How and where to buy bitcoin profitably for rubles (Sberbank Online, Qiwi), dollars in 2022. Ways to buy Bitcoin safely and legally


The rate of cryptocurrencies is growing and you can make very good money on this in the long term. Bitcoin is the very first and most popular coin. Therefore, where and how to buy bitcoins in 2022 is an important question to explore. Let’s consider in detail the purchase of Bitcoin (BTC) in exchangers, on the exchange, through electronic wallets, using a p2p exchange.

How to buy bitcoin in 2022

You can buy Bitcoin (BTC) for rubles, dollars, euros, hryvnia and other currencies:

✅  On cryptocurrency exchanges. Popular crypto exchanges where you can buy bitcoins: Binance, Currency, EXMO, Crex24, etc.

✅  Through p2p exchangers. Reliable platforms where you can buy bitcoin – Monabey, Binance p2p, Localbitcoins, Cryptolocator, Paxful, LocalCryptos, BitPapa and others. You can find a seller from any country, for any amount and for convenient payment methods: bank transfers, cards, electronic money Qiwi, Yandex and others. On the site, at the bottom of the page, you can select Russian. The security of the transaction for the purchase of cryptocurrency is ensured by depositing the amount on the accounts of the exchange. The seller transfers bitcoins to the exchange account, and after confirmation of payment, the cryptocurrency is transferred to the buyer’s wallet. The site has been operating since 2012, registered in Finland.

✅  In bitcoin exchanges, this is the fastest way to purchase cryptocurrency. Reliable and verified online exchangers: Prostocash, 60cek, 24paybank, MagneticExchange, Xchange, Baksman, Kassa, Matbea and others. They can buy cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (Bitcoin), Ethereum (Ethereum), Zcash (Zec), Dash, Litecoin (Litecoin), Namecoin, Bitcoin Cash for rubles, Visa and Mastercard bank cards of any Russian bank, as well as for electronic money : Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Payeer, AdvCash and others. After registration in bitcoin exchangers, a bonus is provided – a discount of 0.05% for each operation. They work around the clock, support is always in the online chat – you can ask questions if something is not clear. To purchase, just select the desired direction, amount, enter the address of the wallet to receive and specify other details of the operation if necessary. For example: buying Bitcoin for rubles Sberbank:

After payment and confirmation of the transaction on the network, the valuable BTC coin will be credited to the wallet address specified in the application. The time depends on the congestion of the network and is usually no more than an hour. When exchanging, you will receive detailed instructions from the exchanger and a link to track the transaction and its status.

✅  Payment systems: AdvCash, Payeer, Capitalist. Having replenished the account with fiat, the money can then be transferred to cryptocurrency. It is possible to top up the balance through electronic payment systems, and after passing the verification, you can top up from Visa or MasterCard cards, by bank transfer. For example, through AdvCash, you can buy Bitcoin by making a transfer to the address of the desired wallet by selecting the items: “Transfer funds” – “To e-currency” – “Bitcoin” or replenish the balance of the EXMO crypto exchange and buy cryptocurrency on it. Accounts in dollars, euros, Russian rubles, Ukrainian hryvnia, Kazakhstani tenge are available. The exchange takes place within 5-10 minutes at the rate of the system. The minimum amount of bitcoins that can be purchased is 0.01 BTC.

You can buy not a whole bitcoin (1 BTC), but any amount – 0.1; 1.5 and so on. All methods of buying a coin are described in more detail below.

To begin with, let us recall that bitcoins are a decentralized cryptocurrency, no state has any power over it. This is its main advantage. Complete anonymity and transparency have made Bitcoin an attractive buying tool for investment and income.

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency appeared in 2009, the rate during this time grew from a few cents to $ 7,000 for one BTC (November 2017). The virtual coin is very popular today and is forecast to rise to $ 50,000 in value over the coming years! If you want to invest money, then buying bitcoins in order to earn money is a global investment trend.

Next, we will consider each of the above options for purchasing bitcoins, they are all available to customers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries. It is not difficult to acquire cryptocurrency.

To start working with any cryptocurrency, in particular with bitcoin, you need to create a wallet to store them and get an address. On cryptocurrency exchanges, the wallet is received immediately after registration.

How to create a bitcoin wallet

To store bitcoins, you can download special wallet programs (the most popular and reliable Bitcoin Core and Electrum); use special online services; create an account on the cryptocurrency exchange; purchase hardware wallets.

