FaucetHub.io – a wallet for receiving micropayments from faucets. Detailed review, login, registration, withdrawal of cryptocurrency and review


FaucetHub.io is an online wallet for accepting microtransactions from cryptocurrency faucets. Those who make money on them know: to start receiving free coins, you need to specify the cryptocurrency address linked to the FausetHub wallet. Another purpose of the service is to use it as a wallet for storing cryptocurrency. Also on the site there are various offers for making money: games; lotteries; list of cryptocranes; chat, for activity in which they pay; mining and exchanger.

The official site is FaucetHub.io. From 2020 another service should be used: Faucetpay.

Attention. FaucetHub has been suspended since December 10, 2019.

The FausetHub website is not presented in Russian. There is only an opportunity to switch to the Russian-language chat. To translate a website into Russian, you should use translation plugins.

14 cryptocurrencies can be linked to the wallet: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Peercoin and others.

FaucetHub withdrawals are made every Sunday. The minimum amount is 0.0002 BTC; 0.01 ETH, etc. The process can be accelerated by paying an additional commission.

Registration on the official FaucetHub website

To register an account, go to the official FaucetHub.io website and select “SingIn” from the top menu.

You will need to fill out the form, indicating:

  1. Username (login).
  2. Email.
  3. Confirm email.
  4. Bitcoin address.
  5. Password.

To complete the creation of a new account, you need to accept the terms of the FausetHub service and go through the captcha, having previously selected it from several options. We recommend choosing Recaptcha. To complete the registration, you must confirm your email address and follow the link in the received letter.

FausetHub wallet login

To enter the FaucetHub wallet, you use your username and password. A common mistake is to enter an email address instead of a login. For security reasons, the system sends a code to the registration address, which must be specified in a new window. If everything is correct, you will go to your personal account.

The main section for working with the FausetHub wallet is: “User” – “User Dashboard”.

It includes 9 subsections:

  1. Overview. Here you can see the balance of all cryptocurrencies and make a withdrawal (Whithdraw Balance).
  1. Stats. Detailed account statistics are presented, including payments from faucets.
  1. Wallet Addresses. Binding (adding) new addresses. Available to view statistics for each address and delete.
  1. WithDraw. Withdraw cryptocurrency from FaucetHub.
  1. Deposit. Replenishment of the wallet balance. You need to generate an address and transfer cryptocurrency to it, taking into account the minimum amount.
  1. Free Bitcoin. The section contains offers that make it possible to earn without investment.
  1. Security. Configuring wallet security. Connecting two-factor authentication, notifications and deleting an account.
  1. Mining. Mining activation in the browser.
  2. Setting. On the page you can change the name (login), email, password.

The rest of the FausetHub website sections refer to additional services:

  1. Forum. Forum, there is a Russian-language thread.
  2. Exchanger. Cryptocurrency exchange.
  3. Sites. List of faucets that pay on FaucetHub.
  4. Check Balance. Checking the balance with the cryptocurrency address.
  5. Games. Games, to participate you will need to buy lottery tickets.
  6. Offerwalls. Various offers for earning money (surveys, installing applications, watching videos, etc.).
  7. More. Additional services: premium account, news, anti-fraud statistics, help, commissions, API.

How to link a cryptocurrency address to a FaucetHub wallet

You can add an address to your Faucet Hub account through “User” – “User Dashboard” – “Wallet Addresses”. You need to insert it into the “Link a new Address” window and specify the correct “Currency” cryptocurrency. When finished, click “Link a new address”.

The number of crypto addresses that can be linked to the FausetHub wallet is not limited. But on faucets it is necessary to use any one, without creating multi-accounts.

An unnecessary address can be unlinked. To view all receipts, just click “Stats”.

You can get the address:

✅  By installing a local cryptocurrency wallet on your computer or phone.

✅  Using online services; by registering on crypto-exchanges.

✅  Using paper or hardware wallets.

✅  Through payment systems (Payeer).

It is imperative to find out the minimum amount for replenishment. For example, to transfer money to Payeer, you need 0.001 BTC: on the EXMO exchange – 0.001 BTC, etc.

Withdrawal from FausetHub

To withdraw money from the FaucetHub wallet, you need to sign in to your account and go to the “Withdraw” section. Click opposite the desired cryptocurrency “Withdraw Balance”.

Then select the address to receive and indicate the number of coins to withdraw (Amount). Check the correctness of all data, since transactions on the blockchain are irreversible. To create a request, click “Submit Withdraw Request”.

The minimum amount for Bitcoin is 0.0002 BTC; Ethereum – 0.001 ETH; Dogecoin – 100 DOGE, etc. Withdrawals according to the regulations are carried out every Sunday. After that, the status of the transaction in the history changes to “Sent”. After the required number of confirmations in the blockchain, the funds are credited to the recipient’s address. For monitoring, we recommend using blockchain network observers, for example, for Bitcoin – Blockchain.com.

The commission depends on the amount that is withdrawn:

For the subsequent sale of cryptocurrency and exchange for fiat (rubles, dollars, hryvnia, etc.), crypto exchangers and exchanges should be used.

If the amount on the FausetHub wallet is large and (or) it needs to be received urgently, then you can pay an increased commission. In this case, you can expect to receive payment on the day of application.

Faucets that pay on FaucetHub

Below is a list of faucets that withdraw money to the FaucetHub.io micro wallet. Such payments usually occur instantly (automatically) after receiving the free cryptocurrency.

The list is current as of 12/13/2018:

Faucet namePayouts on FaucetHub
AdbtcThe minimum amount is 5000 Satoshi
СointiplyMinimum amount
BitcoinFaucetFunThe minimum amount is 1000 Satoshi

Full list of bitcoin faucets.

How to get payment from the faucet to FausetHub

An example of binding a cryptocurrency address to a faucet:

  1. Specify the address that is added to the FausetHub.
  2. Click “Login”.

To request a free cryptocurrency, you need to go through a captcha (enter the word shown in the picture) and an antibot (click on the words in the correct order). When finished, click “Verify”. This procedure is identical for most services.

Then again you need to go through the captcha and click “Click here to continue”. It is important to be careful, there are a lot of advertisements on faucets, including hidden ones. 100% that the user will click on it without knowing it.

After passing all the tests, a notification will appear about the receipt and transfer of Satoshi to the FaucetHub wallet. You can verify this if you go to his account and see the statistics:

Recommended: Ethereum faucets.

Reviews on FaucetHub.io

The FausetHub micropayment wallet makes it easy for both owners and users to work with faucets. You do not need to pay a withdrawal commission every time and wait for the accumulation of the minimum amount. Most faucets pay instantly, so funds are credited to your FaucetHub account in a couple of seconds. You can verify this in the example above. Further, the cryptocurrency is available for withdrawal to the linked address. Applications are processed only once a week – on Sunday.

For those who want to earn cryptocurrency on faucets, registration at FaucetHub is a prerequisite. An alternative is CoinPot MicroWallet.

The service fulfills the conditions within the framework of the provision of services (Term). Account blocking is possible for violation of some points, among them:

  • Creation of multi-accounts.
  • Suspicious activity.
  • Using bots, VPN, proxy.
  • Using multiple addresses on one tap.
  • Other fraudulent activities to deceive a service or a tap.

Be sure to connect Google’s two-factor authentication to the FaucetHub.io micro wallet. You need to protect your registration email from hacking. It is advisable to use the Gmail mail service and create a new email for work. You shouldn’t keep passwords and logins in easily accessible places. When hacking and withdrawing funds, the fault lies entirely with the user.

Leave your feedback on FaucetHub in the comments. On the official website, the process of posting reviews was treated with humor:

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