HitBTC exchange: reviews, review, registration and entrance to the official website, how to replenish and withdraw cryptocurrency [There are problems]


HitBTC exchange is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies and tokens. Legally registered in Hong Kong and has been operating since 2013. For 5 years of operation, the crypto exchange entered the top 10 in terms of trading volume. The listing includes the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DASH, Zcash and others. The HitBTK exchange actively includes tokens for trading, including after ICO: Verge (XVG), Neo, EOS, Bancor (BNT), Tron (TRX), Bytecoin (BCH), Noah Coin (NOAH), Ormeus Coin (ORME), Banca etc.

The official website of the exchange is hitbtc.com. Attention: there are messages from users about blocking accounts, on some forums the exchange is marked “Scammers”.

We recommend using other popular cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, Currency.com, Bybit, Exmo, Huobi, FTX, Bitmex or p2p exchangers.

Registration is open and did not close, as has been observed on Binance and other sites. The site does not have a Russian-language interface, but everything is extremely simple and clear. In total, there are 337 cryptocurrencies (tokens) and 639 currency pairs with them on the exchange.

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Daily trading volume – USD 146 million (April 10, 2018). The main volume falls on currency pairs:

  1. BTC / USDT (28%).
  2. BCH / BTC (16%).
  3. ETC / BTC (7%).
  4. XMR / BTC (7%)
  5. Dash / BTC (6%).

Deposits and withdrawals are implemented only in cryptocurrency, there are no fiat money methods. The trading commission depends on the type of order: for “taker” – 0.1%; “maker” – no commission.

Recommendations and advice when working with the HitBtc exchange:

  • Be sure to connect 2FA two-factor authentication – this is the guarantee of the safety of your funds.
  • Use e-mail for registration from normal mail services, such as Gmail from Google.
  • When registering, you need to enter a complex password of 8 or more characters. Lowercase, uppercase and numbers must be present.
  • When replenishing, click Show zero balance to see all wallets and addresses for transferring cryptocurrencies to them.
  • To transfer between accounts, use the “Transfer” column in the “Account” section.
  • In the “System Health” section – up-to-date information on the time of crediting the last 100 transactions; cryptocurrency wallet status; the number of deposits for input and output. You can roughly predict the processing time of the application.
  • The site has two backgrounds: light and dark. Switching is in the right corner.

Registration on HitBtc

Registration on the HitBtc exchange should not be difficult. Go to the official website hitbtc.com, click in the upper right corner “Register” and fill out the standard form:

Use a secure mailbox to register on the HitBTS website, we recommend using Gmail. In the future, it will become impossible to change the e-mail. Create a strong password consisting of 8 or more lowercase, uppercase letters and numbers. Read the Terms of Use to know your rights and responsibilities.

Click “Register”, thereby creating a new account on the exchange. To activate, you will need to follow the link in the letter that you will receive within a couple of minutes after registration. If you suddenly did not receive it, check the “Spam” folder or change your e-mail. This is a mandatory procedure. Don’t start work without confirming your email.

After activation, you can top up the balance of the HitBtc exchange, trade in the terminal and perform other operations.

Setting up a personal account of the HitBTK exchange

Having entered the hitbtc.com exchange website under your username and password, go to the “Settings” section (the gear icon in the right corner) to change the profile settings. The main parameter is the connection of additional security parameters, this section is highlighted with a red dot Security.

Connecting two-factor authentication 2FA is an important condition when working with any cryptocurrency exchange, as well as any other services. This will provide almost 100% protection of your money on the balance sheet from hacking. Without activating it, you will not be able to fund your account.

Instructions on how to connect two-factor on the HitBtk exchange:

  • Download the Google Authenticator app from the AppStore or GooglePlay. Installation of the extension for the Chrome browser on a PC is available. To do this, go to the Chrome web store, specify Google Authenticator in the search and install the proposed extension.
  • Launch the app and simply scan the barcode or enter the key manually (Secure private key).
  • You will see 6 digits – this is the code that we enter into the line and press “Confirm”. You will receive an email to confirm activation, just follow the link. If everything goes well, two-factor authentication will be added to your account. The application can work autonomously, the codes are updated every 30 seconds. If an error appears, please set the correct time and time zone on the device.
  • Make sure to keep the Secure private key. It is needed at that time if you uninstall the application. HitBtc exchange offers to save one more backup code “Write down your backup code”.

