Exchange eTXT – a complete overview of earnings from copywriting: ordering and buying articles, advantages and disadvantages, instructions for working


Starting to look for ways to make money online, newbies often turn to the wrong place – into network marketing, penny boxes, decoding captcha. And even they are completely led by the tricks of scammers who offer to make an entrance fee in order to make money on reprinting texts. The result is sad – a person becomes disappointed and begins to count (and convince others) that there is no money on the Internet.

Today I will prove otherwise. There is money on the Internet! I’ll tell you about my experience of earning money on copywriting – writing text content for various sites. Specifically, about the eTXT exchange, since I started with it. Two years later, profitable orders are still regularly encountered there. The text will not be advertising, it is about personal experience. And it just so happened that the experience is mostly positive.

Official website:

ETXT exchange – description, overview (for individuals – is a platform that provides interaction between the customer and the copywriter. The bottom line is simple:

  1. A person who needs texts registers on the eText exchange and creates an order. In the form, you must indicate the price, the number of characters (with or without spaces), as well as the terms of reference (TOR). The TK describes all the nuances that the performer must take into account in the work.
  2. The created order appears in the general order feed, where all users can see it.
  3. Executors who liked the order submit an application. It in itself expresses agreement with the conditions and willingness to complete the work, but in addition, you can write something in it in order to get the customer’s sympathy.
  4. After considering and analyzing the applications, the customer chooses a suitable contractor.
  5. The order receives the status “In work”. The contractor must deliver it before the expiration of the specified period, otherwise the order will go to “Overdue”. This is not the end of the world, the customer can get it out of the expired ones if it deems it necessary to extend the deadline.
  6. The contractor hands over the order, he gets the status “On check”.
  7. The customer checks the work for compliance with all the requirements and (depending on the result) either accepts and pays, or sends it for revision.

When the work is finally accepted, the money that had previously been blocked by both the customer and the contractor, after 3-4 hours, goes to the author’s account, from where they can be withdrawn.

Separately, it should be said about individual orders (IZ). This is a job that the employer formalizes for a specific person – it does not appear in the feed, only the selected performer can apply.

And now in more detail about all aspects of working on eTXT.

Features of the eTXT copywriting exchange

The eTXT copywriting exchange is perhaps the most popular on the Russian Internet. However, this does not negate the presence of certain pros and cons of this site. Why is it that it attracts dozens of newcomers every day, while the “oldies” have been working on it for 10 years and are not going to leave?

I will describe the specific advantages in the next section, but the main reason lies precisely in the remoteness of the creation of the exchange. A decade ago, there were significantly fewer useful resources in the open spaces of the Runet, so the emergence of such a platform that allows you to receive additional income did not go unnoticed. The screenshot shows that eTXT’s audience is quite large.

Of course, there is a percentage of abandoned accounts, but still the activity is at a high level – there are many orders and applications.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the eTXT exchange point by point. I will try to do this in as much detail as possible, based not on superficial reviews from the network (the authors of which have worked for two days at most), but on my own experience and the experience of my colleagues.


  1. There is always work. As already mentioned, high activity on the eText exchange is expressed in a large number of new orders. And although it is not always possible to “grab a tidbit”, but if you submit a lot of applications, then you will not die of hunger.
  1. The ability to communicate and settle issues with the customer directly in PM. It is convenient in many cases: when you need to clarify something, ask for an extension of the deadline, or just in the feed there is a good order with qualification requirements (about it below), but which must be bypassed by contacting the customer directly and asking to issue an individual task.
  2. Notice board – you can create your own job search or respond to an existing one. The cost of raising an ad to the very top is low – only 10 rubles. You should not expect that customers will immediately flock, shaking wads of money, but on average one customer comes from one lift. Will it be permanent or one-time, that’s another question.
  1. Moderator support. I thought for a long time where to attribute this item, but still settled on the pros. Moderators work quickly, they are always in touch. If a user sees a bad order in the feed that contradicts the rules, he can complain to the moderators. Such an order will be deleted within five minutes. If a customer left an unfair negative review, you can also complain. If it is really false, it will be removed. However, I will immediately make a reservation that the moderators are not saints, especially when it comes to disagreements between the parties. There is an opinion that they often take the side of the customer, although personally I have not come across such a thing (and indeed there were almost no conflicts on the eText exchange). Here is what a colleague who has been working on the exchange for 5 years wrote when we discussed this topic:
  1. Articles store. In between the execution of orders, you can write a couple of articles to your liking and put them up for sale. There are people who do not fulfill orders at all, but successfully earn on eTXT only in this way. Of course, the article may hang for a year – but sooner or later it will still be bought.
  2. Withdrawal of funds. In the case of creating a regular application, the advantage is a low percentage of commission (for example, on Yandex.Money, which we always use, it is only 1%, we will tell you more about commissions below). In the case of an urgent request, this is speed. It is stated that an urgent one is withdrawn in 24 hours, but in fact it can be withdrawn twice a day. The approximate real time of withdrawal is from 1 to 5 hours. In addition, there are many different withdrawal methods – everyone will find a suitable one for themselves.
  3. Development. ETXT hasn’t been frozen in the same state it was in 10 years ago. Developers are actively introducing new functionality or adjusting the appearance. Not all the changes are pleasant to users, but, as the practice of Pavel Durov has shown, often the developers know better what and how to do (they still remember how many dissatisfied there were when VKontakte removed the wall and introduced microblogging, and now we cannot imagine this social network without it) …
  4. A fairly active group VK. Although recently its moderators have clearly gone too far and banned all the unwanted right and left. Nevertheless, you can always ask something about the case, they answer quickly.
  1. From the same email, you can create customer and contractor profiles (but not two customers or two contractors).

