How to buy Ethereum (ETH) for rubles, hryvnia, dollars


The rapid growth in the rate of cryptocurrencies in 2021-2022 fueled the interest of the population in buying them in order to generate a good income. Therefore, the editorial staff of will consider the question of where and how to buy ethereum (Ethereum, ETH or Ether) – the second cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and popularity, after bitcoin.

How to buy cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH)

You can buy Ethereum for rubles, dollars, euros and other currencies in the following ways:

  1. In reliable cryptocurrency exchangers: Prostocash, Xchange, 60cek, Platov, Ramon Cash (purchase for rubles; from Visa and Mastercard; cryptocurrency, electronic money Yandex, Qiwi and others). You need to select the currency you want to give and receive, indicate the amount, wallet address and other details of the operation. For example, buy Ethereum (ETH) for rubles from a bank card:
  2. The second way is to buy ether on specialized exchanges where they sell, buy, and trade cryptocurrencies. Popular exchanges in Russian: Binance, EXMO,, Bitmex, Bybit and others. For example, EXMO is one of the 100 largest exchanges in terms of daily trading volume. On it you can buy Ethereum for Russian rubles RUB, Ukrainian hryvnia UAH, USD dollars, EUR EUR and others. The listing includes 13 most popular cryptocurrencies, buying and trading is available: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash, Monero, Waves, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and others.
  3. On p2p exchanges.
  4. Payment systems: Advcash, Payeer and others.

All methods of buying Ethereum are suitable for residents of the CIS countries – Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and others.

The emergence of Ethereum (Ethereum) is attributed to 2015. The rate at the beginning was very low – for 1 EHT they gave from 7 to 11 US dollars, but in 2017 there was a tremendous increase in Ether – up to 860 $. Today, December 23, 2017, the rate is around $ 700 and analysts predict its further growth.

Consider the question of where to buy Ethereum, how to do it simply, with a minimum commission, and most importantly, the methods should be available to anyone.

But, first you need to create a wallet for storing Ethereum cryptocurrency and find out the address to receive, how to do this, read below.

How to create an Ethereum wallet 

In order to buy ethereum, you need a wallet for storing and an address for receiving cryptocurrency on it. Currently, you can use the following options:

  • Download the program to a computer or mobile device;
  • Use online wallets;
  • Create a wallet on a cryptocurrency exchange.

In the first option, if you install the official EthereumWallet or Mist wallet, you will need a lot of free space on your computer, since during the synchronization of the program, the entire blockchain of the Ethereum network will be downloaded to your computer.

In the second option, the synchronization will take place online with the servers, so you can use and receive Ethereum immediately after registration.

The third option is exchanges, after opening an account you will have a wallet with various cryptocurrencies, including ethers.

Let’s consider these methods in detail with examples:

  • The official program for storing Ethereum is called EthereumWallet or Mist. Available for download at or

Choose an operating system, bitness and download the installation file. Its size, for example for Windows, is only 122 MB. Then, start the installation and wait for the synchronization to complete and all the blocks have been downloaded. If the program does not download blocks for a long time, then make sure there is free space on the C drive, there should be more than 100 GB free. Also, set the correct time on your computer, synchronize it with the servers and update. The process is lengthy and depends on many factors. More details about this in the article: Ethereum wallet – how to create.

The address for receiving ether can be seen if you go to the EthereumWalle wallet, under the words “Main account (etherbase)”, it starts with 0x:

In addition to the official wallet, you can also use wallets from other developers, for example JAXX. It does not download the blockchain, but uses a connection to online servers and does not take up much installation space. The Jaxx wallet is available for desktop computers, mobile devices and can be integrated into the Chrome browser. On the website, in the “Donwload” section, you can download the required version. Installation is not difficult. The most important thing is to take care of safety. In the settings, you can set a pin code, make a backup copy of the wallet (save a seed of 12 words), view and save private keys. The folder with the program can be transferred to any other device, for example, to a USB flash drive.

  • Use online sites to store Ethereum. There is no need to wait and download the blockchain – it will take literally 5 minutes to register and you can immediately buy Ethereum. List of sites:; In previous articles, I have already described in detail the registration on these services, but maybe someone has not read it, I will repeat it.

Go to – the first step is to come up with a strong password. Next, in a new window, download and save the login file to the wallet, then click “I understand. Continue”. Next, save your private key (Save Your Private Key) and click “Save your address”.

That’s all, in a new window you will be prompted to enter the wallet, for this, select Keystore / JSON File (the file that was downloaded during registration) or Private Key. After that, you need to click “Unlock wallet” and if everything is fine, you will see your address for receiving ether, balance and other information at the bottom of the page.

Registration on the website should not be difficult. In addition to the ethereum cryptocurrency, it can also be used for transactions with bitcoins. To log in, you need to use the wallet ID, which you will receive by mail when creating your account and password. Going into the wallet, select “Receive” (Request) and “Ether”, thereby you will see the address for receiving ethereum – on it you can receive cryptocurrency.

