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297 is an old but not well known cryptocurrency exchange. It was launched in China back in 2013 under the name Bter, but now belongs to the American company Gate Technology Inc, which has transferred all rights to it. It allows you to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies and also offers a very good level of security. Trading with margin leveraged collateral and perpetual contracts with up to 100x leverage is available. Apart from the main site, applications for Android and iOS have been released.

Official site:

All coins are traded within four main markets: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and CNYX. The exchange is targeted primarily at Asians and English-speaking users. Due to legal prohibitions, residents of Japan, Canada, the United States and several small states cannot legally use it.

Gate Exchange

Cryptocurrency trading platform

Stock exchangeGate
Russian languageYes
Former nameBter
Year of foundation2013
Operating companyGate Technology Inc
check inCayman islands
AddressPO Box 2804, Grand Cayman KY1-1112
Cryptocurrency walletYes
Working with fiat moneyNo
Input and outputCryptocurrency
Internal codeGate Code
Deposit commission0%
Withdrawal commissionBlockchain network conditions
VerificationOptional; KYC (2 stages)
Account protectionGoogle Authenticator; anti-phishing code; trading password; SMS; IP
Trading commission0,2%
Number of trading pairs376
CryptocurrenciesEthereum, EOS, Bitcoin, Aeternity, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Cosmos, Ontology, Binance Coin, XRP, Grin, Beam, Basic Attention Token, BitTorrent, Maker, Ethereum Classic, Waves, etc.
Own tokenGateChain (GT)
Token capitalization$ 135,765,298
Mobile appYes
Trade volume$67 362 356
Types of orderslimit; price and time conditions
Margin tradingYes
Margin leverage3x
Affiliate programYes

Features of the exchange has tried to make several improvements over the competition. Something turned out better, something worse. Among them:

  1. Low fees. The fees charged by the platform are at the lower bounds of other similar exchanges. A single statutory fee of 0.2% applies to all trades. With regard to withdrawals, the commission is calculated individually for each token.
  2. Charts, trade history and other useful features. At the same time, the site is quite understandable and not overloaded even for a beginner, although the interface cannot be called ideal.
  3. Multilingual. 12 interface languages ​​are supported. Russian is pretty bad, and also often the inscriptions do not fit into the blocks intended for them. But English is quite adequate, and the purpose of all functional elements is clear from it.
  4. Customer support. There is a FAQ and a detailed user manual to help you solve potential problems. If this does not help, you need to create a support ticket in English or Chinese. Communication via Telegram or Twitter is also available. Nevertheless, on foreign resources assessing the quality of support, the score does not rise above 3/5. It can be concluded that not all issues can be easily resolved.
  5. Safety. It is this aspect that the developers pay the most attention to. Client funds are stored in both hot and cold cryptocurrency wallets. Each client must be verified in accordance with the KYC system. Accounts are protected with two-factor authentication and a combination of passwords (for logging in and for working with finances). There is a Bind IP option: the site remembers the last IP from which you logged in

The activity of US citizens on the platform has been one of the main controversies surrounding this exchange. The project team made it clear that it does not support American users, and does not plan to change this due to the lack of clarity on the part of the SEC, as well as due to other factors. There is no mention or evidence that is regulated or sanctioned by any country’s national regulators. This is likely due to the fact that they do not process fiat currencies and bank transfers. However, this lack of regulatory approval could be a sign of the exchange’s unreliability for more conservative users.

At the same time, well-organized security is considered a strong counter-argument. During the entire existence of the crypto exchange, it was able to avoid hacking and hacker interventions, none of the users lost money. The end of 2019 report by ICOrating analyzed the security of the top 100 crypto exchanges. was ranked 53rd. While it performed well in terms of protecting user funds, it had weak web security. The result was disappointing, but it is still better than some other well-known platforms such as Bitfinex, Gemini and Bitstamp. official website

On the main (Home) page of the website, we see an authorization form and a list of the most popular currency pairs at the moment. Each of them is indicated:

✅ current exchange rate;

✅ daily trading volume;

✅ market capitalization;

✅ change in the rate for the last day in percent;

✅ price trend chart.

It is possible to add pairs of interest to your favorites by clicking on the star at the end of the line.