Disadvantages of eTXT content exchange:

  1. Dumping. If all copywriters together said that they would not work for a price lower than, say, 100 rubles per thousand characters, then 5 rubles orders would disappear without a trace. However, people are actively declaring orders for 5, 10, 20 rubles per 1000 characters. Therefore, customers see no reason to raise prices, especially since even for 10 rubles you can get good texts. For example, when I started working and did not know anything yet, I had orders of 7/1000, and I still am not ashamed of the texts that I submitted, they were very good.
  2. Initially low prices. When a newbie has just registered on, orders no more than 15/1000 (for rewriting) and 25/1000 (for copywriting) are available to him. After passing the literacy test by at least 70%, he gets access to more expensive tasks.
  3. Kiloznaki“. All work on the eTXT exchange is carried out with reference to “kilo-characters” – 1000 text characters. If this is justified for an ordinary informational or SEO article, then outside the exchange it is customary to take a fixed amount for selling texts or landing pages, regardless of the number of characters. Of course, the customer can bypass the system by indicating the price not for 1000 characters, but for the entire order at once, but setting the number of characters as purely symbolic and writing about it in the conditions of the assignment. The problem here is different – the brains of stock exchanges are programmed for kilo-characters, it is difficult for them to build their work later, to set a specific price for a selling text – they automatically calculate how much they will receive for 1000 characters. I faced this myself.
  4. Requirements for cheap orders. It would seem that a task costing 20–40 rubles should not have any requirements at all, except for the topic and volume. However, the would-be employers do not think so and force them to run the text across Glavred, Turgenev, Advego, Istio and together for this money. This phenomenon is closely related to dumping, because they still find their performers. By the way, expensive orders in most cases are much easier to execute, because the customer is interested not so much in the technical parameters of the text as in the result – whether the article will be liked by the readers, whether it will bring new customers.
  1. Unclear requirements of moderators for finished articles. The eTXT website has an article store, where anyone can post their texts, set a price and wait for them to be bought. All articles are checked by a moderator (if you enable automatic moderation in the settings, then some texts will be checked not by a living person, but by a robot). Even with auto-moderation turned on, articles sometimes get to the exchange employee for review. He evaluates the text on three parameters – spelling, punctuation, speech. The problem is that each moderator thinks differently – one can reject the article altogether, and the other approve, and even with three “ticks”.
  2. Prohibition on the transfer of personal data. From the point of view of eTXT, this is understandable – it is not profitable for the owners to have their customers taken away. It is unprofitable for the clients themselves to pay a commission, so they often go to tricks in order to exchange personal contacts (I will not give them here). If you are “caught” the first time, they will issue warnings, after the second time, your account will be blocked.
  3. Qualification. One of the most painful topics, and not only for beginners. It is possible to pass the “exam” for qualifications in rewriting, copywriting, SEO copywriting and translation, having received a rating from 0 to 3 stars. When a customer creates an assignment, the “Limit submissions to skill level” box is checked by default. If the customer is himself a newcomer to the exchange, he leaves this checkbox untouched. As a result, only those who successfully passed the exam in the specified type of work can apply. Others can only write comments and ask to issue an IZ on them, which does not always work – only if you present yourself in the best way. After all, it is easier for a customer to choose a “star” performer with one click than to place an individual order. It is worth noting that customers with experience usually uncheck the box, because they know very well that there are real talents among the performers without stars.
  1. Interface. The first impression after registering and entering eText is “what is this? where to press here at all? ” The site is full of various buttons, links, inscriptions, numbers. Once you get used to it, it becomes clear that, in general, everything is quite convenient, and there is no way to remove a bunch of buttons, because each of them performs an important function.