Of the available methods, we use the Exmo exchange and the Electrum wallet. They are quite reliable and take a few minutes to install or register. And one more plus – you don’t need to download the blockchain to your computer. Let’s describe each method:

  • The easiest way: open an account on a cryptocurrency exchange – a platform where you can trade, buy and sell cryptocurrency. Download the entire blockchain to a computer (more than 150 GB of information is not required). A wallet for storing coins is created immediately, you just need to register, indicate a real email account, come up with a login and a strong password.

The most popular in the CIS is the EXMO crypto exchange. The main advantage is that it works with fiat (regular) currencies. You can replenish the balance in rubles, hryvnia, dollars, euros, zlotys. On the Exmo exchange, you can buy cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zec, Waves, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Tether, Dash and other most popular coins.

You can see the address of your wallet on the exchange in order to receive bitcoins on it in the “Wallet” section – by clicking “Add” and “Create” in the line opposite BTC.

  • You can download the client software for Bitcoin cryptocurrency on the official website: You need to read carefully the description for each, since some programs for storing bitcoins download the entire blockchain network and take up a lot of space on your computer (more than 140 GB). This requires constant synchronization with the server and Internet access.

Today one of the most popular wallets is Bitcoin Core. You can download it on the official website at the link: Bitcoin Core. You need to select an operating system and click “Download”. Its weight with transaction blocks (blockchain) is more than 150 GB, so we recommend freeing up space on your computer. The synchronization process with the network will take several hours or days. To see the created bitcoin wallet address, which will be specified during the purchase, you need to go to the “File” – “Addresses to receive” item; to create a new one – click “Get” or “New”.

In the “File” menu, be sure to create a backup copy of the Bitcoin Core wallet for recovery or transfer to another computer (we recommend that you do this after each operation with a new address), saving a file called wallet.dat in a safe place or writing to a USB flash drive.

  • Another popular and reliable bitcoin wallet is the Electrum program. This is a “lightweight” wallet, since you do not need to download the entire blockchain and you can work right after installation. To download, go to the developer’s site: Select the “Download” section, your operating system and version. The size of the installation file for Windows (Standalone Executable) is about 18 MB. Portable version is a portable Electrum program for Windows, without installation and binding to a specific computer, it can be copied to a USB flash drive and run from it.

After downloading to your computer, you need to run the installation file electrum.exe. During the installation process, you will need to select the type of wallet: “Standard Wallet”; then Creative New Seed (create a seed – a new phrase to restore Electrum); a 12-word phrase (seed) will appear in a new window – they must be saved and recorded in a safe place. Then click “Next” and re-insert.

Next, come up with a password:

This completes the installation, it is possible to enter the wallet. In “Tools” you can select the Russian language, commission, etc. You can use it right away, since the synchronization takes place with the servers online (only the Internet is needed).

The address for receiving bitcoins is in the “Receive” section. In the “Send” tab, the cryptocurrency can be sent to the address of another wallet, specifying the commission, the recipient’s address and the amount.

A complete list of all available addresses is in the “View” – “Addresses” tab (20 addresses to receive “Receive” and 6 for “Change” to receive change).

To restore the Electrum wallet you need a seed, you can see it in the “Wallet” – “Seed” menu. You can see and save the private keys for each address, if transferred to another wallet (not Electrum), in the section “Wallet” – “Private Key” – “Export” (opposite each address – its own private key).

Electrum is a very simple yet secure Bitcoin wallet program.

  • The third way: registering a wallet in online services, one of the most popular is This is the easiest option, registration takes about 5 minutes. We advise you to write down all passwords so as not to forget. After entering the wallet, you can find the address for receiving bitcoins, to which you can send the purchased cryptocurrency. The wallet can be accessed from any device: phone, tablet, computer. Apart from bitcoins (BTC), you can store Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Review article: “How to create a bitcoin wallet”.

You need to register on, write down the password and wallet id to enter. It is imperative to indicate a real email when registering, as it will receive confirmation to enter the blockchain.

You need to store passwords in a safe place, in the “Security Center” item, by setting additional account security settings.

The wallet is convenient – at the top you can see the market rate of 1 BTC in dollars, on the right – the total amount, on the left – the main settings. The main action is to send or receive.

You need to go to the “Receive” item and copy the address to receive bitcoins. It must be indicated when buying bitcoin.

The address for receiving bitcoins consists of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet.

