Exchanges with cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE): a list of cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Dogecoin


Against the background of the active growth of the DOGE cryptocurrency, the editorial staff of decided to talk about the best exchanges with dogcoin, where you can buy this coin in 2022. There are quite a few such sites, from the most popular to little-known services. Exchanges differ from each other in the level of commissions, user requirements, the presence of certain types of trade orders, and additional trading and investment functionality. Consider the sites where it is most convenient to purchase DOGE today.

Dogecoin cryptocurrency exchanges


Binance exchange for Dogecoin (DOGE) cryptocurrency trading
  • Website:
  • DOGE trading pairs with USDT, BUSD, BTC, AUD, BRL, EUR, GBP, TRY
  • Trading volume in 24 hours: $ 73,134,845,216
  • Year Started: 2017
  • Supported coins: 299

The Binance exchange rightfully occupies a leading place among all platforms for spot trading in cryptocurrencies. It offers a large selection of coins and fiat currencies for trading, allows you to replenish your account from a bank card, and makes it possible to use different types of trading orders. On Binance, you can also trade perpetual contracts with DOGE in the Futures section.

The exchange provides two types of trading terminals, regular and advanced. There is the possibility of margin trading, instant purchase of DOGE from a bank card, quick conversion from one cryptocurrency to another. If you want to work on Binance with fiat or withdraw more than 2 BTC per day (or the equivalent in another currency), but you need to pass KYC verification.


EXMO exchange – DOGE/USD pair
  • Official website:
  • DOGE trading pairs with USD, BTC, EUR, GBP
  • Trading volume in 24 hours: $ 155 806 941
  • Year Started: 2013
  • Supported coins: 55

From the very beginning, the exchange was focused primarily on the Russian-speaking audience. However, it is registered in the UK and officially complies with the requirements of British and European regulators. Therefore, starting in 2019, you will be able to trade here only after passing the verification. The platform provides an opportunity to work with various fiat currencies, including the ruble and the hryvnia.

EXMO functionality is limited to classic spot trading, as well as instant currency exchange and purchase directly from the card. There are no futures or other ancillary instruments yet. However, there is margin trading with up to 3x leverage. Be warned: if your account remains inactive for more than six months, it will be charged $ 5 per month.


Dogecoin (DOGE) Trading on Huobi Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Official website:
  • DOGE trading pairs with USDT, BTC, ETH, HUSD
  • Trading volume in 24 hours: $ 20,164,118,057
  • Year Started: 2013
  • Supported coins: 315

As one of the oldest crypto exchanges, Huobi offers users a wide range of trading opportunities and passive income: spot and margin trading, OTC, and even an automated trading bot. You can invest unused assets in deposits, p2p landing (lending to other users with interest earning). Supported trading orders – market, limit, stop limit and trigger order.

Huobi also allows you to buy cryptocurrency from your card. In addition, there is a p2p marketplace, but Dogecoin trading in it is not yet available. The HT exchange token is used to reduce commissions, receive additional rewards, participate in official votes, and for a large number of other functions. In particular, many service providers in the Internet space accept payment at HT.

Dogecoin to USD trading on
  • official website:
  • Trading Pair: DOGE / USD
  • Trading volume in 24 hours: $ 60,094,391
  • Year Started: 2019
  • Supported coins: 30 is a regulated Belarusian trading platform that provides an opportunity to trade not only cryptocurrencies, but also various tokenized assets (tokens of stocks, companies, commodities, bonds, indices). Leveraged, long and short transactions are available. company operates under the license of the Belarus High Technologies Park. Since this is a regulated platform that meets certain requirements, the user must be verified to work with it. Supports bank card replenishment and withdrawal.


DOGE/USDT trading on OKEx
  • Official site:
  • DOGE trading pairs with USDT, BTC, ETH, USDK
  • Trading volume in 24 hours: $ 3,574,574,728
  • Year Started: 2013
  • Supported coins: 269

Within the framework of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange, the user can perform operations not only in spot trading, but also in futures trading. In particular, there are DOGE-USDT-SWAP, DOGE-USD-SWAP contracts. Margin trading with leverage up to 125x is available. The interface, despite the large number of functions, is quite simple and logical.

