FaucetPay is a wallet for receiving cryptocurrency transactions. Site review faucetpay.io, instructions on how to work and binding the address, a list of faucets


FaucetPay is a cryptocurrency wallet that accepts microtransactions, for example, from faucets. Allows you to generate a wallet address, which is then specified in the faucet settings and to which funds will be withdrawn. After the Faucethub site closed in December 2019, the faucetpay.io address should be used. There is no Russian interface language, but you can use the built-in browser tools for translation if something is not clear.

Official site: faucetpay.io

Be sure to check out: Faucets That Pay at Faucetpay.

The editorial staff of Btcnewsweb.com tested in practice the operation of this wallet and specifically the withdrawal to it from the cryptocurrency faucet.

General information

Official sitefaucetpay.io
ServicesCryptocurrency microtransaction wallet, faucet, games
Supported cryptocurrenciesBitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash
CommissionsFor replenishment 0%. For withdrawal – approximately 0.00007 BTC, 0.001 ETH, 5 DOGE, 0.00025 LTC, 0.0006 BCH, 0.00025 DASH
Minimum withdrawal amount0.000015 BTC, 0.003 ETH, 15 DOGE, 0.001 LTC, 0.0008 BCH, 0.0008 DASH
Minimum deposit amountAbsent
Russian languageNo
Mobile appNo
Two-factor authenticationYes
Number of registered clients157,553
Contactsticket system, https://t.me/FaucetPayOfficial

Check in

To create an account at FaucetPay, click the Sign Up button in the top menu.

On the next page indicate:

✅ username (nickname);

✅ email address;

✅ password;

✅ password repeat;

✅ agree to the privacy policy and terms of use of the service;

✅ solve the captcha.

After that, click on the blue Sign Up button.

The next step is to confirm the email using the link in the letter.

And log into your FaucetPay account using the previously created username and password.

Account setup

The first time you log into the FaucetPay website, you will be prompted for a two-factor authentication code. It will come in an email.

Enter the code and click Login Me In.

FaucetPay account settings can be found by clicking on the account icon by selecting Account Settings.

Here is the functionality for changing the associated email and password, as well as for enabling two-factor authentication through the Google Authenticator app.

Also on this page the status of Dice Game is changed.

How to use the wallet

Receiving funds from the tap

To top up your FaucetPay wallet, you need to go to the Deposit section.

Let’s consider a replenishment using the example of a transfer from a tap – after all, most often the wallet is used for these purposes. We use the https://bitearn.io/ faucet, which allows us to send instant FaucetPay microtransactions.

First, in the Deposit section, you need to copy the bitcoin address. To do this, just click on it.

Then go to the faucet website and register, while registering, paste the copied FaucetPay address.

Confirm email, sign in to your account. The crane allows you to receive 0.00000005 BTC every 30 minutes. To get your first charge, click I’m not robot and then Claim from faucet.

A notification will immediately appear that the bitcoins have been sent to the wallet address specified during registration. Having entered the wallet, you can see that the balance has increased, and information about the incoming transaction has appeared at the bottom of the page.

The Statistics section shows the earnings received on the FaucetPay wallet for the last month:

Withdrawing funds from the FaucetPay wallet

To withdraw cryptocurrency, you need to go to the Withdrawal section through the same menu or select the Withdraw tab on the main page.

Withdrawals are made to a wallet of any of the supported currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash. Select the option you want, insert the wallet address and enter the amount you want to withdraw, then click Place Withdrawal.

There are two types of withdrawal – regular (in 4 hours and with a lower commission), or priority (in 5 minutes with a high commission).

Nuances of withdrawal with FaucetPay:

✅ In order not to insert a new address each time, you can bind one or more, and then simply select them from the list. Linking is done through the Linked Addresses menu:

✅ Before withdrawing Ethereum, make sure your wallet supports smart contract transactions. Use only trusted wallets such as MyEtherWallet or Metamask, as FaucetPay is not responsible for the incompetent operation of the wallet accepting the transaction and will not refund any lost funds.

✅ Also FaucetPay disclaims responsibility for the fact that too small transactions do not reach the final address. The fact is that some wallets have a minimum limit for replenishment, so an amount less than the minimum wage will simply not be received.


FaucetPay Wallet Fees and Limits:

Cryptocurrency exchange

The site has a built-in exchanger that allows you to instantly convert one cryptocurrency to another at the current market rate.

Just specify the amount of cryptocurrency you want to give away, select the one you want to receive and click Make Exchange.

Faucets that pay on FaucetPay

You can receive payments to the faucedpay.io wallet from the following taps:

✅ Bitcoin: adBTC, StarBits.io, Bitearn, CoinPot

✅ Ethereum: Fire Faucet, Coin Bonus Ethereum, xFaucet Ethereum

✅ Dash: xFaucet Dashcoin, Crypto INC FaucetPay Premium

✅ Bitcoin Cash: Faucet Crypto, AutoFaucet.org

✅ Dogecoin: xFaucet Dogecoin, Larvel Faucet

✅ Litecoin: xFaucet Litecoin, Coin Bonus Litecoin

A complete list of faucets with links and ratings can be found on the wallet’s website in the Earn section.

Ways to make money on the site

The FaucetPay wallet allows you not only to receive and store funds, but also has several built-in services for cryptocurrency earnings:

  1. Rock Paper Scissors. The game “rock, paper, scissors” for cryptocurrency (temporarily closed as of March 2020). The winner gets 5 Satoshi and the loser gets 2 Satoshi. Thus, the game is win-win and does not require investment. (What is Satoshi).
  2. Offerwall. Execution for money of various tasks provided by partners of the site.
  3. Paid to click. Bucs, where you can get a small amount of cryptocurrency for clicks on sites and advertisements.

All coins received from the listed actions are instantly credited to the wallet balance.

Multiply (multiplier BTC)

Another opportunity to increase your earnings on FaucetPay is to use the Multiply BTC tool. You must place a bet and indicate the chance of winning (from 1% to 94%). Depending on this, it will be calculated how many times the rate will increase in case of a win. The minimum rate is 0.00000001 BTC, the maximum is equal to the deposit.

When you press Bet Hi or Bet Lo, a random number is generated. You win if it is in the correct range. If you lose, you lose the amount of money wagered.

For example, our bet amount is 0.00000014 BTC; multiplication factor 1.9; the probability of winning is 50%. We guessed correctly that the number will be more than 5000 and received 0.00000012 BTC for this.


The FaucetPay wallet is ideal for interacting with cryptocurrency faucets as it focuses specifically on instant microtransactions. Additionally, he offers other ways to earn money that will help increase capital. The site has an accessible logical interface; anyone who understands English at least a little can easily understand it.

Questions and answers

What is FaucetPay?

This is a cryptocurrency wallet for receiving microtransactions from faucets, transfers from cryptocurrency exchanges and other services.

Is cryptocurrency exchange available at FaucetPay?

Yes, there is a built-in exchanger in the Exchange section.

How to get transfers from taps?

You need to bind your cryptocurrency address in the Linked Address section or use the addresses in the Deposit section. Then, indicate the address on the crane’s website.

What is the commission, deposit and withdrawal limits?

All fees and minimum amounts are listed in the Fees section.

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