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ePayments is a payment system with which you can receive and withdraw money earned, make money transfers and other operations. It is possible to withdraw money from the WebMoney (WMZ) purse to the ePayments Prepaid MasterCard, and then cash it out at any ATM. You can replenish, as well as withdraw money from the wallet, in various ways, among which there is a bank transfer, plastic MasterCard or Visa cards, cryptocurrencies, Yandex, Qiwi, WebMoney.

EPayments official websiteepayments.com

14.09.2020. The ePayments payment system announced the imminent resumption of work and announced a change in the terms of the user agreement.

11/02/2020. Updated. Information from the support service: “In the coming days, we will formulate new rules for working with AML, and we will notify our customers about the next steps. We want to assure you that all funds are reliably protected. As soon as we implement and implement the necessary control enhancements, we will restore access to your funds and notify you about it. “

Conclusion: ePayments is revising the verification procedure under pressure from the regulator. Another message: “The regulator demands to tighten the already stringent requirements for compliance and a number of other areas. They will urgently do this in order to restart. All the money is secured and everything is in the accounts, otherwise the license would be revoked.” Physicists are expected to turn on maps and output in a few weeks, then the rest of the functionality within a few months. Compliance will be tightened even more. Everything is coordinated with the regulator.

23/04/2021. The ePayments payment system announced the beginning of the resumption of work and the first payments to customers. If your turn has come, then a letter will be sent to your email about the provision of personal data. After confirming the information, you can withdraw money to a card or bank account.

The ePayments wallet can be linked to the DSX crypto exchange to trade cryptocurrencies there and exchange for fiat. The most important thing is the ability to order an international MasterCard debit card in dollars or euros, transfer money to it from the account and withdraw cash from an ATM or pay for purchases. Chip card with PayPass contactless payment technology, issued under license from MasterCard International Incorporated.

The payment system is not a tax agent and does not provide data on user accounts to the tax authorities, does not disclose customer information to third parties without a UK court decision.

Important information! Since April 2017, the cost of ordering an ePayments card has been reduced. Now the cost of ordering a card is only 5.95 USD for a dollar card and 4.95 EUR for a card in euros. We remind you that before the cost of the order was $ 35. Delivery, as before, is free to any country.

To order an ePayments card, you need to go through account verification and top up your account in a convenient way: by card, bank transfer, from a Yandex.Money wallet or cryptocurrency. Update: since 2018, the release of new cards has been temporarily suspended, all previously ordered ones are working. Shipping resumed for EU citizens from January 15, 2019.

If you need other methods of depositing or withdrawing, then you can use reliable online exchangers (ProstoCash, 60cek or Baksman), choosing the desired exchange direction and specifying the required information. For example, exchanging rubles Bitcoin for ePayments:

The company is developing, therefore, new opportunities for customers are constantly being added. On April 15, 2015 the company made a website redesign. The changes also affected mobile applications: on August 5, an update was released for iOS, and on September 2, for Android. In July 2016, it became possible to withdraw funds to cards of any bank, and from November 2016 – to transfer money to the Yandex.Money wallet. In December 2016, the ePayments payment system received the status of a principal member of MasterCard, which confirms its reliability and safety for customers.

From March 23, 2016, it became possible to open an ePayments account and replenish it in Russian rubles at any bank. From October 6, 2015, the company began to work with Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies. Since February 2016, the long-awaited opportunity has appeared to replenish the account with a Visa, MasterCard, Maestro bank card. Conditions: 3-d Secure payment protection service must be activated on the card (added in the card issuing bank or in Internet banking).

The ePayments payment system was founded in 2011. The main office is located in London. The activity is monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority (registration number 900172), and there is also a permit to issue electronic money. FCA is one of the toughest financial regulators. The company’s services are used by people from more than 100 countries of the world.

Information about the regulation can be found on the FCA website, here is a small screenshot:

The system has the ability to register an ePayments e-wallet in three currencies: USD and EUR, RUB, as well as order the issue of an ePayments Prepaid MasterCard®, which is suitable for residents of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries. In the first two countries, cash withdrawal from the card is possible both in the card’s currency (USD or EUR) and in the national currency, by converting it at the internal rate of MasterCard. You can cash out in dollars and euros at ATMs that issue currency, while banks set a limit on the maximum withdrawal per transaction (usually $ 200-500). In Ukraine, due to the restrictions established by law, withdrawing cash from a card at ATMs is possible only in the national currency – hryvnia; when cashing out, funds are converted at the rate set by MasterCard. You can also get currency through the bank’s cash desk.

Cashless payments with ePayments cards are possible without commission when paying for services, making purchases where there are cash registers (POS), for example, in shops, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, while the card currency is also converted into the national currency.

