EX-code (EXMO-code): where and how to buy, exchange, top-18 exchangers of codes of the EKSMO exchange


EX-code (EXMO-code) is the internal currency of the exchange for quick and convenient settlements with clients. EKSMO codes can be used as a way to instantly replenish the balance of the trading platform or withdraw money from it. You can create EX-code in any currency that is used on the exchange. You can buy it or make an exchange for other payment systems (Qiwi, Yandex.Money, etc.) through cryptocurrency exchangers. The list of reliable ones is further in the overview.

Let us remind you that the official website of the EKSMO exchange is exmo.me.

EX-code has the following form (RUB – in rubles; USD – in US dollars, etc.):

To check the EKSMO code for validity, it must be redeemed in the “Wallet” section by selecting the appropriate currency and clicking “Replenish”. Then copy, paste into the form and click “Download”. The balance of the exchange should instantly be replenished by the amount of the voucher’s face value. If the window “Error 10104: Invalid EX-CODE” appears, then it has already been used before.

EX-CODE exchangers (top-18)

A list of reliable and proven methods where you can exchange, buy EX-code or make a withdrawal to other payment systems. Let’s take a closer look at online exchangers and the AdvCash service.

✅  ProstoСash – purchase or withdrawal of an EXMO code (USD, RUB, EUR, BTC), large reserves and almost all popular electronic payment systems, cryptocurrencies and banks: Yandex.Money, Qiwi, AdvCash, Payeer, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Sberbank, Privat 24, Kaspi Bank, Alfa-Bank, Russian Standard, Tinkoff, Rosselkhozbank, VTB, Raiffeisen (UAH, RUB), Visa / MasterCard (RUB, BYN, UAH, KZT, EUR), MIR, PayPal, ePayments and others. You need to choose a direction, for example, exchange Sberbank rubles for EXMO. After the successful transfer of money to the specified account, you will receive a code by e-mail. Similarly, EX-code can be exchanged and withdrawn to any payment system or cryptocurrency. After registration, a discount program is provided.

✅  Kassa is an exchanger for carrying out exchange operations with electronic currencies, including the codes of the EKSMO exchange. Low minimum wage for exchange (150 rubles and 3 US dollars).

✅  MagneticExchange – accepts and sells EXMO exchange codes presented in Russian rubles, dollars, euros. The advantage is the low minimum transaction threshold: from $ 1 (10 rubles), depending on the direction. Works with electronic money, banks, cryptocurrencies.

✅  BitObmen is an automatic exchange service. Purchase and exchange of EXMO USD and RUB codes is available. Lower limit: 10 USD and 200 Russian rubles. Directions: cryptocurrency, payment systems, including Yandex and Qiwi. Has been working for more than 2 years, the reviews are good.

✅  Enter-change. 24-hour exchanger for performing exchange operations with EX-codes, fiat and virtual currencies. More than 260 directions of conversions (Qiwi, Yandex, ePayments, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, banks, etc.).

✅  E-scrooge. The exchanger has been operating since 2012, is present in the monitoring. You can buy EXMO USD and RUB coupons (min 150 $ and 5000 rubles). Directions: banks, cards, eps, cryptocurrencies, money transfers. There are WebMoney (to receive), Qiwi, Yandex.Money, PayPal, Epay, etc.

✅  Delets Online – exchange and purchase of EKSMO exchange codes denominated in USD and RUB is available on the site. Minimum amounts: 2,000 rubles and 10 US dollars, respectively. Feedback on the monitoring is positive.

✅  NiceChahge is a high quality and reliable exchange service. There are a lot of exchange directions: banks, cards, payment systems, cryptocurrencies. You can buy a code from your mobile phone account or get money for it. The minimum amounts start from 50 dollars (euros), 2000 rubles.

✅  Exchanger MChange. Has been operating since 2018 and has earned a good reputation. The site has a nice design. You can exchange EX-code created in rubles, US dollars, Bitcoin. The popular payment systems and banks are presented: Sberbank, Tinkoff, Qiwi, RUR cards and others. You can receive funds to your mobile phone account.

✅  Baksman – service works with 15 types of vouchers. All the most popular directions are available: Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Sberbank, etc.

✅  Ychanger. The exchanger has good reviews on monitoring and official legal registration. The section “Checks” contains EXMO codes in USD, RUB, BTC, EUR.

✅  Bankcomat. It has been operating since 2016 and provides an opportunity to buy or exchange EKSMO codes at the best rate for fiat currencies: rubles, dollars, euros or cryptocurrency. Part of XchangeCapitalGroup OÜ.

✅  Ramon Cash – buying and selling codes. Low minimum amounts: EX-code RUB – RUB 500, EX-code USD – USD 8. Favorable exchange rates. The discount system works.

