How to buy cryptocurrency for Russian rubles (RUB) right now is legal and profitable. Explanations and instructions for beginners and more


For the first time, starting to interact with digital assets, beginners may have a question of how to buy cryptocurrency for rubles or another fiat currency – after all, it is much faster and more convenient than first transferring to dollars, supported by almost all platforms and services. Fortunately, the popularization of cryptocurrencies in Russia is playing a role – more and more systems are adding support for the ruble, thereby making life much easier for users. The editorial staff of reviewed the main ways to buy cryptocurrencies for rubles with the least losses and risks.

Is it legal to buy cryptocurrency

Despite the fact that since January 1, 2021, the law “On digital financial assets” has been in effect in the Russian Federation, which imposes a number of restrictions on working with crypt, there are not too many changes for ordinary users. The prohibitions apply mainly to companies – they cannot accept payment in virtual assets, as well as advertise this type of payment.

There are no penalties for buying or selling cryptocurrency. The only thing to remember: no one has canceled income taxation.

If you receive income from your operations with cryptocurrencies, then it should be properly declared to the Federal Tax Service, in order to avoid problems and fines. The tax rate is standard, as for any other income of individuals – 13%.

Watch a video about taxes on cryptocurrencies and mining in Russia from the team of the Binance exchange:

How you can buy cryptocurrency for rubles: 7 ways

1. Cryptoexchanges

For example: Binance,,, EXMO, Huobi, Yobit

Buy cryptocurrency for rubles from a card on the exchange

Buying cryptocurrency for rubles on the exchange:

  1. Register on the trading platform, after making sure that it supports both the entry of rubles and the cryptocurrency that you are going to buy.
  2. Top up a ruble account from a card or payment system. Often this requires confirming your passport or card details.
  3. Go to the purchase section and exchange rubles for crypt.
  4. Withdraw the purchased assets from the wallet through the appropriate section.

Trading platforms provide a wide functionality – you can often use the purchased coins, for example, to generate passive income on deposit accounts. This is convenient if you are not going to spend coins at the moment, but bought them as a long-term investment. So they will work, and not just lie.

2. Cryptocurrency exchangers

For example: Kassa, Nice Change, MChange, 365cash, Prostocash, 60cek, Kursov24

Exchange Sberbank for Ethereum cryptocurrency on

Acquisition of cryptocurrency for rubles through the exchanger:

  1. Choose how you will pay for the application – for example, a VISA / Mastercard or a QIWI payment card.
  2. Select the cryptocurrency you want to receive. Make sure it is supported in advance, as exchangers usually only work with 10-30 of the most popular coins, unlike exchanges.
  3. Enter the amount and details.
  4. Make the payment according to the necessary details and be sure to click on the website the button confirming the fact of your payment.
  5. The cryptocurrency will be transferred by the exchanger shortly after receiving the payment, but the transaction may take some time, especially when it comes to Bitcoin.

You can choose the best exchanger using the list on our website or monitoring services that have proven themselves well as aggregators of information about them. For example, BestChange, Kurs Expert. They collect only those exchangers that meet certain quality and reputation requirements.

3. p2p-exchanges

For example: Binance p2p, Cryptolocator, Monabey, LocalBitcoins, Paxful, LocalCryptos, Bitpapa, HodlHodl.

Offers to buy cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) for rubles on the Cryptolocator website

Buying cryptocurrency on a p2p platform for rubles:

  1. Select the currency to be purchased, and specify RUB as the given currency.
  2. Select the type of payment and (if important) the country of location of the counterparty.
  3. View offers and choose an option with a suitable rate and limits, also paying attention to the seller’s reputation, his average response time, etc.
  4. Press the “Buy” button, read the information on the transaction page.
  5. Make payment in rubles to those details that the counterparty will transfer. Payment is made without the participation of the exchange, you make it from your own wallet or card.
  6. When the seller receives and confirms the transfer, you will receive the cryptocurrency to the wallet address.