How to withdraw money from WebMoney safely and profitably? You can withdraw them from the WebMoney wallet to the ePayments card, the commission will be only 1% (but not less than $ 5), and then withdraw (cash out) through any ATM.

Go to ePayments websiteepayments.com

How to register an ePayments wallet on the official website

To register a wallet, you need to go to the official website epayments.com.

The payment service provides two types of accounts: individual and business.

If you do not plan to use it for commercial purposes, but only as an individual for personal needs, then you need an individual account.

The registration procedure is simple and does not take much time. All you need is an email address or phone number and a password. Further, a confirmation code will be sent to the email or phone number specified during registration, after entering which the registration on the site will be completed.

EPayments card order in 2018

The ePayments card is ideal for anyone who makes money online. With its help, you can withdraw, withdraw cash through ATMs, pay for services and goods offline. It is replenished by transferring funds from the ePayments account or directly from the WebMoney wallet (you just need to link the card). The card is international, it works in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, etc.

Free delivery. You can order a card on the website epayments.com in your personal account in the “Cards and Accounts” menu. It is enough to indicate:

  • card currency;
  • access code;
  • type of delivery;
  • city, postal code and delivery address.

Card order in USD:

Card order in EUR:

The ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® is a proprietary product of the Electronic Payments Association, it is chip-based with a magnetic stripe. Please note that ePayments Systems Limited is the issuer of ePayments Prepaid Mastercard since February 27, 2017.

The card can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs, pay for goods in stores and make online purchases in any country: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and others. An ePayments card can be linked to a PayPal account to pay for goods and services on the Internet.

It is issued in two currencies: USD and EUR. The cost of ordering a card is 5.95 USD per dollar, 4.95 EUR per card in euros. When ordering, the address must be indicated in the transliteration, for example: gorod Minsk, ul. Oktjabr’skaja, dom 45, kvartira 3.

You can replenish ePayments account for ordering plastic by bank transfer (by finding the details in your personal account), by MasterCard / Visa card or by other means. Replenishment by bank transfer is possible in any currency, in any bank. For example, when replenishing in Belarusian rubles, Russian rubles, hryvnia, they are converted (exchanged) into the currency of the e-Wallet (USD or EUR). You can also make a deposit through the bitcoin and lightcon cryptocurrencies.

When replenishing an ePayments account with a MasterCard or Visa bank card, you must specify:

  1. 12-digit card number.
  2. Validity.
  3. Security code CVC / CVV (on the back of the card).
  4. Surname and name, as on the map.
  5. The amount (we remind you that the order of plastic costs 35 $).

One more condition: the card must be connected to the 3d-Secure payment protection service (this can be done at the bank, at the infokiosk, we connected via mobile banking).

One of the advantages of the card – the commission for one transaction (operation) at ATMs is only 2.6 US dollars, which is relatively small. Therefore, we recommend ordering it: https://www.epayments.com/

Order processing – up to 4 days. Shipping can be done free of charge by regular mail (it takes 3 to 6 weeks) or DHL. In the latter case, it takes 5-10 days, but the cost is correspondingly higher – 89.95 USD or 79.95 EUR.

It reached Belarus by regular mail without problems and free of charge in 4 weeks.

The ePayments card can be used at all ATMs that accept MasterCard payment system cards. For example, at an ATM of one of the banks (Belagroprombank) of the Republic of Belarus:

Card operations:

USD card limits:

Card limits in euros:

Obtaining ePayments e-wallet number

After registering in the system, to receive the ePayments e-wallet number, you need to fill out an individual user profile, where you specify:

  1. Name.
  2. Last name.
  3. Citizenship.
  4. Floor.
  5. Phone number.
  6. Email.

It is advisable to indicate all data real to speed up the future verification process.

After entering the data, the eWallet ePayments electronic wallet will be available in the xxx-xxxxxx format. You can view it in the upper left panel of the user account.

Fees for operations with a wallet can be viewed below.

Login to your personal account ePayments

In your personal account, you can perform all available operations: find out the account balance, replenish the e-Wallet, transfer money, order a card, find out the tariffs, contact the support service, participate in the bonus program, find out the history of transactions, etc.

Main features of the personal account menu

Getting a payment password

The next step is to obtain a six-digit payment password, which is necessary for security when conducting transactions in favor of third parties. If it is forgotten, then you need to immediately contact the support service, since it cannot be replaced by yourself.

Card activation and receipt of PIN-code

After receiving the card, you need to go to the “Cards and Accounts” menu and click “Activate”.