✅  Platov is a service for exchanging cryptocurrency and fiat. Minimum amounts for exchange: EXMO RUB – 1000 Russian rubles, EXMO USD – 15 US dollars. Directions: Sberbank, Tinkoff, bank cards Visa or Mastercard RUB, Yandex, Qiwi, Advanced Cash, Payeer, Perfect Money, VTB 24, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others

✅  Xchange is a reliable exchanger, has been operating since 2012. Provides the opportunity to buy or withdraw EX-code to cards, banks, e-wallets.

✅  60cek is another proven service where you can buy or sell EXMO codes denominated in USD, RUB, EUR.

✅  365 cash. The exchange of checks denominated in US dollars is available. Exchange options: Ukrainian and Russian banks, cards, electronic currencies and cryptocurrencies.

✅  Other exchangers that work with exchange codes: Payget, 24Paybank.

Exchangers of codes EKSMOEX-code currencyMinimum exchange amountDiscount couponAge
KassaUSD, RUBfrom 3 USD / from 150 RUB3 years
YChangerUSD, RUB, BTCfrom 10 USD / 3000 RUB / 0.007 BTC1 year
Magnetic ExchangeUSD, RUB, EURfrom 1 USD / from 10 RUB8 years
ProstoCashUSD, RUB, BTC, EURfrom 30 USD / 5000 RUB2 years
60cekUSD, RUB, EURfrom 60 USD / 3000 RUB2 years
MChangeUSD, RUB, BTCfrom 50 USD / 1000 RUB / 0.01 BTCProfMchange (until August 30)1 year
TopChangeUSD, RUBfrom 5 USD / 500 RUB1 year
E-scroogeUSD, RUBfrom 150 USD / from 5000 RUB5 years
PayGetUSD, RUB, EURfrom 5 USD / 1000 RUB / 5 EUR2 years
BitObmenUSD, RUBfrom 10 USD / 200 RUB2 years
NiceChangeUSD, RUB, EUR50 USD/2000 RUB1 year
BaksmanUSD, RUR, EUR, BTC, USDT, ETH, LTC, XMR, XRP, ZEC, DASH, TRX, XLM, EOS50 USD/3000–5000 RUB3 years
XchangeUSD, RUB, EUR30 USD/2000–5000 RUB6 years
24PayBankUSD, RUB, BTC30 USD/2000–3000 RUB3 years
BankomatUSD, RUB, BTC50 USD/3000 RUB3 years
Delets OnlineUSD, RUB10 USD/2000 RUB1 year
PlatovUSD, RUB10 USD/1000 RUB1 year
Ramon CashUSD, RUB8 USD/500 RUB1 year
FastChangeUSD, RUB, EUR5 USD/1000 RUB/5 EUR3 years

Application form in the Prostocash exchanger:

A wide range of EXMO codes in the Baksman exchanger:

✅  Through AdvCash, a popular international payment system, the official partner of the EXMO exchange. It is possible to purchase codes without commission for rubles, dollars, Ukrainian hryvnia through Sberbank and other Russian banks, Private24, any Visa / MasterCard RUB, UAH, USD, EUR; electronic money Yandex, Qiwi, etc. To purchase codes or exchange them, you can use the AdvCash payment system. To do this, top up the balance of any account (dollar, euro, ruble, hryvnia, tenge) and go to the “Funds transfer” tab – “To e-currency” – select “EXMO” from the list, indicate the currency and account from which the exchange will be made … Having received the code, upload it on the exmo.me website in the “Wallet” section – “EX-code”.

With the help of AdvCash, you can exchange the codes of the EKSMO exchange and withdraw them into fiat money (regular). To do this, go to the “Account replenishment” section, indicate the amount, click “Replenish” and insert the code into the form.

The advantages of using EXMO-code are, as mentioned above, instant deposit or withdrawal of money from the balance; no commission from the exchange; a large number of popular payment instruments for transactions with codes (Visa and MasterCard bank cards without mandatory verification; electronic wallets Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Perfect Money and other exchange directions).

EXMO codes are the most convenient and fastest way to start working with an exchange, trade and make money on cryptocurrency. The options for depositing or withdrawing on the site, which the EXMO platform suggests, are not always available to the client. For example, it is rarely possible to top up an account balance from Qiwi or Yandex, since the exchange very quickly runs out of limits in this area.

How to buy EX-code in the exchanger

You can buy EXMO-code through e-currency exchangers. The buying process consists in choosing the direction of exchange, indicating the amount and some other information. After payment of the invoice, the exchanger sends the EXMO code by e-mail, which was indicated when filling out the application. After that, you need to download it on the exchange website in the “Wallet” section.

