Ethereum faucets: List of the top 18 free faucets for the Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH). Examples of sites that pay and withdraw


Ethereum faucets are an easy, fast way to get your first cryptocurrency! In the review, the editors of the website considered the key features, varieties, an up-to-date list of reliable sites for receiving free Ethereum cryptocurrency, which pay and withdraw funds.

The once popular, actively used postal services that allow beginners to earn their first money on the Internet are being replaced today by modern counterparts offering rewards in a certain cryptocurrency. Of course, the most widespread are services that pay for basic work the most expensive and demanded digital coins – Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin, as the leader of the cryptocurrency market, is known to most people of today’s generation, but Ethereum is only a few positions behind it in terms of celebrity. ETH coins are confidently placed in the overall crypto rating after BTC coins. This digital money is widely used in making various online payments. In addition, Ethereum is easy to convert to fiat currency, which further increases the demand for these altcoins. This circumstance determines the popularity of Ethereum faucets, working on which it is very easy to get a certain amount of Gwei – the so-called “kopecks” of the virtual currency Ethereum.

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Ethereum faucets – what is it

In essence, the functioning and basic characteristics of Ethereum faucets are classic mailers, but there is a key difference – this is the form of the remuneration paid for the completed tasks. In these services, users receive cryptocurrency.

Today, there are three popular ways to get digital Ethereum coins:

✅  Mining in its various forms.

✅  Purchase of cryptocurrency in online exchangers, from private merchants or on cryptocurrency exchanges.

✅  Earning ETH coins on special web resources – Ethereum faucets.

The first two options involve an initial investment. It is advisable to get cryptocoins on special, powerful equipment that costs a lot of money. An alternative is cloud mining. Buying / exchanging altcoins in exchangers also requires a lot of capital. The situation is completely different with cranes.

Getting coins through Ethereum faucets does not require significant investments, powerful, complex devices and specific knowledge for cryptocurrency trading. An ordinary smartphone, tablet or simple PC connected to the World Wide Web is enough here. Everyone will be able to understand the principle of performing elementary tasks.

Attention. Almost all services are displayed on the Faucethub micro wallet. You need to register on it and link cryptocurrency addresses. Then indicate them on the faucet sites during registration. This must be done.

List of Ethereum faucets that withdraw and charge free cryptocurrency (top 18 sites):

Faucet nameInterval between requests, minFree Ethereum (GWEIS)StatusWithdrawal wallet
Speedy ETH1от 32paysFaucethub
Swissadspaysethfaucet10 (18 раз в сутки)от 570paysFaucethub, Ethereum Wallet
Faucetcrypto10159–244paysEthereum Wallet
Allcoins51080paysFaucethub, Ethereum Wallet
Multi-Coin Faucet30500paysFaucethub
autoFaucet5–10от 340paysFaucethub
BTCFaucet Design5484paysFaucethub

List of trusted Ethereum faucets in 2022 with description

Faucets that distribute ETH coins are common, but there are few lucrative and regularly paying rewards services. Most of them are withdrawn to the FausetHub micropayment wallet, so the first step is to create an account and link cryptocurrency addresses to it.

Most reputable and stable Ethereum faucets:

  • Speedy ETH is a multicurrency faucet on which many popular cryptocurrencies can be earned, including of course Ethereum. Fees – from 90 Gwei, accrued every minute. The tasks are different. There is no accumulative threshold, the withdrawal of funds is instant.
  • Swissadspaysethfaucet – despite the overly complicated name, this ethereum faucet is a long-running and very successful one, it distributes gui for solving captchas. The minimum limit for withdrawing earnings to the ethereum account of the FaucetHub wallet is 0.00260000 ETH. Fees increase, and the withdrawal threshold decreases with an increase in the rating indicator of the task performer.
  • Faucetcrypto is a beginner-friendly multicurrency faucet with many lucrative tasks with decent Ethereum rewards (from 100 gvei). A simple account is required, payments are instant, there is an online exchanger. For fees, you need to go to the “Currencies” – “List” section, select the cryptocurrency and click “Ready to Claim”, in the new window find the “Claim” button.
  • Claimethfree – You can get 3000 Gwei every 5 minutes to the FaucetHub micropayment wallet. To work, you will need to specify the Ethereum address, which you first need to bind to the service.
  • Allcoins – the site belongs to multi-currency, you can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, etc. Conclusion without a minimum wage to FaucetHub or another wallet. Registration is required on the tap, for this you specify your email and password. Ethereum-faucet pays every 5 minutes, the amount is 0.00000108 ETH.
  • Zandey. Payouts on tap are standard – 0.001 USD or 486 GWEI, you can request every 5 minutes. To receive coins, you need to specify the Ethereum address linked to FaucetHub. Payments to it will be made instantly. In addition to ether, you can receive other crypto coins.
  • is a multicurrency faucet, you can collect Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogcoin and other coins for free. It is possible to request a payment every 5 minutes, the amount is 484 Gwei or 0.001 USD. Conclusion to the address attached to FaucetHu is instant.
  • Bitcoin-s. You can earn the equivalent of $ 0.001 on the tap. Pays instantly.
  • Multi-Coin Faucet. You can get free ethers and bitcoins every 30 minutes: 500 Gwei or 140 Satoshi. Registration is required on the site (indicate the address of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are tied to FaucetHub). To switch between faucets, just click on the top “Goto Ethereum Faucet” and then select “Faucet” – “Ethereum Faucet”.
  • autoFaucet is a Bitcoin and Ethereum faucet. You can choose the interval between requests (5 or 10 minutes) and specify the address for crediting: FaucetHub or a wallet on the site itself. Amount – from 0.00000034 ETH.
  • BTCFaucet.Design. This is a multi-cryptocurrency faucet. In ether, you can get 484 Gwei, which is equal to 0.001 USD. The interval between requests is 5 minutes.
  • Want2Crypto is another robust multicrane. Pays 0.001 USD in the selected cryptocurrency every 5 minutes. Instant withdrawal from the tap at
  • is an analogue of the autoFaucet website.
  • Queenfaucet. The crane pays an amount equal to USD 0.0012 every 3 minutes. Withdrawal to your account – no minimum wages, instantly. To get coins, you need to go through the captcha and get a link.
  • Vivocoin. On the site, you can request free cryptocurrencies every 5 minutes. The amount is equivalent to $ 0.001.
  • Faucethero. Distribution every 5 minutes, amount – 0.0004 USD.
  • Free4claim. Faucet for collecting BTC, Doge, Dash, BCH, LTC, ETH. You can get 120 Gwei or 0.0000012 ETH for free Ethereum.