You can get a PIN-code for your card in two ways: using the “Cards and Accounts” menu, specifying the date of birth (mm.ddd.yyyy), access code, as well as the postal code given for sending the card, or by phone.

Transfer and withdrawal of funds from the ePayments wallet

The following methods of withdrawing and transferring funds are provided:

  • to the WebMoney wallet (transfer speed up to 15 minutes);
  • to a bank account (1–5 business days);
  • to the ePayments card (instantly);
  • internal transfer (instantly);
  • to a Visa / MasterCard bank card;
  • to the Yandex.Money account;
  • to the Bitcoin, Litecoin account.

The ability to transfer funds from the wallet balance to Visa / MasterCard® cards exists only for cards issued by banks of the Russian Federation.

For residents of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the best option for withdrawing funds is through an ePayments card, as well as to a WebMoney wallet or a bank account.

The limits and the ability to access a particular operation depend on the status and type of account.

Sending funds from the system so far is carried out only in the specified currencies – USD and EUR.

Top-up limits: for unverified users – $ 2500 per year; for verified – unlimited.

Commission for transfer and withdrawal from ePayments wallet:

Replenishment of the ePayments wallet and card

You can top up your ePayments wallet in the following ways:

  • by bank details, which can be seen in your personal account;
  • by Visa or MasterCard®;
  • from Yandex.Money wallet;
  • through exchangers: ProstoCash, 60cek, Baksman.

Card replenishment:

  • from the ePayments wallet;
  • from the WebMoney wallet.

For residents of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, at the moment, replenishment is available by credit card and by the details that everyone can see in their personal account. You need to save (print) them and go to the nearest bank. You can replenish it with any currency (ruble, hryvnia, dollars, etc.), the funds will simply be converted into the wallet currency at the bank’s rate on the day of receipt.

To replenish the ePayments Prepaid MasterCard, you can use the WebMoney wallet, and then transfer from the card to the account.

Replenishment from WebMoney is possible only in US dollars (WMZ) and euros (WME).

Top-up limits: for unverified users – $ 2500 per year; for verified – unlimited.

Commission for replenishing ePayments wallet:

Replenishment of an ePayments card from a WebMoney account and linking to it

There is a possibility of replenishing an ePayments card from a WebMoney wallet and vice versa – withdrawing from a card to an account in WebMoney. The exchange service commission is 1% (min $ 5 / € 5) for replenishment and 2% for withdrawal.

Requirements of the WebMoney system for the operation:

  • Obtaining a WM Passport is not less than formal, for this you need to upload a scanned copy of your passport.
  • Registration of WMID at least 7 days ago.
  • Full match of personal data in WebMoney with the data on the ePayments card. If the information does not match, you need to write to the support service: they will change the spelling to the desired one.
  • Mandatory passage of the verification procedure (linking) of the ePayments card to the WebMoney wallet. To do this, on the WebMoney website, you need to upload a photo of the front side of the card. Detailed instructions are available.

To verify (link) a card to a WebMoney account, you must proceed as follows:

  • Go to the WebMoney website, go to the “Bank Cards” section.
  • Link a new card.
  • Enter its number, the name of the issuing bank.
  • Then add a scan or photo of your passport and the card itself.

The whole procedure does not take much time, the notification comes to the keeper and the mailbox. After binding, there will be a green checkmark in front of it. After that, the card is ready to receive funds.

Statistics on completed transactions

Summary statistics can be found in the “Transactions” section. There is a filter by dates, currency, direction of operations.


If you have questions or find an error, you can submit a ticket to customer support in the following ways:

  • by email: ru_support @ epayments com;
  • through the feedback form;
  • through the ticket system in your personal account;
  • by phone: +44 (0) 20 7873 2383.


There are two levels of verification in the ePayments system: verified and unverified. Operation limits depend on this. To pass the verification, you need to go to the “Settings” menu in the “Verification” subsection:

Then, following the instructions, provide the necessary data:

Benefits of the ePayments payment system according to reviews:

  • Financial control by the British regulator FCA.
  • Ability to order a Prepaid MasterCard and pay for services with it in any country in the world.
  • The ability to open a wallet for free in euros, dollars, rubles.
  • Transfer between wallets and to an ePayments card without commission.
  • Withdrawal from ePayments account to Visa or MasterCard bank cards.
  • Possibility of registration and use of services for residents of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.
  • Low commissions when withdrawing money from the card.
  • Free e-Wallet.
  • Replenishment from plastic cards.
  • The three account currencies are euros, dollars and Russian rubles.


  • For unverified users, low transaction limits, so we advise you to go through the identification process.
  • In April 2018, the release of new cards was suspended.

Leave your feedback on working with the ePayments payment system in the comments.

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