Instructions on how to buy EKSMO-code:

✅  The very first step is to choose not just an exchanger, but a reliable and time-tested service with good reviews. We personally work with the following exchange points: ProstoCash, 60cek, Ramon Cash, Platov, Kassa, Xchange, Baksman, Magneticexchange, Payget, Ychange, 24Paybank. On any of them, you can make an operation quickly, efficiently, reliably and with minimal commissions.

✅  Second, you need to make sure that the exchanger is currently selling EX-code. If this direction is absent, you will have to choose another site. According to observations, we noticed that the exchanger can turn off and then after a while turn back on operations with EXMO codes. For clarification, you can ask a question to online support in the chat, where they will inform you in detail about all the nuances.

✅  The third is to make sure that there is a reserve for this direction of exchange. If you want to purchase codes for a large amount, you need to contact the support chat with this request or go to the “Reserve” section, click on the line with the “EX-code” currency and request the required amount.

✅  Choose the exchange direction (Qiwi, Yandex, AdvCash or others), pay attention to the minimum and maximum amounts. For example, buy EX-code for rubles from a Visa / Mastercard Rub, the minimum salary is 3000 rubles:

✅  Fill out the exchange form, indicating the e-mail box, card (wallet) number, as well as last name, first name, patronymic (as on the card).

✅  Make an exchange, click “I paid”, get the EXMO code by mail in a few minutes. It looks like this:

✅  Go to the website of the exmo.me exchange in the “Wallet” section, select “EX-code”, click “Top up”:

✅  Copy, paste and click “Load EX-code”:

✅  After that, the account of the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange will be replenished with the value of the voucher.

How to create EXMO-code on the exchange

To withdraw money from the balance of the exchange, you need to create an EX-code and exchange it in the exchanger for the desired currency. Using codes is the best option to withdraw from the balance of the EKSMO trading platform or exchange through online exchangers for the required payment system.

Instructions on how to create an EXMO code:

✅  Go to the exmo.me website, select “Wallet” and click opposite “EX-code” / “Withdraw”:

✅  Next, select the account currency (BTC, ETH, USD, RUB, EUR, XMR, XRP, LTC and so on); indicate the amount. It is important to pay attention: there are limits when creating an EXMO code. For example, for a USD account – $ 2,000. Click “Create EX-code”:

✅  After that, you will need to confirm the withdrawal of money. Within a few minutes (usually 1-10 minutes) you will receive an email. If the letter did not reach, you need to go to the “Wallet”, at the bottom of the page find “Operation history”, where in the “Status” line, click “Send”:

✅  Having received an email from exmo.com, open it using the link:

✅  A message will appear that the withdrawal from the exchange has been confirmed, the EX-code itself has been created:

✅  Copy it and exchange it to other payment systems by going to the exchanger or AdvCash payment system. If you forgot to copy, then the EKSMO code can be viewed in the “History of Operations”, a letter with it will also come to your e-mail:

✅  The status of the operation will change to “Paid”.

EXMO-code exchange in the exchanger

You can exchange EXMO-code in any exchanger where they are accepted.

Instructions on how to exchange EX-code in the exchanger:

✅  Create a code on the exchange, go to any reliable online exchanger (Xchange, ProstoCash, 60cek) and complete the exchange operation. Indicate the direction of exchange. For example, EXMO USD for Sberbank rubles:

✅  In the column “Give” select EXMO (USD, EUR, RUR, BTC), and on the left – what you need to receive (Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Payeer, Perfect Money, transfer to Visa / MasterCard, Sberbank, and so on). Specify the exact amount of the code denomination.

✅  Fill in the details of the operation below: insert the number of the EXMO code; number and data of the cardholder, if exchange for it. If there is no registration in the exchanger, then you need to specify your email. We recommend registering and getting a discount that will grow as the number of transactions increases.

✅  After receiving the money to its account, the exchanger will transfer the amount specified when placing an application for the desired payment system.

EXMO code withdrawal via AdvCash

Instructions on how to withdraw and cash out EX-code through the AdvCash payment system:

✅  Go to advcash.com, register. Verification is optional, but if you pass it, the transaction limits will be higher.

✅  Top up wallet balance: select the desired account and amount. For example, $ 100 to a USD account:

Choose “EXMO” among the top-up methods and click “Top up”. The commission will be 0%:

Confirm the payment and enter the EKSMO code:

If everything is correct, a notification about the successful operation will appear. Further, you can withdraw money in convenient ways: to electronic payment systems, Visa or MasterCard, in cash and other options.

Our opinion and feedback: withdrawing money from the exchange using EX-code (EXMO-codes) is the most convenient and fastest way. We can recommend it to everyone, as it has been verified by personal experience.

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