The system of operation of p2p platforms is based on the concept of an escrow account, that is, an escrow account. While the seller is waiting for payment, the crypt is “in limbo” on this account, where no one has access to it. If all is well, then it is unlocked and goes to the buyer, and if there was no payment, then it returns to the seller. Thus, all parties are safe.

4. Telegram bots

Examples: @BZ_CHANGE_BOT; @Chatex_bot, @BitpapaExpressBot, @CRYPTOLOCATOR_BOT

Buy cryptocurrency via telegram bot Bitzlato Banker

How to buy cryptocurrency for rubles through a bot in Telegram:

  1. Add the bot to the messenger by copying its name or following the link strictly from the official website so as not to run into scammers.
  2. Using the buttons in the chat, select the given and received currency.
  3. Browse available offers, courses, and other information.
  4. Transfer fiat money according to the specified details and enter your wallet address to receive the crypt.

Other features of the bots can include help information, receiving receipts for transfers, changing the interface language, viewing developer contact information, and more.

5. Payment systems (EPS)

For example: Payeer, ADVCash, Capitalist

Exchange rubles to Bitcoin Cash via Payeer

How to buy a crypt for rubles through a payment system:

  1. Make sure that your payment system supports the ability to exchange assets, and its terms (commissions / limits) are suitable for you.
  2. Go to the exchange section, which may be called differently, but has the same essence.
  3. Make an exchange by indicating rubles and digital coins, as well as the amount. The operation takes place instantly.

The AdvCash payment system allows you to purchase cryptocurrency for rubles, dollars and euros in such a way that they are immediately credited to the balance of the Binance exchange. This requires linking both accounts.

6. Cryptocurrency wallets

For example: Jaxx, Trust Wallet, Trustee Wallet,, Matbea.

Buying cryptocurrency for rubles from a card through Trustee Wallet

Acquisition of cryptocurrency assets through a wallet for rubles from a card:

  1. Log in to your wallet and go to the “Buy” section. Not all wallets support the purchase of assets directly from the card, but there are enough of them.
  2. Select a Payment Method. Sometimes it is only one, and sometimes you can choose, for example, from several types of bank cards.
  3. Specify the amount, read the commission.
  4. Pay for the purchase with a card, specifying the required data.

Conveniently, after the purchase, you do not need to waste extra time and money transferring assets to your wallet – they immediately appear there and can be safely stored until you decide what to do with them next.

7. Crypto ATMs

These devices are designed to buy cryptocurrencies mainly with cash, sometimes also from a card. You can find them in your country using the card, including specifying a specific address, the required cryptocurrency, an operation (purchase / sale).

Search for ATM to buy cryptocurrency for rubles

How can you buy cryptocurrency for rubles through a cryptomat:

  1. Select the appropriate Buy option on the screen.
  2. Choose a cryptocurrency if more than one is supported.
  3. Enter the amount.
  4. Enter your wallet address or let the ATM scan the QR code from your mobile device.
  5. Enter the required amount in cash or from a card.
  6. Receive a receipt with payment information. The transfer will be credited after the transaction is confirmed by the miners.

Where to store purchased cryptocurrencies

Specialized wallets are intended for storing cryptocurrencies; such a wallet needs to be created before buying coins in order to get the address where they will be credited. Crypto wallets differ in that they do not store the currency itself, but a combination of cryptographic keys and transaction history. A private key is needed to access funds and sign transactions sent, open to generate wallet addresses and decrypt incoming transactions.

All experts agree that the most reliable wallets are hardware wallets, which, although they cost money, allow you to store keys offline from the Internet in complete safety. However, for frequent use of assets, software-type wallets (Blockchain, Exodus, Matbea, Trustee Wallet, Guarda, etc.) are more suitable. Many of them have a high level of safety and are quite suitable for daily use.


Now you know not only how to buy cryptocurrency for rubles, but also where to store it, as well as whether it is legal. When choosing a specific buying method, focus on individual criteria: what is more important to you, cost or convenience, privacy or security, a wide range of directions or decentralization. Each method has its own characteristics, there is no ideal, therefore it is recommended to adopt several of them at once in order to apply in different situations.

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