  • Creating a wallet on a cryptocurrency exchange – you can immediately buy the desired coin on it and trade. The cryptocurrency can then be transferred to another wallet. For example, on the EXMO exchange, all accounts are available in the “Wallet” section, among them there is ETH (Ethereum):

The address for receiving ether can be seen if you press the “Replenish” button opposite, the cryptocurrency is credited after one confirmation in the network.

How to buy Ethereum from exchangers 

It is very easy to buy Ethereum cryptocurrency in exchangers, and this method is suitable for everyone. You can exchange almost any electronic payment system that you have, including currencies – Russian ruble, Ukrainian hryvnia, tenge and others.

There are many exchange offices on the Internet, I will focus on the most reliable ones: Prostocash, Xchange, 60cek.

For example, the Prostocash service carries out an exchange in the most popular directions. You can buy Ethereum for Sberbank rubles, from ruble Visa and Mastercard, Qiwi, Yandex Money, from the Advcash wallet, Alfa Bank and others.

On the right, indicate the currency and amount you are changing; on the left – select which we are changing (in our case, Ethereum). For example, for 20,000 Russian rubles, you can get 1.4 ETH at the market rate.

After filling out the exchange direction and indicating the amount, we go downstairs and fill out another form with exchange details. We indicate the Sberbank card number, cardholder data and enter the wallet to receive Ether. Carefully check all the data before carrying out the operation and click Start Exchange. Pay attention to the reserve, in the screenshot above – you can buy 54 units of the Ether cryptocurrency.

The site has support around the clock, if you have any questions, ask.

On the topic: how to buy bitcoin

I have provided instructions for purchasing Ethereum, the algorithm of which is similar in other exchange offices. In this way, you can also exchange bitcoins.

If you have not found the necessary payment system, then you can use the monitoring of all Kurs-expert or bestchange exchange offices. Choose the direction of conversion and choose the exchanger from the list. For example, for Ukrainian hryvnia Privat 24 we buy Ethereum:

We see that 44 exchangers are working in this direction. General reserve 94 690 ETH.

We go to any and make exchange operations. After which you will become the owner of the cryptocurrency.

As you can see, buying Ether in exchangers is a fairly simple process, but be extremely careful when specifying all the data.

How to buy Ethereum on exchanges 

You can buy Ethereum cryptocurrency on exchanges. In addition to ether, you can buy other coins – bitcoins (BTC), litecoins (LTC), dogcoins (DOGE), dash (DASH), ripple (Ripple) and so on.

Consider one of the exchanges: EXMO

After registering on it, you become the owner of a wallet in which you can store 13 cryptocurrencies. Also, accounts in fiat currencies are available: euro, dollar, ruble, hryvnia:

Each account has its own method of depositing and withdrawing. Choose the one that suits you.

The exchange recommends using its internal currency – EX-code for instant deposit or withdrawal. It can be purchased or cashed in online exchangers. For example, reliable crypto exchanges: Prostocash, Xchange, 60cek. You need to select the currency that you exchange for the Exmo currency. The advantage of using codes is that there are many more payment systems available. These are bank cards Visa and Mastercard; various e-wallets – Qiwi, Yandex, Advcash, Payeer, etc. Choose a destination, fill in the required information and receive a code by email in a few minutes. For example, change Qiwi to Exmo:

After receiving the Eksmo code, go to the “Wallet” – Ex code – “Download” section and load it. There is no commission from the trading platform.

Consider the available methods of replenishment on the website of the exchange itself. An account in Russian rubles can be replenished: by bank transfer (after verification), from a Yandex Money and QiWi wallet (this is not always possible), Payeer, Okpay, Capitalist, MoneyPolo, Advcash.

Account in Ukrainian hryvnia: from Visa and Mastercard cards, Privat 24, Advakesh.

Pay attention to commissions and limits when depositing and withdrawing money.

After crediting funds to the exchange account, proceed to buying Ethereum.

There are two ways:

  • The easiest one is to go to the “Exchange” section and change the currency of one account to another. For example, we buy ETH (Ethereum) for rubles:
  • Or buy through bidding. Go to Bidding, select the desired currency pair: for example, ether for rubles (ETH / RUB):

We analyze the graph of the pair’s movement (you can choose a timeframe – day, week, month, year):

A form for creating a trade order will appear below. “By limit” – you set the price yourself. For example, we buy 1 ETH for 12,000 rubles. At the moment, the ETH / RUB pair is being traded at 13241 Russian rubles. When the rate drops and becomes equal to the one specified in the order (12000), the order will be triggered and the ether purchase operation will be performed. For registration we indicate: quantity, price and click “Buy ETH”:

Another type of order: buying “at the market” – this means at the rate at a given moment in time. In this case, there is no need to wait and you can buy Ethereum cryptocurrency instantly.

The coins will be stored in the exchange wallets, they can be sold at a higher price, withdrawn to another place, or traded every day and earn money on rate changes.

I looked at ways how you can buy Ethereum on exchanges and in the exchanger, if you know other options, write in the comments about your experience of purchasing cryptocurrency.

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