3. Go to the withdrawal section and specify the desired withdrawal method. Typically, fiat directions such as bank cards, AdvCash and Payeer payment systems, less often mobile operators, etc. are supported.
  4. Enter the amount and confirm your desire.

3. Payment systems

Examples: AdvCash, Capitalist, Payeer

How to cash out Bitcoin using AdvCash payment system

Electronic payment systems are multifunctional. They act as wallets for storing funds (both crypto and fiat money), a mechanism for paying for goods and services, and, of course, an exchange platform. Simplicity and ease of use make this option very popular.

  1. Create an account in the payment system, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Identity verification may be required.
  3. Fund your Bitcoin account in the system by transferring coins from an external wallet or exchange.
  4. Convert cryptocurrency to fiat money. After that, it can be withdrawn in any available way, for example, to a Visa, Mastercard or MIR card.
  5. In the case of AdvCash, BTC can be cashed out in a slightly different way, through the “Selling Cryptocurrencies” section. You will need to transfer Bitcoin to the AdvCash wallet address, after which an equivalent amount in rubles, dollars or euros will be credited to your account.
  6. Cash withdrawals are available through Advcash and Payeer (rubles, dollars, etc.).

4. Wallets

Examples:, Trustee Wallet, Matbea

Cashing out bitcoin into qiwi rubles via Trustee Wallet

While replenishment from a card is available in most crypto wallets, withdrawal to a card is a rarer service, since regulators are much stricter towards it. The listed wallets make it possible to do this, although requires account verification.

  1. After making sure that the wallet has the required amount of cryptocurrency, go to the section called “Sell” or “Buy / Sell”.
  2. Enter the amount.
  3. Choose a method of receiving funds if there are several options.
  4. Specify the details of the card / EPS.
  5. Confirm the action.

5. p2p exchangers

Examples: Binance P2P, LocalBitcoins, Monabey, LocalCryptos, Cryptolocator, Bitpapa

Withdrawing bitcoin to rubles through the Monabey service

Systems of this kind allow you to cash out cryptocurrency, receiving fiat money without a commission, directly from the buyer of the coins. It happens as follows:

  1. Find a suitable offer in the “Sell” section, specifying the desired parameters – given and received currency, convenient payment methods, transaction amount.
  2. Go to the page of the selected deal, familiarize yourself with the parameters.
  3. Express your desire to make an exchange, provide the buyer with payment details.
  4. Wait until the payment arrives at the card / e-wallet and confirm this fact. Then your cryptocurrency locked in the smart contract will be sent to the buyer.

6. Telegram bots

Examples: @BZ_CHANGE_BOT; @Chatex_bot, @BitpapaExpressBot

Cash BTC to Telegram via bot

Bots based on the functionality of the Telegram messenger allow you to buy and sell bitcoin by issuing commands in the chat window. The bot usually takes the databases for the exchange from the site of the exchanger or p2p service. Sometimes for the exchange you need to register and indicate your data, sometimes this is not required. Following the bot’s instructions simplifies the process of cashing out BTC as much as possible.

7. Crypto ATMs

On the website you can find cryptomats with the function of cashing out bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Search Bitcoin ATM

How to use this device:

  1. Some devices require an identification procedure, it depends on the specific manufacturer.
  2. Go to the “Sell” section by clicking the corresponding button on the screen.
  3. Send bitcoins to the QR code specified by the ATM, in which the wallet address is encrypted.
  4. Depending on the settings, you will either receive cash immediately, or you will be provided with a check with a redemption code and you will need to wait for the confirmation of the transaction (usually 1 confirmation is used, but this depends on the operator, for example, Robocoin requires waiting for 6 confirmations.

Bitcoin legality

Different countries treat cryptocurrency differently, from a complete ban to active support.

In Russia

In February 2021, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill on the taxation of transactions with cryptocurrencies. Digital assets are now officially property, and therefore, income from them is subject to the regulation of the Tax Code. The advantage is that now the owner of the coin has the right to defend his rights in court and count on legal protection.

Features of the project:

  • Income from digital asset transactions is subject to income tax or personal income tax. Citizens who carry out operations with cryptocurrency for less than 600,000 rubles per year are exempted from taxation.
  • Cryptocurrencies are not subject to depreciation and VAT.
  • There is a penalty of 40% of the amount in case of incomplete tax payment.
  • There is a penalty of 10% of the amount for the absence or incorrect filling of the declaration.
  • A fine of 50,000 rubles is stipulated for failure to declare deadlines.

The State Duma Committee on State Construction believes that it is also necessary to include the concept of cryptocurrency in the Civil Code in order to determine its relationship with concepts such as money or digital rights.

In Belarus

On December 21, 2017, the country signed Decree No. 8 “On the Development of the Digital Economy”. According to its provisions, until 2049, a preferential legal regime for residents of the Park of High Technologies will operate. It creates comfortable and relatively free conditions for resident companies. The mode is aimed at working with companies in the IT sector and the digital economy.

In particular, until 2023, citizens of the Republic of Belarus do not pay taxes on income from their cryptocurrency operations, and companies are exempt from VAT and income tax, and the income tax rate has also been reduced for them. Instead, a contribution to the park administration of 1% of gross revenue is applied.

In Ukraine

In December 2020, the Rada approved in the first reading the draft law “On Virtual Assets”. It follows from this document that the Ministry of Digital Transformation will regulate this market. Legal regulation of the sphere will allow cryptocurrency organizations to work legally in Ukraine.

Based on the bill, digital assets are an intangible benefit, the nuances of using which are determined by the Civil Code of Ukraine. Thus, virtual assets can certify property or non-property, and they are subject to all those restrictions that apply to the use of other objects of civil law.


Based on the foregoing, you have a fairly large selection of ways to cash out Bitcoin. Perhaps, in the process of reading, you already understood which method would be optimal for you, but if not, then compare such parameters as commissions, withdrawal speed, the number of steps and actions to complete the operation, supported methods of obtaining fiat funds, as well as the degree of security of those or other platforms and services. Exchanges and exchangers are considered the most popular methods, but they are far from always the most profitable and convenient.

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