FreeDogecoin: a tap for earning DOGE cryptocurrency (Dogecoins) without investment. Login to the official website, registration and instructions for work


FreeDogecoin is a site for earning free DOGE cryptocurrency without money investments. You will only have to spend your time. The operating procedure is completely similar with another faucet – FreeBitcoin. The distribution of free dogs is done once an hour, but the Multiply game is available to increase the cryptoasset.

FreeDogcoin official website: There is no Russian version and for translation use a variety of translator extensions for your browser. In Chrome, just right-click and select the built-in Russian translation feature from the list.

FreeDogecoin is a popular site for generating additional income. According to statistics, 4,147,110 users from all over the world are registered on the online platform. The sum of earned and won contracts during the work was 24,194,192,627.38 DOGE, which in terms of fiat, according to the cryptocurrency calculator, is equal to 61,501,637.66 USD.

The coins received on the tap are available for direct withdrawal to the Dogecoin address. The minimum amount is 50 contracts. Then, they can be exchanged in exchange offices or crypto exchanges.

How much can you earn on the FreeDogecoin faucet? The amount depends on the amount of time spent waiting for the next portion of crypto coins and good luck. The maximum amount that can be received at a time is $ 150, but the likelihood of this is very low. The minimum amount is 0.2 DOGE per hour. It turns out for the whole day: 24 * 0.2 = 4.8 DOGE or $ 0.012. Per month: 0.012 * 30 = 0.36 $ – this is theoretically how much you can earn on FreeDogcoin under ideal conditions.

As you can see, it is impossible to get a lot of money on one crane. Use other cryptocurrency faucets or bitcoin faucets to increase your income.

Registration on the Freebitcoin official website

To get started with the crane, you need to register an account on the official website

In the registration form, we indicate:

  1. email.
  2. Password.
  3. Dogecoin address. You can change it in your account settings to another one.
  4. Click on the Sign In button.

To get the address, use the DOGE cryptocurrency wallets. For example, online wallet; Coinomi mobile application; local: JAXX, MultiDOGE Wallet, etc.

Dogechain wallet addresses start with the letter “D” and are up to 34 characters long.

After a while, an email will be sent to confirm your account. Just follow the link:

Login to the FreeDogecoin website

To enter your personal FreeDogecoin account, enter your registration email and password. Solve the captcha and click log in.

Important points when working with the site:

  1. Do not create more than one account, as multi-accounts are prohibited.
  2. Do not try to change the IP for re-registrations.
  3. Don’t use bots to automatically collect free cryptocurrency.

Follow the above conditions to reduce the likelihood of account blocking.


After authorization, the entire functionality of the FreeDogcoin website will become available. Let’s note the main sections that are used to earn free Dogecoin.

  1. Free DOGE. Directly a cryptocurrency faucet for collecting free Bitcoins.
  2. Multiply DOGE. The ability to multiply coins.
  3. Refer. Participation in the affiliate program.
  4. FAQ. Answers to the main questions.
  5. Profile. Personal Area. You can change the Dogecoin address, login password, notification parameters.
  6. Statistics. The general indicators of the site (registrations, last payments, winners in the game, etc.) and individual statistics are presented.

In terms of functionality, the FreeDogecoin site is inferior to FreeBitcoin.

How to get free Dogecoin

To get cryptocurrency without investments, you should go to the Free DOGE section. Coins are dispensed once an hour and, in order not to miss the next portion, turn on the sound notification.

Click “ROLL” and, depending on the dropped number, a certain amount of coins is credited to the account. Their number is known in advance and can be viewed in the PAYOUT column.

Example. We got the number “6575”. We find in the table which line it belongs to (column Lucky Number) and the amount of payment (PAYOUT). In our example: the first line and we get 0.19 DOGE. According to the exchange rate for today, the winnings are equal to 0.0004997 USD or 0.03 RUB.

To double the received cryptocoins, you need to use the Multiply DOGE section.

Multiply DOGE

Multiply DOGE is a more, less game. You need to make a bet (BET AMOUNT) and select BET HI (the number is more than 5250) or BET LO (below 4750). If the dropped out number turns out to be correct, the bet amount is increased by the set coefficient (PAYOUT).

Example (screenshot above):

  1. Our rate (BET AMOUNT): 0.095 DOGE. Its size can be specified by any, but not more than the one on the balance sheet.
  2. We indicate PAYOUT (coefficient) 2.00, which means that if you win, the amount will be doubled. The value can be set from 1.01 to 4750.
  3. WIN CHANGE. The probability of winning at a given odds.
  4. Presses BET HI or BET LO.

The game is fairly provable, which excludes cheating on the part of the FreeDogecoin site. In case of loss, the bet amount is debited.

Withdrawing Great Doges from account

You can withdraw earned coins from FreeDogecoin manually or automatically. The minimum amount in both cases is 50 DOGE. To proceed to the registration of the application, click “Withdraw” at the top of the site page.

✅  Automatic payments (AUTO) of the entire amount earned. Frequency – every Sunday. Commission – 0.25 DOGE.

✅  Instant withdrawal (INSTANT) – a request to withdraw a certain amount of the deposit at any time. Commission – 0.25 DOGE.

After receiving the cryptocurrency, it can be exchanged for rubles, hryvnia, dollars in cryptocurrency exchangers or on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros: ✅

✅  Reliable site, works for a long time.

✅  A real opportunity to get free Dogecoin on the faucet.

✅  Multiply game to increase your earnings.

✅  Direct withdrawal to a cryptocurrency address.

✅  The opportunity to learn more about what cryptocurrency is, how to work with them and receive them without money.

✅  No ads.


❌  The faucet distributes very small amounts. The owners of the service explain this by the presence of a large number of scammers.

❌  FreeDogecoin official website is not translated into Russian.

❌  Reduced functionality compared to FreeBitcoin.

❌  Long time between requests (1 hour).


FreeDogecoin is the place where beginners can learn about the crypto world. You won’t be able to make money on it, even if you sit around the clock and ask for free coins every hour. Spend your time, which is invaluable and can be occupied with useful things.

If you really want to earn cryptocurrency from scratch, then you need to additionally use other faucets. Their list is at the beginning of the article. Also, you can try alternative options for earning money: mining, cloud mining, cryptocurrency trading, participation in IEO, investing in cryptocurrencies.

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