Electronic payment systems and wallets for depositing, withdrawing money from the Internet


Electronic payment systems (EPS) is a system of settlements on the Internet between individuals or legal entities when performing various operations: buying in an online store, money transfers between users, payment for services, etc. Such operations are carried out by bank transfer and are a substitute for the cash we are used to.

Anyone can register in the electronic payment system. Usually, the procedure includes filling out a registration form and is free of charge. After that, an account is provided in fiat currencies USD, RUB, EUR, UAH, etc. or cryptocurrency. If required, you need to go through account verification. This increases the limits and the number of ways to deposit and withdraw money.

You can buy or exchange electronic money through reliable exchangers:

There are many different e-currencies and wallets. Recently, Advcash and Payeer have become popular. A complete list of electronic payment systems is presented at the end of the article.

How to choose an electronic payment system

To choose a suitable electronic payment system, you need to define the following conditions for yourself:

✅  Does EPS provide services in the region. Usually, on the main page of the payment system there is a list of countries served or you can read about it in the user agreement.

✅   Where is it registered and who conducts financial supervision. Many financial companies open offshore to reduce various financial costs and operating conditions (Panama, Belize and others). There are electronic payment systems that operate under the control of financial regulators with strict conditions.

✅   The methods of depositing and withdrawing funds should be those that you can use: bank cards or transfers, other EPS, terminals, electronic exchangers, cashing out through debit cards from payment systems, etc.

✅   Transaction fees.

✅   Account currencies.

✅   Does it issue debit and virtual cards.

✅   Reviews about the electronic payment system on the Internet.

✅   Service functionality. For business – connection of receiving payments through the site, the possibility of massive payments to customers.

✅   Do you need verification and what are the limits for operations.

This is the main thing that you need to pay attention to when choosing an electronic payment system on the Internet.

Rules for working with electronic payment systems

To start using the electronic payment system, you first need to register on the site and confirm your email. Before that, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with some of the rules – they will save money in the future:

  1. Secure email box. It is better to register a new email and not use it for other purposes. We recommend creating a mailbox on the service from Google – Gmail. Turn on two-factor authentication in the security settings and your email will be reliably protected. We do not recommend working with mailboxes on the mail.ru website or similar.
  2. The password must be strong and complex: include service characters, uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers. It is convenient to use password generators. Here you can specify the required parameters and the length of the password. It is better to store them in special programs or write to a USB flash drive designed only for these purposes. I recommend KeePass, which is both a password generator and a storage location.
  3. Be sure to update the antivirus software on your computer and scan it for viruses. Antiviruses are not expensive, but they will bring great benefits.
  4. Do not give your username and password to anyone. On behalf of the payment company, scammers can send emails and ask to click on a suspicious link or send a username and password, ostensibly to clarify personal data. If in doubt, immediately contact the support service of the electronic payment system.
  5. Pay attention to the spelling of the website address in the browser bar. This is necessary in order not to get to the phishing site of the payment system, which was created to deceive and collect information about the account. Sometimes, the difference in spelling is only one character. We recommend that you do not follow the sponsored links, very often search engines miss such phishing sites, and many people fall for the trick of scammers. Bookmark the official website of the payment system.
  6. Set additional security settings to email. In Yandex Mail or Gmail, you can connect 2FA two-factor authentication. Be sure to link your email to your mobile phone – this will help restore access to your email inbox.
  7. In the security settings of the personal account of the electronic payment system, enable the notification of financial transactions that will be sent to your email account or via SMS to your mobile phone. If someone tries to withdraw money and log into the account, the system will immediately notify about it. See what other ways to protect against hacking you can connect: login by certificate, password card, Google Authenticator app, receiving codes by SMS, etc.
  8. When making an exchange, do not use the first available exchanger. We recommend using proven electronic money exchangers for these purposes: Prostocash, 60cek, Xchange, X-pay, Baksman.
  9. When transferring money to another person, establish protection by code or time, if possible.

List of electronic payment systems

List of popular electronic payment systems in 2020 with a description:


The Advanced Cash (Advcash) payment platform is registered in Belize and has been operating since 2014. The organization cooperates with providers of various payment services in all countries of the world, therefore it supports the processing of bank payments, issuing plastic cards, bank transfers, and many others.

