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Livecoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides users with access to trade and exchange valuable coins. It is included in the top 100 largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world in terms of daily trading turnover. The trading platform has been operating since March 1, 2015. Executive Director: Svetlana Geller. The editorial staff provides a detailed overview of the exchange and its features.

Official website of the Livecoin exchange:

Alternative crypto exchanges: Binance, Bybit, EXMO, Currency, Bitmex, Localbitcoins, CREX24 and others.

Updated 12.24. There are problems on the Livecoin exchange. Closed withdrawal, cryptocurrency rate is overstated. Do not make a deposit to an exchange wallet address. Perhaps hacked by hackers or scams.

The site has a Russian-language interface and is also translated into nine languages. The Livecoin exchange also works with fiat currencies, so it is possible to replenish RUR, EUR, USD accounts with traditional money (rubles, dollars, euros) through payment systems (Qiwi, Payeer, AdvCash, Capitalist, Perfect Money). You can withdraw money both in cryptocurrency and by transferring to the listed payment systems, including a Visa / MasterCard bank card.

Mandatory verification is not required to work with the trading platform. All client funds are kept in cold wallets. The following cryptocurrencies (tokens) can be purchased on the exchange: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Waves, Neo, TRON, Status, Civic, Augur, EOS, TenX, OmiseGO, Qtum, NEM, Monaco, Stratis, Lisk and other popular or brand new crypto assets. At the beginning of September 2018, 200 virtual coins and 359 trading pairs have been provided.

The trading commission on the Livecoin exchange is not fixed, but depends on the turnover: it starts from 0.18% and can go down to 0.02%.

To protect your account, it is recommended to enable two-factor authentication, and if your balance is over $ 100, you must activate a higher degree of protection and use the Google Authenticator app to log in or perform other operations on the official Livecoin website.

One of the convenient ways to replenish the Livecoin exchange or withdraw money from it is vouchers (code for a certain amount).

You can buy or cash them in e-currency exchangers: ProstoCash, X-change, 60cek, Baksman, Kassa, X-pay.

To buy (sell) a Livecoin voucher, you need to select a direction, specify the amount, details and make an exchange. Thus, it becomes possible to use many more payment solutions for depositing or withdrawing money than the exchange itself offers. Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB 24, bank cards and other popular destinations are available in exchangers.

For example, buy a “Livecoin USD” voucher for Sberbank rubles in the ProstoCash exchanger (the minimum amount is 3000 Russian rubles):

Having received the Livecoin code, you need to go to the crypto exchange website and redeem it in the “Balance” section. Enrollment is instant, no commission from the exchange. To make a withdrawal from an account, you need to create a voucher for the required amount and exchange it in an exchanger for another currency, for example, rubles, or transfer to a Qiwi wallet, Yandex.Money, etc.

Review: “ – cryptocurrency exchange”

Registration on the Livecoin exchange

To open an account with Livecoin, you need to go to the website and click “Open an account”. Registration on the Livecoin exchange is open, there are no restrictions.

In the registration form, you will need to enter your username, password, email and agree to the user agreement. Email must be specified real and registered on a reliable service, for example, on Gmail – this is mail from Google. We recommend that you connect two-factor verification to your mail account for reliability. It is better to use complex passwords, combine numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters. We recommend using special programs for storing and generating passwords, for example, KeePass.

After entering the necessary information, you must click “Continue”. A letter will be sent to the specified email box to confirm registration on the exchange. In the letter, you need to follow the link or copy the confirmation code and enter it on the exchange page.

To buy, sell cryptocurrency or deposit, withdraw fiat money, you do not need to verify your account.

Login to the official website

To enter your Livecoin exchange account, you need to go to the official website and click “Login”.

The main top menu of Livecoin consists of the following sections:

  • “Trade” – trade in cryptocurrencies on the Livecoin exchange. Has sub-items “Transactions” – displaying all operations with the balance (replenishment, withdrawal, referral, sale, purchase, voting) and “My Orders” – the history of transactions for traded pairs.
  • “Balance” – display of all coins and the available amounts for them, functionality for replenishing an account or withdrawing money from the Livecoin exchange and redeeming a voucher that can be bought at exchange offices.
  • “For business” has several sub-items. “Adding new coins” to the site – there are two ways: paid (worth 4 BTC) or by voting (30,000 votes of users who are registered on the Livecoin exchange and have carried out at least one operation). The term for adding a new cryptocurrency is up to two weeks. “ICO” – carrying out the procedure for the initial placement of coins. The cost is 3 BTC. “Voting” – collecting votes for adding a new cryptocurrency.
  • “Game” – you need to guess what rate of bitcoin to the dollar will be at the end of next week compared to the beginning: higher or lower. The minimum bet is 0.001 BTC.
  • “Account” – information on trading commissions and for depositing and withdrawing money from the exchange account; setting up account security (changing password, mail; connecting two-factor verification; setting the session length parameter; mobile phone verification and other settings); setting parameters for notification of transactions and events by e-mail or phone; API activation; a list of exchange offices where you can purchase a Livecoin voucher.