In the “Settings – Security” section, you can change the password and view all active login sessions on the HitBtc website. Email cannot be changed.

In the section “Account verification” – the conditions for passing the verification, which is not a mandatory requirement for working with cryptocurrencies on the exchange, but in some cases may be necessary in order to comply with the AML / KYC rules. The procedure includes providing information about yourself: a copy of your passport; document confirming the address of residence, etc.

In the “General setting” section, set your chat nickname, time zone, activate the promo code.

How to replenish your HitBTC crypto exchange account

To replenish the deposit and transfer the cryptocurrency to the HitBtc exchange, you need to go to the “Deposit” or “Account” section. Be sure to enable 2FA two-factor authentication in Security, how to do it – the instructions above. This will protect your money and account from hacking.

You can replenish your account only with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin and others), fiat money methods are not supported.

Click on “Show zero balances”, select the account you want to fund and click on the “+” sign in the “Deposit” column:

Your “Wallet address” will appear in a new window. It is created for each cryptocurrency. When transferring, look carefully at the minimum limits, for example, for Bitcoin – 0.0006 BTC. Do not send less than this amount. “Create new” – generation of a new address.

Some cryptocurrencies require an additional ID to be transferred. For example, for Ripple (XRP), the address and Destination tag are indicated.

Cryptocurrency for transfer to the HitBtc exchange can be bought in online exchangers or on fiat money exchanges.

List of trusted crypto exchanges:

List of exchanges where you can buy cryptocurrency for fiat money (dollars, rubles, hryvnia, etc.):

  1. Exmo.
  2. Localbitcoins.
  3. Livecoin.

How to withdraw cryptocurrency from the HitBtc exchange

To withdraw cryptocurrency from the HitBTC exchange, you need to go to the “Deposit” or “Account” sections. Select the account and in the line click on the “-” icon in the “Withdraw” column.

If the coins are in the trading account, then they must first be transferred to the “Main account”. To do this, use the “Transfer” column. After the transfer, fill out the form to withdraw the cryptocurrency. Enter the wallet address, amount, 2 FA code. Consider the commission, it is different for each cryptocurrency.

How to trade on HitBTC.com

To trade on the HitBtc exchange, transfer the cryptocurrency from the main account to the trading account using the “Transfer” column (top arrow) in the “Account” section.

To buy, sell virtual coins, go to the trading terminal by clicking on the top menu of the “Exchange” site. Basic cryptocurrencies are BTC, ETH, USDT.

  • In the “Instruments” area, select the cryptocurrency pair, of which there are 449. For example, XRP / BTC – buy Ripple with Bitcoin:
  • Study the chart of the selected cryptocurrency pair, order book, trading history.
  • Create a buy or sell order. The following types are implemented on HitBTC:
  1. Market – execution of a market order. The simplest type. Counter orders are liquidity. The order will be executed instantly at the best price.
  2. Limit – the price of the cryptocurrency is set by you. The order enters the general order book and is executed when it is redeemed. If you have specified a competitive value, then the limit order will be executed quickly.
  3. Scaled – large-scale orders for placing several orders at the same time.

Trading commission:

  • “Takers” – 0.1%.
  • “Markers” – 0% + rebate 0.001%.

Reviews about the cryptocurrency exchange HitBtc

The HitBTC exchange is included in the ranking of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trading volume, so there should be no problems with liquidity. There are a lot of coins in the listing, almost any token after the ICO is placed on the site. This is the main guarantee of its popularity. The site interface is not loaded with unnecessary elements. The trading terminal does not slow down; several types of orders are available for professional trading. There is a possibility to set a stop loss. After registration, a wallet is available for storing any cryptocurrency or token. Particular attention is paid to account security – a reminder of the need to connect 2FA appears when making a deposit; when registering, a special requirement for a password – at least 8 characters in a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers; cryptocurrency is stored in cold exchange wallets.

Among the disadvantages: the lack of the Russian language and the ability to work with fiat money.

In general, the reviews about the HitBTC exchange are positive. The site is available for registration to everyone, it is especially in demand among those who actively participate in ongoing ICOs.

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