Features of the Advcash payment system:

✅  Verification is not required, it is reflected only in the restrictions on deposits and withdrawals, as well as on card transactions. Before verification, the user can replenish the account for $ 1000 per day and $ 2500 per month, and withdraw up to $ 500 per day and up to $ 2500 per month. After verification, you can replenish your account for $ 250,000 per day and month, with a transaction volume of up to $ 99,999, and withdraw up to $ 100,000 per day and up to $ 250,000 per month (no more than $ 10,000 for 1 operation).

✅   It is possible to order an ADV card for convenient settlements around the world. Ordering the first card costs 799 ₽, the next 399 ₽. Service and delivery is free. Cash can be withdrawn in the desired currency.

✅   The system supports a large number of world currencies – RUB, EUR, USD, KZT, UAH, etc.

✅   You can replenish your account from a bank card, transfer, through popular EPS (QIWI, Yandex.Money, etc.). Withdrawals are also possible through SEPA, Visa or Mastercard in various currencies.

✅   Deposit and withdrawal fees differ based on the method. For example, replenishment of an account from a card will cost 3.99%, and from Yandex.Money, 4.99%.

✅   It is possible to work with cryptocurrencies BTC, XRP, BCH, LTC, ETH, ZEC.

Perfect Money

Perfect Money Finance Corp is based in Panama and has been operating since 2007. The site allows you to send and collect payments, including in the field of small business or freelancing, issue standing payments for fixed amounts, take or issue loans. There are also opportunities to generate additional income from the affiliate program or to accrue interest on the balance content every month.

Features of the Perfect Money payment system:

✅   Verification is voluntary. Allows you to withdraw money to a bank account, reduce the transaction fee within the system, restore access to your account if you lose your password.

✅   You can apply for a debit virtual card Virtual Visa. This is an analogue of an ordinary Visa card, but without a real carrier. The requisites are set by the system. Using it, you can pay for purchases on the Internet.

✅   Four types of accounts are supported: dollar, euro, gold, bitcoin. The contents of all accounts can be exchanged for each other at the current market rate.

✅   Account replenishment is available via e-Voucher, bank deposit, exchangers, Pecunix payment system, payment terminals. Withdrawing funds – using Virtual Visa, e-Voucher, terminals, exchangers or bank transfer.

✅   Commission fee for internal transactions of funds 0.5% for a verified account.


Payeer e-Wallet belongs to PAYCORP LIMITED registered in Vanuatu. When registering, each user is given a so-called Master Key, which is required to perform some financial transactions. An online exchanger is implemented inside the system, there is the possibility of mass transfers and payments.

Features of the Payeer payment system:

✅  Verification is not required. It is needed to strengthen the security of the account and remove the limit on withdrawals of 2,000 USD per day.

✅  The Payeer Mastercard Platinum card was previously issued, but this feature has been suspended for 2020.

✅  Three types of fiat currencies are supported: dollar, euro, ruble. And seven cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Litecoin, Dash.

✅  You can replenish your balance from bank cards, through well-known EPS, using cryptocurrency or from mobile operators. Residents of Moscow also have access to cash replenishment. Withdrawals are carried out in the same ways, including to the accounts of Ukrainian banks.

✅  Commission for internal transfer of funds is 0.95%, to external wallets in different ways, from 0 to 5%.


Skrill is an electronic payment system that has been operating since 2002. Registered in London, UK. Now, together with Neteller, it belongs to the Paysafe Group, so these two EPS are very similar in many ways. The service allows you to send and receive funds, link cards and bank accounts to your account. Thus, you can conveniently pay at any time using only your email address and account password.

Features of the Skrill payment system:

✅   Account verification is a way to get full access to the full range of Skrill wallet services. Initially, the limits are set, upon the exhaustion of which an unverified user will not be able to use the platform services.

✅   You can connect a virtual Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard for online purchases.

✅   It supports work with all world currencies (over 40) and several popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, XRP, Stellar, 0x.