Trading takes place in the “Markets” section. The required market is selected in the left column (in relation to which currency you are going to trade). In the center is a real-time price chart. Below it are forms for creating buy or sell orders, and on the right – price statistics and the history of recent transactions.

The “Margin Trading” section is intended for trading with leverage. You can act as both a lender and a borrower. In the next section, perpetual contracts are traded.

The Startup platform is used for IEO – exchange-based crowdfunding, during which tokens of new projects are sold. IEO can be considered a new trend, so almost every exchange has already acquired a corresponding platform. Four events have already taken place at Startup – they sold MovieBloc, FACTS, CNNS and DREP tokens. On May 7, another one starts, from the GoWithMi project.

In the “Wallets” section, you can download programs for storing your cryptocurrency. Finally, the last item on the top menu is Help. Includes a support center, a page for submitting tickets, frequently asked questions, news, and the ability to download applications from the Gate cryptoexchange on different devices.

Check in

To create an account at Gate Cryptocurrency Exchange, click the Sign Up button in the upper right corner. Fill out the form by entering the following details:

✅ country / region;

✅ a name consisting of a Latin alphabet, it is possible with numbers;

✅ password, at least 6 characters, numbers and letters;

✅ Email;

✅ trading password, which you will need to withdraw funds and trade.

The trading password must be different from the usual one. Confirm your email address by following the link in the email.

Click “Create Account”. A notification about successful registration on the Gate exchange will appear:

It remains to complete the registration process. To do this, go to email and click on the link:

After activation, you can log into your account using your registration data. Do not set the “Bind IP” function if it is dynamic.

After logging in, an information window pops up with a warning about phishing and provides a list of the official sites of the exchange and services associated with it:


You can enable the anti-phishing code in the settings.

Another way to register is to download the app. In this case, you can use not an e-mail, but a mobile phone number. But after registration, it is still advisable to link the mail to your account through the settings.

If you were invited by another user, enter his ID in the corresponding field when registering. You will receive a discount on the commission when trading, and he – bonuses for each of your operations.


If you are going to operate with large amounts and you are not satisfied with the established limits (daily or one-time), then you will need to go through verification, confirming your identity. In addition, having a verified account on Gate speeds up deposits and withdrawals and improves account security.


✅ Set strong passwords for logins and transactions.

✅ Enable two-factor authentication in the settings.

✅ Link email and mobile phone.

To pass the KYC check, you need to log in, then go to Wallet -> KYC, upload a photo and fill in all the necessary data. In most cases, it takes less than 24 hours to wait for confirmation.

How to replenish, withdraw funds

The Gate platform does not support fiat currencies. To deposit cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the official website Go to your account page, where the status of each coin is indicated (section Wallets), and it is also possible to deposit or withdraw funds from the balance.
  2. Find the coin you want.
  3. Click the Deposit button on her page and get an address (unique for each user). Copy it.
  4. Go to the wallet where you store Bitcoins and transfer the required amount to the previously copied Bitcoin address. You can also use the QR code (on your mobile phone), it’s faster.

As soon as the transaction in the blockchain is confirmed by two blocks, the money will be credited to the account. Then an entry about the transfer with the status Done will appear on the page.

From the same page in the profile, where the list of coins is indicated, you can also withdraw cryptocurrency. To do this, enter the amount and address to which the money should be transferred. They are also credited to the account after confirmation by miners.

For the transfer of cryptoassets between traders to the sites, the Gate Code is available. Such internal settlement codes exist on other exchanges, for example, on EXMOEX-code.

Exchange trading

The desired trading pair can be selected on the main page of the Gate exchange or by selecting the market of interest from the main menu. This will open the trading screen. At first glance, it contains too much information to comprehend if you have no experience in trading. But in fact, the location of all the blocks is quite clear and logical.

You can place a limit order with your preferred amount and price. As soon as there is another order with the corresponding opposite conditions, then your offer will be fully or partially redeemed. The partially closed order will continue to fill until it stops. To cancel any of the open orders, you need to find it in your profile in the Wallets section and delete it. The blocked amount will be immediately returned to the balance.