Where and how to buy Bitcoin in exchangers

A good and quick way to buy bitcoins profitably at the best rate and with minimal fees is online exchangers.

We recommend proven and reliable services that we work with personally:

Reviews on the Web about them are positive,

Registration is optional, but after it you will receive a 0.05% discount for each exchange operation on the site.

Select the exchange currency (Sberbank, Alfa Bank, VTB 24, Visa and MasterCard, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Perfect Money, Payeer and many other directions are available) and the currency to receive – bitcoin.

For example, buy bitcoin for Sberbank rubles: you need to specify the amount and currency.

Exchanger website: Prostocash

To complete the purchase, you must fill out the form with the details of the exchange, where you indicate the address of the bitcoin wallet and follow the further instructions.

After confirming the transaction on the network, bitcoins will be credited to the specified address

  • Another good bitcoin exchanger is 60cek. It provides a round-the-clock currency exchange service in the shortest possible time for a profitable and with a minimum commission.

The 60cek exchanger works with banks, cards, payment systems and the following cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash, zcash, bitcoin cash. It has large reserves, which can be increased upon request. After registration, a discount on the exchange is automatically provided.

To carry out the operation, you need to select the currencies that you give and receive, and indicate the amount. For example, buy bitcoin from a Visa (Mastercard) in rubles:

For 200 thousand Russian rubles from a card of any bank, 0.08173349 BTC is obtained at the service rate.

Then fill in the rest of the information, including specifying your Bitcoin address.

You can also use the Kurs-expert monitoring, which contains reliable exchange offices.

It is possible to choose any convenient payment method: buy bitcoins from a Sberbank, Alfa Bank, Tinkoff, VTB 24, Russian Standard, Avangard, Promsvyazbank, Privat 24 card; from a Visa or MasterCard in rubles, dollars, euros, Kazakhstani tenge, Ukrainian hryvnia; from payment systems WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Payeer, Advcash, Perfect Money and others. Select the desired exchange direction, for example, bitcoin for Sberbank RUB:

A list of exchangers will appear, where you need to find the option with the best rate and reviews, the amount without commission and with it, and go to the site to buy.

For example, we have chosen a reliable exchanger Xchange from the list. We went to the site and bought Bitcoin from a Sberbank card. To do this, you need to enter the amount, card number and address for receiving bitcoins.

Then enter the data on the card and indicate the wallet to receive (address).

If you have any difficulties, you can always ask support questions.

How to buy bitcoins on the cryptocurrency exchange

You can buy bitcoins for Russian rubles, hryvnia, dollars and euros on specialized exchanges. One of them was reviewed recently – EXMO.

Official website:

The exchange is well-known and popular – the number of clients has exceeded 700 thousand. It has been operating since 2013 and is registered in the UK. Immediately after registration, a wallet is created in 13 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DASH, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, DASH, ZCASH, WAVES, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Kick). That is, it is not necessary to create a wallet on the online sites described above, or download programs. But for subsequent storage, we recommend using local wallets if you do not plan to trade.

Continuing the topic: EXMO exchange – overview

After passing through a simple registration and confirming the email address (the link will come there), the wallet will be available, it looks like this:

In addition to 13 cryptocurrencies, accounts are created in dollars, euros, rubles, hryvnias and EX-CODE.

To buy bitcoins, it is enough to replenish the wallet in any of the ways by clicking “Replenish” next to the account currency.

One of the most profitable (no commission from exmo) and quick ways to both deposit and withdraw money from the exchange balance is Exmo codes. You can buy them in exchangers that cooperate with crypto exchanges. Reliable exchangers – Xchange, 60cek and Prostocash. It is enough to choose which currency is given, and to receive it, indicate USD (RUB or EUR) from the EXMO list. After the exchange operation, a code will be received, which must be downloaded on the exchange website. To do this, go to the “Wallet” section, select the EX-code and click “Replenish”, then redeem the code and instantly receive the money on the balance.

For example, a purchase from a Visa or Mastercard of any Russian bank:

On the site, you can put money into an account by going to the “Wallet” and selecting the desired account. For example, a ruble account can be topped up through payment systems: Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Advanced cash, Payeer, bank transfer. For each method, a description is given, indicating the minimum and maximum amount, commission and restrictions.

After the account is credited, you can buy bitcoin. To do this, just go to the “Exchange” section and transfer money in the desired direction on the market.