Features of Ethereum faucets

A key distinguishing feature of Ethereum faucets, which are specialized services, is the payment of rewards in digital ETH coins. Registered users are paid for registration on various sites, viewing ads, following links, solving captchas, etc. All tasks are extremely simple and special skills, professionalism or knowledge do not require.

At first, the main goal of any cryptocurrency mailer, including Ethereum faucets, was advertising, as well as the active popularization of digital coins. Gradually, this type of resource has strengthened its own position in the field of online earnings, attracting more interest from people, in parallel with the growing demand and cost of cryptographic money.

The option of making a profit on cryptocranes can become really profitable when there is a lot of free time. This is due to the number of completed tasks, the payment for which is minimal. Consequently, a large number of executed orders will give a tangible profit in total, but one cannot expect a significant replenishment of the cryptocurrency wallet account here.

It is necessary to highlight the fact of the real possibility of earning digital coins on Ethereum faucets. This is not a scam at all, not a pyramid scheme, so there is no connection with financial fraud here. Altcoins are used as payment for some work, for which the web resource itself receives large sums from advertisers or customers for specific actions. Ethereum faucets also receive profit directly from the popularization of crypto wallets, advertising of mining farms, crypto exchanges, blockchain projects and new ICOs.

It is part of this income of modern postal services that goes into the storage of crypto coins of users who carry out specific orders from customers.

The main varieties of Ethereum faucets

The current Ethereum faucets that dispense ETH altcoins are classified according to several parameters.

Remuneration method:

✅   Accumulative Ethereum faucets. On such services, users work and accumulate gwei (Gwei) on their account. After reaching the minimum threshold stipulated by the regulations of the mailer, the available coins are allowed to be withdrawn to the crypto wallet.

✅   Discrete. Here the cranes, after each completed task, list the earnings almost immediately. A slight delay is due to the time it takes to check the correctness of the order conditions

Deadline for receiving remuneration. This division is essentially an in-depth ranking of discrete Ethereum faucets. There are three large groups of services here:

✅  With instant payment of earnings – the calculation of the fee is carried out upon completion of the quality control of the task.

✅  With an average delay – these projects carry out the withdrawal of cryptocurrency to wallets after a short time interval. Typically, users need to save up the earned coins for about a week.

✅  With long-term accumulation – for such cranes, the condition is to withdraw earnings a maximum of once every 3-4 weeks. Naturally, these projects are unattractive for impatient people, however, the fees here are very solid.

Classification by type of tasks:

✅  Universal faucets – Performers can receive Gwei for any task, from watching ads for ten seconds to registering with activity on a specific site.

✅  Specialized sites – there are exclusively orders of one, maximum of two categories. For example, only viewing cryptocurrency ads or registering in a mining pool + registering a new wallet for virtual currency. The options are completely different.

Way to withdraw earned cryptocoins:

✅  Manual – you need to re-issue a new transaction request every time you withdraw funds.

✅  Automatic method – the system independently on certain days transfers the accumulated amount (more than the threshold value) to the specified account of the crypto wallet.

The need for registration, as well as creating an account. Here the principle is clear: you can register, but simple work is also allowed without formalities, indicating the address of the cryptocurrency. A lot of Ethereum faucets allow you to earn money without registering an account on the service.


Any cryptocurrency faucet is a potential opportunity for real acquaintance with digital money for inexperienced users or beginners. Now virtually any cryptocurrency is in demand, popular and convenient for effectively solving many problems associated with online financial transactions. You can earn cryptocurrency, albeit a small amount, on Ethereum faucets.

There are a sufficient number of Ethereum faucets on the Web, which are reliable, regularly transferring coins to the specified address. To complete tasks paid for with cryptocurrency, you should choose a site carefully and carefully, otherwise you can waste many hours without earning money.


Actual calculation! For example, on the Faucetcrypto Ethereum faucet, a user, on average, in 7-14 minutes earns up to 273-505 Gwei. That is, hourly employment can bring about 1,100–2020 gvei. Considering that the ETH coin consists of 1 billion Gwei, it will take about 50 years to get one Ethereum! An extremely unattractive prospect, but for beginners to get acquainted with virtual currencies and the peculiarities of handling crypto wallets, it will undoubtedly be a rewarding experience!

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