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Kuna is a cryptocurrency exchange focused mainly on residents of Eastern Europe and specifically Russian-speaking users. The crypto exchange allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency for fiat. Verification is not required for trading on the platform. You can make deals using the web interface on the website or a mobile application. As of 13/12/2021, the Kuna exchange supports 23 cryptocurrencies, the trading volume is $1 915 210, the number of active traders is 55 329.

Official website:

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The main features of the Kuhn cryptocurrency exchange:

✅  To transfer funds from one exchange account to another (no commission), you can use the Kuna Code.

✅  There is a mobile application, Telegram bot.

✅  You can buy cryptocurrency using a bank card without registration.

✅  It is possible to purchase a premium account with more favorable trading conditions.

✅  Internal KUN token allows you to reduce commissions and buy a PRO account.

✅  The referral program gives up to 70-75% of the exchange’s income from the user’s referrals.

✅  There is a roadmap.

✅  Compliant with GDPR (European Regulation on the Protection of User Data).

✅  Technical support responds within 30 seconds via Telegram, Viber and Messenger messengers.

The editorial staff of has studied the pros and cons of the Kuna project and offers readers a detailed overview of all its functions.

General information

Russian languageYes
Year of foundation2016
Country of registrationGreat Britain
CompanyKuna Fintech Limited
Registration number11834168
FounderMike chobanyan
CEOSemen Kaploushenko
OfficesKiev, London
A typeCentralized
Trade typesSpot
Exchange tokenKUN
Trading commission0,25 %
Deposit commissionFrom 0 to 3.5% depending on the method of replenishment
Withdrawal commissionFrom 0 to 3% depending on the withdrawal method
Working with fiatYes
VerificationNot needed
Safety2FA, cold wallet storage
Number of cryptocurrencies23
Number of fiat currencies3 (RUB, USD, UAH)
Funding methodsPayeer, Perfect Money, VISA, Mastercard, ADVcash, Kuna Code, GEO Pay, cryptocurrency
Margin tradingNo
OrdersMarket, limit
Mobile appYes
https: //,
te / kunasupport_vot

check in

You can create an account directly from the main page of the Kuna exchange by entering your email and password.

You will also need to agree to the terms of the user agreement, confirm the age of majority and choose whether to receive newsletters from the project or not.

Then click “Create account”. Solve captcha.

You will receive an email with a confirmation code, you need to copy it and paste it into the required field.

Click “Finish”, then “Login” and specify the selected registration data. Before entering, you will need to solve the captcha again.

Personal account overview

If you click on the name of your account on the Kuhn crypto exchange, the functions for managing it will open.

Among them:

✅  Bargaining. Trading terminal with charts and functionality for creating orders.

✅  Assets. Personal wallet, here you can replenish your account or withdraw funds from the exchange, see the history of replenishment.

✅  Kuna Code. Working with Kuna codes is described in detail in the corresponding section.

✅  Referral. Information about attracted referrals – their number, activity, earnings. Answers to frequently asked questions.

✅  Trade history. All operations for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency.

✅  History of orders. Information about created and completed trade orders.

✅  API. Creation of API keys for bots and access to a mobile application. Created tokens can be intended only for trading, for withdrawal, or for all at once.

✅  Settings. Includes security and notification settings: email confirmation, two-factor authentication, password change, notifications by mail of withdrawals and trades.

Premium account

On the Kuna exchange, it is possible to purchase a PRO account, which provides a number of advantages – a personal technical support operator, reduced trading commissions, closed access to new platform functions.

The premium account is bought exclusively with KUN tokens. To buy it, you need to replenish your account with the required amount of tokens and contact support.


A deposit on the Kuna exchange is carried out through the “Assets” section of your personal account. You need to click the “Deposit” button next to the fiat currency or cryptocurrency you are interested in.

Further actions depend on the selected asset. For example, if you need to replenish your account in rubles, the page will move down and the form for replenishing from the card will open. But before the operation, you will have to verify the plastic by sending in support of its photo against the background of this screen.

You can choose another method of replenishment from the proposed ones. It is also worthwhile to carefully read the information on the right, it specifies the features of the payment by the selected method.

If a cryptocurrency is selected, for example Bitcoin, then the button “Generate address” will appear at the bottom of the page. After clicking it, the following picture opens:

It is enough to send the required amount of crypt to the specified address or use the Kuna code. As in the previous case, it is important not to forget to read the information on the right side of the page.

Trading on the Kuna exchange

After registering and replenishing your account, you can start cryptocurrency trading. You need to go to the “Trades” page to see the list of open orders and the trading schedule. Below is a form for creating orders.

On the Kuna exchange, they are of two types:

✅  Market (market). Fast sale at the best market price. This price is selected by the system by analyzing all current offers from the order book.

✅  Limit. Implies entering a specific price. The purchase / sale will be made only when a market participant appears with a counter offer.

For example, to buy BTC, enter the amount in the “Quantity” field, and the desired value in the “Price” field (for a limit order). The system will calculate the amount of funds spent. After checking the entered data, you must press the blue button “Buy BTC”. Then the order will appear just above the order creation line. You can continue to create orders if necessary, their number is not limited.

