How to Buy or Sell Chia Coin (XCH) | Where can you exchange Chia cryptocurrency for fiat


The Chia Coin cryptocurrency entered the open market in early May 2021, until that moment it could only be mined through farming. The initial price was about $ 1600, then the rate dropped down to $ 560, but now it has returned to the primary level. Many traders and investors believe that cryptocurrency has good prospects not only in terms of earning money, but in general, it can become a global instrument for world payments. Today the editorial staff of will tell you how to buy or sell Chia Coin, what services can be used for this purpose.

Exchanges supporting buying and selling Chia Coin (XCH)

At the moment, Chia is exclusively traded on crypto exchanges (or from individuals, but this is not secure). Consider on which exchanges you can buy or sell it. The Coinbase exchange was among the first to add XCH, but trading with this asset is not yet available, you can only watch the price and news.

1. Huobi Exchange

Huobi exchange for buying and selling Chia Coin (XCH)

The Huobi crypto exchange also allows you to buy or sell Chia for BTC and USDT. These cryptocurrencies, as well as a number of others, can be bought directly from a bank card. The platform makes it possible to trade with leverage, conduct over-the-counter transactions (OTC). Has its own trading bot (currently in beta). There is a detailed section with educational information on cryptocurrency.

Within Huobi, a user can passively earn in different ways – on a C2C landing page, fixed and flexible deposits, Ethereum 2.0 staking. You can take out loans in cryptocurrency, participate in promotions and contests, etc. Secure storage of funds is provided with round-the-clock monitoring.

2. OKEx Exchange

OKEx exchange for exchanging cryptocurrency Chia Coin (XCH)

On the OKEx exchange, you can buy or sell Chia cryptocurrency for BTC and USDT. This platform was founded as an offshoot of another exchange, OKCoin, in order to solve problems with regulators (certain functions prohibited in the main jurisdiction were taken to an offshore company). The platform quickly became very popular due to its large selection of trading pairs, flexible functionality and high reliability.

  • Website:
  • Year Started: 2013
  • Registration: Malaysia
  • Daily trading volume: $ 12,030,477,944
  • Trading commissions: up to 0.1%
  • Number of currency pairs: 519

OKEx supports over thirty of the world’s fiat currencies. In trading, you can use both standard limit / market orders and professional (iceberg, etc.). At the service of users is trading in perpetual contracts, futures, options, tools for portfolio optimization, loans and lending in cryptocurrency, a platform for IEO. User funds are stored in cold wallets, to which hackers will not have access even if the exchange is hacked.

3. MXC

Exchange MXC

The MXC exchange offers a wide range of digital asset management services. These are spot trading, leverage, derivatives, PoS staking, cryptocurrency ETFs. In 2019, this platform accounted for up to 5% of the total trading volume on the crypto market. For operations, the company provides a terminal of its own design, although you can switch to charts from TradingView. Fast exchange of assets through the built-in exchanger is also supported.

  • Website:
  • Year Started: 2018
  • Registration: China
  • Daily trading volume: $ 1,779,916,839
  • Trading commissions: up to 0.2%
  • Number of currency pairs: 856

Only verified users can work on MXC. The platform allows you to use two types of orders for trading: limit and trigger. Additional income is possible by staking various cryptocurrencies, including our own exchange token MX. Interest rates are dynamic and change depending on the market conditions. You can replenish the exchange account with both cryptocurrencies and fiat money.


Trading Chia Coin (XCH) cryptocurrency on crypto exchange

The cryptocurrency exchange, formerly known as Bter, is considered one of the most functional and secure. Its functionality includes spot and margin trading, futures platform, crypto ETF, staking and landing services. Also, the exchange is equipped with auxiliary tools – transfer between accounts, functionality for creating trading strategies.

  • Website:
  • Year Started: 2013
  • Registration: Hong Kong
  • Daily trading volume: $ 1,980,951,239
  • Trading commissions: up to 0.2%
  • Number of currency pairs: 1514

Gate Chia trades against USDT and ETH and also has an XCH / USDT futures contract. Trading commissions can be significantly reduced with the GT exchange token. Also, the exchange regularly hosts voting for the listing of new coins, in which anyone can take part. Numerous hodling tools allow you to generate additional passive income.

Chia Coin (XCH) Outlook

To find out whether it is worth buying or selling Chia Coin at all, you can study the opinions of traders, investors and analysts. They are contradictory – some point to shortcomings, such as the provoked shortage of hard drives, as well as the loading of the entire Internet with chia nodes (if providers of hosting, video platforms, streaming services begin to give up their disk space for mining).

However, there are also positive forecasts – to the point that Chia will outshine Bitcoin and become the only actual payment currency. If we talk about price predictions, then they portend stable growth without sharp movements; for example, DigitalCoinPrice’s forecast is $ 2121 by the end of 2021, $ 4200 in five years.

The coin indirectly affects other areas of the market economy. For example, shares of companies producing hard drives are becoming more expensive. Not surprisingly, miners have recently bought 10 exabytes (10 million terabytes) of storage.

Where to store Chia cryptocurrency

Currently, there are two options for storing Chia Coin:

An offline wallet that you install on your computer can provide a higher level of security than exchange accounts.


Buying Chia Coin is the best way to invest in this cryptocurrency if you don’t want to farm on hard drives. The coin has upside potential, and it is considerable – it has not yet entered the Binance exchange, and usually, when this happens, assets rise significantly in value. Chia Coin is actively mined both at the corporate level and at home while it is still possible. We talked about which trading platforms you can buy or sell the Chia Network coin on as of May 2021. There is no doubt that the choice of available methods will increase over time.

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