For example, buying Cosmos ATOM cryptocurrency for Bitcoin (BTC) on Gate:

  1. We select the market (for example, BTC) and the required cryptocurrency (ATOM).
  2. Selecting a trade order. In our case, a limit order is used. It indicates the price and quantity. Also available: orders with price and time conditions.
  3. The “IOC” option means that the order will be executed immediately or canceled.
  4. Percentage scale -% of the balance that will be involved in cryptocurrency trading.
  5. Click “Buy (BTC-ATOM)”.

Commissions does not charge commissions on deposits. Trading commissions are initially 0.2%, but you can get a discount by reaching a new level.

The withdrawal fee varies for each coin, as described in more detail on the withdrawal page in the user account. For most coins, the fee is fixed, and not in percentage, so it is more profitable to operate with large amounts than small ones.

Gatechain Token (GT)

The platform plans to launch a decentralized exchange in the next few months, and has already created a token on its own GateChain blockchain. The token is needed to receive discounts on trading commissions, as well as to attract investments. In addition, mining is available, on which everyone can earn.

The starting volume of GT issue is 300 million, and according to calculations, in ten years the issue will reach the maximum limit of one billion. The sale took place on April 8, 2019, and the token became available for trading on April 21.

Margin trading is one of the exchanges that offer margin trading opportunities. This was introduced relatively recently, and is not available for all coins. The maximum leverage is x3. Thus, if you have 10 BTC on your margin account, then you can borrow another 20 BTC and trade using 30 BTC.

This is a very useful service, although the leverage is significantly lower than some other exchanges like Bitmex. Traders have the right to choose 10, 20 or 30 day conditions for margin. The exchange will liquidate the position if the losses exceed a certain level, and you will no longer be able to pay them. Then the exchange will pay off all debts from your account and close any open positions. Trading fees are the same for both margin and spot positions.

Before you start trading, read the warning about the risks of using a margin loan:

Margin trading instructions

The Gate exchange uses p2p lending, i.e. transactions are carried out between users of the site. You can either give a loan to another trader and get a% for it, or take a certain amount of a loan for 10 days for margin trading.

Let’s consider leveraged trading using the BNB / USDT currency pair as an example:

  1. Go to the “Margin” section.
  2. Choosing a trading pair.
  1. Click “Get a loan”.
  1. Select Transfer Margin. Transfer the required amount to a margin account. The maximum loan amount depends on its value.
  1. Select the terms of the loan and the amount of the loan.
  1. For a Long deal, you need to take out a loan in USDT, for Short – in BNB (Binance Coin).
  2. The loan is issued for 10 days, after which the order will be automatically closed. But, when making an application, you can choose auto-renewal. The interest rate is indicated for one day of use, i.e. in 10 days it will turn out 0.02% * 10 = 0.2% (as an example).
  1. Go back to the Gate trading terminal page and open a deal in the desired direction. Please note that the “estimated liquidation price” is the value of the asset at which the position will be liquidated and all funds will be lost.

Futures (contracts) trading

In February 2019, the exchange introduced the ability to sell and buy perpetual contracts. Perpetual contracts are similar to futures and allow you to create short positions if you know how to use leverage correctly. The only difference with futures is that perpetual contracts have no expiration date. Initially, BTT (BitTorrent) token contracts can be traded using leverage up to 100x multiplier. They can be traded in tandem with the US dollar, and the maximum contract amount is still limited to the equivalent of 1 Bitcoin.

As of 06/05/2019, the list of currency pairs for trading perpetual contracts is as follows: BTC / USD, ETH / USD, EOS / USD.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros of the Gate exchange

✅ Extensive range of currencies.

✅ Low commission fees.

✅ There is a mobile application.

✅ Thoughtful interface, easy to use, nice design.

✅ The listing contains the most popular and promising cryptocurrencies.


❌ Little is known about the company and the developers.

❌ Unregulated.

❌ Lack of transparency and communication with the audience.

❌ Fiat money is not supported.


The exchange is a trading platform with a large number of trading and pairs and democratic commissions. The site is functional and stable. For experienced traders, the lack of free choice of trading pairs can be a problem – for example, in order to exchange one altcoin for another, you will first have to exchange for Bitcoin or another of the four available assets.

There is almost no information about the team working on the project. In addition, many are concerned that the resource is not regulated by any major financial legislators. Therefore, it is better not to keep your funds on the exchange for too long, this applies not only to, but also to any other trading platform.

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