For example, for 10,000 Russian rubles you can buy 0.01972545 BTC (Bitcoin) at the market rate.

Through the “Trades” tab, you can not only buy or sell bitcoins, but also trade. Trading takes place around the clock, seven days a week, since the main advantage of cryptocurrencies is their decentralization.

Instructions on how to trade bitcoin on the exchange:

  • You need to select a currency pair: BTC / USD, BTC / EUR, BTC / RUB and others (17 in total).
  • Select the purchase price from the analysis of the chart, order book, trading history and the expected movement in the future.
  • Buy Bitcoin by creating a market order, which will be executed instantly at the market rate:
  • Or place an order “by limit” – in this case, it will be executed at the price that will be indicated, but in the event that it ever happens. Otherwise, the order must be canceled (item “Trading history”) – there will be no penalties or commissions for this. It is recommended to use a limit order to buy or sell if the price is indicated as real and there is confidence that the rate will reach this mark in the very near future. For example, an application for 2 BTC at a price of 15 thousand US dollars:

The purchased cryptocurrency will be stored in the wallet of the exchange.

To sell and withdraw in real money, you can exchange for fiat currencies (dollar, euro, ruble, hryvnia) and use the withdrawal methods offered by the exchange.

It is very convenient and recommended to use codes for Exmo, which can then be exchanged in the exchanger for the desired payment system. To do this, just go to the “Wallet”, select “Ex-code” – “Withdraw” – specify the currency, amount (there are limits for one code) and click “Create”. For example:

In the exchangers Prostocash, Xchange, 60cek, it can be cashed, for example, in Sberbank rubles:

If you want to transfer to another wallet for storage, just click “Withdraw” and indicate your address for receipt and quantity.

There shouldn’t be any difficulties with how to buy bitcoins, litecoins and other cryptocurrencies on the exchange.

How to buy BTC with WebMoney and Advcash

You can buy bitcoin cryptocurrency using payment systems. To do this, you must first replenish their balance, and then exchange or transfer to the wallet address for receipt. Let’s consider this process using the example of AdvCash and WebMoney payment systems.

  • Buy cryptocurrency bitcoin, ethereum through Advacash. To get started, go through a simple registration on the website, thereby opening a wallet. Next, deposit money by going to “Account replenishment” and choosing the desired option: bank cards (MasterCard, Visa, Mir and others) and bank transfers (Swift and Sepa) are accepted, but after account verification; electronic money (Yandex, Perfect Money, Payeer and others); cryptocurrency exchange codes.

If there is no convenient way, then you can use online exchangers, for example Prostocash, Xchange, 60cek, where the choice of payment methods is wider and you can deposit money without having to go through verification. You just need to choose the direction of the exchange. For example, transfer money from a Sberbank card or any other bank to AdvCash.

After receipt of funds, you need to go to the “Transfer of funds” item, select “To e-currency”:

Fill out the transfer form: choose an account (dollar, ruble, euro, hryvnia, etc.); indicate the amount; recipient’s electronic currency – “Bitcoin” (you can also choose another cryptocurrency – ethereum or bitcoincash). Enter your bitcoin wallet address, the line “Amount to be credited” shows how many bitcoins will be received (the value may change due to rate fluctuations).

In this way, on the website, you can easily buy BTC for rubles, dollars, euros, etc.

  • In 2013, WebMoney got the opportunity to create a Bitcoin wallet – WMX. And it can be replenished by making an exchange with WMR (Russian ruble), WMZ (US dollar) and other currencies. The automatic exchange rate is very unprofitable and differs from the market rate by 10–20%.

You need to create a WMX bitcoin wallet (via WebMoney Keeper):

Then right-click on it and select “Top up” or “Exchange”. We have chosen “Exchange from a dollar wallet WMZ to WMX (bitcoin)”. Specify the amount:

Please note that 1 WMX = 0.001 BTC. Below you can see the current exchange rate and reserve. After the operation, the cryptocurrency will be credited to the wallet.

Buy Bitcoin at Localbitcoins

You can always buy bitcoins from those who sell them. Sellers can be found on specialized forums, social media groups, and so on.

A reliable service for finding private bitcoin sellers is In the settings, you can select the Russian language (at the bottom of the page).

You must specify the amount, currency, country and click “Search”. You can either buy bitcoin or sell it.

We hope, after this article, you know where and how to buy bitcoins, what methods exist for this. Investing in Bitcoin is a good way to make money.

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