How and how much you can actually earn on the eTXT exchange

Most likely, you came here with this question. I will not pour water and say that this amount is different for everyone, but I will name specific figures from my experience, and also give some explanations.

In the first month on the eTXT copywriting exchange, I earned 1000 rubles. And so that you do not repeat my experience, I will immediately say about my main mistake. You should never write at a rate of 5, 7, 10 rubles. Appreciate your work. If you are reading this review before you even get started, then you are in luck. When I started to work, I did not read anything and did not ask anyone, so I believed that this was the norm. In addition, (although this has passed me), newcomers are often attacked in a personal, offering work for 5 rubles and exposing it to a unique chance.

If it did not work out the first time to pass the literacy test (you can retake it in 2 weeks), then it is better to take orders for at least 14 rubles and slowly gain rating and reviews. If the test is passed, it is better to start right away with 25-30 rubles and increase the figure as soon as possible.

For the next three months, I earned 3-5 thousand rubles on the eTXT exchange. Actually, the error is the same – I wrote at low rates, approximately 15/1000.

Then I found a group of the VKontakte exchange and regained my sight, having talked with colleagues in the shop. It turned out that prices can and should be raised, and penny customers – bypass the tenth road. Immediately following the advice, I increased my earnings to 12 thousand rubles the next month.

Then came the turning point when I partially left the eText exchange, that is, I had more customers outside of it. Therefore, I cannot say exactly how much I was earning on eTXT during that period. But I can say with confidence – if you find regular customers or monitor the tape all the time and catch lucrative tasks, then everyone can earn the average Russian salary of 30,000 rubles. I know people who earn an order of magnitude more. This I am now talking only about the exchange, beyond its ceiling there is no earnings at all.

Life hack: you can always find out how much this or that performer received during the work on the exchange. To do this, just take his rating and multiply this number by ten. For example, my rating is now 15,000, which means that the exchange has already brought me 150,000 rubles.

How to start a beginner. Attracting a customer. What articles to write

After registering and passing the literacy test, you can start looking for an order. Pay attention not only to price, but also to requirements. If you understand everything about them, great. If not, then do not take such an order, first go to some copywriting group or chat and ask a question of interest. You don’t want to start trading on eTXT with a negative review, do you?

Pay attention to the ratio of negative to positive feedback from the employer, as well as the ratio of black and white lists. I would not recommend cooperating with someone who was added to the black list by several dozen people, although there are exceptions.

After making sure you can handle it, apply. Do not be upset if it is rejected, this happens even with experienced ones. It is better to choose an assignment with a topic that you understand, and write about it in the application. This will increase the chance that you will be chosen. It also doesn’t hurt to fill out your portfolio from the very beginning by writing at least a couple of texts specifically for it so that your style is visible.

Do not start writing until the order receives the status “In Progress”. As soon as this has happened, you can proceed to implementation. Take your time, re-read the text after writing, and also revise the assignment and check point by point that all the requirements are met. If you have not calculated the forces, and some point does not lend itself to you, it is best to write about this to the customer in the LAN and jointly solve the problem.

If you are afraid to start cooperating with customers right away, write for the store first. The eTXT content exchange allows you to find out the ranking of popular topics that are best selling:

Average prices are not a guide to action, because of dumping they are quite low. However, at this price, the article will definitely sell. You decide.

Registration. Personal Area. Main sections and settings

The registration process on the official website usually does not cause any difficulties. Standard fields, account confirmation via email.

This is the eText copywriting exchange personal account window. Going through the tabs, you can customize the exchange a little for yourself:

Deposit and withdrawal of money

Both the customer and the contractor can send money to the exchange. These input methods are supported on eTXT:

And here are the ways to output from eText:

Adding a wallet is not instantaneous. Each new wallet is checked within a few days, only then you can withdraw funds to it.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 250 rubles. It is possible to withdraw money from eTXT in a regular or urgent way. I usually withdraw “urgent” because I prefer to see the money in my wallet, and not on the balance sheet of the exchange. As you can see from the screenshot, the losses are tangible. If you are a thrifty person, then it will not be difficult for you to wait a week, but lose an order of magnitude less.