✅   You can replenish your account and withdraw funds using cryptocurrency, bank cards, various electronic payment systems.

✅   The exchange of different currencies within the service is subject to a 3.99% commission. Withdrawal fees from zero to 4.99% to 7.5%. Transfer to another user of the system will cost 1.45%. Deposit to the account – 1% of the amount.

✅   As with Neteller, account non-use for 12 months is punishable by a monthly fee of $ 5.


The owner of the WebMoney system is WMTransfer Ltd, registered in Lithuania. The system is used to carry out instant and irrevocable transactions. For ease of use, all wallets of one user are combined into a single storage (keeper), which has a registration number – WMID.

Features of the WebMoney payment system:

✅  Verification is the receipt of a certificate of one level or another. Certificate – is a virtual certificate compiled on the basis of personal data provided by the user. The higher the level of the WM-passport, the more opportunities for business and personal transactions are opened for the participant.

✅  It is possible to order a PaySpark UnionPay International card linked to a wallet. Card issuance fee $ 12. The order is available only to a participant with a formal passport.

✅  Supported currencies, cryptocurrencies and assets: ruble, dollar, euro, Belarusian ruble, dong (Vietnam), Uzbek sum, hryvnia, gold, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin.

✅  You can replenish your account using cash and electronic money, from a bank account, through a payment terminal. Withdraw – in cash, to a card, to a bank account, digital wallet.

✅  Commission for sending funds within the system 0.8%, but not less than 0.01WM *. Not charged when transferring between purses of the same WM-identifier and between purses of the same passport (higher than the initial one).


The Russian payment service Qiwi appeared in 2007. Allows you to pay for utility bills, repay bank loans, buy air and train tickets, top up accounts for communication services. There are apps for iOS and Android devices. Qiwi wallet makes it possible to set deferred payments, see notifications of upcoming payments and a report on those already made, save the necessary details in the payment system for future use.

Features of the Qiwi payment system:

✅  Wallet user identification is required in order to keep a larger amount of funds on the account, as well as to use them without restrictions. For example, the Main status allows you to store up to 60,000 ₽ and transfer up to 200,000 ₽ per month. And Professional – store up to 600,000 rubles and transfer without restrictions.

✅  It is possible to order a debit card, the account of which is combined with a QIWI wallet. The cost of issuing the card is 199 rubles, it is valid for 3 years. There is also an option for 249 ₽ with a validity period extended to 5 years.

✅  Supported currencies: rubles, euros, dollars, Kazakh tenge.

✅  You can replenish your account in cash, with any card, from a mobile phone, via Internet banking, online loan, bank transfer. Withdraw – to the accounts of other EPS, to cards, to the account of an organization or individual entrepreneur.

✅  Commissions for depositing and withdrawing funds are calculated based on the method of depositing or withdrawing. The balance can be topped up from another wallet or card without commission if the amount is more than 2,000 rubles.

✅  Cryptocurrency is not supported.


Neteller is a payment system founded in 1999. Country of registration – Great Britain. The service is a fast and easy way to transfer money over the Internet. Allows you to send funds even to those who do not have a Neteller account by email notification.

Features of the Neteller payment system:

✅  Verification is not required, it affects transaction limits and available deposit methods. Verification is available only after the account is replenished.

✅  The card cannot be ordered.

✅  The resource supports 28 world currencies.

✅  You can replenish the balance and withdraw finances using a bank card, cryptocurrency, a large selection of common and even rare payment systems.

✅  All transactions requiring exchange of currencies are subject to a 3.99% commission. Commission for account replenishment 2.5%. 1.45% for transferring to another user. For withdrawal – from zero to 1.45% + 0.50 USD, depending on the withdrawal method.

✅  It is possible to work with cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, XLM, 0x.

✅  If the account is not used for 12 months, while its balance is positive, then a monthly fee of 5 USD (in the equivalent of the account currency) will be charged.