If a price is set that none of the market participants agrees to, then it may not be possible to wait for the order to be executed. In this case, you should close it and create a more real one. If the purchase is needed urgently, then it is wiser to use the Market order and buy Bitcoins at the best price.

To sell BTC, in the same form, you need to enter the same data, only then press the red “Sell BTC” button. When you select a limit order, the offer will wait for a suitable counterparty, and when you select a market order, it will be executed instantly.

Withdraw funds

To withdraw funds from the Kuna exchange, you need to go to the “Assets” section and click the “Withdraw” button next to the desired currency.

If cryptocurrency is selected, the following window will appear. You need to click “Add wallet”.

Enter its address and name.

Funds come within a few minutes or (in case of delays not related to the exchange) up to 3 days.

If a fiat currency is selected, then the available withdrawal methods and fields for entering details and amount are opened.

Funds from the Kuna cryptocurrency exchange usually come instantly, but the maximum withdrawal period is 3 days.

Commissions and limits

  • Trading commission: 0.25%.
  • Commissions and limits when working with fiat:
  • Commissions and limits when working with cryptocurrency:

Kuna code

Kuna Code is a tool that allows you to transfer assets between accounts of the Kuna exchange instantly and without commissions. It can be freely used for the transfer of assets in the over-the-counter space, including through exchangers.

Kuna Code is personal, that is, it is created for a specific designated user. No one else can use it, even if it falls into his hands. When creating a code, you can specify a time period during which even the owner himself will not be able to cancel the payment. After its expiration, such an opportunity opens, you can activate the code yourself.

The code consists of 45 characters, so it is almost impossible to pick it up.

It is very easy to create a Kuna code through your personal account. You need to go to the “Create” tab, enter the amount and specify the transfer currency. Add a recipient and, if necessary, a message. Click “Generate code” and send the resulting combination to the addressee.

Telegram bot and its functionality

Kuna’s telegram bot allows you to buy and sell Kuna Code. All orders are linked to existing exchange accounts, therefore, when an order is created, funds are frozen in the user’s account. Disputable situations are dealt with by administrators. All actions are carried out only within the bot, without the need to directly contact unfamiliar users.

The bot supports payments from Russian (Sberbank, Alfa Bank, Tinkoff) and Ukrainian banks (Privat, Monobank).

Mobile app

Kuhn Cryptocurrency Exchange has official mobile apps for iOS and Android:



There are both positive and negative reviews, but the ratings indicate that the majority of users like the application (4.6 on the Play Market; 4.5 on the App Store, although only two voted in the second).

You can enter the application using an API key. Instructions:

✅  Download the application to your mobile device.

✅  Generate an API key in your Kuna account settings, in the “API” menu. To do this, click the “Create a new token” button, enter a name and give permission, which can be done using this key. For a mobile application, it is recommended to check all the boxes (deposit, withdrawal, viewing).

✅  If 2FA is enabled, then enter the code. Click “Confirm”.

✅  Scan the generated QR code by the Kuna app.

✅  Come up with a pin code to access the application.

Referral program

The Kuna Exchange referral program allows you to receive up to 75% of the commission of all your referrals. The exact percentage depends on the trading volume of the invited people. For ordinary users, the profit is distributed as follows:

Therefore, the task of the referrer is to try to maximize the trading volume of referrals. To do this, you can teach them, give valuable advice.

What you need to know about the affiliate program:

✅  The trading volume is calculated for each currency pair and then summed up.

✅  Referral credits come every Tuesday at 00:00 (UTC).

✅  The number of referrals is not limited.

✅  Only an account registered later than you can become a referral.

✅  The exchange does not ban for creating referrals to itself, however, this makes little sense.

✅  All affiliate charges are displayed in history, and at any time you can see the approximate amount that will be credited next Tuesday.

✅  You cannot make an existing account your referral.

KUN Token

The KUN token was issued on the WAVES blockchain platform. At the moment, there are about 300,000 KUN on sale, and the price is $ 2.8 (as of 04/02/2020). A total of 1,000,000 KUN were released.

How the KUN token can be used:

  1. Payment for a PRO account on the Kuhn exchange.
  2. Listing of new coins, which in this case will be much cheaper than the standard cost.
  3. Reduced commissions for trades and withdrawals (only in plans).

Advantages and disadvantages


✅  Convenient Russian-language interface, including help and technical support.

✅  No verification required.

✅  Fiat gateway.

✅  Competitive commission for fiat deposit and withdrawal.

✅  Support for a large number of cryptocurrencies and tokens, including rare ones.

✅  Reputable creators with renowned names in the blockchain space.

✅  The ability to quickly buy cryptocurrency from a bank card, this does not even require registration.

✅  The presence of a telegram bot and a mobile application.


❌  So far, a small number of fiat currencies

❌  Small trading volumes.

❌  For experienced traders, there is not a lot of analytical functionality.

❌  The trading commission is higher than similar offers on the market.

❌  High commissions for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies.

❌  High minimum amount for deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies.

❌  Kuna exchange codes are rarely found in online exchanges.

❌  There are fewer trading pairs with dollars and rubles than with hryvnia.


The Kuna exchange can now be called one of the most prominent among those that are targeted at the Russian-speaking audience and residents of Ukraine. If the development and marketing team continues to follow the intended path, then they have a chance to gain worldwide recognition.

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