OKEx is actively developing and adding new options. The asset management is especially convenient – for example, you can transfer them between accounts instantly and without commissions. You can move a coin from one blockchain to another if it is supported there. You can take instant crypto loans.


Buy or sell Dogecoin on the Crex24 exchange
  • Official site:
  • DOGE trading pairs with USDT, BTC, ETH
  • Trading volume in 24 hours: $ 6,893,845
  • Year Started: 2017
  • Supported coins: 565

Crex24 is a cryptocurrency faucet exchange where you can collect free coins after specific periods of time. Supports many cryptocurrencies, including both well-known coins and brand new and rare tokens. Additional functions include trading tournaments (including competitions with Dogecoin), InvestBox (interest income from rare tokens).

On Crex24, a voting function is available for adding certain coins to the listing. Those wishing to take part must first acquire votes (free votes are also credited once a week). Anyone has the right to propose a token for voting as well.


FTX exchange for DOGE trading
  • Official site:
  • DOGE trading pairs with USDT, BTC, USD
  • Trading volume in 24 hours: $ 7,465,693,022
  • Year Started: 2019
  • Supported coins: 258

Despite the fact that the FTX platform was launched relatively recently, it is already catching up with some of the market leaders in popularity. It’s all about a large selection of crypto coins and tokens, as well as trading options. FTX was one of the first exchanges to give users the ability to trade tokenized shares of large companies.

By using the platform’s own token (FTT), you can save on commission fees and get other benefits only available to holders. An interesting function of this site is Quant Zone, which is a kind of marketplace for trading strategies that can effectively help increase profits.

Trading Dogecoin on the platform
  • Official website:
  • DOGE trading pairs: with USD
  • Trading volume in 24 hours: $ 38,663,302
  • Year Started: 2013
  • Supported coins: 81

Convenient and logical regulated crypto exchange. Allows you to trade only subject to verification. The functionality includes, in addition to spot trading, instant purchase of cryptocurrencies from a card (no less than $ 200). From fiat currencies, dollars, rubles, euros and pounds sterling are supported. is registered in the UK; the company initially supported the large mining pool, but since 2015 has focused on working with crypto trading tools. Provides the ability to trade CFDs with leverage up to 100x, investment programs, crypto loans, as well as a number of specialized tools for business.

How else can you buy DOGE

In addition to exchanges, cryptocurrencies can be bought at:

These methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, in exchangers, the choice of fiat payment methods is greater than on exchanges, but the rate is less favorable. Buying through wallets is convenient if you are investing for a long time to avoid unnecessary transactions, but this method also comes with higher fees.

Should you buy dogcoin

Like other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin is driven by a free market; thus, at any given time, it costs as much as people are willing to pay for it. Why has the comic doggy coin has grown by 2000% three times since 2017? Obviously, the value of this cryptocurrency depends on the “cultural value” and the hobby of the crowd, and not on any technological advantage

The market capitalization of DOGE today exceeds $ 38 billion, and many serious investors are surprised at this level for an ordinary meme created for the sake of a joke. It is important that Dogecoin has had a significant impact on the adoption of cryptocurrencies in general – thanks to it, many people first heard about the cryptosphere and began to invest in it.

In the case of dogcoin, it is difficult to say what the price level will be at one point in time or another, because the rate does not depend on the introduction of new functions or the adoption as a means of payment by some service (although on this too), but on the mood of the crowd and influencer behavior. As soon as Elon Musk posts a tweet about dogcoin, it takes off by hundreds of percent. This makes predictions difficult, but most experts are inclined to believe that the coin has a chance to reach $ 1 by the end of 2021, although it is more likely that the rate will remain at the level of 14 to 40 cents.


The cryptocurrency exchanges with Dogecoin listed in this article are exclusively verified by us personally and by millions of site users with a positive reputation. It is not recommended to take risks and use new services that have no information about licenses, or about the team, or any other evidence of serious intentions. Also remember that any investment is a risk, no matter how rosy the outlook for cryptocurrency may seem. Invest only what will not be critical to lose in case of failure, and do not forget about diversifying your investment portfolio.

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