How to deposit or withdraw money from the Livecoin exchange

To replenish or withdraw funds from the Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, you need to go to the site and select the “Balances” section. After that, you can enter the voucher that was purchased in the exchanger, or replenish (withdraw) the USD, RUB, EUR accounts using the proposed methods.

  • Replenishment with a Livecoin voucher is the most convenient and reliable way to deposit money on the exchange or withdraw it. Commission – 0%, money is credited to the account instantly.

You can buy a voucher at the ProstoCash or Xchange exchangers. The services are reliable and work around the clock. You can buy Livecoin codes for rubles of Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, from any card of a Russian bank, as well as for cryptocurrency and electronic money: Yandex, Qiwi, etc.

After completing the exchange, the user will receive a voucher that must be entered and redeemed on the exchange website.

  • Replenishment on the Livecoin website. The display of the balance of fiat funds and cryptocurrencies is separated.

For an account in rubles RUB, the following methods of replenishment are possible: payment systems Capitalist, Okpay, Payeer.

For USD account: Capitalist, Okpay, Perfect Money, bank transfer, cash (Ukraine only).

Account verification is required for bank transfers.

To withdraw money from Livecoin, you can create a voucher code for the required amount and exchange it for any payment system in an electronic currency exchanger (ProstoCash, Xchange) or withdraw using methods that are almost identical to replenishment (Qiwi, AdvCash, Capitalist, Perfect Money).

Attention: when withdrawing funds from the Livecoin exchange through the Capitalist payment system, it is possible to further transfer money to WebMoney, Qiwi, Epese wallets.

You need to pay attention to the limits, commissions and time of crediting or withdrawing funds.

For example:

  • Capitalist: commission for deposit – 0% and withdrawal – 2% (USD and EUR); 3% – RUB.
  • Payeer: deposit from USD and EUR account – 4%, from RUB – 5%; withdrawal EUR – 2%, RUB – 2%, USD – 2%.
  • Visa / MasterCard: withdrawal from the account in dollars and euros – 3%; in rubles – 5% + 50 rubles.
  • Qiwi: deposit RUB – 10%; withdrawal – 4% (3% for USD and EUR).
  • Bitcoin: input – no commission, withdrawal – commission of the Bitcoin network (0.001 BTC).

According to representatives of the exchange, the payment system will be added soon (already added).

How to trade and buy cryptocurrency on Livecoin net

In order to buy cryptocurrency (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum) or trade on the Livecoin exchange, you need to go to the “Trade” section and select a cryptocurrency pair. The main currencies are: BTC, ETH, XMR, Dash, USD, EUR, RUB.

For example, select BTC and enter USD in the search bar. The BTC / USD pair will appear. This means that bitcoin is traded for dollars. Click on a line: a chart of this currency pair will open. On the chart, you can set the time period, add an indicator, zoom in or out:

Below, under the chart, is a form for creating an order to buy or sell a cryptocurrency. There are two types of orders on the Livecoin exchange: “Limit” and “Market” (“Market”), switch at the bottom of the order form.

A “market” order involves buying or selling at the current market price. You must indicate the amount in the lines “You will buy” or “You will sell”. In the line “Spend” there will be an approximate amount together with the exchange commission, which depends on the trade turnover and starts from 0.18%. To complete the trade, you need to click “Buy Bitcoin BTC” or “Sell Bitcoins BTC”.

To place a pending order, you must click “Go to limit order”. In this case, you need to indicate your value in the “Price” line, for example, buy 1 BTC for 6100 USD. Now the market value is $ 9092, if it drops to $ 6100, the pending order will be triggered and closed. When creating such an order, you should indicate the real price, otherwise, it may never be executed, then it will need to be canceled. When the order book is full, it is better to buy “at the market”.

When placing a limit order, you should also be guided by the order book (open orders of other traders on the site) and the trading history.

Below is the history of trading operations on the Livecoin exchange:

Open, closed orders can be viewed in the “Trade” – “My orders” section.

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