Yandex Money

Yandex.Money as of 2018 became the third most popular means of conducting electronic transactions in the Russian Federation (lost to Sberbank and other bank cards). The service was created in 2002, registered in St. Petersburg. There is a bonus program according to which the system calculates bonus points that can be spent on paying for goods (one point = one ruble). Points are credited for completing various tasks and using the wallet. The user receives cashback in the form of points: up to 5% from purchases in stores with a card, 1% from payments on the Internet.

Features of the Yandex.Money payment system:

✅  There are three levels of the wallet – anonymous, personal or identified. They differ in limits for storage (from 15 to 500 thousand rubles) and the use of funds (from 15 to 250,000 per payment, from 0 to 100,000 cash withdrawals per day).

✅  You can order a debit card, choose its design. The cost is 399 rubles for three years, the service is free.

✅  You can only work with the Russian ruble.

✅  The account is replenished from a bank card, cash, from a phone number, through SberbankOnline, you can also take a loan. Withdrawal methods – card, individual account, other PS and wallets, transfer to an individual entrepreneur or legal entity.

✅  Operations between YAD wallets cost 0.5% of the amount; withdrawal to the card 3% + 45 R. Withdrawing cash from a YAD card at any ATM – 3% of the amount, but not less than 100 rubles, however, after complete identification of the wallet, you can withdraw 10,000 per month without commission.

✅  Cryptocurrency is not supported.


ePayments is based in London and has been operating since 2011. The platform is designed primarily for business. Instantly transfers money to partners and employees to partners, even those located in other countries. Allows freelancers to acquire bank details in order to accept funds to the ePayments account, even if the client is not registered in the system.

Features of the ePayments payment system:

✅  Verification is not required, it allows you to increase the allowable volume of operations and gain access to the use of some additional features. The available withdrawal amount is from $ 50 to $ 100,000, depending on the status of the account.

✅  You can order a Mastercard from ePayments. The cost is $ 5.95, the service is free.

✅  Supported currencies USD, EUR, RUB.

✅  You can replenish your account through Yandex, from bank cards, transfer or from another ePayments wallet. The same methods are available for withdrawal, but WebMoney is added to them.

✅  Transactions between ePayments wallets are free. The commission for replenishment of the account is 0-2%, but individual parameters are set for some currencies. Withdrawal fee from 0 to 2.6%.

✅  Cryptocurrency is not supported.


Payoneer payment system appeared in 2005, registered in New York. It is distinguished by its focus on entrepreneurs and professionals, it makes it easier for them to enter new markets, thanks to the smooth execution of payment transactions. In 2016, the company opened an additional branch in India, where the technology sector is now booming.

Features of the Payoneer payment system:

✅  In some cases, the service requires documents to confirm the user’s identity or asks for more detailed information about the transaction. Documents must be sent by email.

✅  You can order a personalized plastic card. Free to manufacture, $ 29.95 annual maintenance.

✅  Supported currencies USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, JPY, AUD, CNH.

✅  You can replenish the balance using bank cards, payment systems, and also receive payment from connected services (Amazon, Shutterstock, etc.). Withdrawals are made to your own or someone else’s bank account

✅  Transactions between Payoneer wallets are free of charge. Fees for replenishment of the account 0-1%, for withdrawal up to 2%.

✅  Cryptocurrency is not supported.


PayPal was founded in 1998 and serves over 200 million users worldwide. Supports work with personal and corporate accounts. There is a mobile application, a number of convenient functions for quick payment are supported, for example, One Touch – money transactions without the need to enter a password each time. The company is registered in the USA, but has branches in many countries, including the Russian Federation.

Features of the PayPal payment system:

✅  To make financial transfers and purchases without any restrictions in service, you need to go through verification (confirmation of confidential data and a bank card). Unverified users have certain limits on transactions, which are displayed in their personal account.

✅  There is no way to get a PayPal debit card.

✅  Supports 25 world currencies.

✅  You can replenish your account in the system from a bank card and cash (through “Svyaznoy” or “Euroset”). Withdrawal to a bank account is available.

✅  Transfer between system participants without commission; with a 3.4% card + 10 ₽.

✅  Cryptocurrency is not supported.


You can choose a suitable and reliable electronic payment system for any requirements and possibilities. We advise you to compare the EPS with each other and find the best one, not forgetting about the security measures.

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