This is what the application looks like. If the “Delete application” button is gone, it means that the money is already on the way, it will come in 10-40 minutes.

The subtleties of working on the eTXT exchange as a performer

The work on eTXT is not limited to the placement and delivery of orders. It is important to know and be able to use the rest of the functionality. For example, reviews. Don’t be lazy to write reviews for good customers to help other performers figure out if it’s worth working with them. As for bad reviews, they must be absolutely justified, otherwise the moderators will remove them at the request of the account owner.

This is what the reviews page looks like:

Don’t forget about the portfolio (by the way, I haven’t updated it for a long time, it’s better to do it more often, and delete old articles, because your skill is pumped over time, let it be visible):

On the eText exchange it is possible to order proofreading services. I don’t know how well the proofreaders work there, I have never applied.

The subtleties of working on the exchange as a customer. How to place an order and choose a contractor. How not to choose a middleman

Despite the fact that I did not work as a customer, I had the opportunity to talk with experienced people in this business, for which I am very grateful.

First of all, it is advised to look at the application itself. The template “I will execute on time and according to the technical specification”, left a second after the appearance of the order in the tape, definitely does not deserve attention. It is best if the performer has written in the application his experience in the topic, for example: “I am a professional florist, I will be happy to write you a text about bouquets of tulips.” Or: “I wrote more than 500 texts on the topic of cryptocurrency, here are examples of work.” This suggests that the person has at least read the TK.

The rating, paradoxically, practically does not play a role in the choice. A small rating in no way characterizes the artist from the bad side, it is just that the person started working later than the authors with hundreds of thousands of ratings. And he can write even better.

Negative reviews on the eTXT content exchange are also not always indicative. First, you need to look at their age. It may be that a few years ago a person ended up in the hospital, delayed orders and picked up reviews, and since then has been working flawlessly. Here you need to read and 


Finally, if it was not possible to determine the ideal author with a superficial glance, it remains to go to the profile and read the portfolio, paying attention to the date of its update.

Nuance: the business of resellers is flourishing on the eTXT exchange. Savvy users take orders and pass them on to cheaper copywriters. You can recognize such a reseller by a template order and by the abundance of different-colored orders in the profile, where the last taken works are displayed.

A little about the technical side of the customer’s work. Functionality for creating a task on eTXT:

Pay attention to the green inscription. It is not entirely clear what is the benefit to the eText exchange from the abundance of penny orders, but I recommend to everyone who wants to get professional material to set the price higher than the suggested one.

Rating recovery window. If the work is not accepted, the rating is removed from the performer. But the customer can restore it at will.

eTXT anti-plagiarism

There is no need to explain that all texts handed over to customers or sold in the store must be unique and not copied from other resources. A copywriter is a writer, although he can take the basis for his “works” from existing articles.

There are certain requirements for uniqueness. In the order, they are set by the employer himself, and in the store they are pre-installed – at least 90%. Each file uploaded to the system is automatically checked by the eTXT exchange and rejected if the level of uniqueness is significantly lower than the declared one.

Therefore, before submitting a work or placing it in a store, the text must be checked for uniqueness. For this, the exchange has an online check, but you can also download the eTXT anti-plagiarism desktop program. The first option is good because captchas are not displayed in it, but bad because there is a queue for verification.

The second option in most cases checks faster, but produces a lot of captchas. You can fight them by disabling them in the settings (but then the uniqueness will be shown with an error, since the program will not have access to all sites) or buy a special key on one of the anti-captcha services.

I preferred to buy a key, because it costs absolutely inexpensive – $ 1 for 1000 captchas. Having paid 65 rubles, you can forget about problems with captchas for at least six months (of course, it depends on the intensity of your work).


I tried very hard not to miss anything, but, of course, I must have missed something. There are many aspects that I would like to talk about in more detail, but my task is to review the eText exchange, and not step-by-step instructions on how to “use it”. I think those who are interested will come in and try it themselves – the main thing is that you can definitely make money there.

My eTXT profile:

I invite interested customers to cooperate, and if possible, I will help newcomers with advice.

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